The America, That I know, Love and Always Remember.

2 11 2008

In few days the American voters, White, Black, Hispanic, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus among others will elect “inshallah/God wiling) Barack Obama as president of the United States of America. The election of Barack Obama as president will put an end and close a sad, shameful and tragic history of slavery and racial divide in the Untied States, and will confirm that finally after 400 years America is a mature country for All of its citizens, a proud moment for America and the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Sarah Palin Is The Tylenol That Will Cure America’s Ills. Thank You Dr. John McCain.

14 09 2008

After 8 Years of Republican George Bush, Americans Are Not Jumping with Joy.
True, Sarah Palin addition to John McCain ticket is energizing white middle aged conservative women who see their “missed” life in Sarah. It is not surprising that McCain having failed in his attacks on Barack Obama as lacking the experience to be Commander in Chief decided to drop all of that and pick Sarah Palin, few seconds away from the presidency to be his running mate and is now using Sarah to energize an other wise dud candidate. Read the rest of this entry »

Dick Cheney is itching for a new war to destroy the Arabian Gulf once and for all.

4 07 2008

As we celebrate our freedom and independence this 4th of July, It seems that President Dick Cheney (ops,) Vice-President Dick Cheney is at again. This time is itching for another war with Iran. The award winning writer Seymour Herch exposes this Administration plans for its third war on the region. writes that the president of the United States signed a secret order to start clandestine special operation inside Iran and have budget some $400 million (can rescue and save few foreclosed homes). This secret operation was approved late last year with the knowledge of key congressional leadership both Democrats and Republicans. Read the rest of this entry »

Only fools continue to believe in a two state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

4 01 2008

ANNAPOLIS, MD - NOVEMBER 27:  Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and U.S. President George W. BushAt one time and for a long time, I always believed in the possibility of peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on a two state solution along the 67 borders with Jerusalem as a shared and open city. No more.

Like millions of Palestinians under occupation and millions of Palestinians in exile, I see the possibilities of a two state solution gone for ever. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaming America for Every Thing.

24 11 2007

George W BushEver since I was a young boy growing up in Palestine, I heard the standard and often spoken words” America is always to blame”. The Majority of Arabs and Muslims blame America for every thing from failure of political systems and institutions, to failure in crops , failure in accountability and transparency, failure to tackle the presence of corruptions and incompetence, and of course failure to bring about political reforms and much needed changes.More… Read the rest of this entry »

Lee Hamilton Speaks: When Congress Gave Away its Constitutional Rights?

25 10 2007

Lee Hamilton (L), former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks speaks at a joint news conference to release a report on the status of 9/11Lee Hamilton takes on the relationship between the White House and Congress was quite powerful and for sure a wake call to all those of us who can see on a daily basis the rise of an imperial presidency and almost the total absence of independence and separation of the executive from the legislative branch. Read the rest of this entry »

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