The “Killing Fields” of Syrian Arab Republic.

13 05 2011

For the brief few hours of the early fights on the Golan Heights in 73, the Syrian Arab Army simply disappeared, gone into “mothball” and comes out only when needed to crush “Arab” citizens and bomb “Arab” towns. Having secured the northern borders with Israel, it is not used for the defense of the country, but keeps the Ba’athist regime of Bachar Assad in business and power.

We saw the Syrian Arab Army roll into Lebanon to take sides in the Civil War and quash the “nationalist forces” and of course to remain in Lebanon for 29 years until it was forced to pull out in shame and in disgrace in February 2005 shortly after the murder of the late Prime Minister Rafik Harriri.The Syrian Arab Army is not known for the battles it won against Israel, but is known for the battles it lost to Israel and is better known for the battles it waged against the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinians. While flexing its muscles against Lebanon like “Abu-Arab” it was taking a regular whipping by the IDF, firing no shots, not even a whisper.

We all should be reminded of the war waged against the City of Hama in 1982 by Refa’at Assad, the brother of Hafiz Assad and commander of “Defense Companies/Sarya el-Diffa” where Refa’at boasted of killing not less than 38,000 (according to Thomas Friedman in his book from Beirut to Jerusalem), not a bad harvest of innocent lives for few days of serious work on the part of the Syrian Arab Army.

Of course the situation was no better in Lebanon, where under the watchful eyes of the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Military Intelligence over 100,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed, not to mention the looting of the country. In the 100 days war in 1978, the Syrian Army turning against its allies the Christians, bombed East Beirut with the same ferocity the Israelis bombed West Beirut in the invasion of 1982. No need to mention the active role of the Syrian Arab Army played in the massacres in Tal-Zaater were some 5,000 Palestinians were killed and murdered and over 15,000 made homeless.

During its stay in Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Army was more interested in doing business rather than fighting Israel or protecting Lebanon from the regular Israeli attacks. Its officers and senior military intelligence ran racketeering and smuggling business that puts the American mafia to shame. It operated protection rackets, it operated custom duties protection racket, it operated agriculture and drug trafficking, it did every thing one can image a mafia will do. 33% of the total labor forces in Lebanon were Syrian. Of course all of this could not have happened without the support, collaboration and partnership of powerful Lebanese allies on both side of the sectarian divide. The border town of Anjar was the capital of Occupied Lebanon.

Under its watchful eyes, many Lebanese personalities were murdered and killed, the likes of Kamal Jumblat, Salim Al-Lowzi, Riyadh Taha, Sheik Hassan Khalid, Danny Chamoun, Rene Mo’awad, Rachid Karami and many others. The army and its intelligence services allied themselves with well known Israeli collaborators and partners the likes of Eli Hobeika who was in charge of the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla. Hobeika worked very closely with Ghazi Kan’an , the Syrian High Commissioner in Lebanon and with then Abdul-Haleem Khadam deputy prime minister and foreign minister. With the approval of Hafiz Assad Hobieka was rewarded for his services, the ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

Now Bachar Assad, his brother Maher, cousins and relatives are making good use of the Syrian Arab Army, taking it out of “mothballs” rolling and deploying its tanks in major cities and towns in Syria killing thousands and arresting tens of thousands in the name of Arab Nationalism.

No city is spared. Damascus, Douma, Homs, Hama, Banias, Latakia (Al Ladhiqiyah) and Al-Qamishli are all under tank attacks simply for wanting little freedom of expression, little freedom of having a say so in the affairs of their country, for protesting against the corruptions that goes all the way to the top of the echelon of government and ruling families, a say so against a Syrian parliament made up of “dummies” with double AA batteries, pre-approved and pre-recorded messages.

Over a 1000 killed and murdered by the Arab Syrian Army and its agents of mercenaries and tens of thousands jailed by its “Mokhabarat”. Of course if you hear the Syrian apologists on Al-Arabiya and on Aljazeera you would think that Syria was invaded by an army of “ Zionist outsiders” or “Islamist terrorists” or armed groups who are against Syria and its steadfastness against Israel (common on give me a break). If this is the case, then were is the Syrian Mokhabarat/Intelligence from all of this? Were is the Army and Air Force intelligence services? And where is the Political Intelligence from all of this? And how a country and security services that does not allow a fly or an insect to come into the country all of a sudden discover so many “armed terrorists” in the country? Bachar Assad then should take out the heads of all of his intelligence services and hanged them or better yet, let them commit suicide by having someone shoot a bullet to their heads.

More troublesome is the silence of so many claimed “Arab Nationalists” the likes of Sheik Nasrallah, Ahmed Jibril, Naif Hawatmeh, or Khalid Mishal, all of whom are either silent or give the criminal regime of Bachar Assad excuses for the crimes committed, but then they were all silent as Hamas and Fatah jails were full of political prisoners.

Dr. Bothayna Sha’aban was a regular columnist in Asharq-Alawsat used to dishing out her fire brand of Syrian Arab Nationalism, the one we see on the streets of Syria, her weekly column teaching us about “Arab Nationalism” the disease of American-Zionist immorality and crimes and how Syria is the bastion of Arab front against imperialist America and Israel, Syria is at the fore front of liberation of Palestine, and the corner stone of Arab resistance and then she comes out and proudly says” We are winning”.

Of course a regime that uses tanks and marksmen against unarmed civilians is bound to win, but at what costs? In the end, the Ba’athist regime of Bachar Assad will meet the same fate of his counter part in Iraq. Bachar and his family must start looking for a rat hole in the ground to hide in. Every one should be leery of a country that has the words “Arab” “Democratic” “People” in its name. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Libya are good examples. Well, to all “Arab Nationalists” I say welcome to the Killing Fields of the Syrian Arab Republic. Enjoy the show.

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