Will Obama’s Presidency becomes Clinton’s Third Term?

10 12 2008

When President-Elect Barack Obama was running for president one of his key issue and message to voters was that John McCain presidency would be a third term of George Bush. So far and based on recent major appointments President-Elect Obama is making his presidency a Bill Clinton third term.

I was one of those who voted twice for Bill Clinton and I thought the Republicans, with criminal and malice intent were out to “get” Bill Clinton and distract him and the nation with their many investigations. I also thought and continue to think that Bill Clinton presidency was a decent one, successful on many fronts and unlike the criminal administration of George Bush, did lots of good for America and the world. Yet was not ready to have another Clinton in the White House and that is why I supported Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama engaged the nation with his promise of “Change We Believe In” and he won both the Democratic nomination and the presidential election on this theme. Yes, there were some specifics platforms which he made part of his campaign, such as ending the War on Iraq, yet and for the most part, we as voters, at least this voter, voted for Barack Obama based on his promise of “change”.

While not doubting Barack Obama to keep his commitment for change to all the millions who voted for him, and while not second guessing him on his decisions to select many of the key players from Bill Clinton’s administrations, I and I am sure many are disappointed that he reached out to the former Clinton staffers and did not reach out to the rest of the nation to pick up his staff and administration. I saw this as a “recycling” of the Bill Clinton administrations and billing it as “change”, just like recycling papers or glass or plastic. Not a new product but an old and recycled product, sold at cheaper price.

I thought that America outside of the Washington Beltway has many outstanding people with great talent who can bring fresh minds and fresh ideas to help Barack Obama deliver the kind of change American is waiting for.

The task ahead for Barack Obama is not an easy one. George Bush is leaving office with a country in total ruins, all of his own doing and responsibility (I think he should be arrested and put on trial the minute he leaves office for all of the crimes he committed against the American people and the world). Barack Obama will have to dig up a nation deep in the hole, a deep hole at that, not seen since the Great Depression. It is only with this in mind that I am giving Barack Obama the benefits of doubts as he seeks out old established and tested hands and talents to help him. I only hope that he keeps his promise of “change” and to take the lead in bringing about the “change” he promised and we expect from him.

We can only wish him well and trust him in keeping his commitment to the tens of millions who voted for him and that he will not “change” once in the White House, rather we expect him to ‘change’ the mind set of all those he brings in to his administration. We have to wait and see and hope we are right about believing his message of “change”.

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