The American Evangalical Zionists gearing up for their Last Crusade!

24 03 2008

I was not surprised to read in the New York Times Magazine of March 23, 2008 that the “migaminister” of Cornerstone Church of San Antonio, Texas the Reverend John Hagee donated millions of dollars to fly in 25,000 Russian “Jewish” immigrant to Israel to take their place and settle in the Palestinian territory and of course the join the largest Jewish terrorist organization in the world, the IDF. Read the rest of this entry »

The Future Palestinian State Will Be Nothing but a Police State.

29 11 2007

Opponents of the Middle East peace conference clashed with police officers on Tuesday in Hebron.Like Arafat on his first historic visit to the Court of St. James, who missed the opportunity to addressed the wrongs committed by Great Britain against the Palestinians and its full responsibility for the Balfour Declaration as the root of the conflict that exiled the Palestinians and contributed to the death of several hundred thousands not to mention the more than 4 million exiles. Arafat could not ask for any thing but support for his 13 different security forces. Read the rest of this entry »

Mahmoud Abbas to Dispatch, the Competent, Smart, Brilliant, Charming and Honest Ahmed Qurai to Secret Negotiations with Israel, Ha!

9 09 2007

Ahmed Qurei and Mahmoud AbbasLast week major Arabic newspapers such as Asharqalwsat and Alquds Alarabi carried front line news that Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority under Israeli Occupation have dispatch his long time friend and confidant, the smart, brilliant and specially gifted Ahmed Qurai (Abu Ala) to negotiate yet another secret deal with Israel.

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The present Palestinian leadership that negotiated Oslo is unfit and unqualified to negotiate an end to the occupation

17 07 2007

Ahmed Qurei and Mahmoud AbbasCan the same Palestinian leadership that negotiated Oslo negotiate an end to the Israeli Occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State? The answer is obvious, NO.

The Palestinians leadership of the late Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Qurai and all of the Fatah leaders, so far, failed to admit that Oslo was nothing more than a security contract between the late Arafat and his team and the Israelis and was nothing more than a face saving measures for a leadership that caused great harm and loss to the Palestinian people especially those of Kuwait as a direct consequences of Arafat support of Saddam. Read the rest of this entry »

IDF, Army of Shame

18 03 2007

Before there was the Israel Defense Forces “IDF” there were the Jewish terrorist groups in Mandated Palestine. Before there was state terrorism committed by an army of the state, IDF, there was Jewish terrorism and terrorists committing crimes and murder against Arabs, British and even Jews.
Before the State of Israel became an independent state, Jewish terrorist organizations carried out a number of operations not so much different from those committed by so called Palestinian “terrorists”. Moshe Sneh, the chief of Hagnah wrote a letter to Menachem Begin, head of the Irgun prompting him to carry out the bombing of the King David Hotel which took place on July 1946, killing 28 British, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews and 5 others. The terrorist walked in disguised as Arabs and unloaded 225 Kg of high explosive.
Of course the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel was to set the pace for things to come. Between April 9-11, 1948 members of the Jewish terrorists organization, the Irgun killed and massacred between 100-120 villagers in the village of Deir Yassin. Similar Jewish terrorist crimes where to become standard practice where in some cases, Arabs were rounded in mosques and killed in cold blood.
This tradition of cold blooded murder continued with the IDF where the man dubbed by George Bush as “man of peace” Ariel Sharon commanded unit 101 of the IDF in October, 1953 raided the West Bank village of Qibya, crossing the armistice lines killing and murdering over 60 villagers in their homes. Even the US State Department on October 18, 1953 demanded those responsible “brought to account”. Of course the US State Department no longer has the courage to demand such things any more.
While the world Jewish community takes such a great pride in its army “IDF”, and reminding us of the great feats of its members such as the Six Days War, the raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor, the heroic stories of the “War of Independence” as seen in the movie “Exodus”, there is almost total silent on the actions and acts of the IDF and its behavior in war and as a occupational force.

Recent news and documentary of the cold blooded murder of more than 250 Egyptian war prisoners during 1967 War with their hands tied behind their backs, to the deliberate bombing of the Egyptian school at Dir Albaqar killing several hundreds of innocent students.

Targeting civilians is nothing new from the days of the “War of Independence “ until today. The IDF continues to use the same tactics committing cold-blooded murder like the case of killing over 100 Lebanese civilians in Qana shelled by the IDF as they sought refuge in a UN compound. There was another Qana massacre in August 2006 where scores of young Lebanese children were targeted and shelled while they sought refuge in the basement of a building. Not to mention the targeting of the infrastructure and the dumping of over 1,500,000 cluster bombs gift from George Bush and Candy Rice to the Lebanese people with the IDF making this special delivery.

Throughout the almost 40 years of Occupation, the IDF have carried out systematic plans to kill, murder and destroy any thing and every thing that is Palestinians including the very brave use of Palestinians as “human shields” as the IDF moved in to commit the massacres in Jenin in April 2002. Not to mention the arrest and detention of over 700,000 Palestinians ( out of 3.5 millions) at one time or another.

With the numbers of cold blooded murder reaching more than 4,000 the IDF did not only target Palestinians, young and old but also targeted foreign nationals the likes of the American Rachel Corrie, the British journalist James Miller, the British volunteer Tom Hurndall, the killing of 10 years old Nourhan Eid by tank fires, the killing of 3 years old Rahma AbuShams and of course the much televised murder of young Mohammed Al-Dura as he tried to hid in his father arms. The IDF being the perfect shot they are of course killed the father and the son, total innocence, just mean spirited murder.
The IDF also was the first army to ever introduce the Caterpillar Bulldozers to tear down and destroy tens of thousands of homes and farm, in a way unseen and unmatched by any armies in the world including the German or the Japanese armies in WWII. The Israeli Defense Forces continue to maintain over 500“security” road blocks and check points where Palestinians civilians have to wait for hours to go through from one town to town, even from one neighborhood to another, where many pregnant women lost their lives and their new born babies while waiting for a young immigrant soldiers to let them go through. And where Palestinians have to wait for hours while young Israeli soldiers force a young Palestinians to play fiddle while they lounged around smoking their cigarettes, looking at the young and old, women and children as they suffer.
We all have seen what the IDF did as they moved into Bethlehem deliberately using their tanks to destroy and run over parked cars, destroy light poles and sidewalks. Every thing and every mean was used to simply destroy and cause maximum property damage.
The IDF is also the first army to ever down a civilian airliner killing all on board, the first to ever carry out a raid and destroy over 13 jetliners sitting at Beirut Airport, the first army to ever hijack a civilian airlines and bring it down to check its passengers and the first to target and kill innocent and simple fishermen and destroy an entire neighborhood to secure the Apartheid Wall Israel’s is building and the first army to protect Jewish Settlers as they harass, intimidate and even murder Palestinian civilians in Hebron, and protect the Jewish Settlers as they destroy, steal property, land and olive crops and the first to build “Jewish Road” for Jews only.
With the exceptions of the German Nazi Army and the Japanese Occupation Forces during WW II, all armies have a code of conduct that prohibits the killing and murder of civilians and the use of civilians as human shields and the prohibit deliberate destruction of private property. The Israel Defense Forces have their own code of conduct and it include the killing, murder, and destruction of any thing and every thing in its way and don’t give a damn about what Arabs and Gentiles say, supported by edits from Jewish Rabbis. If officers and members of the IDF were in the armies of the US, Germany, France, Italy even England, half of the members will be in the “brigs” while the other half will be waiting for court martial. It is the only army in the world where officers and soldiers simply get away with murder because it is simply Ok to kill Arabs.

Of course one need to recognize the very courageous Israeli soldiers who refused to go on missions that targeted civilians and members of infantry, tanks and even air force who simply refuse to participate in offensive war targeting civilians and within the Occupied Territories. To those soldiers and the entire Israeli and Jewish group that support such proud and honorable soldiers, we salute their courage and they are models of what soldiers should be. We thank you. Shalom, Peace, Salam.
Special Note: soon to come a website that will document the IDF in action and why it deserve the name, the army of shame.

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