Time to bring the Jewish Occupation to an end, now!

13 02 2011

Poor Mahmoud Abbas and his Ramallah entourage, they must be feeling down on their luck. Ramallah leadership lost friends and allies left and right. It lost Ehud Olmert and Tizpi Livni who waged war on Gaza killing thousands and leveling Gaza to the ground and it lost a team that expanded the settlement at an accelerated rate and continued to build the Apartheid Wall. Ramallah also lost close confident and ally in Bin Ali and lost two close allies and confidants in Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman, two men where were key architect to the siege of Gaza standing in the way of Palestinian reconciliations.  Ramallah not only lost close friends and allies it lost most favored destination (rest and recreation) in Sharm El-Sheik. Ramallah must be grieving and accepting condolences.

One thing for sure Ramallah and its endless negotiations with Israel will never ever end the Jewish Occupation of Palestine of 67 and East Jerusalem since Israel never had any intention to leave the territories it occupied in 67 Oslo or no Oslo. On the other hand, Khalid Misha’al can give speeches after speeches till he is blue in the face, calling for “armed resistance” and if the performance of Hamas during the War on Gaza is an indication of the quality of “armed resistance” then the Palestinians are in for a very deep disappointment. That leaves one thing as Cairo and Tunis have shown us, peaceful, persistent demonstration, and general open-ended strike until the Jewish Occupation comes to an end. The people also need to take the US out of the equation since it does not have what it takes to bring an end to the Occupation through negotiations or through UN Security Council. Actually there are no other choices but peaceful non-violent resistance and for the long haul.


NGOs in Occupied Palestine and their “owners” are not expected to lead such efforts for fear of losing funding and generous support from the US and EU. As Cairo and Tunis showed us the people do not need washed out leadership or “intellectuals” or political parties to lead and organize the people into massive civil uprising that will bring Israel’s Occupation back to the front pages of international news similar to the coverage of the “people revolution” at Tahrir Square.


The late Yasser Arafat had such a good chance during the “Second Intifada” to lead the people in a civil peaceful uprising but he too blew it just like he blew his “armed resistance” and he died as he lived, behind the people not ahead of the people.


The Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Romanians, the Hungarians, the Czechoslovakian, the Polish all taught us that no matter how powerful a regime or occupation is, the will of the people, peaceful persistent and non-violent resistance will win the day. President Obama, Joe Biden and others spoke highly of the Egyptian “peaceful” uprising and quest for freedom and democracy, I wonder if they will say the same thing if and when the Palestinians decide to take on the Jewish Occupation in a massive persistent peaceful demonstrations and general strike just like the Egyptians did!


By now the Palestinian people should know that not Hamas, not Fatah, not the PLO, not Islamic Jihad, not Qassam rockets or suicide bombing or the US or the UN or the EU will ever deliver freedom and liberation to them. They have to take it and have to earn it not by guns, or “armed resistance” or negotiations but through the will of the people to be free and yes, why not Cairo did it, Tunis did it.


Identity cards are the additional power the people have. Israel uses IDs as a powerful tool for the Occupation totally controlling the lives, fortune and misfortune of the people.  Same thing for Ramallah and Gaza. IDs are an equally a powerful tool in the hands of people against the Occupation and against the leadership in Gaza and Ramallah.


One has to imagine the reaction of Tel-Aviv, Ramallah or Gaza if hundreds of thousands if not millions decide to burn their ID in a bone fire that can be seen all over the world and all the way to the White House and Capital Hill. For sure it will create a havoc, total breakdown of the Jewish Occupation and a melt down of the security system, the key to controlling the people under Occupation.  Then the people follow that with a total strike, total shut down of the entire Occupied Territories and with every one in Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus, El-Khalil/Hebron, Ramallah, El-Bireh, East Jerusalem, Tulkarim, Gaza, Rafah, Kahn Younis, Bethlehem and Beit Jala all out in their own Tahrir Square and at every Israeli check points demanding an immediate end to the Occupation, not through negotiation but through the people power and will. Time for the people to take charge of their own destiny, leaving the leadership behind and in the dustbins of history and dare Israel to do the shooting.

Sami Jamil Jadallah

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