Obama’s many broken promises in the Middle East.

9 02 2011

When President Obama ran for office, America and the world looked for and prayed for change, a change that never came at least to the Middle East. It did not come to Iraq, did not come to Afghanistan, and certainly did not come to the Middle East conflict.  President Obama’s speech in Cairo was full of promise and hope, a promise that remained unfulfilled and a hope that vanished quickly.  Obama’s” wishy washy” management of Egypt “people’s revolution” showed the Arab and Muslim world that America is America, the world change but America will not change. Read the rest of this entry »

Palestine Papers; Chutzpa out of Ramallah

31 01 2011

Any one watching Saeb Erekat interview with Ahmed Mansour on Aljazeera program” Without Borders” saw a different Saeb, not the pompous arrogant know it all condescending Saeb but a very scared, agitated on defensive verging on mental breakdown for the lies and reckless incompetency are coming out. It is true of Yaser Abed-Rabboo the rabid guard dog of the Ramallah leadership. Instead of directing their responses to the issues at hand they resorted to character assassinations of Qatar, its leadership and Aljazeera.  The entire Palestinian leadership has lots of “Chutzpa” to even dare to make excuses after others, committing lies after lies even face the people. Read the rest of this entry »

The Palestine Papers; time to bury the PLO and PA

25 01 2011

For the past few days I have been spending much of my time reading the released documents on Aljazeera (www.transparency.aljazeera.net) and the Guardian of London, watching Aljazeera and reading other publications. One thing for sure the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah is in a panic, caught with its pants down, offering different spins talking non-sense, shifting the discourse from what the papers shows to discrediting Aljazeera for publishing “fake documents”, “partial and selective”, “nothing new” and accusing both Aljazeera and the ruler of Qatar of inciting the public against the Palestinian leadership and defending the indefensible, the sell out of the Palestinian people down the drain. Read the rest of this entry »

Ramallah and bribing Israel. Time to fire Saeb Erekat.

20 11 2010

Thanks to Mahmoud Abbas and his brilliant negotiating team, they helped Israel turn around the issue of settlements from a source of punishment to a source of rewards. Not so sure if President Mahmoud Abbas whose term expired some times ago, will ever realize that his way and the negotiating team he is relying on will bring nothing but one disaster after another. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Palestinian and Arab blood cheap? Yes. It is cheap when spilled by Israel and its cheaper when spilled by Arabs.

4 10 2009

It is written in the Torah if any one cares to read and know “ Destroy all the land, beat down their pillars and break their statues and waste all of their high places, cleansing the land and dwelling in it for I have given it to you for your possession” number 33:52,53. “ And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city both men and women, young and old and ox and sheep and ass with the edge of the sword” Joshua 6:21 Read the rest of this entry »

A Monopoly of Incompetence, Corruption, Failure and Thuggery.

9 08 2008

Years of silence by Palestinian” Sheiks” and intellectuals led us to where we are now. Arafat ruled the PLO and Fatah with iron fist, using bribery, intimidation even physical liquidation to silence every one. There was never a call for accountability of decisions, failures even financial corruptions. Time for a national salvation front to save the Palestinians from themselves and from the Israeli. It is now or never. Read the rest of this entry »

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