The “Right Nation” that went WRONG

23 12 2012

Sami Jamil Jadallah

No need to wonder what went wrong with the “Right Nation”. Every thing that could go wrong with America did since Reagan aligned himself with Christian Evangelical Fundamentalists and their allies Jewish Zionist and adoption of Milton Freedman economic polices of “supply side”.

One has to wonder what went wrong with a nation that has all the fundamentals to be a great nation, great with its ideals of freedom and liberty for its people and the world, a right nation that abandoned its people to poverty, unemployment, lack of health care, expensive higher education, deteriorating infrastructure and abandoned and run down urban cities and rural areas that has seen better times even in the Great Depression. We became a nation where middle class citizens pay more in taxes than multi billion dollar corporations and where Congress and Wall Street declared war on the nation and its citizens.

America is a nation that can boast the best in higher education (albeit expensive and unaffordable to families and students) in the world with the majority of American universities in the top 500. While 85.5% finish high school only 22% earned bachelor degree, nothing to boast about.

America is a nation that boasts of the best of medical colleges and institutions attracting kings and heads of states p from around the world. Great institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, among many private clinics and hospitals yet the majority of citizens hardly could afford medical care fit for this nation.

America is a nation that boasts the best business schools in the world such as Harvard, Yale, Michigan, Stanford, Chicago, Indiana, yet the leading crooks, thieves and corrupt leaders on Wall Streets are among the top graduates of the best business schools in the country. Wall Streeters, bankers and lawyer that took the nation and the people to ruin while earning tens if not hundreds of millions in salaries and bonuses. I wonder whatever happened to “business ethnics” courses we studied while in graduate schools. I guess greed and lost value system became the model of a corrupt and corrupting Wall Street.

America is a nation with best law schools in the world colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, UCLA, Berkeley, Michigan, Chicago and Indiana with great constitutional scholars with many of the graduates heading to Wall Street to earn multi million dollars in annual fees charging corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees for single merger and acquisition, public offering among other services. Consumers of course end up paying for these billions charged by Wall Streets in the form of added costs to products and services. One has to question the rates and fees charged by these Wall Streeters.

America is a nation that boasts of having the best IT and engineering schools in the country such as MIT, Stanford, Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue, Berkeley, Virginian Tech among others, yet our government entrust our national security to foreign companies and foreign citizens from country (you guessed it) that killed and murdered our citizens in cold blood, spies on us, endanger our national security, took us to many wars, yet this country and its citizens are at every level of our national government from the White House, to Congress, to Homeland Security, entrusted with the nation and its safety and yes endangering our lives and liberties.

America is a nation with a history of ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurship that created such great companies as IBM, Boeing, Ford, GM, Dow Chemical, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, with great geniuses entrepreneurship such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Thomas Edison, Thomas J. Watson, Howard Hughes, among many of the great and greater who built this nation into an industrial power and the largest economy in the world and who created the best and highest paying jobs in the nation.

America is a nation in less than10 years took man to the moon and back, and recently landed the space ship “Curiosity” on Mars. Great engineers, committed scientists, brave astronauts and test pilots defying gravity and failures, yet we are unable to upgrade our failing and deteriating infrastructures of bridges, roads, railways, electrical grids and power lines that with the slightest of storms hundreds of thousands of homes remain without electricity for days if not weeks. A nation unable to reach down to earth and fix our own neighborhoods, streets and schools.

We are a nation of dedicated scientist, medical researchers, research institutions winning many Noble prizes, that succeeded in developing miracle medicine, vaccines and cures for many diseases, eradicating or controlling diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and small box among others yet we have failed so far and after years of research yet to succeed in finding cure for cancer, diabetes, malaria, Alzheimer among many of the diseases that kills hundreds if not millions of Americans every years. We even discovered the Genome of mankind the first nation in the world to do so, thanks to great-dedicated minds and private and public partnership and thanks to scientists and researchers such as Craig Venter and Francis Collins and yes, thanks to NIH and CDC for their contributions.

America is a nation that rose from soup lines, Great Depression; high unemployment went on to win the Great War, liberating hundreds of millions of people, rebuilding nations and cities destroyed. And with our help, Japanese and European cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima are now thriving cities, while our own cities that produced the machines and weapons to destroy these cities are dying of neglect, cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Oakland, and St. Lewis among others. What a great contrast between those cities we help destroy and our now destroyed and run down cities.

We are a nation that declared War on Poverty and yet after 40 years the level of poverty in this nation is the highest ever in its history with some 40 millions below poverty lines. And tens of millions of our children suffer from malnutrition and could not afford a balanced breakfast. We declare War on Drugs yet our nation is infested with drugs that our leadership helps bring to this country by sponsoring drug lords in Afghanistan, perhaps in Columbia and Mexico.

America is a country of declared equal opportunity and equal rights for its citizens yet our jails tells us otherwise and our schools are unequal in funding with such large disparity between schools in rich affluent districts and those of poor and ghetto neighborhood. Yet we want our kids to compete fairly and squarely in the job market. And worst we wonder why kids of poor neighborhoods turns to drugs, crimes and prostitution.

We are a nation that spent three trillions ($3,000,000,000,000) on illegal wars, thanks to George Bush and Israel, under false flag pretenses and lies taking the nations to financial ruins and putting generations of our citizens and tax payers under great financial burdens for decades to come, mortgaging our nation to countries like China, thanks to Wall Mart.

America is a country that claims freedom of speech, assembly and associations, yet our media is perhaps the most corrupt, biased, unfair in its reporting, beholding to foreign nation and ideology. With few exceptions nothing but garbage coming out of the likes of Fox News, CNN and the mouths of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Howard Stern, guys who are paid tens of millions in annual salaries only to insult our sensibility and intelligence. A media that is embedded with government (the War on Iraq, and War on Terror) and act as a cover providing excuses for ill-conceived policies failed to inform the nation and people and stifled the debate on such important issues as war and peace, War on Terror and 9/11 and national security. Now mainstream media lost the courage to “news fit to print”.

We are a nation of generous people and yes decent, hard working and honest, who give and contribute more than $80 Billions annually, to charity at home and aboard. We are a nation of great philanthropists such as Bill and Melinda Gates who gave away billions and continue to give away billions fighting poverty and disease in developing countries and the likes of Warren Buffet. We must not forget foundations such as the Hewlett Foundation and the Ford Foundation that contributed millions if not hundreds of millions to worthy causes here at home and abroad.

The question that bothers me and I am sure bothers hundreds of millions of America if not the world why with so much talent, decency, and fairness, do we have corrupt incompetent if not criminal political, economic and financial leadership as we have. Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives. A Congress under the control of lobbies and is for sale to the highest bidder and in collusions with financiers and Wall Street. Political, legal and financial system that produced the worst in America.
No one would believe that America’s business leadership does not give a damn about the nation with companies like such as GE, Boeing, Citigroup, AT&T paying their CEO tens of millions of annual fees and bonuses while paying hardly a dollar in taxes and worst, many receiving tax breaks. According to Freedom Tribune “Eighteen of the 26 companies received cash back or credits to apply against tax in the future”.

America is a nation of immigrant, a reminder to the White Supremacist, ADL and AIPAC. Early immigrants came here seeking freedom and new opportunity, others mainly the Blacks came here as slaves by Whites. Later many came seeking a better life, or escaping prosecutions like East European Jews. We the people of America, White, Black, Brown, Christians, Jews, Muslims Hindus, Sikh and we must not forget the rightful owners of this country, the American Indians we all what makes America such a great nation. Our diversity is our strength, enriching our nation and people, with many immigrants contributing to the greatness of this nation. Certainly not the Skin Heads, the KKK, the ADL or AIPAC that made this country a great powerful country in science in technology, in industry, in social science in medicine, and education.

Now and since the criminal gangs of the NeoCons and the alliance of Evangelical Christian-Jewish Zionists took hold and control of this country, we became a country of hate, a country of many angry people who takes their failings and the nation failings on other simply because they looks different. Hate groups became an industry lead by over 25 different Jewish Zionist organizations the likes of ADL, AIPAC, Campus Watch well funded and well connected to the main stream media and Congress, incite little minded people to hate, anger, blames with some going further, shooting and killings.

However this racism and hate in this country is not limited to private organization, it has become mainstream with leading institutions such a the military (not like when I served) developing courses and teaching hate to military commanders and soldiers such the case of Lt. Colonel Mathew Dooley “ urging senior military officers to wage” total war” on Islam”. Colonel Dooley “spent weeks arguing that the US was at war with Islamic faith”. Of course any idiots would know that since the War on Iraq and Afghanistan was not War on Terror but war on Arabs and Muslims. False flag wars that killed millions of them and us, destroyed nations and almost destroyed our own country.

Just imagine how America would look like in 20 years if the Republicans and the likes of Romney and Paul Ryan and the majority of the Republicans in Congress and their allies on Wall Street and in Israel, succeed in taking over America for 10-20 years. We will be a nation with hundreds of millions unemployed, without health care and social security, with majority of the labor force earning minimum wage working at McDonald and Wall Mart. What remains of American industry will move overseas, thanks to tax incentives by a Republican control White House and Congress.

Unless there is a true American revolutions, a revolutions of idea and minds, that brings America back to the right track, a revolutions that re-invent America and bring it back to the basic that made it such a great nation. Unless that happens and quickly, we are as a nation doomed forever. A good start would be to fire 1/3 of members of Congress in the next election and put the Tea Party out of business once and for all and then go after the other 1/3 and in 6 years have a completely new Congress, a truly representative of the people. Unless we do some major reforms on our political, financial and economic systems as practiced in Washington and Wall Street our nation will fail, just like the Communist system and the former Soviet Union.

Note: The Right Nation is a book published in 2004 by the British authors Adrian Wooldridge and John Micklethwait.

America, Separate and Unequal.

23 12 2012

Sami Jamil Jadallah

America was and for a long times is a two nations, separate and unequal. The US Supreme Court did rule in Brown vs. Board of Education that ‘separate” even if “equal” is unconstitutional. However, the US Constitution, the Supreme Court, the two party systems, and the political and economic system failed to make this nation a one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Yes, candidate Mitt Romney is right about certain people who think they are entitled to government hand out and benefits, but he got it wrong, both wrong on the percentage and on who are these 47%.

As I see it, Mitt could be right when he claims that certain people think they are entitled to government hand out and in this case it is not the 47% (Obama voters) but the 1% who are the biggest recipient of government benefits and entitlements, receiving tax breaks and incentives far outweigh the benefits individuals receive.

Mitt Romney 1 % is entitled to tax breaks that we 47% are not entitled to. Many millionaires and multi-national corporations hardly pay any taxes while receiving tax incentives. Congress both Republicans and Democrats do keep writing tax codes that benefits corporations and high net individuals giving them tax breaks and incentives that average Americans are not entitled to. Worst yet they get these tax breaks and incentives for putting people out of jobs and exporting productions over seas. Complicated Tax Codes that takes experienced and highly paid lawyers and tax accountants to figure out how these individuals and corporations can cheat the government out of taxes.

Over the year a more ideologically driven Republican Party (thanks to the likes of Edelson and Kotch Brothers) emerged more and more like the KKK with its economic and social agenda directed toward the majority of Americans, and no thanks to a boneless, indifferent Democratic Party that lost the will and the vision to represent the majority hard working America. We are two nations separate and unequal.

To see what I am talking about, we all should take a short drive or even a walk in our cities and towns and see the two America’s I am talking about, America that is separate and unequal. Separate and unequal in housing, in public schools, schools, in jobs, in opportunities, certainly in education, more troubling is the two party system that is taking the country to ruins.

Just look at the neighborhoods and see the difference. Just look at the schools and see the bigger difference, just look at the bus lines and see the difference, look at the housings in the suburb and in the rundown downtown and in the old neighborhood.

We are a nation of have and have not. A nation where the 1% think that the 99% are there to serve their interests, with CEO earning more than the entire payroll of the hundreds if not thousands who do the work and are at the production line.

I could never forget the shock of seeing the two America as I rode the train from Chicago to Ft. Polk, Louisiana on my way to basic training. I thought Gary, Indiana was bad but I could never imagined that America of “Payton Place” could be so run down with tin roof shacks doting the landscape in Mississippi and Louisiana. Not much change as I traveled today to South and North Carolina, to Tennessee and Georgia even West Virginian and Florida. Not much change in these small towns and in big cities. In fact they became much worst place to live with no jobs and no factories only hamburger joints, KFC and the ever-present Wall Mart.

Here in the Washington DC, the nation capital, things are changing, with rich developers buying Black owned run down properties and homes replacing them with high end condos selling and renting them to highly paid white kids and chasing these poor Blacks out into the wilderness looking for a place they hardly could afford.

Washington is a city with Black majority does not offer its citizens highly paid jobs with most working in food service industries at a minimum wage and as security guard even if a Black is sitting in the Oval Office. Nothing has changed for the majority of Americans, Blacks, White and Hispanic. The gab between the have and the have not has widened over the years and it is unlikely it will ever become narrower.

This election is very important not only for this nation but for the world. Even though I am very disappointed with Barack Obama as a president, he failed to deliver the CHANGE he promised and he failed to take on a Republican Party and administration that delivered the country in financial and economic ruins and he failed to bring the useless worthless, financially corrupting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a quick end. True he did inherit a nation in ruins, but he should and could have with some courage delivered a fatal blow to the Republicans and he failed to do that. I guess he did not have what it takes to take the Republicans on.

Well, we shall see if Mitt Romney is wrong about the 47% of Americans who feels they are entitled to government benefits.

Well, Mitt Romney as a member of the 47% and a tax payer paying an average of $40,000 in annual taxes, you bet I am entitled to every benefit this government offer, and I have no sense of shame or regret. I do pay for these benefits, not you nor your rich friends who fleece the treasury and corporation are doing me a favor, it is my money and I am entitled to it.

Davos: World Economic Disorder.

24 01 2012

With the world in such an economic, financial, political, and social mess, as it has been for a number of years, one has to wonder what the role, purpose and mission of the World Economic Forum and the more than 5,000 “who’s who” in the worlds of finance, economy, politics and even the arts who meet over a period of 5 days in the Swiss city of Davos.  Having this World Economic Forum, as I see it, is like holding a conference of world leading experts in medicine, pharmacy, pathology, and radiology meet to review a patient, and after 5 days of diagnosis, are unable to conclude whether the patient is even sick or not, let alone recommend a treatment and a cure. Read the rest of this entry »

Assault on Main Street America.

29 11 2011

Home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, my favorite of all religious and national holidays. Remember my first one in the US in Rockford, Ill when my late Dad and us kids drove the distance from Gary, Indiana to Rockford to attend our first Thanksgiving, it was snowy, beautiful small towns and it has such a lasting impact on me and the things I most remember about being in America.


Of course living in the Greater Washington DC area one could not help but follow the national and local news and of course, all do not speak well for America or the American people. Read the rest of this entry »

America, back to the future.

29 10 2011

How America lost its moral and ethical compass.

The Occupy Wall Street movement should not have come as a surprise to official America and to Main Street. To be effective the movement has to move and seek the support and active involvement of Main Street.  More than ever there is a need for Main Street America to take the helm and take charge of both Wall Street and Congress.  The Tea Party and its sponsors could never be the answer to America of the future. Read the rest of this entry »

America is angry and for good reason.

13 10 2011

America is angry and for good reason.  And we as citizens have every reason to be angry with a Congress that the American people have lost faith in and have no respect for.  A Congress driven and divided by impotent ideologies that serves the very narrow interests of special lobbies and Wall Street. A Congress of simple minds offering simple unworkable solutions for very complex problems and issues facing our nation. Read the rest of this entry »

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