Obama’s many broken promises in the Middle East.

9 02 2011

When President Obama ran for office, America and the world looked for and prayed for change, a change that never came at least to the Middle East. It did not come to Iraq, did not come to Afghanistan, and certainly did not come to the Middle East conflict.  President Obama’s speech in Cairo was full of promise and hope, a promise that remained unfulfilled and a hope that vanished quickly.  Obama’s” wishy washy” management of Egypt “people’s revolution” showed the Arab and Muslim world that America is America, the world change but America will not change. Read the rest of this entry »

Every day should be a “Day of Atonement”.

19 09 2010

To the millions of Zionist Jews in Israel and around the world, and the millions of Evangelical Christian Zionists who were behind the creation of the State of Israel and to all those who supports, funds, serve and sponsor both the Jewish Occupation of Palestine and the Jewish settlements of what remained of historic Palestine, every day must be and should be a Day of Atonement, a Yom Kippur for the sins and crimes committed all these years and are committed every day. Read the rest of this entry »

Why not Mr. Obama? Let Alqaeda investigate September 11th.

3 06 2010

No Mr. Obama, no Mr. Biden, both of you are very very wrong. Your decision to support Israel and justify the cold-blooded murder on the high sea is an insult to every American and an insult to the decent and free people of the world. Your demands that Israel investigate its own crimes is like asking Alqaeda to investigate September 11th and the crimes it committed. Sorry no one is buying your sense of logic and your excuses. Read the rest of this entry »

What the Germans Knew, what the Jews know?

15 11 2009

He flew to New York City to offer an apology, offer a gesture of small financial contribution. She received him in here bosh multi million dollar New York apartment on the Upper East Side. She did not accept his “apology”, did not accept the lifetime saving of the deceased, she kept the small “tea can”, he agreed to donate the saving of 8,000 German Marks to a Jewish charity that promote reading and literacy. Read the rest of this entry »

Give up on Obama, Disband the Palestinian Authority.

3 11 2009

The issue of continuing and expanding Jewish settlements came back to haunt the Palestinian leadership that negotiated Oslo and continued to negotiate with Israel for the last 16 years while Israeli continued to build and expand its settlements, not to mention building the Apartheid Wall. Read the rest of this entry »

Time for Khalid Mishaal to check into a mental hospital

17 09 2009

Few days ago, Khalid Mishaal, the leader of Hamas announced from all places, Khartoum that Hamas in Gaza not only import weapons, but also manufactures and export weapons as well.  He commended the Sudanese government for its steadfastness and resolve against international pressure to end the war in Darfur and of course protecting its own backyards from the far reach of the Israeli air force. Read the rest of this entry »

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