Ramallah’s desperate leadership.

5 03 2011

 I was prompted to write this from a news article that appeared in today’s Alquds Alarabi reporting on a current visit to Paris by Dr. Nabil Sha’ath, Fatah chair of the foreign relation committee. Dr. Sha’ath is urging France to recognize the state of Palestine along 67 borders as a way to end and preempt Israel’s claim that the “territories” are “disputed”. It seems Saeb Eurekat “Kabeer” negotiator was not keeping every one informed and updated on his successes, that Israel simply refused to budge from its position it took in Oslo that the territories are disputed and not occupied. Read the rest of this entry »

JStreet or no JStreet !

27 02 2011

Not taking away from the courageous efforts of JStreet in challenging AIPAC and the well-entrenched American Jewish leadership that has always been consistently anti-peace and pro-war, JStreet has a long way to go. The American Jewish leadership has been the main obstacle to any meaningful Middle East peace.  Its undue if not toxic influence on the White House, the State Department and Congress is the real obstacle to solving the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without the main stream American Jewish leadership and to a great extent, the American Jewish community, changing its mind and becoming pro-peace, there will never be peace. No sitting US president will ever have the courage to stands up against such powerful lobby and will never be able to face Congress. The US, Israel, the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Middle East even Iran will always be hostage to such toxic influence. Let us not kid ourselves about the US as an “honest broker”. It is not honest and it is not a broker. Read the rest of this entry »

Tipsy Livni on “democratic values” and Elie Wiesel on “remaining silent”.

24 02 2011

Tangier, Morocco.


Between business meetings I have to rush to the house to follow up on what is happening in Libya. Of course, I always thought Muamar Qaddafi was a mentally deranged man, but watching him talks on TV, I saw a rapid hallucinating man, I only had pity for the Libyans who had to put up with such a “leader” for 42 years. I hope the people of Libya will succeed in their quest for liberty and freedom and chase the man out of Libya to one of his “African” kingdoms. Read the rest of this entry »

Mahmoud Abbas should throw the keys of the “Occupation” at the White House.

21 02 2011

The message from President Obama and Secretary Clinton to Mahmoud Abbas and Ramallah leadership is very clear. Mahmoud Abbas message to the US should also be equally clear. Mahmoud Abbas should travel to New York address the UN General Assembly and Security Council and announce the disbanding of the PLO/PA and declaring Oslo Accord as “null and void”, and throw the keys of the Occupation at the White House. The US casting its standard “Veto” at the UN Security Council should not come as a big surprise to the Ramallah leadership and other Arab countries long advocates and supporters of the US sponsored “no-peace” process. There is no peace, there is no process there is only Occupation and the ever present US “Veto”. For God sake disband the PLO/PA as enablers of the Occupation and as the legal and contractual party with the Israeli Occupation. Read the rest of this entry »

Take the US out of the “no peace” process.

18 02 2011

“ We had some success, at least for the moment, in not having that (resolution) arise there. And we will continue to employ the tools we have to make sure that continues to not happen” with these words Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg assured Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, perhaps the most anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and staunchest supporter of Israel and Zionist causes in Congress. Steinberg was referring to the Ramallah leadership efforts to bring the issue of Jewish settlements before the UN Security Council. Read the rest of this entry »

Salam Fayyad “state building” is not an ethnic joke!

15 02 2011

Mahmoud Abbas whose tenure as elected president of the Palestinian Authority expired over two years ago, and who has no legal or constitutional legitimacy accepted and then re-commissioned Salam Fayyad to form a new government. Of course the government of Salam Fayadh never received the legitimacy it needed since it did not receive the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), which the PLO and Fatah leadership rendered inoperative after Hamas won and Fatah was badly routed in the election. With the support of Egypt’s Mubarak/Suleiman, Israel, the US and of course Fatah, the PLC came to a halt and for all practical purpose ceased to exist through the concerted efforts of the PLO Executive Committee and Fatah. Read the rest of this entry »

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