We Will Not Forgive The Jews For Their Silence; for Turning Israel Into a Racist, Criminal State.

22 03 2009

The Jewish War on Gaza and its resultant destruction of the Gaza Strip and the horrible killings of innocent women and children in cold blood and as reported in series of articles in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and in statements made by UN officials were not surprising since Jewish soldiers are educated and trained to do that, simply kill. And so the total silence of the Jewish community around the world and especially the US Jewish community should not come as a shocking surprise but was and is expected and so their dancing in the streets of New York City as their army was leveling Gaza, destroying homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, and UN supply depot and so their successful push for a an overwhelming resolutions in both House and Senate supporting Israel’s crimes in the name of “self defense”.

Ehud Barak, the Jewish Defense Chief in charge of the War on Gaza had the Chutzpah to declare the Jewish Army as “the most moral army in the world” as he went about justifying the killing and mayhem in Gaza. Of course Ehud Barak is right. The war on Gaza and the War on Lebanon, the many wars on the Arabs, and the crimes committed by his Jewish army are part of a culture, religious and value system that makes killing and murder of Arabs, a moral thing. For sure neither Ehud Barak nor the Jewish communities around the world and especially in the US seems to have heard of the word of the late Chaim Weisman, the first Jewish president as he warned “ I am certain that the world will judge the Jewish State by what it will do with the Arabs”. Chaim Weisman had good reasons to worry about how these Jewish settlers of Palestine and how they treat the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, the Palestinians.

The Jewish State was not founded by peaceful new immigrants seeking refuge and escape from the Pogroms of Russia; it was founded by angry, racists militants committed to ethnically cleanse Palestine from its Arab inhabitants by all means preferably by military means and cold blooded murder. That philosophy of the past continues today some 100 years later. The Jewish Occupation of 67 not only inspired the Jewish communities around the world, it was the rallying cry of Jews energized and drunk with victory giving Israel total unconditional and unquestionable support for all of its actions and the many wars initiated and engaged in by the Jewish state since 67.

The political, theological and social ideology that inspired the killings in Gaza, is the same that inspired the force expulsion of 700,000 Arabs, the total demolitions of 550 Arab villages, the killings in Dir Yassin, Qibya, Lod, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana I and Qana II, and the same that inspired the dropping of high explosive bombs over the school in Dir Albaqr in Egypt, the same that inspired the dropping of 1.5 million cluster bombs over civilian targets in Lebanon, the same that inspired the dropping of phosphorous bombs over civilian targets in Gaza and bombings of hospitals, schools, homes and mosques. Such theological value system also inspired the American Rabbi Baruch Goldstein to gun down dozens and injuring more than a hundred Muslim worshipers as they kneeled in early Morning Prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque (the Tomb of the Patriarchs) in Hebron. This theological philosophy was well explained in an essay titled “Ideology behind the Hebron Massacre” by the late Professor Israel Shahak.

For many Jews, secular or religious, believe that true redemptions comes about through murder and killings of Arabs, such were the views of the late American Jewish Rabbi Meir Kahane proponent of “ extermination of the Arabs as the surest way to bring about “True Redemption of the Jews”. Rabbi Kahane calls on the Jews not fear Gentile but fear God only as “they go about expelling all Arabs from the land of Israel”. This view remains the rallying cry of the Jewish Settlers movements and the Hill Top Jews.

That religious and theological philosophy is the prevailing philosophy of the Gush Emunim, the Jewish Settlers movement benefiting from the large generosity of American Jews especially philanthropic Jews engaged in gambling, prostitutions, liquors and Bingo Games and Gods knows what else? According to Ian Lustic, Gush Emunim believe that “Jews are not and cannot be normal people” due the covenant made with God in Mount Sinai. Rabbi Shlomo Aviner one of their leader believe “while God requires other normal nations to abide by abstract codes of “justice and righteousness” such laws do not apply to Jews”. Rabbi Israel Ariel was quoted as saying “a Jew who kills a non-Jew is exempt from human judgment, and has not violated the prohibition of murder” Such religious philosophy prevails among the leaders of the Gush Emunim the likes of Rabbi Aviner, Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, Rabbi Ariel all of whom are of the views that” Arabs living in Palestine are thieves because the land was once Jewish all the property to be found on that land “really” belongs to the Jews”. As such the Arab-Israeli conflict must not be seen as political conflict but a theological conflict that justifies the crimes in Gaza.

Eric H Yoffe in an article titled “Promoting Racism in Israel” provides a very similar and frightening interpretation of the prevailing views among leading Rabbis especially the explanation of the commandment in Deuteronomy 25:17 where quoting from February 26,1980 article published in Bat Kol, the student paper of Bar-Illan University and titled “ The Mitzvah of Genocide in the Torah” written by Rabbi Israel Hess where theological justifications for are found for Killing of babes and sucklings, and forbid the showing of mercy”. This theological view comes from “milchment mitzvah” or war of religious obligations “Jewish Jihad”. Unlike the views held by suicide bombers that God provides them with 70 virgins for killing innocent people, the Jews believe that God Him Self comes down on the side of Jewish soldiers as they engage in cold blooded murder of non-Jews. This view was recently confirmed by Grand Rabbi Joseph Ovadia who claimed as reported in Haaretz that God interfered on the side of the Jewish soldiers during the War on Gaza and telling them where the terrorists were hiding.

In the same article Eric H. Yoffe, reports of exchange between Rabbi Shimon Wiser and one Yeshiva student who is also a member of the Jewish Army where the later ( student) concludes “ during wartimes I am permitted, even obligated to kill every Arab man and woman who happens across my way. I am obligated to kill them even if this leads to complications with military codes”. It seems this was the prevailing views not only of soldiers, but commanders and civilians leaders as well. It should not be so shocking for American Jews who secured congressional support for their Jewish Army to note the recent testimony of soldiers who reported in certain instances the cold blooded murder of an old Palestinian woman as she drudged alone on a lonely road, or the killings of a women and her children as she confused the orders of going left rather than right. I am sure such acts of cold blooded murder made those who prepared and shoved the congressional resolutions down the throat of members of Congress very proud and is part of the value system prevailing among Israeli supporters.

This racists and criminal attitude goes toward the views that Palestinians Arabs do not belong and should not belong in Jerusalem, in Jewish towns and cities and certainly not in Israel. Thus the views of politicians the likes of Avigdor Lieberman who is committed to “transfer” of Arabs out of Israel/Palestine, and leading scholars such as Rabbi Elieser Waldenberg, the winner of the 1976 Israel Prize who is of the view that Palestinians, Muslims and Christians should not be allowed to live in Jerusalem and if the Jewish State to follow the covenant with God “it must expel all non Jews from Jerusalem, in like manner, it is forbidden to us to permit non-Jews to be a majority in any cities among the cities of Israel” ( Haaettz, May 9, 1967. Thus the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Jerusalem has nothing to do with security as claimed, and the recent demolitions of Arab homes in Jerusalem has nothing to do with city regulations and housing codes, but has every thing to do with a theological and religious fatwa’s that forbid non-Jews to live in Jerusalem.

I always wondered why there is so much enmity between the Jewish State and the Arabs, between the world Jewish community, especially the American Jewish community and the Arabs, since the Arabs never committed the kind of crimes the Jews had to face for thousands of years, from the expulsion to Babylon, to the Inquision of Catholic Spain, to the Pogroms of Orthodox Czarist Russia to the Holocaust of Protestant Germany and the defamation of the Protocols of Zion. The Arabs and Muslims never did commit the kind of crimes that makes the Jews hate the Arabs so much. The golden age of Jews was during the periods of Muslims empires. However now I understand. It must be part of a religious, theological and cultural philosophy that must have been dormant for thousands of years and was dusted off and given a new life with the founding of Zionism and founding of a Jewish State to be a light among all nations.

With very few exceptions there is a defending silence among “Diaspora Jews”, as if a conspiracy of silence exists and in fact it does exist, especially in the US where very few Jews dare to speak out against the racist and criminal acts of Israel, against the Jewish Occupation, against the more than 500 “security” check points where Palestinians of all ages are subject to the most demeaning of human humiliations on daily basis. There is absolute silence against Israel Apartheid policies and practices, against the Jewish settlements on stolen Arab lands ( including mine), against the Apartheid Wall, against the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Jerusalem, against the destruction of farms and uprooting of hundreds of thousands of trees, against house demolitions, against targeted killings, against arbitrary arrests, against the use of civilians as shields for the very brave Jewish soldiers and against the siege of Gaza and against war crimes committed by the Jewish Army in Gaza. Those brave Diaspora Jews (very few) who dare to speak out find themselves in the cold, out on the streets, dismissed from jobs and denied tenures and otherwise blackmailed by a Jewish community that pride itself to be among the first to support the Civil Rights movement, the first to stand up against the late Senator Joseph McCarthy and his “un-American inquisition”. Yes we have every right to be angry at “Diaspora Jews” and we have every right not to forgive them for turning what would and should have been a safe heaven for Jews that turned to a racist and criminal enterprise called the State of Israel. Of course no one expect Jewish leaders, commanders and soldiers to ever face war crimes, since Jews are not subject to abstract codes of justice and righteousness.

This essay was inspired by:

“The Ideology Behind Hebron Massacre” by Professor Israel Shahak.-

– “Promoting Racism in Israel” by Eric H. Yoffe.

“On the eve of destruction” by Ari Shavit

IDF in Gaza: Killing civilians, vandalism and lax rules of engagement: Haaretz 19/03/2009.

ANALYSIS/ Can Israel dismiss its own troops’ stories from Gaza? Haaretz 19/03/2009.

IDF orders probe into allegations over Gaza war. Haarets 19/03/2009.

Barak seeks legal okay to move civilians from homes. Haaretz 04/03/2008

Judges, scholars call on UN to probe war crimes by both sides in Gaza. Haaretz 20/03/2009.

Reserve IDF generals: Ethics probe necessary but difficult to carry out. Haaretz 20/03/2009.

UN envoy: Gaza op seems to be war crimes of greatest magnitude. Haaretz 19/03/2009.

Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques- IDF fashion 2009. Haaretz 20/03/2009.

Special Note: The Jewish State in addition to banning pasta, it also banned jam, biscuits, tomato paste, tea, sweets, and date bars, as security items from going into Gaza.

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43 responses to “We Will Not Forgive The Jews For Their Silence; for Turning Israel Into a Racist, Criminal State.”

22 03 2009
Anonymous (18:31:28) :

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26 03 2009
Sami Jamil Jadallah - We Will Not Forgive The Jews For Their Silence; for Turning Israel Into a Racist, Criminal State. | Palestine Think Tank (03:46:57) :

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26 03 2009
Mark (04:51:03) :

This is sucha load of claptrap that reveals extraordinary lack of any real history besides the usual propoganda that has kept the Arab world locked in its perversions.

26 03 2009
sami jamil jadallah (06:15:16) :

I know Mark. It must be very difficult defending the truth. These are statements made by your Rabbis, these are publications written by Jews, and these are newspaper articles published by Jewish Israeli papers. I did not use any non-Jewish sources to make my point, that murder and cold blooded murder as it took place in Gaza is part of a clutural and theological value system inherit in the Jewish state. The same theological value system that justifies the transfer of Palestinian Arabs ( Muslims and Jews) from Jerusalem, and it is the same cultural, theological value system that justfies land theft and land fraud. Yes, if I was you, I will not be very happy with the truth. Your Zionist history in Palestine is nothing but a fraud, based on false claims, and cold blooded murder. So please do not breach morality to me, and do not breach history to me. Golda Meir went even further and denied the very existence of Palestinians. That is your history, you write it to serve your purpose and you believe it and you blackmail the world to believe it. What you guys did in Gaza could never be forgiven, ever.

26 03 2009
asiswhen (06:29:16) :

I know where you’re coming from Sami. I am ready to abandon half of my (jewish) family for their cheerleading at the IDF in Gaza. However, in order for us to get reasonable perspective, that Isreal has always BEEN a racist and criminal state, we need to disengage from the duality struggle or jews vs. arabs, which reinforces the racism.

26 03 2009
sami jamil jadallah (06:57:09) :

Asiswhen: Salam/Shalom. I am one of the first to publicly speak out and condemn suicide bombings and the murder of innocent Israelis and Jews, and one of the first to speak out about the war crimes committed in Darfur, and the first to speak out against Saddam and his war crimes against the Kurds. I am one of those who also took on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his sponsor of the conference on the Holocaust and spoke out about the needs for all Arabs and Muslims to understand and appreciate the tragic history of Jews in Europe and to have an appreciation of the Holocaust and what it means to All Jews. I wrote this essay because I want the Jews to stand up for what is right, in the same way they expect Palestinians and Arabs to speak up and stand against suicide bombing. Peace can take place only when we both accept the fact that we are there to stay, and no one is going away. I also spoke against the American Jewish community as it tries to suppress free speech and suppress the rights of Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia University, and spoke against Daniel Pipes and his Campus Watch and Steve Emerson and his Mosque Watch and yes, I also called on Muslims to monitor the teaching of Yeshivas as they too teach hatred and racism just the like Madras’s in Pakistan. Peace will come when we accept each other as human being, with no superior rights God given or man given. Peace will come when Jewish mothers sob and cry for Palestinian mother as she weeps and mourn the loss of her children, killed and murdered by reckless and immoral Jewish soldiers the same way Jewish mothers expect Palestinian mothers to weep for Jewish mothers who lose their children to an immoral and reckless suicide bombers. Peace will come when we accept each other as human beings, with equal rights to a land we must share. It is too bad the leaders and members of the American Jewish community are the true obstacle to peace. I do think that if and when the American Jews become convinced and become committed to peace for Israel and with the Arabs there will be peace; otherwise there will be no peace.

26 03 2009
sjadallah (09:54:30) :

I want to share this very moving message I got from reader Hadassah Borreman and my response to her. Yes, true believers, Jews and Muslims must not allow Zionists and Terrorists to take over our faith and our values. These groups do not represent the words of God/Allah. Salam/Shalom.

With the help of the Almighty

Dear Muslim brother Sami Jamil

Your article We Will Not Forgive The Jews For Their Silence, would be excellent if you used the correct words. I’m a Jewish orthodox anti-Zionist woman and I fell annoyed, bothered when I read this article because you write Jews, Jewish instead Zionists, Zionist. I suffer first from the Zionists because they use my name (Yisroel is an other name of my ancestor Yaaqov) and do their crimes with.

I’m a Thora-Jewish woman and I’m for the justice and righteousness. I support the Palestinian Resistance and pray and act for the dismantling of the Zionist illegal anti-Thora State.

I invited you to visit our blog: http://www.bloggen.be/jesjoeroen and http://www.bloggen.be/yechouroun.




My response to Ms. Hadassah:
Dear Hadassah: Salam/Shalom. I am very sorry if I have offended you with the use of the word “Jews”. I do make a distinct difference between Jews and Zionist Jews. However and in my mind, I feel that the Zionist Jews hijacked the great religion “Judaism” and now what we see is not Judaism as an Abrahamic faith, but Zionism. Too bad for Jews and for the world, that Zionism simply took over Judaism. I know well of the Anti-Zionist group Naturi Karat and visited members of the group in New York City. I do think it is urgent for Muslims to make sure there is simply no room for Muslim terrorists and those who use Islam to commit terrorism and I think there is an need for True Jews to make sure that Zionists do not hijack Judaism. Stand corrected, and I thank you. I am taking the liberty of posting your comments on my website… I think people should know that there Jews who are against Zionism as there are Muslims who are against Terrorism.

26 03 2009
r (11:01:32) :

Sami is EXACTLY right.

26 03 2009
asiswhen (21:24:23) :

true Sami.. there is no “other” when it comes to peace. I also agree as Ms. Haddassa said, it’s really the colonial zionist imposters pretending to speak “on behalf of the ancient jewish people” that confuse the jewish role….BUT, I share your anger at the american jewry! Their ignorant cheerleading makes me sick, and I’m content to live without those members of my family until they learn to accept all humans as our family. In moving forward my frustration is twofold:
1) i feel like there are two movements: One to create a new instance of “Palestine”, and another of anti-zionists trying to wake up the world that colonial zionism is an evil project of the mind that should never have been allowed to create a state at the expense of its inhabitants. And international law contradicts itself here, on one hand endorsing the jewish state and partition scam, and on the other demanding universal human rights and return of refugees.

2) I feel like “Palestine” is still the same land, with the state of israel mounting it like a poisonous leech eating its young. Accepting that leech as the status quo hasn’t tamed it, and continues to bring more pain and poison. For example Moustafa Barghouti speaking on CNN mentions how the original UN partition was a painful comprimise. And in accepting that, Palestinians were then frustrated further in the “peace process” by israel’s strategy of comprimising the comprimise”. Are we really surprised here?… this is a deal with the devil. Then, Mr. Barghouti even mentions the One-State solution as something untenable to Israelis, as if they hold all the cards… and says “fine, give us a sovereign state” (please). they will buck it all the way, building settlements and making life hell for palestinians in israel.

If we can get both movements operating in alignment to drive the same car, we can benefit from what the PLO never had in 1948: the internet.

27 03 2009
sjadallah (05:03:51) :

Well, for those who accuses of lies, they must be living in a dream world and are blinded to see the truth. Yes, the Jews of New York City went to the streets and danced and they even have Senator Schumer and Governor of New York as guests. It is all in the news and on Yutube. Perhaps it will do lots of good for our friends, the Jews to take a close look at what the Yeshivas teaches and it will do lots of good for American Jews to look at and read the Israeli press. The Israeli press offer more truth that the cowardly American media could ever cover. I know the ugly truth hurt badly. As for those who calls on Palestinians to stop throwing bombs, perhaps you are blinded to the fact that there is a very ugly and criminal Jewish Occupation, that keeps people under siege, starve them, kill them, humiliate them, imprison them, confiscate their homes and farms, keeping them away from their farms, schools and hospitals. You only see these stupid, useless rockets but you do not see Your Occupation for the last 42 years. And yes, the American Jewish community played a very destructive role and is responsible for the failures to achieve peace and is responsible for all of the lives lost on both sides and is responsible for the lives of all Americans who died as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict and is responsible for the hundreds of billions of tax dollars that have gone to Israel which could have done lots of goods for the poor American tax payers. They and they alone made sure that there is no peace for Israel and no peace for the Palestinians. Walter Rostow, Henry Kissinger, Arthur Goldberg, Dennis Ross, Martin Indyke, Eliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Fieth, Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen and many more, all of these people as American Jews and as officials of the US government are responsible for the continuation of the conflict. They are the one who formulated and carried out US policies that made it impossible to achieve peace. But for the American Jewish community, Israel and the Arabs could have peace long time ago. Their interest is not Israel, but the power they can exercise over America and they can do that only if Israel is in conflict with its neighbors. One has to imagine what the American Jewish community will do if Israel was at peace? Who will donate and who will contribute and who will volunteer to service and who will settle and carry arms? Money flows when blood flows, and too bad it is always the blood of Arabs and Jews that must flow so that the goals and mission of the American Jewish community is achieved. Only when the American Jewish community reach a decision that peace for Israel is in its best interest, there will be peace. As for the PLO it as corrupt, and incompetent, ruthless and failed as ever. The PLO was and is a total disater, it failed at every thing, at liberation and creating a viable state, failed at building institutions, and the only thing it achieved, it lined up the pockets of its leadership including Arafat, Abbas, Qurai and many others, who simply fleeced the treasury, and it is serving the Israeli Occupation as a contractor, thus doing the dirty work for Israel and saving Israel billions of dollars so it can use to build more settlement. I think those responsible for Oslo the Trio of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai should be put on trial for incompetence and treason. They gave full recongnition to Israel without knowning that Israel is the only country without defined borders and they gave Israel legitimacy to expand settlements, to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem from its Arab citizens, and otherwise made peace impossible with their stupidity. We are all for a two state solution based on the Arab Peace Plan, otherwise the only solution is a one state solution for both Arabs and Jews and why not?

27 03 2009
asiswhen (05:28:40) :

As Ali Abunimah has already pointed out, the One state solution in some sense already exists, except the brutal occupation and inequality make life hell for palestinians and no “security” for israel. I worded that badly, I don’t even think the PLO was formed in 1948, I was referring to the actual liberation of Palestine from zionists, so that all who live there, arab, jew, whatever could live in equality.

27 03 2009
sjadallah (05:50:44) :

Look, I am not for liberating Palestine from the Jews. So many of them were born in Palestine and they have every right to be there. Beside and sad to say, Anti-Semitism is always present in Europe and around the world, for good or bad reasons, it makes no difference the fact it does exist. As such I am not calling for liberation of Palestine from “water to water” but I am calling for reconciliation of the two people to live as equal, as citizens with equal rights and responsibilities and with rights to live any where they chose. I am also calling for addressing the very critical issue of the Palestinian refugees, these people suffered wrong and someone has to pay a price for that and Israel and the Jewish community has to address and face this issue. Some Jews calls for swapping claims of Palestinians for those Jews who left their homes in the Arab world. Why should the Palestinians pay for that? Those Jews who left the Arab world have every right to return, have every right to their properties and so do the Palestinians exiled in 47-48. Too bad the American Jewish leadership with their irresponsible, reckless and selfish behavior and decisions made it all impossible for a two state solutions. They supported, funded and legalized the settlements and occupation that there is simply NO way for a two state solution, but a one state solution. Any one who believe in the possibility of a two state solution as things are “on the ground” is a stupid fool, where in Ramallah, Tel-Aviv, Paris, London, Berlin and certainly in Washington. I think American Jews made a fatal mistake with their support for Jewish settlements. They thought these Settlements will prevent the founding of a Palestinians state and they are right on this point, but they also made it impossible for a two state solution and now what we see is a one state solution, with united Jerusalem as its capital. Let us hope and pray for this just solution that keeps the Israeli Jews where they are and allow the Palestinians to be where they should be in all of Palestine/Israel. And yes, this state should not have an army, but a very powerful and efficient police to keep the peace. No guns, no jets invest all of that money into people Jews and Arabs.

29 03 2009
Sami Jamil Jadallah (10:09:22) :

Ely on March 29th, 2009 at 1:37:

This is an arguement that I cannot win, only because hatred blinds and you are filled with hate. So just to conclude, I am a direct descendant of King David in no less than 18 different ways, he is my great-great grandfather in at least 18 different ways so do not tell me that I am not entitled to my land, to the City of David. As far as shaukat is concerned you use the bible when its convenient (Yehuda and tamar) and ignore the rest of it, where it says no less than a hundred times that Eretz Yisroel is an ETERNAL INHERITANCE for the JEWISH people. I was under the impression that Muslims agree to the accuracy of the five books of Moshe, so how can you dispute this point? Isreal belong to the Jews, plain and simple. Is it not somewhat beyond the laws of nature how the Jews survived all these years without a national army while living among hostile nations? Do you not find it the least bit miraculous how after two thousand years of exile we return, again, and in sixty years turn what was a dessert wasteland into a thriving country? Shaukat you are simply a fool. 7/8 of your points are so stupid and false that they really do not deserve a response. However, 1- It dosent matter if a jew is an atheist, we Jews are not a classical religion, we are a family. They are Jewish, if they do not fulfill G~D’s will as expressed in the Torah than they are not very good Jews, but they certainly are Jewish. 3,4,5- All of these statements are blatant lies, if I would think you are even the least bit sincere than I would prove so, but you are not and so I will not. Amos, I apologize for embarrassing you with my stupidity, apparently the only thing jewish about you is the guilt and shame that youy carry. ISREAL is real, its there, and its not going anywhere.

Note: Sharing with you the message I got from a reader name Ely.

29 03 2009
Sami Jamil Jadallah (10:13:46) :

Hey Ely. Try to top this. I am a direct descendant of Adam and Eve, and direct descendant of Abraham and direct descendant of Ishmael and I call Isaac my uncle, since he is the son of my grandfather, and I am sure you know and are familiar with these people since they came way before David. As for your entitlement to the land that is Palestine and your entitlement to my property there, I suggest this. I know as a Jew, you will be able to get the best and brightest legal service in the US with the likes of Alan Dershowitz, Michael Chertoff, Michael B. Mukasey, and you can have as co-counsel the top Jewish constitutional law professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Georgetown, Virginia, George Washington, and you can enlist as co-counsel top property laws lawyers from Wall Street to top notch professors and all of you together can file a class action suite in the US District Court of New York or Washington and file a demand that the US courts issue an order for all Palestinians and I, as an American of Palestinians origin to vacate Palestine as the “Your Promise Land” and to hand and sign over all the properties owned to you “Jews” based on the Covenant your people have with God. Keep in mind that I as a defendant have the right to demand that God appears in court and subject Him Self to cross examinations ( to determine HIS state of mind when he gave the promise) and I have the right to demand that King David himself appear in court as witness for you, the plaintiff. I am willing if a US court, including the Supreme Court rules in your favor, I am committed to abide by such a court ruling and hand over the title to the properties I own and will drop any claims I have against the American Jewish thieves who have taken over my properties in Palestine and for the last 37 years. I think this is fair enough, since your community enjoys access to the best lawyers around, and I am sure your lawyers can exclude non-Jews from the juries as biased jurors and I will not object to an all “Jewish jury” I am waiting for your decision. If you really believe what you are saying, let us test in court. I am sure you believe US courts will be fair to Jews. I am waiting to hear from you.

1 04 2009
hassan (22:27:42) :

Only the jews are killing the innocent women and children? look around what is happening in muslim countries. How many innocent people are dying daily in iraque by muslims suicide attack, how many are dying daily in pakistan by muslim suicide attack, how many innocent people are slaughtered daily in Sudan by muslim militia.

the life of all human being is preicious, not only the palestinians. why so much noise when one palestian terrorist is killed by one jew. why so much silence when muslims terrrorist explode among innocent civilian and kill hundred may be that killing is justified by their religion.

1 04 2009
Bob Hamrick (23:07:07) :

To: Sami Jamil Jadallah…
It is a waste of time for you to try to justify the present nation called “Israel” with an appeal to the written Torah/Tanakh. In those words, breathed by YHVH Elohim, the “children of Israel” HAVE BEEN banished from “the Promised Land”, ARE banished from the Promised Land, and WILL CONTINUE TO BE banished from the Promised Land, UNTIL HaMashiach comes, EXACTLY as prophesied in the Tanakh. This is what many orthodox Jews believe, and especially the Karaites, who reject rabbanism and the so-called “oral torah” of the rabbis altogether, as do we Torah-true disciples of Yeshua of Nazareth. For ALL of the relevant scriptures which justify these statements, please see our article @ http://www.rense.com/general75/ZionismOfGod.pdf

1 04 2009
Nicolae (23:22:58) :


1 04 2009
Nicolae (23:25:44) :


1 04 2009
Nicolae (23:26:05) :


Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar.
From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

“Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

“This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

“American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

“The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

“In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”

1 04 2009
Nicolae (23:26:30) :

Jesus was a ‘Judean’, not a Jew.

During His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the “homeland” of the ancestors of those who today style themselves “Jews”. Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their “homeland”, and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

Jesus abhorred and denounced “Pharisaism”; hence the words, “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers”.

1 04 2009
Nicolae (23:27:05) :

Who was the First Jew?
John Standring

We know that Saul was the first king of Israel and that John was the first man called Baptist, but who was the first Jew? Neither Adam, Seth or Noah are called Jew. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Moses was not called a Jew and neither were Saul, David or Solomon called Jew. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven books of the Bible. The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drave the Jews from Elath. Isn’t it interesting that we can read over five hundred pages of the Bible before we find a Jew anywhere, yet those who call themselves Jew today claim the first five books of the bible and call it their Torah. Do you not find it rather strange that those who claim to have written the first five books of the Bible and call themselves Jew, can’t find the word Jew written anywhere in the book they call their own bible, and claim to have written? Jesus Christ tells John in Revelation 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”. We know that God changed the name of Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17:5, and that He changed the name of Jacob to Israel in Genesis 32:28, but nowhere in the Bible do we find where God changed the name of Israel to Jew! There is therefore no authority by which those who say they are Jews can claim to be Israel!

By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into Iewes. It wasn’t until the revised editions of the King James Bible, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite! We must conclude therefore that the first “Jews” were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite. It is certain, according to the Bible, that Jews are not Israel. jesusjew.htm

1 04 2009
concerned (23:33:00) :

There can be no peace because jews are corrupt. You can thank books for that. The talmud teaches that non-jewish people are “goys, goim or goyim” and that the non-jewish “goys” are literally “animals” that are supposed to be mistreated, abused and shit upon. I’m happy to say that non-jewish are most certainly NOT animals. Talmudic jews have been lied to by their parents/elders for generations. You are NOT Gods chosen people. Nobody is “chosen” in Gods eyes. We are all his creations, just look at quantum physics. Do the math and wake the hell up! The same particles that make me “me” also circulate though our universe and make you “you”, whether you are a jew or a christian or an athiest! Do you think that God made seperate “jew atoms” and “goyim atoms”, get real, surely you jest. Wake the hell up and let your ignorance go! Again, if you know anything about science you know that ashes are ashes and dust is dust, we are all made from the same shit! Jews need to abandon the talmud and then they can set an example for mankind. Then and only then can they become civilized and act as leaders instead of a discgrace to our world. I used to feel sorry for jews because of the holocaust, now I do not. Now I am ashamed of them. Now they have proven they are warmongers and seek only death and power over all non-jewish people. They only want power and ultimate power = ultimate corruption. This is sad. Jews seek nothing other than to destroy anyone who is not jewish. There is an equilibrium in the world and the jews are causing an imbalance in that equillibrium. Sooner or later this balance has to give. Trust me on this, nature doesn’t tolorate mankinds corruption because evolution has no place for it. This is why the world is hell right now. Hell because of corrupt politicians/lawyers/judges who are mostly jewish. Abandon the talmud, think for yourself and become “Gods most helpful people” instead of the disease you currently spread on the world.

God help us.

1 04 2009
disgusted (23:47:36) :

Try to top this: The jews played a big roll in slavery when blacks were brought to america. The jews also had a big part in damn near wiping out all the native americans in america also. Do the research. The jews keep crying holocaust and they are the ones doing the damn killing. They keep crying anti-semitism and they are the racists.
They think everything is owed or promised to them and the truth is nothing is owed or promised to them. They truly are sick individuals. I think they just might be “satans chosen people”.

2 04 2009
Porky (00:13:05) :

“The Ideology Behind Hebron Massacre” by Professor Israel Shakah.-

–Is this a misprint for “Shahak” or is it a different person?

2 04 2009
Robert (00:26:47) :

Don’t be surprised at the satanic hatred and utter insane hostility of the Jews. The French Revolution and its reign of terror was instigated and fomented by Judeo-Masonry. Robespiere was a Crypto-Jew. The Communist Marxist Revolutionaries were over 90% Jews who slaughtered over 66 million Christians. The Inquisition tried only Marranos – or Jews who faked their Christianity and were undermining the Church and Kingdoms, even prominent Jewish Historians like Cecil Roth and others admit that the Inquisition was a just result and action against Jewish Intrigue and Conspiracy by the Church and State. We have to read Jewish history to find the truth of much of the past that has been written out of modern histories. The Holy Book of Judaism, the Tulmud teaches that all non-Jews are Goyim (cattle = beasts) and do not deserve any human compassion or consideration and to show no mercy to the non-Jew even innocent women and children, that sex with a male 9 yrs or younger or a female 3 yrs and one day is kosher, in its perverted teachings. Over the last number of centuries tens of thousands of secret Jews, the “5th Column” have become Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Orthodox Priests, Muslim Clerics, Pagan Priests in order to hide their identity and escape punishments for their crimes, all in secret still practising their Jewish religion and undermining their host in expectation of a future Imperialist Jewish dictatorship. Examples like John Kerry, Madelane Albright, Gen Wesley Clark, when confronted with their family backgrounds, ‘ohey vey, I didn’t know my mother and father and brothers and sisters and ancestors were Jewish!’ They have for a few centuries in the above capacities attempted to rewrite most of the history books, eliminating any reference to their own evil and malicious actions. Their goal, taught from young in the families and synagogues, is Jewish Imperialism, a One World Satanic Masonic Jewish Dictatorship and the total destruction and elimination of all other religions. Read their Talmud, read their Jewish Histories, read the Jewish Encyclopedia, they say this themselves in literature not meant for the non-Jew. Go find a Bible, a Koran, a Veda, and read it, go find a Babalyonian Talmud – or even a sanitized Jerusalem Talmud – if you can – they don’t want you to read it, as they themselves say – ‘if the non-jews would read our holy books the world would search out and destroy us all’. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, the Jews lost their promised land when they crucified their God, and the “temple was rent in two” i.e. the covenant was broken and the promises gone, the land reverted back to Palestinians, its original owners. Leviticus and Deutronomy predict the curses God would send upon the nation of Israel for its breaking of the Commandments, of its killing the prophets, and that the covennant was on condition that they obeyed all the Commandments and prophets, which they did not, and would be disolved for their unbelief and violiation of His laws. The Apostles teach that the covennant was broken by the Jews and given by God to all mankind to those who believe in Christ. And all the multitude said – all of Jerusalem and all the Jewish people – “Let His Blood be upon us and on all our Children” – so be it and so it is. And for the Holocaust Industry – a few hundred thousand Jews were killed in the camps agreed, for various reasons, some legitimate for attempting escape, theft and murder, some innocent, but none were gassed, absolutely no evidence to sustain the ridiculus charge of 6 million – their were less than five and one half million Jews in all Europe before the war by census reports, and the International Red Cross, who had weekly and monthly visits to all concentration camps, recorded only 280,000 deaths in all the camps of both Jews and non-Jews in total, and witnessed no gas chambers. The Talmud says that 6 billion Jews were slaughtered by the Romans in the early centuries and that 6 million Jewish babies were roasted alive also by the Romans. (not a misprint) There were not 6 billion people on the planet then nor 6 million Jews in all of the civilized world – so goes Jewish cries of imaginary and exaggerated numbers. – lies and exhorbitant exaggerations in order to feign unjust persecution and to illicit sympathy and pity to cover their deeds and crimes. The number 6 appears then and in 1919 Jewish hate literature against Germany. And what does Christ say of the Jews – that they are of their father the devil – the father of “lies”. Cecil Roth and many Jewish historians explain and admit everything I have listed above – it is their own words and confessions that condemn them. And Ely above- Kind David would have you garroted and disowned for your unbelief in the Messiah and your historical assent to Deicide. The Tulmud teaches a Jewish Uber-Supernationalism, a Jewish super race above all others, all others being mere animals to do with what one would do with any animal. Race hatred against all of mankind. – and they have the nerve to complain about anti-semitism! – Which is a broad term incorporating what does not belong or any resistance to Jewish Imperialism – like love of Country, love of family, love of Faith and their defence by legitimate means = anti-semitism. Anyone has the privilege and duty to defend their faith, country, and personal property. Treason against a country is deserving of the death penalty, so too in defence of its institution did the Church have reason to have executed those who were secret Jews in clerical garb, traitors, who attempted to destroy the Church and more importantly, souls.

2 04 2009
jerry (03:59:49) :

Israel is its own worst enemy.They are racist against all Gentiles-that means all non-jews.In other words they are trying to force a 3,000 year old religious,superstitious hatred/superiority belief upon a Global culture which has long since outgrown it. The Crazy but Dangerous Zionists are the International Equivalent of a certified Sociopath having a full psychotic break with Modern -Day Reality. A Clue to any other Americans who still do NOT get it; If it is less than Love, Happiness, Freedom and Liberty for Palestinians , then it has NO INTEGRITY AND WILL NEVER WORK! PERIOD!NO MORE WAR CRIMES ! WE ARE WATCHING YOU NETANYAHU-AS REAGAN said “YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE!

2 04 2009
Michael (UK) (04:05:12) :

QUOTE “The Jewish State was not founded by peaceful new immigrants seeking refuge and escape from the Pogroms of Russia.”
There were no pogroms in Russia from 1917, in fact there were no pogroms in any communist country, the reason for that is basically that Communism was jewish.

2 04 2009
jerry (04:13:33) :

Today’s “ISRAEL” is a synthetic ,made-up state. A scheme by Irgun terrorists, Jewish Mafiosi,Thugs,Murderous Racists,and power-greedy International bankers. To American-based Neo-Zionist Christians; Do you really believe that A Sacred State/Culture would be founded by thugs and terrorists? Or would it be created by a REAL MESSIAH? you know -someone with compassion,love, wisdom, intelligence and zero tolerance for these IDF War Criminals. Another mythbuster; Does cutting off part of your Penis make you a “chosen one”, a Covenant with God?

2 04 2009
tubermier (05:24:29) :

The Great King David of Israel,1000 B.C. Unified all twelve tribes into one nation called Israel. After the death of His son Solomon, Israel fractured and became two nations. Judah, Benjamin and half of Levi the Preists became Judeah with Jerusalem as it’s capital.In the north with it’s capital of Samaria, the other ten tribes became known as Israel. From this point on The Coallition of Judah Benjamin and Levi had no right to use the name Israel, for they were named Judeah by the Lord. Israel in the north was given the OLIVE tree as it’s national symbol and Judeah was given the FIG tree as it’s symbol. Judeah apparently had the good figs and the evil figs. Israel was never reffered to as having good and evil Olives. About 126 B.C. the edomites (decendants of Esau were forced to become Jews as Josephus tells us,to escape exile and or extermination. At the time of Christ the Edomite Evil figs had aquired most of the power positions of the temple and Gov’t. and were responsible for the corruption of the true faith,and were the ones who created the Pharisees who were the arch foes of the Saduucees Probably the good Israelite figs. It was the evil figs who killed Christ, having the Levite preists to do the deed as the sacrifice of Christ would not have been acceptable to God had the pagan Romans done it. So the Romans are innocent of any charge of killing and crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ,for The Father in heaven would not have allowed it anyway. It had to be the Jew preists of Levi. The parrable of the fig tree is as follows. The Lord of the vinyard Christ in his first sojourn in the earth came upon a fig tree that only grew leaves but no fruit for the Lord to enjoy,so he cursed the fig tree and proclaimed that the fig tree would from this point and forever more bear no fruit for the Lord,and it withered away under the hot sun and had no shade to offer anymore. Fast forward to Our Lord in Heaven looking down upon his vinyard and asking the workers of the vinyard??(the christian nations of today) what is this fig tree doing in the ground taking up valuable nutrients and water and does not produce any fruit. He said to the workers,(pull this fig tree out of the groung. Uproot it and throw it onto the fire and destroy it. The workers protested,saying Lord we will water more and prune and weed and heap dung about it, base and you will see it bearing fruit. The Lord said to the workers who never obviously read the first parable,You just one more growing season and the Evil fig tree must be uprooted and destroyed.The Jews forced the creation of the Jewish state in 1948,but had to wait 20 years (the time of expectancy God applied to Jacob for his deceit of His father Isaac in acquiring the the birth right blessings when Jacob was forced to ask for the hand of Rachel having no dowery to offer,) to the year 1967 to unify the city of Jerusalem. 1967 began the forty year countdown of the Jewish State to bring forth the Kingdom og God or prove itself unworthy as almost all of it’s figs were of the evil variety. In 2008 the fires were stoked and God had all in readiness for the evil fig tree to be plucked up by the roots and burned to destruction,but the ignorant christian nation workers demanded that one more year so God had to postpone the great Jew barbecue of 2008–to 2009.Well folks, this Easter is also the passover,the time the evil figs shed innocent blood and crucified our Lord. It may also be the very time He has chosen to shed their blood and end their wickedly evil regime. We do not know the exact day Jesus has chosen to end the Time of Edom but it will definitley be this year 2009. Perhaps April 23 2009 as this number means death in Bible numerology, Perhaps April 14 as this is the day the Jew Zionists sank the Titanic,Yes you heard right.The Titanic was built to suit,and it suited the Banker Zionists of Europe to sink her because she was carrying the 3 richest men in the world who all opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system ,which they knew would destroy America,because they loved America. One way or the other the command that Jesus gave his vinyard workers to destroy the evil fig tree WILL be carried out. Count on it.

2 04 2009
watching (05:27:38) :

Personally, I am tired of the religious fanatics on all sides. Jews, Christians, and Muslims. I hope you all murder yourself in the name of God. When you are done, the rest of us will enjoy this short life.

2 04 2009
jeff (09:13:27) :

Zionism is a cancer , radiate it. Google “dancing israelis”

2 04 2009
KAK (09:42:42) :

“Israel and the Jews are Blood Sucking Parisites of Mankind”

2 04 2009
Marc (11:53:27) :

If the one they call Jesus were alive today, he would not be called a Jew except for his heredity. His deeds and words are not with modern Jewish thought. No, today Jesus would be classified a Palestinian at best. I just don’t understand. Muslims believe Jesus was one of the Holiest people that ever lived. True, he is not God, but no man is in their faith. Yet to the Jewish Faith, Jesus is one of the most damned creatures that God had ever made. So why do Christians support the group that hates, I mean really hates Jesus and to the group that reveres him, they despise? The group that feels not having a Christian as a slave is persecution they like, if not love, to the other that feel Christians can live as equals under the Eyes of God, they dislike and have learned to hate? No, it is just wrong, it doesn’t make sense. What is wrong with this picture?

In America there are commercials for the ASPCA that shows abused animals. It asks for money, just a few dollars a month to help an abused animal. I would love to see a similar commercial with the faces of abused Palestinian Children, the real victims of Israeli aggression, mistreatment and negligence. With a request for donations to help rebuild their shattered lives. Oh, and a reminder to the American people that thanks to their government’s support of Israel, the bombs, bullets, planes and all the rest, came from their taxes. The same kind of setting in the ASPCA’s commercial could be used as well as the music. As long as America supports the Terror State of Israel, they should at least give support for the innocent victims of their crimes. Building a museum is just a start. Rebuild the lives of the traumatized children would come first.

2 04 2009
Robert (12:44:09) :

I read the Protocols and “The Talmud Unmasked” almost 10yrs ago. The problem with the Jew is he defends anything jewish even it is wrong, i.e.Zionsism,the jewish crimal.It does not matter what crime he comitted the jew will defend another jew even when he knows that he is guilty of the most heinous of crimes.(Gaza)
I came to the same conclusion when watching the horrors unfold in Gaza.
During the War of 1776 the number of participants for the american side was never above 11% and dipped to a low of 5%. The reason is the rest of the people of these United States were waiting see who would win. If the Btitish won then these people would at once claim the had been loyal to Kng George all the time. If the Continential Army won then these same people would immediately claim allegeance to the new republic.
And for all the Jews reading this, you still curse the name of Jesus Christ and the Christains who follow Him in your synsgogs on Saturday.And while you try to answer this with some sort of vitupertive response, share with these Gentile readers your precious prayer, the Kol Nidre. I wll do it for you.Kol Nidre means “All vows” and is based the declaration of the Talmud:
” He that wishes that his vows and oaths shall have no value, stand up at the beginning of the year and say::All the vows that I shall make during the shall have no value.” How do you all like doing businees with these primordial pieces pond scum? Read Matthew, chapter 23,Kings James version for Christ’s condemnation of this gagle of serpents that practiced their evil 24-7. The Jew’s god is $$$$.Their religion is dead. It died when the heavy velvet curtain that surrounded the entrance to where the Holy of Holies was kept was rent top to bottom at the moment of Christ’s death on the cross. The jew is a lesion on the forehead of humanity. This is what they have to look forward to:” They shall look upon Him whom they pierced.” And: “Every knee shall bow and evry tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

2 04 2009
sjadallah (14:04:20) :

I do appreciate all those who wrote back and expressed their views. I agree with some of the views and strongly disagree with those views I defined as “anti-Jewish” directed against the people of the Jewish faith irrespective of their views on Israel. In Islam, I believe that very few hijacked Islam and engaged in terrorists acts killing and murdering innocent people in Bali, in New York City, in Madrid, in Paris, in Riyadh, in Moscow and certainly in Tel-Aviv. These people do not represent Islam and the billions of profess the faith of Islam and do not speak for the 1.4 billion Muslims. The sad truth is that very few Jews have spoken out against the daily violence committed by not a few, but by an entire nation of Israel. It is too bad for Judaism that great Abraham faith is hijacked by millions of Zionists and by an army of Rabbis who took the liberty and transformed Judaism into the new faith of Zionism. The Pogroms took place, the Holocaust took place, and anti-Semitism (blaming Jews for every thing including bad weather) is there. Our fight and argument is with Zionism, that evil, destructive new faith that is undermining the entire world not only Palestine but America as well. I do not believe in the idea of a “Chosen One” nor do I believe in the “Promised Land” and I believe that Palestine was simply stolen by a gang of Zionists. I believe that Zionism is so unnatural, so inhuman that it will hit the dust just like Communism, just like Fascism, just like Nazism. Justice will prevail in the end. Justice, peace and prosperity will come to the people of Palestine/Israel ( Israelis and Palestinians) when our Congress becomes free of AIPAC and the “ Jewish Lobby”, when America shakes off the tyranny of AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby and declare its second independence. I am sure that day will come when the American people will rise up and put AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby out of business and put an end to the billions givens away by our Congress to the criminal settler’s state of Israel. I am also convinced that the American people will take back the Congress and make it an American Congress again. It is simply unbelievable how the strange and dangerous alliance of Jewish Zionism and Evangelical Zionism are working together to cheat and fleece the millions of church goers in the US, and it is unbelievable how pastors like John Hagee and Robertson fleece the poor of their church so they can give millions of dollars to Israel and Jewish settlers. I am sure these church leaders are enjoying more than just simple dinners and recognitions while in Israel. Perhaps it will do Robertson and Hagee much better if the tens of millions they raise for Jewish settlements go to feed and house the needy in their own cities. And yes, I believe that we the people in America are living in a new and un-“American Inquisition”. AIPAC, the Jewish Lobby, Campus Watch, Camera all are conducting their own inquisition and stifling our rights and freedoms, certainly our liberties. They have the right to express their lies but they have no rights to suppress the truth. Zionism is the enemy of God and man kind. Let us all work together to free both the Israelis and Palestinians from the tyranny of Zionism. We also need to keep in mind that best solution to this conflict is a one state solution where Jews and Arabs can live in peace, justice, and equality. Peace can save us American tax payers so much money, can make Americans safe and welcomed every where in the world, and it also gives us back our Congress. With peace in place, AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby will go out of business. Only blood, the blood of innocent people, Jews and Arabs that keep AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby going.

3 04 2009
J. C. (09:27:03) :

As an atheist ex-protestant antiZionist whose g-g-grandmother was Jewish, this even makes me a little nervous. Guilt must be assigned where there is guilt. You have to exclude jewish kids; you have to exclude Jews really speaking out against or working vs. Zionism; you have to excuse those Jews who say “screw Israel” and go about their business; you have to excuse those who have their doubts or criticisms but are afraid their families would starve if they spoke out. That still leaves lots of truly culpable Jewish individuals. And should they change their minds, stop their wicked deeds, and pay just reparations, including return of stolen lands, and apologize, then you have to forgive them too.

5 04 2009
sjadallah (15:19:01) :

I think I need to make it clear to our Jewish Zionist friends, we all are in agreement that Never Again to the prosecution of Jews because they are Jews, Never Again to the execution of Jews simply because they are Jews, Never Again to a Holocaust, Never Again to the Programs, Never again to the accusations of the Protocol of Zion. Not the Muslims, not the Arabs, certainly not the Palestinians even with our strong disagreement with Israel, its criminal and racists policies, and our views that Zionism is an evil worldly force, NO one will ever accept the kind of whole sale prosecution or signaling the Jews for all of the ills of the world. However your Never Again should not cancel and voids the Palestinians absolute and unconditional rights to and in Palestine, it will never cancel the rights of return of Palestinians to their homes in Palestine. Your Never Again does not mean that the Palestinians have to give up the rights to resist the Jewish Occupation and to seek freedom and liberty. So please do not use Never Again to steal, rob, commit grand theft, prosecute, exile, target killings and destroying the Palestinian community. We are not intimidated by your ideology, nor are we intimidated by your power, we are not intimidated by your accusations of Anti-Semitism. You can go somewhere else and peddle your lies. We will always be there in Palestine. Your final solution for the Palestinians will never work. We too have a Never; Ever give up our rights in Palestine.

5 04 2009
Jake (22:04:44) :

I agree that American Jews must speak up against Israel’s crimes.But your sanctimonious self-righteousness is way over the top.

In the total scope of things, Israel’s crimes are petty indeed. A few thousand Palestinians have been killed in 20 years of fighting. In contast, more than 1 million people are said to have died in Iraq since that nation was unilaterally invaded by YOUR country in 2003, by a born-again CHRISTIAN whom the majority of American Jews voted AGAINST.

That blood is on YOUR hands. As Stalin said, the death of one person is a tragedy, but the death of 1 million is a statistic. Quit being so damned proud of the fact that you aren’t Jewish and take the blame that is due you.

6 04 2009
Sami Jamil Jadallah (03:11:57) :

Jake. Salam and thank you for your comments. If you read previous posting, you will see that I took on all those so called “Islamic Jihadists” such as Taliban and Al-Qaeda who committed the mass scale murder on September 11th, and the same who committed and continue to commit the massacres of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan and who turned Kabul Stadium to a stadium of killings. I also took on the crimes of the late Saddam Hussein against the Kurds and against the people of Iraq, and I also took on Al-Bashir and his crimes in Darfur, and yes, I took on Bush-Cheney war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also spoke out against the crimes committed against Jews in Czarist Russia and in Nazi Germany. However, I do not see the Jews as something special that one should not criticize them for their silence. Yes, it is too bad and it is a shame that Jews, especially American Jews are not only silent and do not speak against the crimes committed in Gaza, but have been silent and did not speak out against the crimes committed by Israel since 1948. There are estimates of some 250,000 Palestinians and Arabs killed by Israel so far.

24 04 2009
Dave (13:12:40) :

Never in the existence of humanity has there been a more pathetic and parasitic race of people such as Jews.
If Israel is so wonderful and great, let’s cut the U.S. support cord and simply let them fight their own battles.
Billions of dollars for foreign aid? There must be alot of earquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis occurring in Israel.

10 05 2010
Rachel (21:24:26) :

Were the US not so determined to arm Israel’s neighbors, it would not need to provide so much to aid for Israel’s defense. Of course, maybe the US likes maintaining this dependency relationship so it can maintain its influence.

The US also continues to push for arming and training of Palestinian forces (most of those arms have recently fallen into Hamas’ hands) and it continues selling advanced weaponry to the likes of Saudi Arabia.

Israel would need less aid if US weren’t arming its enemies.

10 05 2010
Rachel (21:31:03) :

I see hatred in every rocket fired into Israel, especially the ones fired before the war and during the ceasefire.

Hamas is a disaster for Palestinians as a ruler. Hamas is a nazi derived fascist government that uses gestapo forces to brutalize its own people. It has no interest in educational, health, infrastructure, and job creation or anything but waging war. Hamas supports stoning women, terrorism and killing converts to Christianity. Nobody with any morals, ethics or a sense of justice will support Hamas. Hamas is the one that oppresses Palestinians …not Israel.

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by Canada, the EU, Israel, Japan and the United States. Hamas uses the civilian Palestinians as shields. Hamas is creating a repressive Islamist state. Hamas has the weapons and the civilian population of Gaza afraid to oppose them. Israel isn’t fighting “the Palestinians” it is fighting Hamas. Why? Because Hamas is fighting Israel.

14 12 2011
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