Mahmoud Abbas at the UN. It is a “Fart” not “Bombshell.

30 09 2015

Mahmoud Abbas, whose terms as President of the Palestinian Authority expired few years ago, the Chairman of the PLO, President of Fatah spoke at the UN, denounced Israel for its failings to honor the terms of Oslo Accord, warning the PA will no longer honor its obligations under Oslo. Wow what a bombshell!

Well, his statement at best was a “fart” and not the bombshell that he and his cronies been talking about and promising for the last few weeks.

Arafat, Abbas and the PLO Executive Committee knew well that Oslo was not about liberation, nor about Jerusalem certainly not about the rights of refugees to return home. It was a commercial, administrative and security agreement between Israel as a state and the PLO as an organization.

Arafat, Abbas and the PLO leadership desperate to save their “ass” after supporting Saddam invasion of Kuwait, needed drastic measures to replenish the tens of billions looted during their tenures and the consistent failings of its policies. To keep the PLO relevant decided to open “secrete” channels with Israel.

Yitzhak Rabin was desperate to save his “ass” with front pages and headline news of brave young Palestinians facing heavily armed Israeli soldiers with tanks, heavy armored vehicles. The First Intifada must come to an end and Rabin knew Arafat was desperate too.

Arafat and Rabin interests, each for his own purpose met in Oslo where Arafat, Abbas and the PLO snuffed and ended the First Intifada and the PLO secured for itself a management and security contract that will keep the leadership and their bank accounts alive and well, and Rabin got rid of his nightmare.

As the main contractor for the Israeli Occupation, the PLO took it upon itself to take over All of the Israeli financial obligations as manager and administrator of the Occupied Territories and Israel succeeded in having the PLO through its security forces to act as an “auxiliary” unit for the IDF, providing support for the IDF and protection for the criminal Israeli Settlers. Over the course of 23 years, the PLO was able to save Israel over $55-60 billions.

Meanwhile, Israel taking full advantage of the lopsided Oslo Accord, continued with its ever expanding settlement policies providing financial incentive to Israelis to move and settle in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, continued with its systematic expulsion of tens of thousands of Palestinians resident of Jerusalem, and solidifying its hold and chock on what remained of Palestine, building it Apartheid Wall.

Gaza which Israel evacuated because of high security expense it provided for the 5,000 land thieves, decided to continue with its punishment of Gaza, with constant systematic destruction of Gaza in several wars and keeping the siege and blockade of Gaza.

Mahmoud Abbas threat of not honoring the terms and conditions of Oslo Accord is little too late. Israel has been violating the terms of Oslo since day one, yet Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas continued honoring their own side of the bargain. There were too many financial incentives for the PLO to do otherwise.

Mahmoud Abbas been threatening to do this for a long time. But he and his cronies know better. Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO and Fatah could never give up Oslo with all of its personal and financial benefits to the Palestinian leadership. Even if Abbas decided to opt out of Oslo there are many of the PLO leaders waiting in the wings to take over and continue in the service of Israel, no different from the Vichy government of France in the service of the German Occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas is only maneuvering to go back to the negotiating table (peace process) to save face, knowing the US and Israel will move ahead to open direct or indirect negotiations, without ever giving up settlement buildings or lifting all 550 security check points. Abbas was able to hoist the flag at the UN but is unable to lift one single security checkpoint.

If Mahmoud Abbas was serious about his “bomshell” he would have brought with him and submitted formal letters from the PLO abrogating its contractual and security obligations to Israel under Oslo, submit the same to Israel, to the US, Russia and the UN. He knows better no body takes him seriously, not Israel not the US certainly not the Palestinians.

Nakba and Palestinian Failings

13 05 2013

Every year at this time, the Palestinians remember the “Nakba” or catastrophe and mourn their failings, while Israel celebrates its independence and success as regional and world power. No one can doubt the power and influence Israel and the world Zionism play in shaping domestic and international policies of major world capital such as Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, New Delhi, even Peking.

A power and influence that put the Palestinians and behind them the 380 million Arabs at a disadvantage, however that should not be an excuses for the failings and incompetence of Palestinian leadership past Hajj Amin Hussaini, Yasser Arafat and now Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mishal.

One can understand and appreciate the power Israel and its Fifth Column play within the United States of America with power and influence over every aspect of life emerging as clear and present danger to the domestic and international security of the country.

While Israel leadership always had a focused mission of total and unconditional commitment to the safety, security, existence and expansion of Israel by all means including blackmailing, false flags terrorists attacks and penetrating the inner circles of the highest level of national security of Western democracies, the Palestinian leadership past and present continued to be bogged down with its own self serving and perpetuation and have lost focus on Palestine, on the Rights of Return and Jerusalem long long time ago.

Too bad for the Palestinians under the continued Jewish Occupation and in the Diaspora. The Palestinian leadership certainly of the PLO have proved over time that it is incompetent to lead, unfit to manage, too corrupt to have any credibility and simply if not an agent of the Israeli Occupation at least manager of the Jewish Occupation, a criminal mafia at best.

While the British Mandate was meeting its mission of helping and facilitating the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine and was doing all it can through arrests, executions and suppressions of civil demonstration, the Palestinian leadership of the time was simply inept and hardly knew what was going on and with no vision or focused credible policies for resisting both the British Mandate and the emerging powerful Jewish terrorists groups.

No one can deny the sacrifice of the many who took up arms, who died and who were executed and imprisoned resisting both the Mandate, and the ever increasing Jewish Occupation, the Palestinians leadership like the present one was more concerned with perpetuating its powers and influence rather than meeting the challenge coming from Europe and the US. Simply the Palestinian leadership and the population of the time were no match to the Zionist leadership and the well educated and well trained Jewish immigrants with focused mission to set a Jewish state no matter what are the costs or consequences for the Palestinians.

The late Yasser Arafat was no match for Ben Gurion, not in vision or dedication to the cause, While the latter made good use of close inner circles of smart professional people to help him build a new state, securing financial, military, political and technical support for the new emerging state, Arafat on the other hand gathered around him a bunch of misfit, unfit, incompetent, corrupt, a mafia of self serving cadre of followers committed and loyal to his leadership and securing their private privileges that Arafat was master at dispensing using blackmail to make sure every one is in line and never challenge his leadership. The Palestine National Congress was nothing but a shameful body and a disgrace failing the Palestinians as the leadership of Arafat and his cronies.

That is why after so many years of same leadership, and with hundreds of thousands of dead and martyrs and tens of billions disappeared, wasted, looted and remain unaccounted for, Yasser Arafat and the PLO having failed at every thing (liberation and establishing a state) he and his failed corrupt and incompetent entourage came back to manage the Jewish Occupation as a way to save a failed leadership.

While Israeli leaders travel the world succeeding in suppressing complaint about continued expansion of Jewish settlements, expropriations of land for the Apartheid Wall and Jewish Roads only, and an ever expansions of so called security checkpoints, and constant violations of international law, Palestinian leadership is traveling the world earning traveling miles, enjoying the finest in hotel and dinning, without ever achieving any material change for the people under the Jewish Occupation, with a very speedy rate to disfranchise and ethnically cleansing Arab Palestinians from Jerusalem. Land swap, not the return of the refugees, not Jerusalem is the agenda for continued negotiations.

While the Israeli and Jewish leadership looks after its own around the world, discovering even inventing lost tribes, seeking and enticing such lost tribes to immigrate to Israel, the Palestinian leadership of Arafat and Abbas totally abandoned, gave up any credible efforts to look after and serve Diaspora Palestinians. As we have seen in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Kuwait, in Syria among other countries.

While the Jewish Agency was looking after Jewish communities around the world, the Palestine Liberation Organization as the claimed “representatives of the Palestinian people” overlooked even disregarded the needs of all Palestinians in the Diaspora, specially those under attacks in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The Jewish Agency working together with international Zionist organizations like the American Jewish Congress organized and sought and succeeded in total recovery of Jewish properties in Europe, the PLO did not bother to organize an alliance of international organizations to document or build a data base and filing the necessary legal challenges and proceedings to recover All Palestinian properties confiscated by the newly arriving Jewish immigrants. In fact it stands in the way of such efforts because it seeks compensations to go its own coffer to dispense with it as it chooses with majority of recovered funds ending up in private bank accounts.

Now that the Palestinian leadership claimed a one time success of having Palestine recognized as an observer state at the UN, it promised in exchange for sitting down with the Israelis to negotiate and give away what is left of Palestine, it will not file any international legal charges against Israel for its criminal actions of the wars on Gaza, the building of the Apartheid Wall, the continued confiscations and expansions of Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinians lands, the policies of administrative arrests without trial or evidence that saw more than 700,000 Palestinians guests of Israeli jails. I guess to the Palestinian leadership there is a price for its continued existence and that price is Palestine and its people. If the past is a guide to the future I doubt if Palestinians will ever take charge of their own destiny and throw this failed leadership out once and for all, and give themselves an even chance.

Funding a Jerusalem for All

26 03 2013

Over the years the PLO leadership past and present abandoned Arab Jerusalem and proved over and over again that it is unfit, unqualified and too corrupt to represent the Palestinians of East Jerusalem let alone represent the interests of billions of Muslims and Christians around the world, given the unsavory history of consistent failures.

While much appreciated and welcomed the suggestions of the Emir of Qatar to set up a one billions dollar for Jerusalem may be little too late to save the Muslim and Christian nature of Jerusalem and its international character. Jerusalem a city for the world for Jews, Muslims and Christians and must not be must be entrusted to the likes of Bibi Netanyahu or Mahmoud Abbas.

It will be a big and fatal mistake on the part of the Arab states to entrust the PLO and Palestinian leadership with such funds. The PLO history is riddle with corruption, mismanagement and the looting of tens of billions of the people money. The leadership past and present was never held accountable for the funds entrusted to it over the years, and never made full accounting of its operation let alone published personal financial statements of the leadership and key Fatah and government officials.

Notwithstanding claims by the leadership to go after corruption and corrupt officials, those who looted hundreds of millions of the official budgets since Oslo hardly any one was ever brought to court and hardly anyone ever convicted let alone was there a public proceeding. In the old Arabic saying “Hameeha Harameeha” in other word “those entrusted to guard end up being the thieves”.

Over the years and since the Israeli Occupation of 67 East Jerusalem which was annexed by Israel shortly after the war was totally neglected and abandoned by the Palestinian leadership if not by the Arabs and Muslims with the international Christian leadership paying lip service to the protections of Christian rights and Christian nature of the city.

It was in July of 75 when the Organization of Islamic Cooperation set up a permanent committee “Jerusalem Committee” headed by the late King of Morocco and continues to be headed by his son King Mohamed VI of Morocco, with the purpose of “ to salvage the City of Alquds Alsharif” and “ extend assistance to the Palestinian population and Palestinian institutions in the holy capital and “ to safe guard and restore the Alaqsa Mosque and other holy sites in the city as well” and to maintain “ the cultural religious and architectural heritage of the city”.

Morocco as head of the committee has been active in not only raising funds for the city to meet such mission however the kind of funding city needs is way beyond what is raised annually. And thanks the Palestinian leadership is neither in charge of the money nor its distribution.

I say the Palestinian leadership past and present is not fit nor qualified to take responsibility for Jerusalem for good reasons. The leadership while outside of Occupied Palestine did not make the needed efforts to provide the leadership needed to help maintained the Arabs (Muslim and Christian) character of the city, in Oslo it gave up all pretences to do that.

The Palestinian leadership of the PLO never gave Jerusalem the priority it urgently needed and in Oslo it simply waived all rights in Jerusalem in favor of the town of Abu-Dis, the home city of Ahmed Quari who headed the Oslo negotiations and who was the brain or lack of it, behind dividing the Palestinian territories into different area and different categories (A, B, C and A1) all of which allowed Israel to legally solidified its hold over Jerusalem.

The Palestinian negotiators having secured the different classification of the land went ahead and purchased large tracks of the land on the cheap in Abu-Dis building investment properties with the pretence it will be needed for the future capital of Palestine. What no one dares to say is that Abu-Dis is the “Jerusalem” capital of the State of Palestine if and when Israel decides to do so. East Jerusalem and its people were never a priority in Oslo.

The Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims and Jews all should be reminded of the statement of Saeb Erekat head of the PLO negotiation team when he promised to Israel the “biggest Yureshalem” in Jewish history

The PLO/Palestinian leadership totally neglected to give the city or its Palestinian residents any support in their fight against aggressive Israeli policy of “ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem” by denying funding to the legal committee that represents the Palestinians in their fights against confiscation of property and house demolition.

Such failure forced Hatem Abdel Qader the “minister of Jerusalem Affairs” in Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayad government to submit his resignation back in 2009 claiming the leadership and the PA “ contributes nothing to the efforts to keep residence on the land” and “ treasury does not pay the legal fees to the lawyers in their legal campaign against Israeli demolition”. Perhaps the saving from business expenses of the leadership functionaries in restaurants and bars in Ramallah can cover such expenses.

Since Oslo more than 70,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from East Jerusalem. Even till today, the Palestinian leadership never bothered to appoint a credible and well-known personality to take the lead on Jerusalem with power, authority and funds to match the task he/she faces.

Of course Arab East Jerusalem have to fend for themselves and have to fend against powerful criminal Jewish settlers and trespassers generously supported and funded by drug, prostitutions and gambling money from rich and powerful American Jewish donors, with the Israeli courts providing the legal cover for such criminal activities such as forgery and grand slam theft of Arab properties right under the eyes of the US and the “international community” that funds such occupation.

Like in so many criminal regimes, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and many dictatorships around the world, Israel is not exception when it comes to the use of “the laws” to implement its policy to confiscate Palestinian properties and exile Palestinians. There are too many laws that allow Israel to do this “legally” just like the Nazis who used the “laws” to deprive Jews of their properties and even their lives.

Among these laws are the “Emergency Regulations”, “Security Zones”, “Absentees Property Law” to the “Abandoned Areas Ordinance” all of which permit the State of Israel to throw the people off their land, declare them absent and declare the areas as abandoned and then legally take over Palestinian properties. No doubt a lesson learned from a history of prosecution.

Now back to the announcement of the Emir of Qatar and the setting up of a One Billion dollar fund for Jerusalem. First of all the Palestinian leadership and the PLO must not be part of the plan and must not be entrusted with the fund or the policy.

It is best that the Arab states set up an “executive committee” of three well-known personalities from the Arab world (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to manage the funds and to set up the policies and become the advocated for a “Jerusalem for All”.

The committee should seek the assistance and support of well qualified team of international lawyers and public relation companies to help it in its efforts and duties, and should set up and organize an international day of “Jerusalem for All” and convene an international forum of world leaders Christians, Muslims and Jews perhaps in Rome perhaps in Washington within hearing distance from Congress with millions attending rallies calling for and demanding a “Jerusalem for All”, open and united for the billions of people around the world.

Palestine, time for regime change.

16 09 2011

More than any other time in the history of Palestine, there is an urgent and critical need for regime change. Let us not allow the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah efforts to secure “full recognition” at the UN from the urgent need of a regime change.


This PLO/Fatah regime, perhaps the longest running political and criminal regime and enterprise in the Middle East, much longer than Saddam Hussein Ba’athist regime, much longer than Bashar/Hafez Assad Ba’athist regime, much longer than Hosni Mubarak regime, much longer than Muamar Gaddafi regime. Read the rest of this entry »

Why “Jewish Blood” expensive and “Arab Blood” cheap?

14 03 2011

As I see the reaction of Palestinian, Israeli and world leaders on the murder of the Jewish trespassing family in Itamar, I tried my best to look for and search a similar language expressed by Israeli and world leaders certainly by Palestinians leaders when Israeli soldiers and Jewish armed trespassers kill Palestinians in cold blood.  I find none.


Mahmoud Abbas was quick to call the murder in Itamar and speaking to Israeli Radio he described the murder “ despicable, immoral and inhuman act… a human being is not capable of something like this.” Salam Fayyad commenting on same “ we appose violence and condemn its use, it does not matter what the reason were, who the victims were and what the aim?”  One needs to compare the statements made by Israeli officials to that of Palestinian leaders when armed Jewish trespassers or Israeli soldiers commit similar acts against Palestinians.  At best, there is a shy ‘regret” and those Jews committing the murder are let go on probation and released to community service. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaza Operation Hope; Open Gaza Port Now.

9 02 2011

I am sure the Americans and the Europeans will be very pleased if Abbas of Ramallah and Haniyeh of Gaza announced to the world their willingness to entrust the management and operation including security for the Port of Gaza to the Americans and NATO. Let America manage and operate the port making sure only constructions materials, food suppliers and consumers goods comes through the port. Let American and the European break the siege of Gaza and end once and for all the Israeli Occupation of Gaza that has lasted some 42 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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