Lee Hamilton Speaks; America and the World.

23 10 2007

Lee Hamilton (L), former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks speaks at a joint news conference to release a report on the status of 9/11Just came back home after attending the lecture given by former congressman Lee Hamilton at the National Press Club as part of the annual Lynch Lecture Series sponsored by George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, perhaps the world leading institution in the field of conflict resolution.
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A Succesful Peace Conference May be the Price for Joint Israel-US Attack on Iran.

18 10 2007

An anti aircraft gun is seen in front of the reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern IranI was down in Tampa, Florida visiting my brothers and sister for the Eid and while there I always look forward to having deep and provocative discussions with my nephew Jamal, who is a reporter/journalist with a major and national newspaper.
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America’s gift to the Arabs used to be the Care Package, under Bush and Rice the gift now is a Cluster Bomb.

14 07 2007

US-made cluster bombs during the Lebanese conflict of the summer of 2006I am sure Secretary Rice did not watch “Every Woman” on Aljazeera International special program on Lebanese women and Israel and America’s war on Lebanon.

The use of cluster bombs is illegal and against the Geneva Convention especially when such cluster bombs are used against civilian targets. The US eager to participate in having the Lebanese factions reach an agreement at the round table discussions decided to give the green light for Israel’s war on Lebanon. Not only did the US give the green light it expedited the transfer of over one million cluster bombs to Israel so that it can drop these bombs using US made planes to kill and maim thousands of civilians. Read the rest of this entry »

No Mr. Kincaid, I never denounced you, never appointed nor anoited you as the cardinal on patriotism. In fact I never knew who in the hell are you!

19 12 2006

Cliff Kincaid (left) Once a while I sit down and do some “googling” sound like George Bush’s “Internets”. Tonight I did just that and I ran into a posting where someone by the name of Cliff Kincaid, who present himself as editor of AIM, Accuracy in Media made the false and in-accurate statement that I in one of my bloggs in support of Al-Jazeera International denounced him and quote” A pro-Arab blogger named Sami Jadallah has denounced me as “the appointed and anointed cardinal on patriotism” for opposing Al-Jazeera. …” Read the rest of this entry »

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