The America, That I know, Love and Always Remember.

2 11 2008

In few days the American voters, White, Black, Hispanic, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus among others will elect “inshallah/God wiling) Barack Obama as president of the United States of America. The election of Barack Obama as president will put an end and close a sad, shameful and tragic history of slavery and racial divide in the Untied States, and will confirm that finally after 400 years America is a mature country for All of its citizens, a proud moment for America and the world.

The election of Barack Obama will also bring an end to the “Right Nation” as envisioned by the Christian Evangelicals and Jewish Zionists NeoCons who and for over 30 years have been working very hard in creating an America in their own image and vision. An America without heart and soul, but a self serving narrow minded racists and inhuman attitudes, soulless virtues and values that are if any thing but “un-Christian and un-Judaic) and arrogant vision of the world culminating in the criminal and reckless War on Iraq and the worst financial meltdown in the history of the United States and the world.

The election of Barack Obama will be an indictment of the policies of a failed Bush-Cheney administrating driven by Evangelical Christians and Jewish Zionists Neo-Cons the likes of Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle among others whose vision of the United States in the 21st Century of pre-emptive military strikes and unilateral decisions as if there are no other countries in the world other than the United States and of course Israel. Their stupid reckless arrogance got us in this mess at home and abroad and now they have nothing but eggs and dirt on their face. Bush for sure will go down in history as the worst president ever and his legacy will be nothing but total disaster and failures in all fronts.

The American public as I have known for the last 46 years of living in the United States and having known closely through employment in a variety of jobs, through military service( US Army), and through education are perhaps the most decent and honorable people in the world. They are decent with full meaning of the word. People and nation that are caring of others at home and abroad, welcoming strangers among them, making one feel at home, giving opportunity and mentorship, coming to the aid of neighbors. This is the America I know and always want to remember. Not America of George Bush or Dick Cheney or John McCain or Sarah Palin; and America without heart and soul a xenophobic America full of racist’s attitude and full of anger, of hate; war mongering that is so un-Christian and so un-Jewish and so inhuman.

I am very proud to have lived in the United States for these many years and always very grateful to the many people who mentored me and were always supportive of me and helped while student at Horace Mann High School, among those who I will always cherish with great and fond memory are Mrs. Goldman, my special English teacher, Mrs. Moony my drama teacher. Special fondness and great appreciation of the great people and educators at Indiana University especially the honorable president John Ryan, dean Chuck Bonser, dean Roy Jumper, dean Jack Hopkins, professor Mark Reskin among the many great people who had great influence on me. I am always grateful for the many support I had while a soldier in the United States Army especially at the 6th Army NCO Academy where a 21 year skinny Palestinian immigrant with an accent can compete and win the leadership award against a native born American who was the perfect recruiting posters for the US Army. I will always remember Peter The Greek, the Greek American who gave me my first job of cleaning toilets at his restaurant then moving me up to cleaning dishes and pealing potatoes and to the late Ed Burns, the Irish American who gave me a job at his funeral home when many companies in Gary, Indiana did not care to give job and employment for a recently honorable discharged army veteran.

There are so many, people who have shown great interests in helping me and advising me and being there for me, and I want to mention with particular appreciation, Michael Forestall and Gordon Elicker of the Wall Street firm of Shearman & Sterling for giving me the opportunity to join such a prestigious law firm. Yes, the American people are not only decent people they are honorable people. America could never be the great country and great nation it is without its mosaic of people from around the world, immigrants like me who were able to call America home. America I know is not America of John McCain, Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber wants us to believe in.

America is the country of Dean Acheson and George Marsha, not of Condi Rice. America is Edward R. Morrow, Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith, Eric Sevareid, John Chancellor not America of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post or William Kristol of the New York Times or that mentally retarded drug abuser Rush Limbaugh. America is a country of constitutional rights of freedoms and liberties for all of its citizens not America of Guantanamo Bay and torture and an Un-Justice Department and Home Land Security driven by sheer hate and racism toward Arabs and Muslims. The people of the “Right Nation” are not the one that made America such a great nation. In fact they are nothing but an exception, a foot note in the great history of America and the American people, and they will always be remembered for their failures and with great contempt. America is not Pat Robertson, John Hagee who gave Christianity a very bad name.

I am sure president Barack Obama will make a big difference for America and the world. He will reconcile us with each others, after so many years of divisive policies and attitudes and he will be able to lead us and give America the chance to be among other nations, working together with other countries to bring peace, security and decent living to the people of the world. May God/G-d/Allah bless America and the American people?

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4 responses to “The America, That I know, Love and Always Remember.”

3 11 2008
Sam (10:17:58) :

Ammo Sami,

Such a personal essay. I’m astonished by the fact that you were able to remember the names of all of these influential people; from your high school teachers to the your first “Greek” employer. America really is the land of opportunity, and the great citizens of this country, suffice it to say, have been betrayed by the Neocon-war-mongering administration for the last 30 years. Let’s hope Obama straightens things out.


5 11 2008
Barcelona Fan (13:18:17) :

Amazing post and a great testament to what makes this country great… keep up the great work! And how are you able to remember those people from soo long ago?

30 11 2008
abou-xtreem (13:00:23) :

Why posters on this Site Never show their Nicknames, who wrote this Article by the way ?

30 11 2008
Sami Jamil Jadallah (13:07:17) :

About-xtream. My name is Sami Jamil Jadallah, and I am the one who wrote this essay, in fact this is my personal site where I comment on issues. Glad you had a chance to visit this site and I welcome your feed back and input. all the best.

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