Nakba and Palestinian Failings

13 05 2013

Every year at this time, the Palestinians remember the “Nakba” or catastrophe and mourn their failings, while Israel celebrates its independence and success as regional and world power. No one can doubt the power and influence Israel and the world Zionism play in shaping domestic and international policies of major world capital such as Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, New Delhi, even Peking.

A power and influence that put the Palestinians and behind them the 380 million Arabs at a disadvantage, however that should not be an excuses for the failings and incompetence of Palestinian leadership past Hajj Amin Hussaini, Yasser Arafat and now Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mishal.

One can understand and appreciate the power Israel and its Fifth Column play within the United States of America with power and influence over every aspect of life emerging as clear and present danger to the domestic and international security of the country.

While Israel leadership always had a focused mission of total and unconditional commitment to the safety, security, existence and expansion of Israel by all means including blackmailing, false flags terrorists attacks and penetrating the inner circles of the highest level of national security of Western democracies, the Palestinian leadership past and present continued to be bogged down with its own self serving and perpetuation and have lost focus on Palestine, on the Rights of Return and Jerusalem long long time ago.

Too bad for the Palestinians under the continued Jewish Occupation and in the Diaspora. The Palestinian leadership certainly of the PLO have proved over time that it is incompetent to lead, unfit to manage, too corrupt to have any credibility and simply if not an agent of the Israeli Occupation at least manager of the Jewish Occupation, a criminal mafia at best.

While the British Mandate was meeting its mission of helping and facilitating the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine and was doing all it can through arrests, executions and suppressions of civil demonstration, the Palestinian leadership of the time was simply inept and hardly knew what was going on and with no vision or focused credible policies for resisting both the British Mandate and the emerging powerful Jewish terrorists groups.

No one can deny the sacrifice of the many who took up arms, who died and who were executed and imprisoned resisting both the Mandate, and the ever increasing Jewish Occupation, the Palestinians leadership like the present one was more concerned with perpetuating its powers and influence rather than meeting the challenge coming from Europe and the US. Simply the Palestinian leadership and the population of the time were no match to the Zionist leadership and the well educated and well trained Jewish immigrants with focused mission to set a Jewish state no matter what are the costs or consequences for the Palestinians.

The late Yasser Arafat was no match for Ben Gurion, not in vision or dedication to the cause, While the latter made good use of close inner circles of smart professional people to help him build a new state, securing financial, military, political and technical support for the new emerging state, Arafat on the other hand gathered around him a bunch of misfit, unfit, incompetent, corrupt, a mafia of self serving cadre of followers committed and loyal to his leadership and securing their private privileges that Arafat was master at dispensing using blackmail to make sure every one is in line and never challenge his leadership. The Palestine National Congress was nothing but a shameful body and a disgrace failing the Palestinians as the leadership of Arafat and his cronies.

That is why after so many years of same leadership, and with hundreds of thousands of dead and martyrs and tens of billions disappeared, wasted, looted and remain unaccounted for, Yasser Arafat and the PLO having failed at every thing (liberation and establishing a state) he and his failed corrupt and incompetent entourage came back to manage the Jewish Occupation as a way to save a failed leadership.

While Israeli leaders travel the world succeeding in suppressing complaint about continued expansion of Jewish settlements, expropriations of land for the Apartheid Wall and Jewish Roads only, and an ever expansions of so called security checkpoints, and constant violations of international law, Palestinian leadership is traveling the world earning traveling miles, enjoying the finest in hotel and dinning, without ever achieving any material change for the people under the Jewish Occupation, with a very speedy rate to disfranchise and ethnically cleansing Arab Palestinians from Jerusalem. Land swap, not the return of the refugees, not Jerusalem is the agenda for continued negotiations.

While the Israeli and Jewish leadership looks after its own around the world, discovering even inventing lost tribes, seeking and enticing such lost tribes to immigrate to Israel, the Palestinian leadership of Arafat and Abbas totally abandoned, gave up any credible efforts to look after and serve Diaspora Palestinians. As we have seen in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Kuwait, in Syria among other countries.

While the Jewish Agency was looking after Jewish communities around the world, the Palestine Liberation Organization as the claimed “representatives of the Palestinian people” overlooked even disregarded the needs of all Palestinians in the Diaspora, specially those under attacks in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The Jewish Agency working together with international Zionist organizations like the American Jewish Congress organized and sought and succeeded in total recovery of Jewish properties in Europe, the PLO did not bother to organize an alliance of international organizations to document or build a data base and filing the necessary legal challenges and proceedings to recover All Palestinian properties confiscated by the newly arriving Jewish immigrants. In fact it stands in the way of such efforts because it seeks compensations to go its own coffer to dispense with it as it chooses with majority of recovered funds ending up in private bank accounts.

Now that the Palestinian leadership claimed a one time success of having Palestine recognized as an observer state at the UN, it promised in exchange for sitting down with the Israelis to negotiate and give away what is left of Palestine, it will not file any international legal charges against Israel for its criminal actions of the wars on Gaza, the building of the Apartheid Wall, the continued confiscations and expansions of Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinians lands, the policies of administrative arrests without trial or evidence that saw more than 700,000 Palestinians guests of Israeli jails. I guess to the Palestinian leadership there is a price for its continued existence and that price is Palestine and its people. If the past is a guide to the future I doubt if Palestinians will ever take charge of their own destiny and throw this failed leadership out once and for all, and give themselves an even chance.

Tear down this wall

13 02 2013

I am sure Israel will not dare blind fold President Barack Obama as he crosses from Israel to the Israeli Occupied Territories to prevent him from seeing the barbered wires and the Apartheid Wall. The question is will President Barack Obama stop at “Qalandia Gate” step out of his car and dare to say to Bibi Netanyahu “Mr. Prime Minister Tear Down This Wall”. I don’t think so.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the late Ronald Reagan presidency was when he gave his famous speech at Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987 and challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to “ tear down this wall”. It was only few years later that the citizens of Germany, East and West tore down the Berlin Wall without having to wait for permission from Gorbachev.

Some years ago, when I was the general counsel for a large Middle East construction company I used to travel to West Berlin almost every couple weeks to our engineering office and on few occasions I had the chance to travel and cross over to East Berlin.

And what a contrast! On my first trip to East Berlin was on a Saturday late November, cold snowy day in Berlin. As the bus stopped at Check Point Charlie the East German police directed the bus to a stop and with mirrors they inspected the undercarriage of the bus and checked both passengers and luggage very thoroughly. Founding nothing, we proceeded to the East Berlin bus station and again, what a contrast? As if the cold wintery day was not enough, the sad miserable faces of East Berliners told the story. Perhaps the most memorable moment on my first visit was not the Soviet Memorial to the fallen Red Army soldiers but the old woman carrying two bags as she walked the long lonely road with light snow falling.

On many occasions I also had a chance to cross the Israeli Apartheid Wall, a wall build by Israel not for its security from “terrorists” but to steal and rob the Palestinians from their homes and land, to rob of them of the underground aquifers thus robbing Palestinians from precious water resources and of course more importantly as a way to redefine and redraw the “provisional” borders of the “provisional” state of Palestine.

The Israeli Apartheid Wall is a racist wall that defines the Zionist cultural and moral value system of Israel. It is build to inflict maximum damage on the Palestinians and their properties and land. It separates Palestinian villagers from their land, from their only source of living, it is intended to inflict maximum humiliations on Palestinians by having them wait for hours perhaps days to get permission to attend their fields, if not confiscated by Israel for “security reasons”.

Who would believe in today’s world there is such a thing as “Jewish Only Roads”? Where Palestinians are denied the rights to use or travel such roads even though these roads are built on land and properties stolen from Palestinians? Not even the Nazis in their heydays had roads and streets designated at “ Germany Only Roads” and where Jews were denied such access.

Not sure what President Obama’s reaction will be toward this Apartheid Wall, however this should send a message to the president that the “Only democracy” in the Middle East is all about. There is nothing democratic about it.

Zionist Israel is perpetuating what Anti-Semitic governments used to do when they forced “Jews” to live in Ghettos. Now Israel on its own is building Apartheid Wall all around its borders and not only with Palestinians and creating a state ghetto. However Apartheid Walls even Zionist will never stop the winds of freedoms and liberty when the times come. And the time will come when the people Israelis and Palestinians will tear down “This Wall” even if President Obama will not dares saying it.

Salam, Peace, Shalom

25 12 2012

Salam, Peace, Shalom
To all people of good well
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year
May the new year brings freedom and liberty to all those under Israeli Occupation, may all those in exiles returns homes, may all the needy finds support and help, may sick find health.
May the unemployed find employment, may the killings and murder ends in Syria, in Yemen, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in the USA, in Palestine, in Libya, in Sudan and Nigeria, in Mali
May America becomes free again, free from the Lobby, from the NRA, from Wall Street that looted America, may the people of the United States retires members of Congress once and for all and elect truly representative of the people.
May Palestine and Israel find peace in a One State Solution, a State for all of its people?
Peace, Shalom, Salam
Happy New Year

Take “Terrorism” out of Hamas-Arm it.

23 12 2012

This is not a cynical suggestion but a serious one. Perhaps it would do the US and Israel some good to provide the necessary material and logistical support to get Hamas out of the corner of group terrorism into a more advanced stage of state terrorism, if not equal to Israel then close to it.

I have always been against “terrorism” which I defined simply the “discriminate targeting of civilians” whether Israelis or Arabs and have always voiced my opinion and spoke against suicide bombing by Hamas and other groups whether in Africa, Spain, England, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Latin America. I believe the use of “suicide bombings” by Hamas did an irreparable harm to the Palestinian cause.

However I always believed that Israel is a terrorist state before it’s founding and continues to be a terrorist state more than 60 years later. Israel as a Zionist entity did not mature into a state like many nations, but remained with the same mentality of its early founding. Terrorism was and is and will remain a trademark of this state. Israel have never stopped killing and murdering of innocent people with no consequences to any moral, legal or ethical issues. Thanks to the US unconditional support and cover up.

The difference between group terrorism and state terrorism is limited to material and organizational, nothing more. The group has crude means of destructions; crude bombs, booby-trapped cars, placement of explosives in public places, suicide bombing in public places and killing people indiscriminately.

State terrorism is much more sophisticated; it includes jet fighters, drone, missiles, tanks, naval forces, air force, marines, navy and army. It includes a president or a prime minister not an “Amir”, and it includes parliaments, Congress and Knesset, not a ‘shura council”. It includes the latest technology for effective use of power to kill the maximum of people and destructions of properties and landscape through the use of scorch earth policy.

Both group and state terrorism have the same objectives, killing and destruction one retail, and the other wholesale. Both direct their material force toward killing civilians.

American and the majority of the West always gave Israel a blank check with the ever and much repeated statement” Israel have the right to self defense”. While one can understand Israel right to self-defense, one also needs to put at the table Hamas and the Palestinians right to self-defense? If such right is afforded to Israel then the same should be afforded to the Palestinians. It is fair and square and elementary.

Perhaps the best thing to address this dilemma of “terrorism” is for the US, Israel, England, France, Germany to enter into serious discussions with Hamas and the Palestinians with the objective of arming Hamas and supply it with the latest’s weapons similar to that the US provide Israel.

This should include fighter jets, phosphorous and cluster bombs, rockets and missiles and should include technical training for Hamas and the Palestinians so that both parties can have similar weapons and organizational structure to inflict as much damage on Israel as Israel is inflicting on Palestinians. Then Hamas can target Israeli civilians with the same accuracy as Israel targets civilians in Gaza. Now we can have Israel and Hamas capable of undertaking “ state terrorism”

Israel with its latest technologies and weaponry is able to pinpoint civilian targets and kill and destroy buildings and civilians and administrative structures including the targeting of press building as it did yesterday when it targeted a high rise building (Alshorouk) where major international press and media organizations have offices in.

Hamas with its crude technology does not posses the technology to improve its targeting and guidance system, the technology available only to Israel. The question I have is what excuses Israel has for targeting civilian targets. Hamas does have an excuse, crude and poor technology. Until such time the US provides Hamas it with modern guidance and targeting system, Israeli civilians will be at risk.

The US owes to Israel to help and provide Hamas the necessary technology needed to make sure Hamas rocket are accurate as the Israelis. With new and accurate technology Hamas will then have no excuse of targeting civilians and can target military and administrative facilities all over Israel. Then every one in Washington, Paris, Berlin, London will be very happy, with both Jews and Arabs are killing each other with deadly accuracy and much more intensity.

I do not mean to be cynical, but if we want to Hamas out of the business of terrorism I say arm them, give them the latest’s arms and technology Israel have. Sent trainers so that Hamas can organize into battalions, brigades, and armies with different forces such as air force, navy, marines and army.

Do Jews Want Peace?

23 12 2012

As Israeli Jews and Jews around the world celebrate Chanukah, which is an eight day commemoration of the rededication of the Second Temple when the Maccabeans revolted against their Greek rulers, perhaps it is also time for Israeli Jews and Jews around the world to use this occasion to rethink their position on peace for Israel and peace between Arabs and Jews. Perhaps the Jews can use this holy occasion to revolt against Zionism, which like ancient Greece is oppressing Jews and Judaism, and stand between them and peace, peace with Arabs and peace around the world.

The story of Chanukah is one of “revolution and miracle” and perhaps this coming year Jews can produce a revolution and a miracle, among themselves, among others certainly within Israel. Jewish communities in the United States, England, France and Germany, the backbone of a die-hard Zionist Israel can make a difference. These communities can stand on the side of peace and can influence governments within these countries to pursue a course that can bring peace for Israel and peace for the world.

Too many people died on both sides. Scores of Israeli died, thousands of Americans and Europeans died, and millions died among Arabs and Muslims. Too many wars for Israel, too many wars for America, war in Iraq, in Afghanistan and we hope no war on Iran. America, Israel and the world could not afford more wars for Israel. Time for the international Jewish community to stand up and be counted among those who wish for and work for peace.

One only remember Jews celebrating and dancing in the streets of New York celebrating Israel’s war on Gaza in 2008, celebrating the tens of thousands of bombs that rained on Gaza including phosphorous bombs that simply burned every thing it touches, celebrating the destructions of tens of thousands of homes, of schools and hospitals, celebrating the death of thousands of innocent people.

Israeli Jews also decided to celebrate the greatest show of firepower Israel is able to produce. Thousands stood near the borders with Gaza, celebrating the destructions of Gaza by their powerful Israeli force and their well equipment army of thousands of tanks, thanks to America’s money and weapons. They celebrated as tank commanders directed their shells inside homes where there are no fighters, just for the hell of it. They even killed the family of a Palestinian physician as they sat in their living room while the father was talking to Israeli television. It became clear the tank commander wanted to make a statement by killing three daughters of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish.

“Dr. Abuelaish was the first Palestinian doctor to receive a staff position at an Israeli hospital, where he treated both Israeli and Palestinian patients. Immediately before the war he was a researcher at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv[4] and already an important figure in Israeli-Palestinian relations.[5] The death of his children strengthened his resolve to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.[6] He is currently Associate Professor of Global Health at the University of Toronto.” “ Wikipedia.

Israeli tank commanders made sure they target farmers working their field posing no threats to Israeli soldiers. The Israeli army targeted schools; hospitals and food supply depots with deliberate acts of hate, racism and vengeance. There is no other way to justify the way Israel went about its Cast Lead operation 4 years ago, about the same time as Chanukah.

Israel tends to use past “biblical events” for its many operations against Palestinians. Operation Cast Lead in 2008 and Operation Pillar of Smoke in 2012.The last war on Gaza also was casted in biblical terms with reference to Exodus when Jews were guided in their journey by smoke in daytime and pillars of fire at night. And yes indeed, Gaza was let up with both smoke and fire at the same time day and night, but there was no exodus for besieged Palestinians.

There is such a strong support for wars among Israelis and international Jewish community specially that of the US. According to Haaretz survey during this last War on Gaza, 90% of Jews supported the war on Gaza. While there are no specific numbers among Jews who support Israel’s wars, reading comments in Haaretz, in Washington Post and in other journals, one can see such an intensive support for Israel’s wars and for Israel’s right or wrong.

Perhaps it is time for Israel and the international Jewish community to rethink their position on Zionism, on Israel and on peace with Arabs and Muslims. Contrary to what is being claimed, there is no historical enmity between Jews and Arabs and no historical enmity between Jews and Muslims. In fact contrary to what die hard Zionists claim, to poison the hearts and minds of Jews, the golden age of Jews was during the Muslim empires when Jewish citizens of the empires were appointed ministers and advisors to the Caliphates and enjoyed peaceful life without the racism they experienced in Europe.

Jews never enjoyed the freedoms and benefits of citizenship as they enjoyed in the Muslim world, from Muslim Spain to Khorasan. Perhaps it is time for Jews to compare their status within the Muslim world to that of Christian Europe, where Pogroms and Holocaust took place against Jews. Personally I never could understand such hate and anger against Muslims and Arabs. The conflict began and with Zionism and will end with the end of Zionism.

True there are Jewish organizations that promote peace between Israel and Palestinians and between Jews and Arabs and Muslims. Jewish Voices for Peace is one such organization representing hope, enlightenment perhaps a miracle. Yes there is hope, and perhaps other Jewish organizations can join the marsh toward peace.

On the other side, time for Palestinians also to think of peace, a peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews and a good start will be to support a One State where Jews and Arabs can live side by side, as equal, and as citizens of a state for all of its people. Happy Chanukah.

Just Imagine; Israel at Peace.

15 04 2012

We all need to imagine and wonder how our world and the rest of the world will change if Israel chose peace and becomes at peace with itself and with the Palestinians, with the Arab and the world and indeed even becomes at peace with the US. Read the rest of this entry »

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