Veterans: We honor those who die, we neglect those who survive.

23 12 2012

Too bad our government and nation honor those who die and neglect those who survive. We honor those who die in wars with 21-rifle salute perhaps a place in Arlington National Cemetery, if the remains are lucky one and escape the garbage dumps were the remains of many ended. We all remember the scandal and the terrible conditions at Walter Reed Hospital where many of the wounded ended in the criminal war waged by George Bush.

I was one of the lucky ones (thankful) who took full advantage of the GI Bill. I used it to attend Indiana University full time and of course the money was not enough to pay for all my expenses. So I had to go to work, in fact continued to work after I enrolled full time at the university.

As I said the money was hardly enough to pay for tuition, books, transportation, food and housing, that is why I continued to work and always looked for jobs that paid better.

I worked as an ambulance driver and assistant mortician (Burns Memorial Chapel) and worked as a hospital orderly (Mercy Hospital) and when the money was not enough went to work in the steel mills of Northern Indiana to be exact at Inland Steel in East Chicago, Indiana.

I worked in the Number Two Bloomer, this is the area where special steel is prepared. Huge “ingot” of red-hot steal are placed in special chambers with special tiling that resist hot temperatures.

I helped the mason by handing him the “bricks” as he plasters these bricks on floor and the walls. I worked straight midnight shift 5 days a week from mid-night to 8 am. By the time dinnertime came (around 4 am) my arms were almost “paralyzed “ from the number of bricks I handed over the mason. The money was good $2.81 an hour and was glad to have a job. I was able to save couple of thousands of dollars to help me transition to another job. This job perhaps was the most difficult. The summer was very hot and the winter was like Siberia as steal mill was right at the shores of Lake Michigan.

As the university courses became more difficult and as I advanced I had to look for a job that was not as demanding of my time and the schedule was flexible. I was hired by Indian University as a campus bus driver. Well the pay was not too bad, the people I worked with were great and very good people. The passengers depending on the route ranged from very nice (married housing and freshman) to obnoxious and arrogant (fraternity and sorority route–North Jordan).

This job and the money I saved together with my GI Bill helped me graduate (BA) from university in 3 years rather than 4 years. As a member of the IU Veterans Club I know of many who were in the same boat like me. They worked to augment the GI Bill and went to university. I believe all veterans should have free university education.

However there is the other side of the story. Hundreds of thousand of returning GI did not take advantage of the GI Bill. They came back really screwed up from the war in Vietnam and they did not find the mental help assistance badly needed, not to mention the almost criminal neglect they had to endure in VA run hospitals.

It is sad and tragic that our nation did not give much care and attention to the mental status of the many who came back really damaged by the wars. Damage that is perhaps equally permanent likes the loss of limps. Many of the returning GIs ended on skid row in Chicago, in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and even many in small towns America.

Neither the administration this one or past ones or the Veteran Affairs took the mental illness suffered by returning GI’s as a serious illness equal to the physical injuries suffered and must be treated if returning GIs were to become productive.

I do not claim to be an expert on mental health nor an expert on physical rehabilitation, however from what I have seen among my friends who came back from Vietnam and from what I have seen on the street corners of Washington DC all I can say is that we do not honor those who survive in the same way we honor those who die.

I hope we celebrate Veteran Day not only by “big sale” at the Malls but also by taking care of those who die and those who survive. To those of my friends who died in Vietnam I say we will always remember you and those who survive we honor equally.

To those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, may you rest in peace, and those who are undergoing physical rehabilitation keep the faith in a nation that have lost it. Not so sure what we have achieved in these two wars, but lost of precious lives, and trillions in lost money. America’s wars are not for liberation but for the benefits of foreign nation and the military industrial complex. The War on Terror is a losing war, fraud equally if not more than our War on Drugs.

America, back to the future.

29 10 2011

How America lost its moral and ethical compass.

The Occupy Wall Street movement should not have come as a surprise to official America and to Main Street. To be effective the movement has to move and seek the support and active involvement of Main Street.  More than ever there is a need for Main Street America to take the helm and take charge of both Wall Street and Congress.  The Tea Party and its sponsors could never be the answer to America of the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaddafi, the inevitable bloody end.

21 10 2011


With the exception of Tony Blair, the modern day Lord Balfour who had “special” business and political relations with Gaddafi, every one in Libya and the Arab world is quite happy with the news of the end of Mouamar Gaddafi and his regime. It is only fitting for a bloody dictator and a regime to meet a bloody end. No one should shed tears. Contrary to his claim to die fighting, Gaddafi was pulled from a sewer pipe like a rat. Read the rest of this entry »

Libya; hypocricy of the “Left”

2 07 2011

The American or for that matter the Arab “left” must not be fooled by killers and murderers the likes of Mouamar Gaddafi and Bashar Assad, just like they were fooled by the likes of Saddam Hussein before.

The claims of being anti-imperialists, anti-colonialist, anti-Americans, anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-Zionists and pro-liberation and resistance to the Israeli Occupation must not be an excuse for these dictators to kill, murder, oppress, run police state and squanders hundreds of billions of the people wealth.

Also it must not be an excuse for those who “left” that have stood up for liberation. That liberation must also apply to the people and citizens of Libya and Syria and Sudan or Yemen to be free to choose their own leaders and to have their own liberations from these oppressive dictatorial regimes.

Reading through Veterans Today and other media, I had to take to the type writer and address, the likes of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and my colleague Franklin Lamb, a man who I much admire and respect for his many years of advocacy of Palestinian rights in Lebanon, who sad to say are taking up the cause of Mouamar Gaddafi in his fight against his own people. Keeping in mind, the first thing Gaddafi did was enlisting Israel to recruit African mercenaries to shoot and kill his own people.

Mouamar Gaddafi has been in power, with absolute power over Libya for over 41 years, running Libya and its own people as his own privately owned estate for his benefits and that of his family, associates and those within his own intelligence services.

Libya should be one the wealthiest countries in Africa with a population some 6 millions, Libya should be no different from Dubai or for that mater Brunei with a standard of living unmatched any where in the Middle East, let alone the world, but for Gaddafi and his family squandering hundreds of billions in Africa and on African corrupt dictators and of course supporting not liberation but terrorist organizations throughout the world from Ireland to Indonesia, Philippines, Italy and Germany.

The issue here is not what happened to the hundreds of billions of the Libyan’s people money, (recently it was announced that the Zionist run banking house of Goldman Sachs lost a mere $1.3 Billions of the people’s money on currency speculations). But the issue here is not what happened to the hundreds of billions of the people money but Mouamar Gaddafi and his criminal enterprise he ran under the name of “ The Great Socialist People Libyan Arabs Jamahiriya”.

Mouamar Gaddafi ran a police state no different from Saddam Hussein Ba’athists Party or Bashar Assad Ba’athist Party or for that matter Kim Jong-Il of North Korea.

Gaddafi followed the East German security and informer’s model where 10-20 % of the Libyan population worked as spies and informers for the Revolutionary Committees, Qaddafi’s own “Communist Brigade”, where “dissent” is officially illegal and punishable according to law 73 of 1973 and where “political” conversations with foreigner are illegal punishable by 3 years of prisons.

While Abu-Ghuraib prison will always remain an indictment of the George Bush occupation of Iraq, and Al-Khyiam Prison will remain forever reminder of the cruel and criminal Israeli occupation of South Lebanon,

Gaddafi was ruthless when dealing with political dissent just like he did when in less than three hours executed over 1200 prisoners in Abu Salim Prison in 1996, executed by Gaddafi security services including one in the name of Fouad Assad ben Omran whose family in an interview with Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 (March 1, 2011) reported how his family and for over a year and half came on regular basis to prison thinking he was alive waiting two or three days to see him, “ they told us he was there, but we weren’t allowed to see him” only. Fouad Assad ben Omran was one of those executed in cold blood by Gaddafi’s regime.

Mouamar Gaddafi was ruthless in dealing with dissent specially student dissent. Mohamed al-Abdallah, the deputy secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya is quoted to tell Aljazeera “ in the 1970’s against student when he publicly hung students who were marching, demonstrating demanding rights in Benghazi and in Tripoli and other places” Mr. al-Abdallah continues to state “ he executed in probably the most brutal manner that we saw 1,200 prisoners in the Abu-Selim prison who were unarmed and in jail, he executed them in less than 3 hours”. These stories among others are coming out because the wall of fear and silence in the Arab world has been broken and breached forever.

Gaddafi is not the “revolutionary man” he is portrayed to be, he supported the likes of war criminal Slobodan Milosevic as he engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia and he supported die hard Orthodox Serbs in their war against Bosnian Muslims. Gaddafi was also a close friend of right wing Nazi sympathizer anti-Muslim the late Austrian politician Jorge Haider.

Gaddafi not only snuffed local dissent but took his fight against Libyan dissidents all over the world were Libyan diplomat engaged in assassination and cold blooded murder as they did in April of 1984 (I was in London on that day) when Libyan diplomat using the Libyan Embassy shot at 11 Libyan dissident and killing Yvonne Fletcher the British police woman who was guarding the demonstration.

It is also well known that Gaddafi also funded and sponsored some anarchists groups such as the Red Brigade engaged in the bombing attacks on Rome and Vienna airports killing 19 and wounding 140. The bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie and the French UTA over Niger will always remain the largest mass murder committed by Mouamar Gaddafi and his regime.

The Palestinians were not an exception in Gaddafi erratic behavior not withstanding his claims of being a supporter of the Palestinian quest for liberation.

The Journal of Palestine Studies issue 29, winter of 97 carried a full accounting of the cruel abuse and suffering of Palestinians living and working in Libya. In retaliations for Arafat signing Oslo, Gaddafi announced in his 1st of September 94 speech announced his plans to “expel” the more than 30,000 Palestinians, mostly skilled and professional workers (unlike most Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan). Gaddafi in phone calls ordered the Ministry of Labor not to renew any work permits for Palestinians, not to issue new permits and even not allow the return of any Palestinians with families to Libya. Thousands of Palestinians were forced to march toward the Egyptian borders where Mubarak Egypt will not allow them passage. Thousands were stranded in camps in the hot and cold Libyan Desert.

Gaddafi is quoted as saying “ all I want I will be doing is for their best interest. No matter how they suffer even if they remain in the camps for years to come”.

Israel was never too far in the minds and actions of Mouamar Gaddafi were he engaged in the cultivations of relations with “Libyan” Jews as a way of opening the gate to Washington for Gaddafi and his family.

According to the Israeli publication (Israel Today Magazine of March 4, 2011) Gaddafi regime initiated as far as 2007 relationship with Libyan Jews offering large sums of money for the formalization of a “Libyan political party” to run in the 1997 national Israeli elections.

According to the Israeli publication, Meir Kahlon head of the World Organizations of Libyan Jews” told the Jerusalem Post that between 2005 and 2007 he (Kahlon) traveled to Jordan on a number of occasions to meet with Libyan officials. However these repeated meeting stopped later on.

Using his connections with Israel and with world Zionist groups Gaddafi as a way to seek a foot hold for him in official Washington announced in 2003 his plans to abandon his programs of “weapons of mass destructions”. This of course gave a great relief to Israel and its allies in Washington (not that Gaddafi was a serious threat to Israel) and George Bush formally ended the US trade embargo against Libya.

Tony Blair the war criminal he is, was the first one to visit Mouamar Gaddafi in 2004 with many Western leaders all of sudden discovered the Gaddafi the statesman, the leaders of Africa, the presiding head of the Arab League heads of states and was soon invited to Rome, Paris, Spain among other nations and the UN where he was feted as conquering general, forgetting Gaddafi the criminal who killed Italian, French, Americans and British.

All were too keen in getting piece of the action worth tens of billions of contracts worth of weapons and industrial projects. Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Tony Blair, George Bush, even Barack Obama all forgot the tens of thousands of Libyan executed over 41 years of his reign and forgetting the tens of thousands of people killed in his many wars in Africa and the hundreds killed in Northern Ireland.

Hilary Clinton feted Moatasem Al-Gaddafi at the State Department as late as December 21, 2009. Of course millions of dollars to both NeoCons and Democratic public relationship shops did the trick in polishing the picture of Gaddafi regimes, just like he is doing now feted journalist and liberal leftist activist. When it comes to money and recognition, principals always go out of the window.

Let no be fooled, Gaddafi was a mega maniac, who loved money, much of it, with tens of billions deposited in Austria, Switzerland, France, England and the US. The fact that he always appeared in public receiving officials in his modest “tens” should not hid the fact that Gaddafi and members of his family looted the country.

His children are well known to live the high and wild life style of the rich and famous, throwing wild parties in the Caribbean, in Rome, in Vienna, and in Marrakech, spending millions of dollars on artist such as Maria Carey, pop star Beyonce. The behavior of Gaddafi children was no different from the behavior of the children of Saddam Hussein’s Uday and Quasi.

Gaddafi’s contempt for his people is well know, and it goes back some 41 years and it include his “Green Book” and his “Green Revolution” and his “Jamahiriya” or people governing committee where no one is ever held accountable or in charge. Even Gaddafi himself announced on public television that he is only a “leader” and does not have an official role in government, yet he, his family and his intelligence services run every thing. The Libyan people are not cockroaches and rats as he claimed they are.

With the first public dissent and public demonstration Gaddafi and his family members rather than opening a dialogue decided to send his army against his own people. Musrata and other towns are only a testament to the crimes he committed against his own people. Musrtata according to Kelly Moore former UN spoke person in Bosnian is quoted in the Christian Science Monitor after seeing pictures of Musrata to “ Musrata no different from Sarajevo ” Public relations no matter how expensive or polished should never cover crimes committed by any leaders any where in the world.

George W. Bush’s Legacy; A Foot in the Mouth, a Shoe in the Face!

25 12 2008

Thank God/Allah there are only a few weeks left in George W. Bush’s presidency. No president in the history of the US has done so much damage to the country, to the US Constitution and the world like George W. Bush has. For sure George W. Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever in the history of the US and for good reason. Not only has he engaged the country in his war on Iraq with lies and reckless and irresponsible management of the war, but he put his Republican cronies on Wall Street and K Street, fleecing the country and stripping the US treasury clean, allowing the Federal government to trample all of the constitutional rights that made the US such a great and special country. Read the rest of this entry »

Will Obama’s Presidency becomes Clinton’s Third Term?

10 12 2008

When President-Elect Barack Obama was running for president one of his key issue and message to voters was that John McCain presidency would be a third term of George Bush. So far and based on recent major appointments President-Elect Obama is making his presidency a Bill Clinton third term. Read the rest of this entry »

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