When will America becomes a priority in presidential elections?

20 05 2008

U.S. President George W. Bush(L) and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud OlmertGeorge Bush recent speech in the Israeli Knesset and his volunteering of 300 million American lives to the defense of Israel right or wrong raises serious problem about where Americans are and where America’s interest in this whole presidential election is. Read the rest of this entry »

George Bush You Shamed US. If Israel is your “model” democracy in the Middle East, no wonder your democratization process is a total failure.

16 05 2008

George Bush statement in the Israeli Knesset in celebrating 60 years of independence, shames us all. His failure to recognize that Israel was not founded in “Heaven” but in long history of terrorism and ethnic cleansing is a smack in the face of his administration and its commitment to fighting terrorism and it is an insult to all of the great values that made America the great country it is, notwithstanding poor and incompetent leader like George Bush. His model democracy is a country that has no constitution and no borders. Read the rest of this entry »

Jewish Rabbis; their message is no different from that of Muslim Jihadists. It is time to put these Jewish Rabbis on the lists of international terrorists.

14 04 2008

Heavy Armed Jewish Settelers Heavy Armed Jewish SettelersI am a daily reader of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The newspaper dare publish articles and opinions no American newspaper dare publish. What readers will read in the following article that is published by Al-Aharam should make all of us wonder why opinions and “fatwas” of Jewish Rabbis are not well published and well know around the world and why countries such as the US, France, UK, Germany among others do not list these Rabbis as “terrorists” since they advocate and entice followers to go out kill and commit murder just like the Islamic Al-Qaeda Jihadists . Read the rest of this entry »

What did the Palestinians learn 60 years later? Not much!

12 04 2008

In few weeks Israel will celebrate 60 years since its creation and establishment in Palestine. Over the last 60 years, the Jewish nation became the 4th largest and most powerful military force in the world and number one military and economic nation in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Israel, the 51st State should wait its turn, not jump to the front of the line.

2 03 2008

Israel 51st StateFrom Wall Street to Hollywood, from Shaker Heights to Miami, from The Wall Street Journal to Fox News, committed Zionists are working very hard to make this election an election about Israel and its agenda of going to war with Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

Islamic Resistence, is not the Holy Quran, it should be debated!

1 03 2008

Gaza . . . a man carries his wounded child to hospital after an air strike in Gaza City.The news from Gaza is not a good one. Israel is carrying on with its promised to bring its holocaust “shoah” in keeping commitments made by Maton Vilani, Israeli deputy defense minister. To the time of this writing, and within 24 hours, more than 46 Palestinians killed more than half civilians, women and children and elder persons. Israel announced 2 of its soldiers dead and few wounded. More than 80 dead and more than 200 wounded since Israel began its “shoah” against Gaza two days ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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