The Forbidden Debate

1 02 2009

In the US and the West, we are able and free to debate God and HIS/HER existence, debate Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, debate America, its failures and its successes, debate our constitution and its interpretations. We are free to debate George Bush his stupidity, his crimes against America and the world, and his many failures. We are free to debate anything and every thing except Zionism, Israel and Judaism. In Palestine and the Arab world, we are allowed to discuss few things but one thing no one dares to discuss is the PLO, its illegitimacy and its failures. Read the rest of this entry »

What did the Palestinians learn 60 years later? Not much!

12 04 2008

In few weeks Israel will celebrate 60 years since its creation and establishment in Palestine. Over the last 60 years, the Jewish nation became the 4th largest and most powerful military force in the world and number one military and economic nation in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Teharan’s conference on the Holocaust is a simply act of stupidity

19 12 2006

Iranian Holocaust Investigation Conference, Day one.The conference on the Holocaust sponsored by Iran’s president Mohamed Ahmadinejad in Tehran from December 11-12, 2006 was a simply act of stupidity, ill advised and with no purpose other than to give anti-Muslims more ammunition on how retarded Islamic politics have become. Of course the turn up of the likes of the former KKK David Duke is nothing to be proud of.
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