The Washington ” Eunuchs”

9 10 2009

In the 1987 Academy Award winning movie “ The Last Emperor” by the brilliant director Bernando Bertolucci, in one of the scenes, the chief custodians of the Emperor Household was seen collecting his “private” parts as he leaves the Emperor household for the last time.

In China’s Imperial past those who chosen to or selected to serve in the Chinese Imperial Household are required to undergo surgery and become “ Eunuchs”. The same thing is true in Washington, where elected officials from those in the White House to members of both houses, Senate and House of Representative and all those senior officials chosen to serve in both Republican and Democratic administrations must undergo surgery similar to that of Imperial China, what by visiting the surgical clinics of AIPAC and the American Jewish organizations before assuming office.

As we have seen for many years, any one choosing to run for high political office especially the White House or any one choosing to run for senior position in Congress have to make a visit to AIPAC and has to submit to “ surgery” where their “private parts” are removed and put in formaldehyde, kept with AIPAC to be collected by these senior American officials once they leave office, then and only then can they be free to talk and speak out on Israel and its stranglehold on America’s decisions and national interests.

I think by now we can see the kind of impact such surgery have on Barack Obama’s Presidency. US special envoy George Mitchell been to the Middle 7 times and so far he was unable to get Israel to move forward, unable to stop the building of one apartment on stolen Palestinian land, dismantle one of more than 650 barricades, stop the ethnic cleansing of one Palestinian Arab from Jerusalem, and of course that great power, the USA, the country that funds the continued Jewish Occupation, the country that supplies Israel with advanced weapons to commit war crimes, that great country and democracy that supports and fund Israeli Apartheid, that country that provide political and legal protections to a criminal Israel was unable to get Israel to “freeze” settlements. No need to question or ask who is in charge?

Former Senator George Mitchell with all of his talents, dedications honesty, integrity and commitment to the mission and loyalty to the US and after 7 trips to the region has been unable to make any headways given the kind of right wing racist government in Israel and a Palestinians leadership that is nothing but corrupt, incompetent, lacking any legitimacy and of course a partner and collaborator with the Israeli occupations.

That great country of ours backed away from everything it set out to do after facing an onslaught of attacks, even personal racists attacked on President Obama orchestrated by thousands of Israeli supporters in Israel and their agents a “Fifth Column” inside the USA. They are all out to ruin Barack Obama’s presidency.

It seems President Barack Obama and his presidency were under sedations from AIPAC surgery when he gave his famous speech in Cairo committing the US to work toward peace based on two state solutions one Israel and the other a Palestinian state within 67 borders and based on international laws and UN resolutions, and of course ending the longest most cruel and racist military occupations in modern history. He underestimated the power of AIPAC and the power of the American Jewish community and its leadership.

President Barack Obama discovered that proceeding with and pushing hard to achieve a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel and the Arab is not that easy giving the power and authority of AIPAC and the power and control American Jewish leaders and Jewish community exercise over members of Congress, the media especially conservative media and think tanks. Poor President Obama he found himself being blackmailed by Israel, its agents and loyalists in Congress with the stark choice either peace in the Middle East or Healthcare reform and the rest of President Osama’s international and domestic agenda. As expected President Obama has no choice but to back down and retreat. No one so far has been able to win over Israel and put America’s interest first, no one, not a president, not members of Congress, not senior officials, all have no choice (due to surgery) been able to stand up for America.

Most if not all senior officials who are now vocal advocate for a just and fair peace in the Middle East based on two state solutions did not dare to speak out while in office since they all know what would happens to them if they speak out. Those who dare to speak out will find themselves easy target of AIPAC and its army of political activists and financial contributors and political assassins, not so much different from targeted assassinations carried out by the Israeli army. One only need to remember the likes of Andrew Young, the late senator Charles Percy, the late senator William Fulbright among many other members of congress and other high ranking officials. Any one who speak of and advocate peace and any one who dared not toe the Israeli Likudish line will find themselves old history in official Washington out on the streets of official Washington.

So far, even someone like President Barack Obama with all of his courage, vision for a “change” honest commitments to work toward peace for Israel, the Palestinians and the Arabs, and with all of his commitments and understanding of the needs for peace as a direct benefit to the US and its people have been unable to face and stand up in the face of Israel’s Fifth Column in Washington.

Perhaps it is time for the President of the United State to gather and collect his courage and stand up for America’s interest by taking the case of peace in the Middle East directly to the people of the US. I am sure he will be surprised to know that notwithstanding all of the power and blackmail exercised by Israel and its agents and Fifth Column in the US, the American people will understand and will support his mission and vision for peace in the Middle East. America is not made up of “Eunuchs” like those in Washington. Yes, American Jewish leadership is the enemy of peace, enemy of America, certainly enemy of Israel.

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