What is wrong with Israeli “Jews”? A whole lot!

17 07 2009

For a number of years I was an avid participant on “talkback” of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. I quite the forum couple of years back because I find the majority of the participants; rude, racists, obnoxious, arrogant, contemptuous, vicious, conceited, hypocrites, condescending, inhuman, liars, vengeful, hateful and of course lots of Chutzpah, they are “Jews” by name only and Zionists by ideology and faith. I guess in so many ways these description defines the nature, behavior, ideology, morality and faith of Israeli “Jews” with some important exceptions. Seriously the people and the country are suffering serious mental problems, and are quite sick in so many ways. Perhaps this explains why most leading psychoanalysts are Jewish. Yes, I may be accused of being “Anti-Semitic” but I don’t give a damn,TOZ.
Of course all started out with the lies that “Palestine was a land without people for people without land”. There is a double lie in this infamous statement. As if Palestinians, the indigenous people of the land for thousands of years, did and do not exist and as if the “Jews” from all over the world constitute “ people” in the sense that Germans, Russian, French, Egyptians, Indonesians are one people. The Zionists were able to market the idea because the Christian West was simply too racists and too Anti-Semitic to have too many “Jews” and wanted the “Jews” simply out of Europe. That is why it started out with the Russian Pogroms and ended in the German Holocaust. I think the support Israel gets from Europe and the West is an extension and continuation of this Anti-Semitic feeling that never ceased to exist. Of course with such a tragic history, one can understand why the “Jews” of Israel are really missed up people.

More troublesome is the believe and conviction they are God “Chosen People” as if the rest of humanity is God’s trash, and if this is the case, then I wonder why there are some 1.3 Billion Muslims and some 1.7 Billion Christians who simply stuck to their faith knowing they are not God’s “ Chosen People”, but God’s trash. I could not imagine what the rest of humanity think of all of this if all are deemed “trash” and outcast and not covered with God’s grace. With the likes of Shamir, Begin, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Peres, Barak, Levni, Olmert, Sharon, Netanyahu, Lieberman, Sheetrit, Aharonovich, Jabotinsky, Ashkenazi, Rabbi Khane, Rabbi Goldstein and Rabbi Ovadia Josef, one has to question God’s judgment if HE/SHE ever thought that one day this kind of people can claim they are the “Chosen One” and who at best can only be described as racist, hateful, criminal killers, murderers and terrorists and land thieves, and they will commit the crimes they committed in Palestine and recently in Gaza all in HIS/HER name.

I am not aware that the ALL Mighty was desperate to have his human creation believe in HIS/HER “Oneness”, but to have the likes of these people as HIS/HER Chosen One is a desperate, hasty and regretful act with long historical consequences that we see today in the Apartheid Wall, in the ever expanding Jewish Settlements, in the siege and starvation of Gaza, in the daily humiliations of millions of people at some 650 “security checkpoints” and in the daily theft of land and water. I am sure God and Moses regrets such hasty decision and promise, and I am sure God and Moses never imagined the “Chosen One” will turn away from Judaism and embrace Zionism as the true faith of Israeli Jews and most Jews around the world. They simply believe they have to kill whoever is living on the land, they believe in exiling and transferring those remaining on the land, depriving them of their rights to life, liberty and property. I guess Zionism and the unsubstantiated notion of the Promised Land transformed “Jews” from the believers of the Book to land thieves and murderers. They went even further calling the land thieves, trespassers and terrorists, Gush Emunim, the “Block of Faithful”, what Chutzpah. Only Israelis Zionist “Jews” can do this.

However this is only part of the story. They also believe that when one tells lies and keep repeating the lies it will become the truth, especially when the coward West does not dare to challenge their truth. The world and especially the West does not have what it takes to challenge Israeli “Jews” on the notion of “ natural growth in Jewish Settlements” let alone have the courage to challenge them on their daily crimes in Occupied Palestine and especially Gaza, their continued violations of international laws and their Occupation.

That is why their soldiers commit cold blooded murder; use human shields, kill innocent people, commit massacres and Israelis see nothing wrong with it. They simply adore some one like Rabbi Meir Kahane, they worship Rabbi Goldstein who mowed Muslim worships in Hebron, they adore their own army that fire tank rounds at playing children on the beach, target civilian apartments, destroy farms and uproots century old Olive trees for the hell of it. They simply stand up and cheered as their tanks, jets, artillery level Gaza killing so many innocent women and children and simply destroying the entire Gaza Strip, it looked like the 4th of July and they were cheering as the jets dropped phosphorous bombs on civilian targets. They cheered the power of their destructive force and they simply have no remorse for what they have done to so many hundreds of thousands of people. They are taught in their Yeshivas, killing Arabs is simply an act of divine order and is part of the new Zionist’s faith.

They try to create facts on the ground, through land and water theft, and they claim they are building a “security wall” rather than an “Apartheid Wall” knowing well they are simply stealing the land, the water, destroying farms simply because they see nothing wrong with it and then they tell the world it is for “security” as if only the Israeli Jews are entitled to have peace and security and the Palestinians are simply God’s trash. If they are talking security then let them build their own wall a mile high along the 67 borders and no one will give a damn. Let them live in the Ghetto they have formed around themselves.

The daily humiliations, millions of Palestinians had to endure should tell all of us something about this new Israeli “Jewish” psychic as part of grand scheme to dehumanize the Palestinians just like the Nazis did when they commence to dehumanize the Jews and end up putting them in death camps. Palestinians have to wait for hours simply to go from one village to an adjacent village or to access their farms, and Israelis do this to supplement their land theft, ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Jerusalem, destruction and demolition of thousands of homes, with 6,000 Palestinian homes slated for demolition in Jerusalem. The Israelis simply do not see any thing wrong with their occupation; they see nothing wrong with what they and their army and government are doing to the Palestinians. Israelis and their cousins in the US have some serious issues.

Soldiers manning these security checkpoints make a young man from Nablus play the fiddle so they can have a laugh while hundreds of old, men and women some very sick have to wait for hours just to go through security, in scenes reminding us of old Cowboy movies when cattle’s had to go through revolving metal doors. Some soldiers bored with their job stay talking with their boyfriends or girlfriends or simply entertain themselves while hundreds if not thousands waiting in the hot sun or cold rain waiting their turn to go through. And Bibi Netanyahu offers Palestinians “economic peace” so his “Jewish” people can make load of money selling Israeli products as if buying an Israeli product is a substitute for freedom and liberty. Some Arab villages do not have drinking water so that adjacent Jewish settlements can have swimming pools and green garden. These land thieved do no think there is something wrong, of course they never cared because they simply believe Arabs are God’s trash.

I am sure so many of us who traveled to or live in Palestine have stories to tell. I am sure visiting European feel this unique Israeli behavior as they arrive at Tel-Aviv airport, certainly they feel it more as they depart Israel.

Having said all of this in favor of Israeli Jews, I have to say there some very noble and honorable exceptions. There is the Peace Now movement, there is the Machsom Watch, there is the Women in Black, there are the demonstration against the war on Gaza, there are the editorials in such papers as Haaretz, there are the novelists, the writers the journalists, the philanthropists and the tens of thousands of Israel Jews who are against the continued Jewish Occupation, and who reach out and extend their hands in peace, toward follow man and fellow neighbors the Palestinians. There are the brave soldiers who refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories and who have the courage to speak out and challenge their commanders and their lies especially during the War on Gaza. There are my personal friends who I have the honor and privilege to call my friends and brothers. That is why there is hope that one day the Israeli “Jews” and beyond them the American Jews will reclaim their faith again, and become true Jews and embrace Judaism as God meant it to be, a light onto other nations.

Note: I will devote my next posting to the Palestinians, and I have a whole lot to say.

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2 responses to “What is wrong with Israeli “Jews”? A whole lot!”

22 07 2009
Hadassah BORREMAN (11:26:37) :

Salaam dear brother Sami Jamil Jadallah,

Your article – What is wrong with Israeli “Jews”? A whole lot! – contents interesting ideas I would like bring here my commentary about.

“Israeli Jews”

It’s always the same! As long as we say Jews and we don’t make the difference between Jews and Zionists, we cannot arrive at any right analyze and we reach to a right conclusion. I know it’s very difficult to think and say right all the time; the Zionists have good worked for that with their propaganda. However, we have not to think and to do as they dictate. Thus, don’t say “Israeli Jews”. Say better always Zionists if you don’t mean true Jews. It’s also a sort of boycott.

“Palestine was a land without people for people without land”.

Who said that? The Zionists you enumerate in the second paragraph aren’t part of the Jewish People. They are renegades and have cut them self out the Jewish People with their transgression of the Thora and the 13 principles of the Jewish faith (Rambam) without we are not Jews. The religious Zionists are the worst Zionists. With their outward appearance, they mislead the nations, for money, honor and power. Of course, they falsify the Thora to justify their actions.
Judaism isn’t nationalism. We Jews are the only people who had laws before we had a land. The laws aren’t only a way, but they’re an aim in itself. We are a people through de law. We can live without a land; we do that now in Exile. The Law is the Absolute and the land is the conditional. God has promised the land, but we aren’t arrived at the level to have access to it yet. That’s an extract of commentary of Rav Samson Raphael HIRSCH (1808-1888) on the verse Devorim 4/5.

Jews from all over the world constitute people

That’s right. That Jewish People is God Chosen People is right too. However, it doesn’t mean he might look down on the other peoples. God has chosen the Jews to serve Him as a ‘Mamlekhess-Kohanim’, it’s a spiritual vocation, and to be an example for the nations. What happens in Palestine with the Zionists is the opposite. The Zionism caused and causes a lot of damage to Jewish People and now the Palestinian people suffer from it too.

Baraka Allah fîka!


22 07 2009
Sami Jamil Jadallah (17:11:47) :

Dear Hadassah. Salam/Shalom… it is we much sadness and regret that Israelis Jews have abandoned Judaism as the faith of G-d and the Prophets like Moses, Jacob, Isaac in favor of Zionism and its Prophets like Lieberman, Begin, Shamir, Sharon and Netanyahu. I think those who have been following the conflict closely also know that not all Jews are Zionists and not all Jews against the Palestinians. The visit of American Rabbis to Gaza is a proof of that. I do believe that the majority “Jews” of Israel not only abandoned Judaism but abandoned G-d as well. No way can any person, or individual or group that believes in G-d/God/Allah behave as the Israeli Jews are behaving in Israel ad in the Occupied Territories. The ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem from its Arab citizen has picked up since the new government came, entire Arab neighborhood (6,000 Arab homes) are slated for demolitions. I always wondered how racist ideology such as Nazism can turn such intelligent sophisticated people with love of music; opera, literature and the good life could become killers and murderers at massive scale. I think Zionism has turned “Jews” to those of Nazi Germany. Zionism did not liberate the “Jews” it deprived them of their humanity. Thank you… Salam/Shalom.

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