They Plan So More Can Die.

20 07 2007

Iraq Veterans Anti-war movementIt was not so surprising for the Republicans to successfully defeat the half hearted measures by not so determined Democrats setting a time table for our troops to come home from the hell Chaney and Bush put us in.

Those die hard NeoCons who planned, marketed and managed the initial war on Iraq have left the scene after putting the nation is a such a quagmire wasting the lives of over 3,600 brave men and women and maiming for life some 30,000 neglected war veterans who could not find a decent hospital to treat their physical let alone mental injuries.

People like Richard Perl, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, and Zionist NeoCons all left the scene leaving George Bush and his team to clean the mess they created. Of course that most courageous of them all, the well know chicken hawk, Dick Cheney, who when called to serve his country, simply refused said, “I have much better things to do” than fight for his country, continue to be in charge. Of course, it is ok for others to fight his war and die for their country.

The Republican members of Congress both the House and Senate are more interested in protecting a president and vice president than caring for the nation and its soldiers and its precious resources. The Republicans of Congress care more about their position and status than care about the nation and the soldiers they put in harms way. The Republican in Congress care more about their own business connections and the benefits the war brings to their donors than give a damn about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers they sent to Iraq with an impossible mission and under false and frequently reasons.

The White House and a boneless Republican Party lied to the nation when they made the decision to go to war and now use the excuses of supporting our soldiers for lacking the courage make the decision to make the inevitable decision to bring our troops home. Perhaps the Republican members of Congress and all of the pundit that continue to support the war, behind TV cameras and in studios can go to Iraq and replace our soldiers for one week, yes, only one week in Iraq. Perhaps Dick Cheney will have his missed opportunity to serve his nation by taking the place of one infantry private in Ramadi.

Never seen such a callous disregard for the nation interest than I have seen from this White House and the Republican members of Congress. That of course does not give the Democrats any less excuse. They also voted for this stupid war and now they want to make it a campaign issue. How dare they speak of representing the soldiers when they too shared in the decision to send them to hell?

Under Cheney-Bush administration this nation and its leadership lost any all sense of dignity and morality. It is one of the most corrupt and incompetent administration to ever hit the White House. They are responsible for the death and murder of over 3,600 of our soldiers and responsible for wasting over $500 Billions of the nation financial resources for a war they should have known it was the wrong war, for the wrong reason and the wrong time. This war has nothing to do with protecting our national interest. This war has everything to do with a foreign agenda, and with personal vendetta and nothing to do with the war on terrorism. Since when do Republicans have a mandate from the nation, let alone from God to have a monopoly on issues of national security? When in fact during their administration, and due to their misguided policies our nation faces an ever greater danger of terrorism. It is the Bush-Cheney administration that gives terrorists a sense of purpose.

George Bush and his planners in the White House will keep this war going until they move out of office, leaving the mess and the inevitable defeat for the next administration and of course adding some 1000 additional graves and adding some $150 billions in additional costs. Yes, this administration plans so that more can die.

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