The Goldstone’s Gaza War Crimes Report and the Palestinian Leadership.

3 10 2009

For the past few days I have been following the news and repercussion of the postponement of the Goldstone Report presented to the UN Human Rights Council at the request of the Palestinian leadership representing the Ramallah, PLO and Palestinian Authority.

I also watched on television unconvincing arguments and defense of the Ramallah leadership made by Nimer Hammad, Abbas chief political advisor and Abdullah Abdullah chairman of the political committee of the PA Legislative Council. I also watched with amazement and amusement statements and claims made by Saeb Eurikat head of the PLO Negotiation Team deny the claims that the PLO and Palestinian leaderships asked for postponement of the presentations of the report for a vote. Saeb made this claim few hours before the news announcement that the Palestinian leadership decided to postpone the presentations and vote on the Goldstone report. The shameless Saeb Eurikat can deny all this until he is blue in the face since he must have been aware of the decision to withdraw the support for and seek postponement of the Goldstone. This is not the first nor will it be the last time Ramallah leadership lies to the people and the world.

Of course Ramallah leadership claims, it did not have enough votes to take the Goldstone Report to the UN General Assembly due to lack of support from certain countries such as Russia and China while also claiming that some Arab and Muslims countries sought the delays because they are too embarrassed with their own human rights records is untrue and a lie. Postponement of the Goldstone Report will not add one vote and will not change the mind of those who will not vote for it any way and the only thing the postponement will do is to bury the report forever. This happened before when the Palestinian leadership sough the suppression of report on Marwan Bargouthi before the same commission. However at no time did Abdullah Abdullah, Nimr Hammad or Saeb Eurikat speak of the real truth behind such a postponement, economic interests and blackmail.

Haitham Manna’a spoke person of the Arab Human Rights Committee denied the claims of the Palestinian delegations that certain countries initiated and sought the support of the Palestinian delegation to postpone the vote on the Goldstone Report until next year. The news report claimed every one including the Europeans were surprised by the Palestinian delegations decision and announced it is pulling its support for the Goldstone Report seeking postponement of the vote.

Perhaps Jumman Namour of Al-Jazeera (Behind the News) and the newscaster on this afternoon Aljazeera newscast chose to avoid the sensitive issue and failed to raise the real reasons behinds the postponement of the vote with their Palestinian guests representing the Ramallah leadership; mainly the Israeli threats of withholding the issuing of the license for the second cellular service where the PA and the Palestinian Oligarchs stands to lose hundreds of millions of investments if Israel chose not to issue the license. This is in addition to the Israeli (Lieberman) threats to expose the Ramallah leadership and its active and cheerleading role during Israeli war on Gaza. Not to mention Netanyahu’s threats to cancel any peace talks as if he and Israel are ready to talk peace with the Palestinians.

With the exception of the Ramallah leadership no one is convinced of the real reasons for the postponement of the vote including Amnesty International, which is seeking the support of the UN Secretary General to present the Goldstone Report directly to the UN General Assembly.

This is not the first time that the PLO leadership and the Ramallah leadership failed to live up to its duties and responsibilities as the “claimed” representative of the Palestinian people. 5 years passed since the International Court of Justice issued its report on the illegality of the Apartheid Wall, yet the Palestinian leadership simply failed to follow up on this and simply dropped the ball and the threw Israel the lifeline. It needed then as it needed it now.

We must not forget the financial role of certain key leaders in the supply of the cement to Israel to help build the Apartheid Wall the same way we see certain economic and financial interests supersede the rights and interests of the Palestinian people, where financial and economic interests of the leadership and the occupation meet forming the basis for decisions made by the Palestinian leadership.

This is not the first nor will be it the last time that the PLO and Palestinian leadership simply failed to live up to their duties. The PLO (Arafat & Company) failed to file civil and criminal claims against Israel, the US, Syria and the Lebanese Forces for the massacres in Sabra and Shatilla, and simply walked away from its responsibility. The same is true of the massacres in Tal-Zaater where the Palestinian leadership of Arafat & Company simply failed to do any thing about the massacres of some 5,000 Palestinians. The list goes on and on to Hebron; to Jennin to Beit Hanoon among many where the PLO leadership simply looked the other way from all the crimes committed against the Palestinian people and decided to give top priorities to its personal and economic interests especially when it comes to its key role as partner and contractor with the Jewish Occupation. Such leadership is simply unfit and unqualified to represent the Palestinian people. Postponement of the Goldstone will not add one single vote and will not help change any delegations mind and the only it will do is simply bury the report forever. Once again the PLO and Palestinian leadership proves it is true and loyal to its Israeli partners. Thank you Mr. Abbas for a job well done.

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2 responses to “The Goldstone’s Gaza War Crimes Report and the Palestinian Leadership.”

3 10 2009
Jeff Blankfort (16:37:39) :

The most important question immediately facing the Palestinians in the West Bank is how much longer are they going to provide legitimacy to the pack of PA collaborators that has consistently betrayed them..

4 10 2009
sami jamil jadallah (11:11:07) :

Jeff. I do agree with you.. I have been calling and for sometimes for a general uprising an Intifada directed toward those collaborators and contractors for the Jewish Occupation and to chase them out of town and let them seek refuge in Tel-Aviv. The Palestinian Authority as envisioned by Arafat, Abbas and Qurai in Oslo was to become an administrator of the Jewish Occupation for and on behalf of Israel. What is so troublesome that most if not all civil societies and their leaders are silent on the subject of taking actions against the Palestinian Authority, since most if not all are dependent on the continued Jewish Occupation. One would think that someone like Dr. Hanan Ashrawi speak out and take actions by resigning from her position on the PLO Executive Committee in protest of such decision. However and as expected personal and financial interests superseed all the bullshit we hear from these leaders as they speak about the occupation. When one is silent on the crimes committed by the government one is part of then they become an accomplis of the crimes. Shame on Dr. Ashrawi for not resigning in protect like Dr. Khouri, the economic minister who resigned in protest. I guess the investment in the ” Watanya Jawal” is more important that the blood of the people.I am calling on all leaders of civil societies to organize and lead the Third Intifada and chase those criminal collaborators out of Ramallah.

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