What we as American can ask more from a Republican Administration? Nothing more, we had enough.

17 03 2008

Well, I think I can speak for lots of Americans when I ask the question, what we as American can ask more from Republican administrations? Nothing more. We had enough of George Bush administration and any Republican administration for the next 100 years.

We had enough of a Republican administration that is killing our boys in the War on Iraq. A war that had nothing to do with America or our war on terrorism or Saddam tyranny. But a war based on lies and weapons of mass destructions that George Bush and his not so brilliant NeoCons knew it did not exist. This war that took away some 4,000 of our best and bravest was not a war for America’s stake but a war, orchestrated, promoted, organized and initially managed by a bunch of NeoCons for an on behalf of Israel. A war that our boys and girls are dying for by the thousands. Having succeeded in making sure we are stuck to our neck in a war we could not win, they moved away to much bigger and better paying jobs, and Wolf Blitzer show, leaving poor George Bush holding the bag and leaving us Americans holding a trillion costs for the war.

What more can we ask from a brilliant Republican administration that was billed to us as the first administration where the president will be acting as chief executive officer of a major corporation based on his brilliant success as a graduate of Harvard Business School? Well, if George Bush is the standard and if this is what Harvard graduate, then it might as well shut down its famous school for having such poor quality graduate.

Yes, of course we can all can see the brilliance of a CEO of the United States of America, Inc., as he moves to manage a sinking economy, a sinking dollars, a $100 barrel of oil, manage the war on terrorism that is going no where and as he moves to manage two wars one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq and soon one on Iran. However the war on Iran is awaiting instructions from Tel-Aviv.

Over a trillion dollars and more than 5 years of war and with the best fighting army in the world, we are not yet winning the war on the Taliban. A lose organization made up of illiterate terrorists without the benefits of the most powerful air force and navy in the world, and of course without the benefit of the most sophisticated intelligence organization in the world.

Iraq is even worse. The surge was billed as every thing, the magic trick. It came and it went and few days ago, our losses topped 4,000 brave men and women and our wounded topped 40,000, and we are no close to any success. Any one telling you we are succeeding in Iraq is a liar and the facts on the grounds proves my point. Of course the more than one million Iraqi victims do not count.

Yes, George Bush is conducting his war on terror as chief executive officer taking his cue from America’s CEOs and the CEOs of Wall Street, who having taking the country down the drain with their brilliant schemes of cheating the poor only to lose hundreds of billions of their stockholder’s money only to walk away with tens of millions of compensation and severance package. Perhaps America should offer George Bush a severance package of tens of millions of dollars if he leaves the White House; of course on the conditions he takes Dick Cheney with him. I am sure we as American can go on without having a CEO as head of the country.

Well, what else we can ask from a Republican administration that could not even manage a disaster like the one we faced in New Orleans where hundreds of thousands were left homeless and where tens of billions of dollars wasted or stolen by American patriots who no doubt vote Republicans and who sings the national anthem as they head to the banks with stolen tax dollars?

Now comes John McCain with a promise of another 100 years of war. Brilliant. Where does he expect to get the boys and girls to die for his wars of the next 100 years? Certainly not from the ranks of his donors, certainly not the sons and daughters of his Wall Streets backers, certainly nor from his Zionist NeoCons, but from our Main Street. I do not think that we raise our children so a Bush or a McCain administration takes them to war that are not our wars. If George Bush only stuck with his war on the Taliban and the Bin Laden terrorists, he will have all of America and the world behind him. But when he allowed the NeoCons to take over, he lost America and the world.

On a closing note. Hillary Clinton is offering her self as a leader. Well what kind of a leader she is when she followed George Bush to war?

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