Hamas, Islamic Jihad; Reckless and Stupid.

9 04 2011

No need to talk about Israel’s savage ad criminal occupation, a topic I will continue to address and talk about. Here I am addressing what is going on in Gaza. I tried to be “politically correct” but watching what is going on in Gaza I chose to be straightforward. The political and military leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are reckless and stupid. Reckless with the lives of the people of Gaza, holding 1.5 million hostage to stupid, incompetent, inept and unqualified operational leadership of Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigade and Al-Quds Brigade. Watching these masked young men talk as if they are out to destroy Israel and threatening Israel with retaliations that makes the “earth shake” qualify these people and the spokesman “Abu-Obeidah” to be locked up in mental institutions danger to themselves and the millions around them. Where is the hell Hamas political leadership from all of this?  And why it allowed reckless field commanders to run loose? We are sick and tired from the military and political rhetoric out of Gaza. Read the rest of this entry »

Israel and Facilitating Palestinian “terrorism”.

24 03 2011

One has to ask and wonder why the sudden escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza and why Jerusalem after calms and quite is witnessing its first “terrorist” acts in many years?

I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians and never deemed “suicide” bombings as acts of “martyrdom” but acts of cold-blooded murder. Targeting unarmed civilians whether Israelis or Palestinians, whether the methods of acts are suicide bombings or planting bombs in restaurants, supermarkets or buses or through bombs dropped from F-16s or Apaches are simple acts of terrorism. To the dead whether Israeli or Palestinian civilians the methods of murders do not changed the fact that a simple cold-blooded murder was committed. Read the rest of this entry »

Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine!

26 02 2011

This may come as a big disappointing surprise to Mahmoud Abbas, Khalid Misha’al, Ahmed Qurai, Ismail Haniyah, Yaser Abed-Rabou, Sami Zouhri, to Hamas and its leadership in both Damascus and Gaza and to Fatah and PLO leadership in Ramallah and in Beit El. Hamas and Fatah are not Palestine and they do not represent separately or jointly the people neither of Palestine, nor for that matter does the PLO represent the Palestinian people under Jewish Occupation or in the Diaspora. Read the rest of this entry »

Time to bring the Jewish Occupation to an end, now!

13 02 2011

Poor Mahmoud Abbas and his Ramallah entourage, they must be feeling down on their luck. Ramallah leadership lost friends and allies left and right. It lost Ehud Olmert and Tizpi Livni who waged war on Gaza killing thousands and leveling Gaza to the ground and it lost a team that expanded the settlement at an accelerated rate and continued to build the Apartheid Wall. Ramallah also lost close confident and ally in Bin Ali and lost two close allies and confidants in Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman, two men where were key architect to the siege of Gaza standing in the way of Palestinian reconciliations.  Ramallah not only lost close friends and allies it lost most favored destination (rest and recreation) in Sharm El-Sheik. Ramallah must be grieving and accepting condolences. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaza Operation Hope; Open Gaza Port Now.

9 02 2011

I am sure the Americans and the Europeans will be very pleased if Abbas of Ramallah and Haniyeh of Gaza announced to the world their willingness to entrust the management and operation including security for the Port of Gaza to the Americans and NATO. Let America manage and operate the port making sure only constructions materials, food suppliers and consumers goods comes through the port. Let American and the European break the siege of Gaza and end once and for all the Israeli Occupation of Gaza that has lasted some 42 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama’s many broken promises in the Middle East.

9 02 2011

When President Obama ran for office, America and the world looked for and prayed for change, a change that never came at least to the Middle East. It did not come to Iraq, did not come to Afghanistan, and certainly did not come to the Middle East conflict.  President Obama’s speech in Cairo was full of promise and hope, a promise that remained unfulfilled and a hope that vanished quickly.  Obama’s” wishy washy” management of Egypt “people’s revolution” showed the Arab and Muslim world that America is America, the world change but America will not change. Read the rest of this entry »

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