The Israelis have been using the “Bulldozer” as a weapon of choice for the last 40 years.

6 07 2008

For the last 40 years Israel has made American made Caterpillar bulldozers weapon of choice to add to its many other American supplied arsenals of F-16s, F-15s, Apache and Blackhawk helicopters, cluster bombs, not to mentions its arrays of armored jeeps and drones to kill thousands of Palestinians, maim and injures tens of thousands throughout its American sponsored occupation of the Palestinian people.

For the last 40 years Israel has been using modified Caterpillar bulldozer to raise entire villages, destroy tens of thousand of homes, bulldoze and obliterate thousands of farms and uproot hundreds of thousands of centuries old olive trees. Of course we must not forget the use of bulldozer as a killing machine driving over unarmed protesters like Rachel Currie.

So it should not be a shocking news for all Israelis and their Jewish supporters world wide to see an Arab from East Jerusalem trying his hands and introducing a new and added use of the very popular Israeli bulldozer to kill 3 Israelis and wounding scores as he drove his bulldozer in the very busy streets of Jerusalem destroying cars and a bus on his way of carnage. Of course when Israelis kill Arabs it is acts of revenge, collateral damage, always justified, but never cold-blooded murder or acts of terrorism. When an Arab kills an Israeli it is always acts of terrorism justifying the Israeli use of massive retaliation against the families and relatives of the murders including bulldozing the family and relatives homes.

Why every one is shocked with these acts of desperation? Here in the US we call it “ going postal” where disgruntled employees use weapons to kill and injure his/her former colleagues in the work place. Perhaps hundreds of people died as a result of acts of despair and anger. Here in the US we do not call it acts of terrorism, we call it criminal acts of murder and we do not go out and bulldoze the family or relatives homes.

The Israelis should be the last people on earth to be surprised at the level of anger and resentment they have purposely inflicted in 3 generations of Palestinians. When Israel undertake deliberate acts of humiliations against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians on daily basis through the use of some 500 plus checkpoints where Palestinians young and old, men and women have to wait for hours at these checkpoints just to go and visit friends and neighbors in the next village or where a farmer has to wait for hours at these checkpoints simply to go to his farm across the street, or when hundreds of Palestinians have to wait hours while young Israeli soldiers, perhaps new immigrants from Russia or Ethiopian entrain themselves by forcing a young Palestinians play the fiddle at one of Nablus many check points, one can see the anger and resentment against the Israeli and Jewish Occupation.

Do not understand the shock and dismay among Israelis and their Jewish supporters when they see a desperate man taking his revenge and use the bulldozer against a society and people who have been abusing him and all of his people for all of his adult life treating with contempt and humiliations every where he went in his own city of Jerusalem. Here and perhaps I am wrong in the assumption, I am treating the case as political acts of murder. Perhaps it is simple act of deranged man going crazy.

I am sure many if not the majority of Israelis and their Jewish supporters around the world see nothing wrong with Israel’s use of bulldozers to level and destroy tens of thousands of Palestinians homes, tens of thousands of farms even killing and murdering Palestinians under security pretexts. Why should the Israelis and their Jewish supporters be surprised if a lone, perhaps deranged man uses the bulldozer as a weapon of choice?

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