A, B, C and F

19 10 2009

Few weeks ago, when the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Salam Fayyad announced his plans to develop and implement a complete plan for the total infrastructure of the Occupied Territories within two years the Israeli Prime Bibi Netanyahu promised this will never happen since the Occupied Territories are “disputed territories” and Israel has total control of area C representing 59% of the total territories occupied by Israel in 67. Read the rest of this entry »

The Washington ” Eunuchs”

9 10 2009

In the 1987 Academy Award winning movie “ The Last Emperor” by the brilliant director Bernando Bertolucci, in one of the scenes, the chief custodians of the Emperor Household was seen collecting his “private” parts as he leaves the Emperor household for the last time. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Palestinian and Arab blood cheap? Yes. It is cheap when spilled by Israel and its cheaper when spilled by Arabs.

4 10 2009

It is written in the Torah if any one cares to read and know “ Destroy all the land, beat down their pillars and break their statues and waste all of their high places, cleansing the land and dwelling in it for I have given it to you for your possession” number 33:52,53. “ And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city both men and women, young and old and ox and sheep and ass with the edge of the sword” Joshua 6:21 Read the rest of this entry »

The Goldstone’s Gaza War Crimes Report and the Palestinian Leadership.

3 10 2009

For the past few days I have been following the news and repercussion of the postponement of the Goldstone Report presented to the UN Human Rights Council at the request of the Palestinian leadership representing the Ramallah, PLO and Palestinian Authority. Read the rest of this entry »

No Mr. Attwan, it is not what Abbas should do, but what the people should do?

25 09 2009

Without doubt, Mr. Abdul-Bari Attwan stands out as a professional journalist, dedicated Arab nationalist and a powerful and articulate voice for Palestine in his newspaper “Alquds Alarabi” and in media interviews. However Abdul-Bari Attwan got it wrong, terribly wrong when he published his column on September 25, 2009 titled” Abbas Next Move”. I say the next move should not be Abbas, but the people, the more than 7 million dead silent Palestinians who chose and for the last 60 years to be marginalized and disfranchised by a failed political leadership that brought nothing but disaster to the Palestinians and the cause of liberation. Read the rest of this entry »

J Street or no J Street, the American Jewish Leadership is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

22 09 2009

J Street or no J Street, the American Jewish leadership is winning and it is winning big with its support for the continued Israeli occupation, the expansion of Jewish settlements, funding criminal settlers, funding land and property thieves, keeping Congress hostage and under Zionist siege, continued funding of the Jewish Occupations, undermining the US peace efforts, undermining President Barrack Obama efforts toward peace between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arabs. Read the rest of this entry »

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