The Siege of Gaza, Israeli Crimes, Palestinian Failures.

29 01 2008

Few days ago, I received from my friend, Subhi Ghandour, the executive director of Al-Hewar Center in Vienna, VA an article written by Mohamed Sief Aldawla of Cairo, titled “Infrastructure for the Siege, Four Treaties and Thirty Nations”. The article is perhaps one of the best and most telling, I have seen so far on the background of the deliberate siege of Gaza, in which the Palestinian Authority played a key role. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaza on my mind

21 01 2008

Palestinian demonstrators take part in a candlelight vigil against the Israeli blockade of the Gaza StripWatching the news last night of Gaza in the dark makes me sick. I am sick of the Israeli leadership that does not hesitate to show their criminal behavior and racism, which runs deep in their blood, to gain favor with their people. I sick of the Palestinian leadership in both Gaza and Ramallah that is unable to live up to its responsibilities toward more than 4.5 millions under occupation. Yes the Israeli Army and Settler did leave Gaza, but Gaza remained occupied by Israel since Israel exercise control and access to air, land and sea. Read the rest of this entry »

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