Take the US out of the “no peace” process.

18 02 2011

“ We had some success, at least for the moment, in not having that (resolution) arise there. And we will continue to employ the tools we have to make sure that continues to not happen” with these words Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg assured Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, perhaps the most anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and staunchest supporter of Israel and Zionist causes in Congress. Steinberg was referring to the Ramallah leadership efforts to bring the issue of Jewish settlements before the UN Security Council.

For weeks Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage been traveling the world (Oh too bad they lost Mubarak-Suleiman and Sharm el-Sheik) in private jets enjoying 5 stars hotels and lavish expense accounts, seeking support for their plans to bring such a resolution before the UN Security Council knowing well that any resolution that addresses Israel, it occupation or its activities in the Occupied Territories whether it is East Jerusalem, settlements, house demolition, targeted killings, land theft, ethnic cleansing or continuation of the Apartheid Wall will meet with a certain US veto. Never understood why the waste of time and money.


It seems Saeb Eurekat before he was shamed to resign forgot to tell his boss that the US has always supported Israel from day one of the 67 War with the likes of Walter W. Rostow and Arthur Goldberg to Henry Kissinger all of whom played key role in the formulation of US policy and in favor of Israel and its continued armed and settlers occupation of the Palestinian territories. The same pro-Israeli policy continued with Dennis Ross under the Bush 1 and Clinton and now as key member of the Obama-Clinton team and of course not to mention Jeffery Feldman Assistant Secretary of State and James Steinberg Deputy Assistant of State.  Whether it is Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton or their team all will not do any thing to offend their friends and mentors at AIPAC and within the American Jewish leadership or community and specially now that Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


Somehow Abbas and his Ramallah team forgot that it was the US State and White House team that shifted the classifications of Jewish Settlements from “illegal” to “obstacle” to “not helpful” to lets go around it and leave it as is and see what can be done with what is left of the “territories”. The US was never serious about solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since the US is a party and a partner to the Israeli Occupation, it funds it, it arms it, it gives legal and political protection and covers for it and it even defend it. Not to mention it also grant American Jewish/Zionist organizations tax exemption status to arms and support Jewish Settlers and it allows not only individuals to fund the illegal settlements and fund the forced and armed take over of Palestinian homes through fraud, it even allow Jewish synagogues to engage in selling and marketing Jewish settlement houses built on stolen properties and it allows special status for products and services of these illegal settlements to be sold within the US even contract with key sensitive US governments such as Home Land Security among other agencies and departments.


Only fools and there are so many of them around specially in Ramallah and its allies in Washington continue to believe the US can deliver peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  The US will do all it can with the support of its allies in Europe and Middle East to continue funding the Jewish Occupation by funding the Palestinian Authority as manager of the Jewish Occupation.  The Palestinian leadership sitting in Ramallah is only too happy to seek funding for its continued operation and of course will not be too disappointed if this “no-peace” process continues for ever.


What is needed now is to disband the PLO as the “legal and contractual” party with the Israeli Occupation since the continued legal existence of the PLO is a key impediment to ending the Jewish Occupation. Keeping in mind it is the PLO that gave full recognition to Israel with its open borders, East Jerusalem and its Jewish Settlements without getting full recognition of a “Palestinian State” on land Israel occupied in 67. The Palestinian Trio of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai were all too happy to simply get Israel to recognize the PLO as “representative of the Palestinian people” and to fund the PLO, a key provision that puts the PLO in the driver seat as far as Israel and its ally the United States. Keeping in mind the PLO will also continue to be cash cow for civil claims by American Jews and Israelis for wrongful deaths just like Germany is the cash cow for the Holocaust. The only way forward is to take the US out of the game, disband the PLO and PA and let the people under Occupation and in the Diaspora take on Israel and the Jewish Occupation face to face. It can be done.

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