Is President Obama enemy of the Jews?

4 12 2009

Even before he was elected president, Barack Obama faced a relentless and vicious attacks of main stream American Jewish organizations and leadership with claims of being Muslim in secrete, of lacking the born American credential among many other claims, including being anti-Israel even though as a senator he was one of the ardent supporter of Israel and always voted in favor of Israel on all bills drafted by AIPAC and passed by the US Senate. I think it is necessary here to inform the readers that the Jewish community and leadership of Chicago were the early sponsors and mentors for then local politician Obama, with Penny Pritzker of the “Hyatt Hotels” as key supporters together with Joan Harris-Leading the well known Chicago philanthropists, Lestor Crown of the Jewish Federation, David Axelrod who managed Obamas win of the White House to the president’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli member of the Jewish terrorist group “Irgun”, in addition to key support from Hollywood moguls the likes of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffery Katzenberg, and non withstanding the testimony of Alon Pinkas of the Jerusalem Post “ Obama voting record on issues pertaining to Israel is impeccable” to be seconded by Haaretz US correspondent Shmuel Rosner “ Obama supports Israel, period”. Read the rest of this entry »

Major Nidal Hasan and Rabbi/Senator Joseph Lieberman.

10 11 2009

“If we kill a gentile who had sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder” Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira head of the Od Yosef Yeshiva in the illegal Jewish settlement of Yitzhak was quoted in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Rabbi Shapira (no doubt an American Jew) recently published a new book “King’s Torah”, a manifesto of 230 pages on ways and means to kill gentiles according to Jewish laws. Read the rest of this entry »

A Demilitarized Palestine, Yes. A Demilitarized Israel, Why Not!

28 06 2009

Last week, when Bibi Netanyahu, the pathetic snake charmer of Israel demanded the demilitarization of a future state of Palestine among many of his preconditions, prerequisites, and demands. For agreeing to consider let alone agree to such a state, no one within the Ramallah leadership or among world leaders took Bibi and his Chutzpah demanding the same of a garrison Sparta Israel to disarm. It seems that both the Palestinians leadership is as coward lacking the backbone as those of the leadership of the West when it comes to mighty Israel. Hardly any one of significance even raised the issue of a demilitarized Israel as well. Read the rest of this entry »

After Sderot, Will President Barack Obama Visit Gaza?

17 01 2009

Candidate Barack Obama visited the southern city of Sderot to express his support to the town people. Sderot marketed by the powerful Jewish media machine in the US as suffering a great deal from Hamas ballistic and nuclear missiles. I wonder if President Obama will make a similar visit and see for himself what America’s real missiles, real jets and real bombs and rockets did to Gaza and the people of Gaza. Candidate Obama on his visit to Sderot was reaching low to win few more Jewish votes would President Obama reaches high and reach the hundreds of millions around the world who condemned the war crimes committed in Gaza? Read the rest of this entry »

After All the Spilled Blood; After All the Cold Blooded Murders; After All the Dust Settles!

15 01 2009

Any one who thinks the PLO remains the “sole and legitimate” representative of the Palestinians people should think twice, that Mahmoud Abbas is the President of Palestine, that Mishal is a good competent leader, needs to check into the nearest mental hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

George Bush You Shamed US. If Israel is your “model” democracy in the Middle East, no wonder your democratization process is a total failure.

16 05 2008

George Bush statement in the Israeli Knesset in celebrating 60 years of independence, shames us all. His failure to recognize that Israel was not founded in “Heaven” but in long history of terrorism and ethnic cleansing is a smack in the face of his administration and its commitment to fighting terrorism and it is an insult to all of the great values that made America the great country it is, notwithstanding poor and incompetent leader like George Bush. His model democracy is a country that has no constitution and no borders. Read the rest of this entry »

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