Machsom: Real Jewish Values?

12 01 2012

Check out these videos of Israeli soldiers at a Machsom (Security Checkpoints). The behavior of these soldiers raises serious questions about “Jewish values” promoted by the Israeli state. These are values that are promoted and sponsored by key American politicians and leaders of Christian Evangelical movements. There are over 550 of these Machsom that control the daily movement of some 3 million Palestinians. Read the rest of this entry »

Israel at Peace; America’s Nightmare! Israel First is too big to fail

28 12 2011

The other night I had late dinner with a friend visiting from out of town. I went home and crashed after a long day. What a night it was—I had America’s nightmare!


I had America’s nightmare, and I almost had a heart attack from the shock of the unexpected events. Believe it or not I dreamt that Israel finally agreed to peace with the Palestinians. I dreamt that Israel agreed to a two state solution. Read the rest of this entry »

Every day should be a “Day of Atonement”.

19 09 2010

To the millions of Zionist Jews in Israel and around the world, and the millions of Evangelical Christian Zionists who were behind the creation of the State of Israel and to all those who supports, funds, serve and sponsor both the Jewish Occupation of Palestine and the Jewish settlements of what remained of historic Palestine, every day must be and should be a Day of Atonement, a Yom Kippur for the sins and crimes committed all these years and are committed every day. Read the rest of this entry »

J Street or no J Street, the American Jewish Leadership is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

22 09 2009

J Street or no J Street, the American Jewish leadership is winning and it is winning big with its support for the continued Israeli occupation, the expansion of Jewish settlements, funding criminal settlers, funding land and property thieves, keeping Congress hostage and under Zionist siege, continued funding of the Jewish Occupations, undermining the US peace efforts, undermining President Barrack Obama efforts toward peace between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arabs. Read the rest of this entry »

What is wrong with Israeli “Jews”? A whole lot!

17 07 2009

For a number of years I was an avid participant on “talkback” of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. I quite the forum couple of years back because I find the majority of the participants; rude, racists, obnoxious, arrogant, contemptuous, vicious, conceited, hypocrites, condescending, inhuman, liars, vengeful, hateful and of course lots of Chutzpah, they are “Jews” by name only and Zionists by ideology and faith. I guess in so many ways these description defines the nature, behavior, ideology, morality and faith of Israeli “Jews” with some important exceptions. Seriously the people and the country are suffering serious mental problems, and are quite sick in so many ways. Perhaps this explains why most leading psychoanalysts are Jewish. Yes, I may be accused of being “Anti-Semitic” but I don’t give a damn,TOZ. Read the rest of this entry »

Diaspora Palestinians, Act Now Before it is Too Late!

8 06 2009

If no actions are taken and taken soon, the Diaspora Palestinians all without exception would have forfeited their inalienable rights to qualified and professional representations in the final peace negotiations that will take place soon between the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Palestinian Authority Israel and the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

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