Netanyahu, King of the Hill.

17 04 2011

Note: True we are a Republic with elected president and members of both houses, a Senate, but not House of Lords, and House of Representative. However when it comes to Israel and to the “people’s houses” there is no president, there is only a King, and the King is always the Israeli Prime Minister. Welcome to America’s Knesset. So far Israel costs the US tax payers over $ Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000,) just imagine what this $ Trillion could do for our country, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montana, Michigan, Vermont and New Hampshire not to mention all other states. Read the rest of this entry »

Hamas, Islamic Jihad; Reckless and Stupid.

9 04 2011

No need to talk about Israel’s savage ad criminal occupation, a topic I will continue to address and talk about. Here I am addressing what is going on in Gaza. I tried to be “politically correct” but watching what is going on in Gaza I chose to be straightforward. The political and military leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are reckless and stupid. Reckless with the lives of the people of Gaza, holding 1.5 million hostage to stupid, incompetent, inept and unqualified operational leadership of Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigade and Al-Quds Brigade. Watching these masked young men talk as if they are out to destroy Israel and threatening Israel with retaliations that makes the “earth shake” qualify these people and the spokesman “Abu-Obeidah” to be locked up in mental institutions danger to themselves and the millions around them. Where is the hell Hamas political leadership from all of this?  And why it allowed reckless field commanders to run loose? We are sick and tired from the military and political rhetoric out of Gaza. Read the rest of this entry »

The unraveling of the police state.

6 03 2011

For the past few days, I have been watching live news reports of the unraveling and dismantling of Hosni Mubarak police state, with officers and commanders of the “state security service” or “amn aldwla” on the run after succeeding in shredding hundreds of millions of very important files implicating the Mubarak regime in torture, cold blooded murder, invasion of privacy and abuse of citizens rights with the entire force of 1.4 million strong serving Mubarak, his cronies, business associates and his political allies. When it became clear General Ahmed Shafiq was on his way out, deliberate fires were set to offices of state security services all over the country. Citizens came to the rescue but it was too late in many instances. Read the rest of this entry »

Ramallah’s desperate leadership.

5 03 2011

 I was prompted to write this from a news article that appeared in today’s Alquds Alarabi reporting on a current visit to Paris by Dr. Nabil Sha’ath, Fatah chair of the foreign relation committee. Dr. Sha’ath is urging France to recognize the state of Palestine along 67 borders as a way to end and preempt Israel’s claim that the “territories” are “disputed”. It seems Saeb Eurekat “Kabeer” negotiator was not keeping every one informed and updated on his successes, that Israel simply refused to budge from its position it took in Oslo that the territories are disputed and not occupied. Read the rest of this entry »

JStreet or no JStreet !

27 02 2011

Not taking away from the courageous efforts of JStreet in challenging AIPAC and the well-entrenched American Jewish leadership that has always been consistently anti-peace and pro-war, JStreet has a long way to go. The American Jewish leadership has been the main obstacle to any meaningful Middle East peace.  Its undue if not toxic influence on the White House, the State Department and Congress is the real obstacle to solving the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without the main stream American Jewish leadership and to a great extent, the American Jewish community, changing its mind and becoming pro-peace, there will never be peace. No sitting US president will ever have the courage to stands up against such powerful lobby and will never be able to face Congress. The US, Israel, the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Middle East even Iran will always be hostage to such toxic influence. Let us not kid ourselves about the US as an “honest broker”. It is not honest and it is not a broker. Read the rest of this entry »

Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine!

26 02 2011

This may come as a big disappointing surprise to Mahmoud Abbas, Khalid Misha’al, Ahmed Qurai, Ismail Haniyah, Yaser Abed-Rabou, Sami Zouhri, to Hamas and its leadership in both Damascus and Gaza and to Fatah and PLO leadership in Ramallah and in Beit El. Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine and they do not represent separately or jointly the people neither of Palestine, nor for that matter does the PLO represent the Palestinian people under Jewish Occupation or in the Diaspora. Read the rest of this entry »

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