FIVA Amerikana; The Bribery Season

7 07 2015

Last May, the newly appointed attorney general Loretta E. Lynch, announced a 47 court indictment unsealed in Federal Court in Brooklyn indicting 14 top executives of FIFA.

The unsealed indictments were the joint efforts of the FBI, the IRS-Criminal Investigation Division accusing the defendants with a range of crimes from wire fraud, racketeering to money laundering.

The figures involved were some $150 millions, which these top executives were accused to have taken in bribes from sport promoters. Well that is quite interesting. The Justice Department brings indictments because these guys took bribes to support certain venues and certain events, while overlooking the substantial bribes political candidates receive as a matter of routine, business as usual.

How all of this differ from the American election cycles when candidates seek billions not millions in political donations and contributions from big time rich people?

I am sure the issues here have every thing to do with candidates supporting certain public, financial and economic issues that the donors are pushing for.

Consider this.

Last April 2014, mega billionaire Israeli/American gambling mogul Sheldon Abelson summons Republicans presidential contenders to his headquarters in Sin City ( Vegas) where they “prostrated” themselves before him in what the Atlantic calls “The Sheldon Adelson Suck-Up Fest”.

The likes of Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker and Chris Christie rushed to Sin City to pledge allegiance to Sheldon Adelson and to his only issue and agenda Israel, perhaps he threw in banning of online gambling, perhaps legalize prostitution, pimping, and even drug trafficking as part of the deal, only to make it “domestic” issues.

Not sure what would any one call this, but I called it ‘bribe” no different from the money the FIFA executive allegedly took from the sport promoter.

Why should we make a distinction between private citizens who take ‘bribes” to promote or act on a certain business transaction and not called it a “bribe” and haul them to jail, when politicians take in tens of millions from donors with pledge to support a cause or act on a legislation that benefit the donors. I am sure many agree with me on these issues.

Recently Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most famous or infamous of the “suck up” to Israeli/American Zionist mogul also pledged to give full and unconditional support to Israel. Her sponsor is Haim Saban who with Sheldon Adelson takes the roles of owning both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Hillary Clinton needs to raise $ 2 billions from her Pro-Israel Jewish friends to make a successful run for the presidency.

However not all of the “bribes” comes from rich Israeli-American moguls. The Koch Brothers are also known to pour in hundreds of millions into political super PAC.

Recently these rich guys (Oligarchs) who really and totally control our government celebrated the 4th anniversary of Citizen United, the Supreme Court ruling which gave corporations and unions unlimited and unrestricted rights to “bribe” political candidates.

Just imagine that someone running for a state office needs to raise at least $500,000 (bribes) from donors to even have a chance of winning.

In this country of ours, issues of concerns for Americans, like updated infrastructure, affordable education, affordable health care, public safety, no more wars, affordable heath care system, decent affordable housing , bring back our industry, bring back the more than $ 3 trillions on corporate money sitting in tax haven, are non-issue to most if not all candidates. The issues forming the next national government are immigration and same sex marriage and of course leading all other issues is Israel.

In the last national election, more than $4.3 billions in “bribes” were raised and donated to state and national candidates. When a senator needs to raise $25 millions for election you know damn well that he is paying back his sponsors. I called that “bribes”.

We, here in America need to rise up just like the Greeks did and vote “No” to all the Oligarchs and to all the bribes in politics. Please keep this in mind next election.

Pro American Lobby in Israel

28 08 2013

A family friend, a South Asian international human rights lawyer raised a very interesting question the other day and asked if there is a pro Israeli lobby in the US, why there is no pro American lobby in Israel? A very good question indeed.

In the US, any one seeking a national political position whether as president, senator, house members, cabinet members or senior staff on the White House or Capital Hill, or diplomatic economic, and financial position certainly key financial advisors or Federal Reserve, all without exception must meet AIPAC litmus test of loyalty to Israel and its agenda. Single or dual citizenship is a one-way street in favor of Israel over America all the times.

The family friend was intrigued by the power AIPAC and Israel associated powerful think tanks hold over almost every thing political, economic or financial in America and asked why not an American lobby in Israel with the same powers and commitments to the US as AIPAC is toward Israel?

With hundreds of thousands of Americans in Israel, it is very difficult to even imagine if any one who would have the kind of loyalty to America to even think of organizing to represent pro America’s interests in Israel, in the same way that Americans Zionists and Israelis represent Israel’s interests in the US. Most are dual citizens; most volunteer to serve in the Israeli army, before they think of serving the American army, most join armed settlers groups and land thieves. America and its national interest is the last thing on their mind.

Just imagine if Bibi Netanyahu or members of his cabinet or security advisors who are members of the pro American lobby with declared loyalty to America First. Better yet imagine if members of Knesset as members of the American lobby.

Imagine members of Knesset simply signing blank letters or drafts bills presented by the pro American lobby when such letters or bills are contrary to Israel First or its national and security interests. They will never be able to come within one miles of Bibi or the Knesset or any political, defense or security positions.

Imagine if members of the pro American lobby in Israel, demand litmus test of loyalty to America from key political, defense and financial candidates similar to the demands made by members of Congress as they vote for confirmation of American officials who must meet loyalty test to Israel as recently was demanded by Susan Rice and Samantha Power, certainly Chuck Hagel. His service to America as a soldier, as a senator was not good enough for his colleagues in the senate who are at the pecking of AIPAC and who are Israel First.

Imagine if these US citizens in Israel decide to choose to join the US military instead of joining the Israeli army? Imagine what Israeli society would think of these people and whether they will be able to get jobs even as janitors in government buildings. Yet, we in America see nothing wrong with Israeli loyalists holding key political, national security and defense position. In fact if you are not an Israeli First you had no chance of ever holding a position of consequence in the US.

The idea of a pro American lobby in Israel is an intriguing question, but it will never happen because no one dares to stand up for America First, not in Israel certainly not in America. Beside Israel will never allow it to take place.

Tear down this wall

13 02 2013

I am sure Israel will not dare blind fold President Barack Obama as he crosses from Israel to the Israeli Occupied Territories to prevent him from seeing the barbered wires and the Apartheid Wall. The question is will President Barack Obama stop at “Qalandia Gate” step out of his car and dare to say to Bibi Netanyahu “Mr. Prime Minister Tear Down This Wall”. I don’t think so.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the late Ronald Reagan presidency was when he gave his famous speech at Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987 and challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to “ tear down this wall”. It was only few years later that the citizens of Germany, East and West tore down the Berlin Wall without having to wait for permission from Gorbachev.

Some years ago, when I was the general counsel for a large Middle East construction company I used to travel to West Berlin almost every couple weeks to our engineering office and on few occasions I had the chance to travel and cross over to East Berlin.

And what a contrast! On my first trip to East Berlin was on a Saturday late November, cold snowy day in Berlin. As the bus stopped at Check Point Charlie the East German police directed the bus to a stop and with mirrors they inspected the undercarriage of the bus and checked both passengers and luggage very thoroughly. Founding nothing, we proceeded to the East Berlin bus station and again, what a contrast? As if the cold wintery day was not enough, the sad miserable faces of East Berliners told the story. Perhaps the most memorable moment on my first visit was not the Soviet Memorial to the fallen Red Army soldiers but the old woman carrying two bags as she walked the long lonely road with light snow falling.

On many occasions I also had a chance to cross the Israeli Apartheid Wall, a wall build by Israel not for its security from “terrorists” but to steal and rob the Palestinians from their homes and land, to rob of them of the underground aquifers thus robbing Palestinians from precious water resources and of course more importantly as a way to redefine and redraw the “provisional” borders of the “provisional” state of Palestine.

The Israeli Apartheid Wall is a racist wall that defines the Zionist cultural and moral value system of Israel. It is build to inflict maximum damage on the Palestinians and their properties and land. It separates Palestinian villagers from their land, from their only source of living, it is intended to inflict maximum humiliations on Palestinians by having them wait for hours perhaps days to get permission to attend their fields, if not confiscated by Israel for “security reasons”.

Who would believe in today’s world there is such a thing as “Jewish Only Roads”? Where Palestinians are denied the rights to use or travel such roads even though these roads are built on land and properties stolen from Palestinians? Not even the Nazis in their heydays had roads and streets designated at “ Germany Only Roads” and where Jews were denied such access.

Not sure what President Obama’s reaction will be toward this Apartheid Wall, however this should send a message to the president that the “Only democracy” in the Middle East is all about. There is nothing democratic about it.

Zionist Israel is perpetuating what Anti-Semitic governments used to do when they forced “Jews” to live in Ghettos. Now Israel on its own is building Apartheid Wall all around its borders and not only with Palestinians and creating a state ghetto. However Apartheid Walls even Zionist will never stop the winds of freedoms and liberty when the times come. And the time will come when the people Israelis and Palestinians will tear down “This Wall” even if President Obama will not dares saying it.

Israel Does Matter

15 01 2013

As Chuck Hagel stands to face his prosecutors in the American Knesset he has to face serious charges perhaps rising to the level of treason. Among the charges Chuck Hagel is facing (1) he is a US Senator not an Israeli Senator, (2) He distance himself from the Jewish Lobby (3) Does not sign letters presented by AIPAC, (4) Antagonistic against Israel. (5) He is non –interventionist and does not support “promiscuous war” especially Israel sponsored wars, and (6) he labeled AIPAC as a Jewish Lobby not an Israeli Lobby.

As Americans will see from the process of confirmation, and all the discussions leading to the confirmation, hardly any talks of Chuck Hagel and his service to America and his leadership as combatant in Vietnam and who always put America First, it is all about Israel and it is not about America.

Almost all the entire case against Chuck Hagel has everything to do with Israel and has nothing with America or the American people or his qualifications as defense secretary and his survive as a combat soldier or as US senator.

Neocons and Jewish Zionists are leading the pack, those who took America to a wild chase of WMD and got us in a quagmires in both Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that will never end and have costs America thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded and more than a trillion dollars. Dollars that could have renewed the already deterioted and falling apart infrastructures building the best primary, secondary and high schools in America, rebuild all the bridges, clinic and hospitals and introducing a network of super fast trains all across America. Perhaps build clinics and schools in districts of Likud members of the American Knesset, investing in America and its citizens and not wasting money on stupid wars.

Many Likud members of the American Knesset have already voiced their opposition against Chuck Hagel nomination leading this pack of rabid wolves is Lindsey Graham (L-South Carolina). Others Likudist’s have also expressed opposition to the nomination’s the likes of John Cornyne (L-Texas), Maroc Rubio (L-Florida), Bob Corker L-Tennessee and Mitch McConnell (L-Kentucky) and the majority of Likudist’s on the Senate House Service Committee expressed apposition to the nomination.

Jumping on the bandwagon, as friends of the court is a list of whose whom in the neocons industry, the likes of Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Michael Goldfarb, and Kenneth Adelman among others.

Also jumping on the bandwagon is the Emergency Committee for Israel buying televisions advertisements apposing the nominations. Others like CNN giving much time to his distracters, with the Washington Post, coming out against the nomination as “not the right choice”. One has to ask the Washington Post what is the “right choice” and based on what? Blind unconditional support of Israel and surrender to AIPAC.

It is a well known fact in Washington and across the great land of the USA that any one, local and national politicians who stands for America First and not an Israeli Firster will be politically assassinated ending careers of many who served this great country, the likes of late Senator Charles Percy, Congressman Paul Findley and recently snuffing the career of a great servant of the republic and the people, Chass Freeman.

Perhaps this nomination is wakes up call for all Americans to demand that ALL senators and congressmen pledge the allegiance to the United States and not Israel, perhaps it is time to retire all Likud members of both Senate and House and have the house of the people once again, the American Congress.
Let us wait and see which counts Israel or America?

Salam, Peace, Shalom

25 12 2012

Salam, Peace, Shalom
To all people of good well
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year
May the new year brings freedom and liberty to all those under Israeli Occupation, may all those in exiles returns homes, may all the needy finds support and help, may sick find health.
May the unemployed find employment, may the killings and murder ends in Syria, in Yemen, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in the USA, in Palestine, in Libya, in Sudan and Nigeria, in Mali
May America becomes free again, free from the Lobby, from the NRA, from Wall Street that looted America, may the people of the United States retires members of Congress once and for all and elect truly representative of the people.
May Palestine and Israel find peace in a One State Solution, a State for all of its people?
Peace, Shalom, Salam
Happy New Year

Take “Terrorism” out of Hamas-Arm it.

23 12 2012

This is not a cynical suggestion but a serious one. Perhaps it would do the US and Israel some good to provide the necessary material and logistical support to get Hamas out of the corner of group terrorism into a more advanced stage of state terrorism, if not equal to Israel then close to it.

I have always been against “terrorism” which I defined simply the “discriminate targeting of civilians” whether Israelis or Arabs and have always voiced my opinion and spoke against suicide bombing by Hamas and other groups whether in Africa, Spain, England, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Latin America. I believe the use of “suicide bombings” by Hamas did an irreparable harm to the Palestinian cause.

However I always believed that Israel is a terrorist state before it’s founding and continues to be a terrorist state more than 60 years later. Israel as a Zionist entity did not mature into a state like many nations, but remained with the same mentality of its early founding. Terrorism was and is and will remain a trademark of this state. Israel have never stopped killing and murdering of innocent people with no consequences to any moral, legal or ethical issues. Thanks to the US unconditional support and cover up.

The difference between group terrorism and state terrorism is limited to material and organizational, nothing more. The group has crude means of destructions; crude bombs, booby-trapped cars, placement of explosives in public places, suicide bombing in public places and killing people indiscriminately.

State terrorism is much more sophisticated; it includes jet fighters, drone, missiles, tanks, naval forces, air force, marines, navy and army. It includes a president or a prime minister not an “Amir”, and it includes parliaments, Congress and Knesset, not a ‘shura council”. It includes the latest technology for effective use of power to kill the maximum of people and destructions of properties and landscape through the use of scorch earth policy.

Both group and state terrorism have the same objectives, killing and destruction one retail, and the other wholesale. Both direct their material force toward killing civilians.

American and the majority of the West always gave Israel a blank check with the ever and much repeated statement” Israel have the right to self defense”. While one can understand Israel right to self-defense, one also needs to put at the table Hamas and the Palestinians right to self-defense? If such right is afforded to Israel then the same should be afforded to the Palestinians. It is fair and square and elementary.

Perhaps the best thing to address this dilemma of “terrorism” is for the US, Israel, England, France, Germany to enter into serious discussions with Hamas and the Palestinians with the objective of arming Hamas and supply it with the latest’s weapons similar to that the US provide Israel.

This should include fighter jets, phosphorous and cluster bombs, rockets and missiles and should include technical training for Hamas and the Palestinians so that both parties can have similar weapons and organizational structure to inflict as much damage on Israel as Israel is inflicting on Palestinians. Then Hamas can target Israeli civilians with the same accuracy as Israel targets civilians in Gaza. Now we can have Israel and Hamas capable of undertaking “ state terrorism”

Israel with its latest technologies and weaponry is able to pinpoint civilian targets and kill and destroy buildings and civilians and administrative structures including the targeting of press building as it did yesterday when it targeted a high rise building (Alshorouk) where major international press and media organizations have offices in.

Hamas with its crude technology does not posses the technology to improve its targeting and guidance system, the technology available only to Israel. The question I have is what excuses Israel has for targeting civilian targets. Hamas does have an excuse, crude and poor technology. Until such time the US provides Hamas it with modern guidance and targeting system, Israeli civilians will be at risk.

The US owes to Israel to help and provide Hamas the necessary technology needed to make sure Hamas rocket are accurate as the Israelis. With new and accurate technology Hamas will then have no excuse of targeting civilians and can target military and administrative facilities all over Israel. Then every one in Washington, Paris, Berlin, London will be very happy, with both Jews and Arabs are killing each other with deadly accuracy and much more intensity.

I do not mean to be cynical, but if we want to Hamas out of the business of terrorism I say arm them, give them the latest’s arms and technology Israel have. Sent trainers so that Hamas can organize into battalions, brigades, and armies with different forces such as air force, navy, marines and army.

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