The Cheney-Bush Administration case for the War on Iraq is a blazing gun, not in the shape of a mushroom cloud but in the form of big lie.

26 04 2007

Bill Moyers program “Selling the War” aired last night on PBS is perhaps the best documentary ever seen on America’s media and its collusion with Washington and without doubt an indictment of the independence of media as guardians of the debate over public issues, especially with important issues such as going to war.
The American media did not fair well in Mr. Moyers program in fact the documentary showed the American media is in bed with the White House and the Cheney-Bush Administration and colluding with the administration as it planned the seeds in the public mind of going to war for the wrong reasons. This kind of conspiracy to hide if not seek the truth is a direct contribution factor in the murder of over 3,500 of our finest soldiers and a direct contributions to robbing the nation of over $ one trillion dollars that could have been put to good use for the benefits of citizens of this country.
One can see how the promoters of the war” the Tel-Aviv mafia” having succeeded in getting America into a war retreated behind microphones in their safe offices and on media circuit while sons of daughters of Americans where fighting a war they did not know what for and for whose benefits. Certainly the sons and daughters of these promoters where not fighting in Iraq but sitting in some Ivy league of living in kibbutz in Israel or even fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces.
The documentary showed the real fear felt by major media if it failed to toe the Cheney-Bush administration line as it tried to make the case for the war against Iraq and against Saddam. As Dan Rather said in the documentary, one need not wait for a memo from the top telling to go soft on the administration position when recognizing the media has all of its future and fortune in the hands of the White House and US Congress.
Bob Simon of CBS and the Night Ridder where the only exception to the herds of sheep that toed the administration line as it sought to make the case for the war. They were the only ones to raise some questions, not enough, but never the less did raise and questioned the administration case. All the rest went along and played dead to the administration when they should know better.
Mr. Pincus of the Washington Post described this administration as the most savvy and manipulative of the media of all previous administrations yet he forgot to mention that it is also the most stupid and corrupt of all administration and that the truth will always come out even if there is ten thousand Carl Rove or Bill O’Reilly.
It is too bad that such icons of the American media as the New York Times and the Washington Post did not live up to their standard of commitment to seek the truth and challenge the administration on its propensity to lie. Both succumbed to the leaks planted by the administration and then where used by senior members of the administrations, the likes of Dick Cheney to recycle the story and confirm what the administration already leaked. Both failed to go one step further and search for the truth as the administration and its many NeoCons pundit were pushing hard to sell the war to America, a war they chose not send their sons and daughters to.
It is so hard to believe how the American media could become a suckers fool for this administration when all of the evidence was overwhelming that the administration did not have a case for the war on Iraq, and not only allowed and gave the administration a venue for its case but actively engaged in selling the war, when little research would have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, Americans and Iraqis.
One can see the very well scripted sales message as it is delivered by Dick Cheney, George Bush, Condy Rice and Colin Powel, not to mention the scripted statements and declarations of the likes of Bill Crystal, Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, George Wills, Richard Pearl as they lead the marketing campaign to sell their stupid ad senseless war where the only loser are the poor brave American soldiers who had to die so these people can continue with their Sunday media pundit circles collecting fat checks while hundreds of thousands of people are dying and while this administration is burning over a $ trillion on its war.
One has to raise serious questions about the independence of the American media where it is looking more and more like a third world country media heavily induced and directed from the top either by its owners or by the government.
One also has to raise the culpability of the American media and the role it played in the death of thousands of our soldiers and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the almost total destructions of an entire country not to mention bankrupting our treasury. When any one of those within the administration and within the circles of NeoCons and within the media accepts the responsibility, even a partial responsibility for leading us to war that should never happen.
Failure of the American media to call Lyndon Johnson a liar too the lives of fifty thousands of our soldiers who died in Vietnam and with hundreds of thousands injured for life. How many more of our soldiers have to die until the American media wake up to its responsibilities and challenge this administration and make amend for failing the American people? And when the American media will revert to its commitments to independence and to simply have the courage to question those in power. With a congress that has failed us at the most critical junction in our history, we need a courageous media to call the government bluff. It is our only hope.

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