The Arabs have few things to learn from Israel

30 01 2008

Investigate and have commissions to investigate failures and shortcomings
Finally, Winograd Commission issued its report on the political and military failings of Israel’s war against Lebanon notwithstanding the one million cluster bombs George Bush and Condi Rice dispatched to Israel to kill as many Lebanese civilians as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaming America for Every Thing.

24 11 2007

George W BushEver since I was a young boy growing up in Palestine, I heard the standard and often spoken words” America is always to blame”. The Majority of Arabs and Muslims blame America for every thing from failure of political systems and institutions, to failure in crops , failure in accountability and transparency, failure to tackle the presence of corruptions and incompetence, and of course failure to bring about political reforms and much needed changes.More… Read the rest of this entry »

Time for The Arab People to Accept Responsibiity for Failed Nations

14 11 2007

Anti-government demonstration in Beirut.No doubts the political paralysis that is taking place in Lebanon, Palestine or Iraq has nothing to with the love and loyalty to country or what is in the best interest of the people, it has to do every thing with the best interest of a class of politicians who are at best selfish, incompetent and don’t give a damn about the country or the people. Read the rest of this entry »

The Palestinians of Lebanon, a Tragedy, a Crime, Certainly a Conspiracy!

6 09 2007

The Streets of Ein el-Hilweh….When it comes to Lebanon, it invokes in me many mixed feelings. The first time I visited Beirut was as a graduate assistant in the department of political science at Indiana University. I traveled to Lebanon during the summer of 72 with my professor and some 25 undergraduate students part of a 50 days tour of the Middle East.

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Perhaps it it time to bring criminal and civil charges against the PLO, USA, Syria and Lebanese Forces for the massacres in Lebanon.

16 08 2007

A massacre of the whole family including babiesAs was expected, the Palestinian leadership sitting in Ramallah and around the world did not make a mention of or remembers the massacre of some 5,000 Palestinians civilians massacred in Tel-Zaatar on August 12, 1976. A massacre committed by the Lebanese Maronite militia, the Phalanges, Etien Saqr (Guardian of the Cedar) a coalition backed and actively supported by non other than Hafiz Al-Assad and his Ba’athist Party. Read the rest of this entry »

America’s gift to the Arabs used to be the Care Package, under Bush and Rice the gift now is a Cluster Bomb.

14 07 2007

US-made cluster bombs during the Lebanese conflict of the summer of 2006I am sure Secretary Rice did not watch “Every Woman” on Aljazeera International special program on Lebanese women and Israel and America’s war on Lebanon.

The use of cluster bombs is illegal and against the Geneva Convention especially when such cluster bombs are used against civilian targets. The US eager to participate in having the Lebanese factions reach an agreement at the round table discussions decided to give the green light for Israel’s war on Lebanon. Not only did the US give the green light it expedited the transfer of over one million cluster bombs to Israel so that it can drop these bombs using US made planes to kill and maim thousands of civilians. Read the rest of this entry »

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