Where did Hamas go wrong!

22 07 2007

Hamas Demonstration in GazaHamas as a Palestinians organization is not known for taking smart and strategic decision with long lasting impact on its programs, or agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

America’s gift to the Arabs used to be the Care Package, under Bush and Rice the gift now is a Cluster Bomb.

14 07 2007

US-made cluster bombs during the Lebanese conflict of the summer of 2006I am sure Secretary Rice did not watch “Every Woman” on Aljazeera International special program on Lebanese women and Israel and America’s war on Lebanon.

The use of cluster bombs is illegal and against the Geneva Convention especially when such cluster bombs are used against civilian targets. The US eager to participate in having the Lebanese factions reach an agreement at the round table discussions decided to give the green light for Israel’s war on Lebanon. Not only did the US give the green light it expedited the transfer of over one million cluster bombs to Israel so that it can drop these bombs using US made planes to kill and maim thousands of civilians. Read the rest of this entry »

Was the War on Iraq an Israeli Proxy War? it looks that way

20 03 2007

The Cheney-Bush War on Iraq is not going as planned and is not going like all those who planned it, organized it, managed said it will go. The Cheney-Bush administration will no doubt go down in America and world history as the worst, the most incompetent administration in the history of the US. Read the rest of this entry »

In Israel it is “targeted assasinations” in the US it is “character assasinations” victimes are liquidated

1 02 2007

24 January 2007
In Israel it is “targeted assasinations” in the US it is “character assasinations” victimes are liquidated
In Israel, it is called “targeted assasinations” where subjects are killed and murdered. In the US, it is not targetted assasinations, but “character assasinations” where any one, even if percieved to be critical of Israel let alone questions any of its actions is targeted and while not physically killed or murder they are assasinated never the less. In Israel they can debate any thing and every thing, even Israel and its actions and behavior. In the US, the lobby makes sure they we do not enjoy the same privileges they enjoy in Israel, the freedom of speech. Perhaps Congress need to reconsider our First Amendement Rights and reconsider the appointment of the lobby as a trustee of our rights to free speech.
Sami Jadallah
Subject: Very Good! Counterpunch: Alex Cockburn “First Bomb Carter; Then Nuke Iran!”
Weekend EditionJanuary 20/21 2007
First Bomb Carter; Then Nuke Iran!
The Israel Lobby Trips and Tilts
Suppose the movers and shakers in the Israel lobby here — Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz and the rest of the crew — had simply decided to leave Jimmy Carter’s Palestine Peace Not Apartheid alone. How long before the book would have been gathering dust on the remainder shelves? Suppose even that Dershowitz had rounded up his unacknowledged co-authors in all their tens of thousands and sallied forth to buy up every copy of Carter’s book and toss each one into the Charles River, would not that have been a more successful suppressor than the blitzkrieg strategy they did adopt?
Of course it would. For weeks now the lobby has hurled its legions into battle against Carter. He has been stigmatized as an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier, a patron of former concentration camp killers, a Christian madman, a pawn of the Arabs who “flatly condones mass murder” of Israeli Jews. (This last was from Murdoch’s New York Post editorial, relayed to its mailing list by the Zionist Organization of America.)
Any day now I expect some janitors at the Carter Center to resign, declaring that they can no longer in all conscience mop bathrooms that might have been used by the former President, their letter of protest duly front-paged by the New York Times, just like the famous fourteen members of the Carter Center’s Board of Councilors. Actually there were, at the time of resignations, 224 people on this board, where membership is mostly a thank you for a financial donation to the center. So the headlines could be saying, “Nearly 95 per cent of Carter Center Board Members Back Former President.”
But the assault on Carter is all to no avail. With each gust of abuse, Carter’s book soars higher and higher on the bestseller lists, reaching number 4 on Amazon itself. This doesn’t prove the lobby has no power. It proves the lobby can be dumb. Adroit lobbying consists in preventing unpleasing material reaching the light of day. Lobbying thrives in furtive darkness: slipping language into a bill at the last moment, threatening to back a campaign opponent, making quiet phone calls to the Polish embassy. Pressure is now being exerted on Farrar, Straus and Giroux to abandon its impending publication of Mearsheimer and Walt’s attack on the lobby.
The Israel lobby retains its grip inside the Beltway, but it’s starting to lose its hold on the broader public debate. Why? You can’t brutalize the Palestinian people in the full light of day, decade after decade, without claims that Israel is a light among the nations getting more than a few serious dents. In the old days, Mearsheimer and Walt’s tract would have been deep-sixed by the University of Chicago and the Kennedy School long before it reached its final draft, and Farrar, Straus and Giroux wouldn’t have considered offering a six-figure advance for it.

Teharan’s conference on the Holocaust is a simply act of stupidity

19 12 2006

Iranian Holocaust Investigation Conference, Day one.The conference on the Holocaust sponsored by Iran’s president Mohamed Ahmadinejad in Tehran from December 11-12, 2006 was a simply act of stupidity, ill advised and with no purpose other than to give anti-Muslims more ammunition on how retarded Islamic politics have become. Of course the turn up of the likes of the former KKK David Duke is nothing to be proud of.
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