Jerusalem for All.

28 10 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah

The violent events of the last weeks in Jerusalem from stabbing to premeditated targeted killings to planting of knives next to Palestinians after being shot and killed should tell us few things. Israel is unfit and unqualified to mange and run the city. The PLO failings in Oslo also make it unfit and unqualified to represent the interests of Palestinians in the city.

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That Israel, contrary to its marketed slogan “ the only democracy in the Middle East” is a racist xenophobic country and never a country for all of its citizens. That the Palestinian leadership of the PLO is a self serving, corrupt, inept organization not trusted to represent, let alone protect the life and rights of those it claims to represent. That nothing short of providing international protection for the Palestinians population of Jerusalem, certainly in the entire Occupied Territories will do. That the US as party to the conflict is never to be trusted as fair and honest broker.

The Palestinians under Israeli Occupation are “damn if you do and damn if you don’t”. While all nations and people have an absolute and inalienable right to resist foreign occupation including armed resistance, Palestinians are the only people and nation denied such rights. Any form of resistance is seen as “acts of terrorism”, sanctioned by the PLO, Oslo and the United State.

All official Israeli armed acts and the acts of criminal trespassing settlers are deemed “self defense” no matter what are the circumstances, including targeted assassinations, detentions without charges, house demolitions, acts of arsons and cold blooded murders, uprooting, burning of hundreds of thousands of olive trees, confiscation of properties and denial of access to one land and farm. The Palestinians are denied any rights of self-defense let alone any rights of resistance to the Israeli Occupation. Keeping in mind the Palestinian Authority and leadership role is a commercial and security partner with the Israeli Occupation.

For over 48 years, since the Six Day War, Palestinians in Jerusalem have been suffering from daily Israeli practice of discrimination and ethnic cleansing, supported for the most part by wealthy Jewish Americans using tax exempt organizations to confiscate Palestinian properties under the pretenses of being “Jewish” properties. Israeli courts for the most part allow falsified and fraudulent deeds in support of such criminal activities as we have seen most often in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Sheik Jarrah and Bab-Alamoud.

The violent events of the last several weeks, while not a full fledge Third Intifada is an expression of pent-up anger and frustration over the ethnic cleansing that has seen over 80,000 Palestinians losing their residency in Jerusalem and the confiscations of their properties. Palestinians in Jerusalem are denied the basic right of building or adding rooms on their own properties, while Israeli Jews are allowed not only to steal the land but also build on it.

Since the founding of Israel and prior to the 67 War, Jerusalem, as we know it today, was divided by barb wires with East Jerusalem under Jordanian control and West Jerusalem under Israeli control with some minor UN presence.

It was only after the Six Day War that Jerusalem was united under total Israeli control, formally annexed to Israel shortly after the end the war.

Israel moved quickly and swiftly to consolidate its control over East Jerusalem making dramatic and drastic changes in the city demographic, totally destroying entire Arab neighborhoods as was the case with “ Maghreb Quarter” near the Dome of the Mosque.

Declaring the unified city as its eternal capital of Israel began to use a series of dubious laws as legal means to ethnically cleanse the city of its Arab residents. First it denies Palestinians their rights of residency under many pretenses and then uses “absentee laws” to officially steal and confiscate their properties.

The violent events of the last few weeks while not rising to a full fledged uprising or Intifada, it is an expression of anger and frustration over the treatment Palestinians receive at the hands of Israelis both soldiers and settlers.

While not denying the fact that some Palestinians in the absence of any rights to use arms to resist have resorted to “knifing” as a mean of expressing their anger and frustration with scores of Israeli suffering from such attacks.

Israel and Israelis taking full advantage of the “knifing” and the wide coverage in America and international media, began to plant knives next to murdered Palestinians. There are many videos out their clearly showing the planting of knives to justify the cold-blooded premeditated murders.

By now and after 48 years of total control over Jerusalem, Israel proved over and over is not a fair and honest trustee of a city of both Jews and Arabs (Christians and Muslims), its policies are so discriminatory it disqualifies it from managing unified city.

On the other hand, and not withstanding empty statements by the late Yasser Arafat and his successor Mahmoud Abba, Jerusalem and its Arab residents was never a priority, never received the necessary material support to help Arabs fight Israel’s onslaught on their very existence in the city.

The Palestinian leadership never translated its words to on ground deeds to help Arab residents fight to stay. Little if any legal support was given to the Palestinians to help them fight expulsion or confiscation and demolition of their properties. The cost of one international trip by Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage perhaps could have covered all the legal costs and fines. The Palestinian PLO leadership just like Israel is not qualified to represent and guard the interests of Arabs in the city.

While recognizing the efforts of the Organization of Islamic States to provide material support to Arab residents, it falls short of the massive comprehensive plans needed supported by a UN Security Council resolution. One also has to admit the difficulties the Organization of Islamic State face in support of those remaining in the city.

As Chairman of the Organization of Islamic State’s Committee on Jerusalem King Mohamed VI of Morocco has taken upon himself the difficult task of champion Jerusalem and the rights of the Arab citizens (Christians and Muslims) and with much appreciations, funded and continues to fund several projects to help Arab residence remain in the city.

Last year His Majesty held an international conference of member’s states specially to address the needs of both the people and the city emphasizing the importance of maintaining the Arab, Muslim and Christian character of the city.

While appreciative of the great efforts by His Majesty King Mohamed VI in supporting the city, the events of the last few weeks necessitate the urgent need for an international conference on Jerusalem, a “Jerusalem for All” that not only keep the city unified under international agreement but preserve the unique qualify of the city and its special status as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

It will be worth while to explore such an international conference, supported by a UN Security Council resolution, and His Majesty King Mohamed VI with his good standing among the people of all faiths, is well qualified to take the lead in calling for such conference, inviting the leading and heads of all faiths and denominations, Jews, Christians (including the Pope) and Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites) and world leaders to such conference, a conference that guarantees, respect and preserve the rights of all citizens in the city and preserve its unique historical structures and heritage, a city open to every one of all faiths and united for all of its citizens, a Jerusalem for All.

Israel: They Burn Babies. Don’t They?

2 08 2015

Couple of days ago, in the Palestinian village of Duma, Ali Dawabsha, 18th months old toddler died as a result of an arson committed by criminal Israeli settlers, who deliberately torched the house while the family was asleep. Ali’s mother and father are in critical conditions with burns over 80-90% of the bodies.

This is not the first time, certainly will not be the last time that these Israeli criminal trespassers and Jewish terrorist will torch and set fire to people, homes, farms, churches and mosques. They do it with impunity under the ever-watchful guards of the Israeli Defense Forces. Simply put these Jewish trespassers and criminal get way with murder and more.

On July 5, 2014, young Israeli “settlers” kidnapped 16 years old Palestinian, Mohamed Abu Khdeir, he was burned alive after he was forced to swallow gasoline and was torched and murdered.

Israel is a country that successfully marketed itself to the Congress, the media, Hollywood, Evangelical Christians as the Only Democracy in the Middle has an ugly and shameful history of terrorism, and racism and total disregard for “justice” as it applies to non-Jews.

Since 1967, under both Likud and Labor Israel, committed itself to the actual and on ground annexation of the West Bank and Gaza and has done that through “settlement building” generously funded national budget supported by generous funding from American tax exempted organizations “ settlements” built on stolen and confiscated Palestinian land.

Contrary to International Law and the Geneva Convention (who gives a damn about international laws but the weak and weasel) Israel and since its agreement with the PLO leadership in Oslo has made expanding these settlements a priority, with the numbers reaching almost 800,000. Since Oslo Israel added 650,000 rewarding the PLO/PA for its generous financial and security support of the Israeli Occupation.

Israel use many legal, and illegal means to confiscate the land labeling and classifying the land as absentee owners (after evicting the owners), military training ground, or added security for Jewish settlements, only with the intention to confiscate and rob Palestinians of their land.

Not only Israeli laws matter, but also G-d laws matter more. Many Israeli and beyond them Diaspora Jews believe the Bible is the Deed that gives the Land of Israel to the Jews. As such many of these settlers truly believe they have God’s deed and that is why when committing arson they leave behind a painted Star of David and the slogan” Long Live the Messiah King”. I never knew G-d was a partner in land theft.

There are hundreds and hundreds of cases where these criminal trespassers (in Christian Evangelical country these Jewish settlers would be shot dead on the spot) and with generous funding from gambling, pimping and Bingo games have nothing to do all day but to harass, attack, kill torture and burn alive Palestinians from neighboring villages. These terrorist thugs do not even work.

Jewish settlers did not spare Palestinian Christian’s from their wrath, recently on June 18,2015 they torched the most famous Catholic Church in all Palestine the “the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish in Galilee.

Few weeks before and on February 26, 2015, these criminal trespassers torched and burned the Jerusalem church serving Palestinian Christians. On October 30, 2010, these Jewish terrorists torched and burned down the Palestinian Bible College.

Not sure if any one cares to tell the likes of Reverend Billy Graham or Pastor John Hagee, or the Reverend Pat Robertson of these attacks on their fellow Christians. But then these committed supporters of Israel are only interested in the in-gathering of the Jews for the Rapture when the Jews of the time will be put to death or convert to Christianity.

Criminal settlers did not spare any thing, they torched century old Olive trees, burning tens of thousands over the years, poisoning water wells, killing life stock all under the ever watchful and guarding eyes of the Israeli Defense Forces. Hardly any one face criminal charge!

What happens is not an exception; these criminal and terrorist acts are supported in every way by instruments of the State of Israel. It gives the stolen land, it funds the construction, it provided water (stolen too) and electricity, transportation and assign large contingency of IDF to serve and protect and it arms and give them military training and equipment.

While Israel hardly ever prosecute, let alone arrests these criminal it passed on July 22, 2015 it passed a law that could send Palestinian “stone throwers” up to 20 years in jail and prosecutors can get 10 years convection even if there was no harm.

Yes, indeed, this is the country where tens of thousands of our police force were sent to train only to treat American citizens as potential terrorists implementing the doctrine that Americans like Palestinians are potential terrorists. Welcome to God’s Country.

Bibi made the case for Israel; Abbas failed to make the case for Palestine.

1 09 2010

For years marauding criminal and armed Jewish settlers have been terrorizing Palestinians villagers in and around Hebron, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqillia among other places. These criminal gangs have engaged in cold blooded murder on almost daily basis, attacking and burning olive orchards, killing life stock and poisoning wells, yet not the Israeli leadership, certainly not the Palestinian leadership ever spoke up against this daily well organized and Israeli army protected campaign of terror. Read the rest of this entry »

Elie Weisel and the “Jewish Spirit”.

6 08 2010

If there is one person who I detest the most and who in my mind and opinion is nothing but a fraud, a lie, a hypocrite of the first order, a man with no back bones, his name is Eli Weisel, the Holocaust survivor and the Nobel Laureate. He is quoted recently in Haaretz, the leading Israeli newspaper as questioning the “Jewish Spirit” over the decision of the Israeli Prime Minister to deport 400 children of migrant workers. Read the rest of this entry »

Is President Obama enemy of the Jews?

4 12 2009

Even before he was elected president, Barack Obama faced a relentless and vicious attacks of main stream American Jewish organizations and leadership with claims of being Muslim in secrete, of lacking the born American credential among many other claims, including being anti-Israel even though as a senator he was one of the ardent supporter of Israel and always voted in favor of Israel on all bills drafted by AIPAC and passed by the US Senate. I think it is necessary here to inform the readers that the Jewish community and leadership of Chicago were the early sponsors and mentors for then local politician Obama, with Penny Pritzker of the “Hyatt Hotels” as key supporters together with Joan Harris-Leading the well known Chicago philanthropists, Lestor Crown of the Jewish Federation, David Axelrod who managed Obamas win of the White House to the president’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli member of the Jewish terrorist group “Irgun”, in addition to key support from Hollywood moguls the likes of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffery Katzenberg, and non withstanding the testimony of Alon Pinkas of the Jerusalem Post “ Obama voting record on issues pertaining to Israel is impeccable” to be seconded by Haaretz US correspondent Shmuel Rosner “ Obama supports Israel, period”. Read the rest of this entry »

What is wrong with Israeli “Jews”? A whole lot!

17 07 2009

For a number of years I was an avid participant on “talkback” of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. I quite the forum couple of years back because I find the majority of the participants; rude, racists, obnoxious, arrogant, contemptuous, vicious, conceited, hypocrites, condescending, inhuman, liars, vengeful, hateful and of course lots of Chutzpah, they are “Jews” by name only and Zionists by ideology and faith. I guess in so many ways these description defines the nature, behavior, ideology, morality and faith of Israeli “Jews” with some important exceptions. Seriously the people and the country are suffering serious mental problems, and are quite sick in so many ways. Perhaps this explains why most leading psychoanalysts are Jewish. Yes, I may be accused of being “Anti-Semitic” but I don’t give a damn,TOZ. Read the rest of this entry »

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