Will The Russian Oligarchs Take Over America Just Like They Did Russia?

12 10 2008

Little did William Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of the “American Jewish Zionist” Mafia in Washington know of what would happen to their War on America and their Project for the New Century? Of course the War on Iraq was the main focus of the group since it has direct relations to the security of Israel and their role in giving Israel security the priority as decision makers and shakers in the US.

We all know what happened and what is happening in the War on Iraq that turned American dream to a night mare costing the lives of thousands of brave young American men and women and creating a 24 hours nightmare for the over 40,000 brave men and women who suffered permanent injuries requiring life time care and of course not to mention over $700 Billions of dollars wasted on the NeoCons war.

Little did this gang of Zionists and “Likudist” care of what happens to America and its war on terror. That was not their priority since America’s was on terror has every thing to do with the security of America and the American people. The priority of this group of Zionist faithful is to Israel and its security. To this extend they did succeed.

For the last 30 years the “Likud” within the American Jewish community have been leading the efforts to wage wars in the Middle East and in fact the Zionist Likud did succeed not only in planning and putting forward the case for war on Iraq but for a while managed the war to a total failure. Paul Wolfowitz, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Edward Luttwak, Henry Kissinger, Dov Zakheim, Kenneth Edelman, Robert Sutlof, Elliot Abrams, Mark Grossman, Joshua Bolton, David Frum and David Wurmer among others were all directly or indirectly involved in organizing, planning and managing the war on Iraq which have costs America some 4,300 members of the US armed forces dead, some 40,000 members of the armed forces with permanent injury and with an estimated costs at one trillion dollars. A reckless and stupid war that diverted America’s focus on the war on terror and the fight against Bin Laden and Talibans all with the intended purpose of securing Israel eastern borders “Euphrates” in the same way having secured the western border the “Nile” now that the dream of Greater Israel is dead. A war that undermined America’s political and military leadership around the world for generations to come.

The war on American did not stop with the War on Iraq, the Zionists and the “Likudist” within the Republican Administration and circles of political and economic powers in Washington and New York made sure to divert the American “Main Street” attention from the War on Iraq shifting the public and consumer attention to get rich fast in “real estate” and with easy credit supported to a greater extent by the head of the Federal Reserve Mr. Allan Greenspan who thought that “sub prime lending” was new and innovative product of Wall Street and did he ignore the disaster that was coming?

The assault on America’s economic power was the other side of the “coin” and part of a two prone attack on America. I am sure that intelligent people like Wolfowitz and Kristol and not so intelligent people as Feith, Perle and Abrams must understood the consequences of an America weakened by a long and costly war with some estimates going up to 3 trillions dollars and the consequences such a costly war has on America’s economy.

While the “Zionist Gang” were pushing for war that has no objectives, no reasons and certainly no predictable winnable outcome, their friend on Wall Street with much support from the Federal Reserve and the Bush Administration were drowning America with cheap credit, and pushing hard for “Main Street” to buy into these “variable rates” that went sky rockets within couple of years forcing many borrowers to go into bankruptcy and foreclosure. The Republican Party and is members in both House and Senate and within the Bush Administration and dating back to the days of Ronald Reagan pushed very hard for deregulation and pushed hard for increases in national debt to support subcontracting the functions and responsibilities  of the Federal Government to private enterprises that made a killing on these contracts similar to what we see today with multi-billion dollars contracts given to defense contractors without even competitive bidding’s and with “only” $15 Billions in Home Land Security contracts given to companies without the benefits of completion.

It is always easy to promote and push for the “conspiracy” theory, however one could not help but see the connections between diverting the attention of Main Street from the War on Iraq and the dreams of making a “quick bucks” in real estate with millions of Americans engaged in dreaming of fat bank accounts by “reselling” their houses making before the real and “usurious” interest rates kicks in and of course forgetting the War on Iraq and its impact on America’s economic, political and military leadership in the world.

Little these “brilliant” people learn perhaps, they knew very well from what happened to the old Soviet Union driven to bankruptcy by an escalating and very expensive defense program among which was Ronald Reagan’s Star War which was nothing more than a plan to drive the Soviet Union to the poor house and consequently bring about the fall of the Communist System and the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

With the fall of and the break-up of the Soviet Union many of the Zionists found an easy prey in the Russian economy under the leadership of the often “drunk” Boris Yeltsin. Zionist  ( Roman Abramovich, Victor Veksekberg, Mikhail Fridman, Boris Ivanishvilli, Alexander Abramov, Mikhail Khodokovsky, Boris Beresovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky and Arcadi Gaydanmak among many more )made a killing taking over many major enterprises and companies within the former Soviet Union with much support from their “cousins” on Wall Street becoming the back bone of Israeli political and economic power.

Perhaps what we are seeing now is but another repeat of the old Soviet Union with the emergence of a new home made and international “oligarchs” taking over America’s economic powers and system. Some one will make a killing out of the shatter dreams of so many Americans. Perhaps history repeats itself. Just like the Communist System which fell because its was inhuman and corrupt benefiting the elites, the “American Free Enterprise System” as we know it will also fall apart because its inhuman and corrupt benefiting the elites of Wall Streets. Do we see the same or new Zionist Oligarchs taking over America’s economic powers like they did in Russia, who knows?

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