Missing; Arab Political Leadership

24 08 2013

Whether we like it not, whether we agree with it or not, the Arab World in the last 60 years had two leaders of consequence and world stature, the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud (1906-197) and the late Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970). The conflicts, the mayhem, the failings, the backwardness, the oppression, the exiles, we see everyday shows the Arab World is in desperate needs of true leadership. I always wondered if these two leaders lived long enough, cooperated long enough I am sure the Arab World would not be the same as it is now, broken and bleeding.

To the misfortune of Arabs and Arab nations, they have been ruled for decades by the military, by socialists, by nationalists, by secularists, by capitalists, by Ba’athists, by Islamists (Sudan), by lunatics, kleptomaniacs and narcissists and the result is what we see today.

Nations, rises and falls with leadership and history showed us leaders that made a difference in their nation history. Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaul, Jawaharlal Nehru, Konrad Adenauer, Nelson Mandela, David Ben-Gurion, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, Lee Kuan Yeu are among those who made a difference for the good in their own country and in building or rebuilding their nations.

On the other hand, many leaders also contributed to the failings of their countries the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mussolini. Nixon, Bush, Saddam Hussain, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muamar Qaddafi, Hafiz Assad, Ben Ali, Bahsar Assad, Nourdineen Malki, Omar Al-Bashir, Yasser Arafat, Hosni Mubarak are among the many who failed their own people and failed their countries. Driven by hate, partisan politics, dismissing the others and oppositions, and in the case of the Arab leaders, arrogance, stupidity, incompetency, criminal recklessness and corruption.

The Arab World not only suffers from oppressions, hunger, discontent, illiteracy, fear, death, destruction, sectarian conflicts, coupes and terrorisms, it suffers from anemic leadership that failed to rise up above its own narrow selfish interests, partisan and sectarian politics, family and feudal politics lacking a vision for the nation and no caring for the people. This is the case, we saw in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Jordan, in Sudan, in Palestine, and in Yemen among many. In the case of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia going beyond George Bush infamous statement “either you are with us or against us” demonizing the oppositions as “terrorists”. This behavior shows lack of political sophistications, loyalty to the country and people, inherent personal and public weakness to engage the opposition in a meaningful dialogue.

Political parties as we have seen in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Jordan, in Egypt, in Yemen, in Sudan among others are for the most part self serving their own interests mainly of leadership perpetuating the status quo that failed the people all these years.

What we see today in Tunisia, with the opposition parties mainly secular/liberal parties and labor unions shows at best this narrow selfish interests demanding all or nothing putting the Jasmine Revolution at risk, and refusing to consider what is good for the nation. Living in time pasts, having failed all these years to deliver any real and tangible benefits for their membership and nation. Certainly having failed to bring about the revolution. Now they want to have all the benefits of the revolution for themselves and not for the nation.

Lebanon is no different, notwithstanding semblance of civility of fine nightclubs, bonjour, merci, Louis Vuitton, it remains a feudal and sectarian society ruled by money, families and warlords. The Civil War that destroyed the country, left over 100,000 dead, and 30,000 missing, put the country in substantial debt with looting that left basic infrastructure unfinished, a scarred nation remains that remained divided along the few haves and the millions of have not, along sectarian lines and loyalty to families and world lords of times past, manifesting itself with deadlock partisan and sectarian politics ready to explode at any moment.

The scene is no different in many of the Arab nations, with political, civil society, labor, intellectual elites and leadership that is at best, partisan, ideologically driven, sectarians, narrow minded, without a vision for the future and for the most part on the payrolls of someone from within and from without.

It is hard to believe that nations like Iraq, and Tunis, even Egypt could not bring about political leadership that can put an end to the mayhem and killings like that in Iraq, deadlock politics in Tunisia and all or nothing military coup in Egypt. The people of Iraq did not benefit from ending Saddam’s criminal regime; it is now much worst and too corrupt. In Tunisia risking all that gained from a revolution they did not initiate but want to milk for their own partisan benefits. In Egypt the January revolution that ended 60 years of military and police state came to abrupt end because political parties and groups did not go beyond their own narrow interests and forgot what the revolution was all about, rebuilding the nation and giving the people the dignity and decent living they have been robbed off all these years.

Lack of such political and intellectual leadership is apparent everywhere. The Syrian Opposition more interested in offices, benefits and five stars hotels, failed to uniting politics with field commanders that allowed Bashar Assad and Salafi Jihadist to rob them and the Syrian people from a victory they deserve.

Sudan a failed state for many years due to incompetent corrupt partisan politics responsible for the war crimes in Darfur and the loss of South Sudan. In Yemen, there is absolute and urgent needs for all parties and political leadership to bring the nation together and making a difference in a country suffering from malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty. Interests of the nation and people should come before partisan politics.

Palestine and Iraq are no different, with political dictatorship that lost its legitimacy long time ago, leadership that puts its own selfish personal and financial interests ahead of any thing else. While Iraqi sectarian leadership (Sunnis and Shiites) failed to rise up to the occasion healing a nation destroyed by Saddam Hussein and George Bush and the daily mayhem of booby-trapped cars and suicide bombing could not bring itself to change a political system installed by American Zionist NeoCons.

In Palestine, both Hamas and Fatah leadership forgot about the continued occupation, the expansion of Jewish settlements are engaged in partisan politics that shamed all Palestinians and risked any future for a Palestinian state. Partisan politics that keeps Gaza under siege, keeping millions in large jail, keep thousands of political prisoners, nurture even promote political intolerance and hate.

I tried hard to think of those who in the Arab world that rose above partisan and sectarian politics and I simply could not fined any deserving leadership that can rise to the stature of the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud or the late Gamal Abdel Nasser. While both were on the opposite of the political and ideological difference, they came together at the end for the good of the Arab World. It was too short to make a difference. Nasser died of perhaps induced heart attack, while King Faisal was gunned down by evil American Zionist powers afraid of his commitment to the liberation of Jerusalem.

Simply there are no political parties or political and intellectual leadership worthy enough to make a difference, can rise to level much needed to give the Arab World the hope, bring peace, democracy and accountable government, give the people a reason to live and no reasons to die.

Ps. I mentioned David Ben-Gurion because he was instrumental in establishing and building Israel as military and political power, notwithstanding its legitimacy, land theft, expulsion of Palestinians, its racist’s policies and practice. Arafat was a narcissist fraud.

Egypt; Bullets not Ballots Rule

18 08 2013

Red lines are crossed when political groups or individuals take up arms as part of civil protests seeking political or economic change. Governments and regimes also cross red-line when they use deadly military forces to quell such protests and invite the populations to take up arms and engage in popular and armed uprising to topple the regime and change the nature of the state. We have seen this in Libya and in Syria. The sad tragic and deadly events in Egypt shows both the military and the Brotherhood are unfit to lead and govern.

In the January uprising, Mubarak regime and in a desperate attempts to thwart the popular uprising threatening the regime, both official media and ministry of interior engaged in lies and manufacturing the truth with many so called “credible” media such as Al-Ahram and Egyptian television including well known journalists took up the lies, with claims that Arab looking (Palestinians) are caught red handed in Tahrir Square with weapons, arms and communication gears, same claims now against the Brotherhood and of course with support from non Egyptian.

Egyptian television stations and well known journalists went so far in manufacture the truth airing interviews with a “journalist” claiming she was part of a large group trained by Israel and Qatar in the US to help overthrow the Mubarak regime. It came out later that this “journalist” was on the payroll of a major government media. In Egypt then and now and as always the truth is the first victim.

If the claims by the military regime that the Muslims Brothers engaged in violent uprisings and use of weapon then this undermine the claims by the Brotherhood that the demonstration and protests are “peaceful”. However from past experience it seems every one in Egypt is engaged in lies and manufacturing the truth. The number of fatality within police and military ranks does not fit the claims that the Brothers are engaged in well-organized armed insurrection and acts of terrorism.

Burning of churches, public buildings and destruction of private properties is a crime no matter how any one looks at whether committed by the Brotherhood or the military or its thugs. The burning of churches reminds up of the television claim by convicted former minister of interior Habib Al-Adly who falsely claimed that “armed foreigners i.e. Palestinians” were behind the burning of the Coptic Saints Church in Alexandria only to emerge later that ministry of interior thugs were the ones that fired bomb the church. Burning of churches and public buildings should disqualify the Brotherhoods from public office in the same way it should disqualify the military and ministry of interior from qualifying to rule the state. One has to question why burning of churches and headquarters or the Brotherhood were not a crime before the coup, but a crime after?

General Al-Sisis, the minister of defense and head of the Egyptian military seems to be in too much harry to join infamous generals the likes of Augusto Jose Pinochet (Chile) Rafael Vidola (Argentina) and Magalhaes Pinto (Brazil) among the many generals who aborted and snuffed democracy and the will of the people through ballot boxes. Military coup and bullets are no substitute for ballots.

General Al-Sisi and his generals are not about to let go of the absolute power the military have held over Egypt since Nasser came to power even it means burning down Egypt and every thing in it.

I could not help but see some similarities and contrasts between what is happening in Egypt and what happened in Chile. In Egypt General Al-Sisi and his generals could not and will never accept a civilian government in Egypt, let alone accept the idea that the military is under civilian rule and accountability. There is too much economic and personal stakes in such decision. The military in Egypt is a business, a big conglomerate, racketeering enterprise with substantial share of the economic life in Egypt with the defense of the country as a side by-product.

The Egyptian military were too anxious to precipitate the down fall of the Brotherhood and the democratically elected president and parliament and one year of Morsi rule was too much to take and military could not accept the interruption of the military rule that governed since 1953. The Egyptian liberals and secularist tolerated 60 years of a failed state, but could not tolerate the incompetence of the Brotherhood for a year?

In Chile, General Pinochet and his generals initially were not interested in governing but for the active instigation of the US and its CIA. The Chilean military were always and for many years accepted even promoted their professional not political role in the affairs of the state. Of course the military coupe made sure 48 years stretch of democratic rule comes to an abrupt end with the killing of the first “socialist” freely elected president in the history of Latin America. The United States with the conniving war criminal like of Henry Kissinger engaged fully in the toppling of the Allende regime supplying $10 million in the process and supplying the missiles that hit the presidential palace. In contrast the US invested more than $66 billions in the Egyptian military since Sadat –Begin Camp David. General Al-Sisi and his generals did not need any incitement to bring an end to the rule of the first Muslim Brothers elected to office making it would be the last. The Egyptian military did not need any incitement from any one to bring about the military coup.

According to the Rettig Report, in Chile, General Pinochet regime killed and murdered 3,065 citizens tortured 31,947 with 2,279 who simply disappeared. In addition to the 1,312 exiled. This happened over a period of time (1973-1998).

In contrast to Egypt the claims of more than 3000 killed in couple days break the records set by the Pinochet of Chile, and if one is to count the number of those were tortured by the military regime since Nasser days then Egypt breaks all the records set forth by Brazil, Argentina and Chile combined.

It is so ironic that Allende and Morsi both promoted the generals that toppled them. Allende and Morsi promoted Pinochet and Al-Sisis shortly before the military coup. While Chile returned to civilian rule and ballot based democracy, it is very unlikely that Egypt will ever see ballot based democracy.

While Chilean liberal and democrats struggled for years to bring about an end to the military regime and the re-introduction of civilian rules, Egyptian secularists and liberals are riding on top of military tanks to bring back military regime and end once and for all any chance a civilian democratically elected government and parliament.

In Egypt the chance of having true democratic government, with separate and independent branches, executive Legislative and judiciary seem unlike to ever take place. Too bad for Egyptians, for Arabs and for the world, the bloodbath in Rabiya Al-adawyia erased the euphoric spirit of Tahrir Square. Political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood as we have seen it so far is a total failure as an alternative to military regimes. In the same way military regimes could never be a valid and credible alternatives to elected governments. In Egypt bullets not ballots rule.

Egypt, Not So Great

13 07 2013

With little due respect, the past year and post June 30th shows there is nothing great about Egypt, not its military, not its police, not its Brothers, not its media, not its judiciary, not its intellectuals, not the Coptic Church, not the Al-Azhar, not secularists, not the nationalist, not civil societies, not its young, certainly not its political and economic leadership. All are not great certainly they all are losers.

No matter what others may define it, what happened in Cairo couple of weeks ago, is a military coupe with the ugly face of religion, secularism, and Arab nationalism all over it? It is the coupe that killed the infant Egyptian democracy, and proved that the January 25 Tahrir Square uprising never was complete revolution and did not end military dictatorship in Egypt, and proved it is this Holy Cow that is milking all Egyptians.

Now I can see the many in Egypt who are angry with Morsi and the Brotherhood for failing to deliver miracle that can only happens in religious stories in the Bible, The Holy Quran and the Torah. Morsi in one year failed to fix the damage done by the military dictatorship rule for over 60 years.

In his one year in office, the incompetent failed miserable Morsi could not fix Egypt soaring national debt, could not fix the high birth rate, could not fix the unprecedented high unemployment, could not fix the long bread and gas lines that are the trade mark of Egypt, could not deliver a chicken at the table for each Egyptian family, could not fix the trains that never ran on time, could not fix the almost non existing infrastructure, did not end the corruption, did not recover tens of billions of unpaid taxes, did not recover millions of acres given away by the old regime for dirt cheap, could not end the rampant abuse by the police, could not fix the judiciary, could not fix the media, he could not fix any thing.

Poor Morsi, he is but an engineer and a Brother. May be the Egyptian thought they elected a miracle Jesus or a Moses, Oh yes, he could not snuff out Mubarak entrenched state institutions and the dozen or so family that rule the country and looted it for decades.

And for all the 30 millions (claimed) that went to the streets demanding his lynching and that of the Brothers he was an absolute failure. I guess it is Ok for Mubarak and his Oligarchs and the military to loot the country for 30 years and failed to fix all of these chronic problems having30 years to do it. All of a sudden the millions who slept through Mubarak regime woke up venting their revenge not against Mubarak and the military but against Morsi and the Brothers.

Ok, the Brothers failed to see and understand that the Egyptian who elected Morsi for president and voted for the Constitution did not vote for “Islam is the Solution” they voted for Morsi and the Constitutions, because they wanted a government by the people, for the people and not a government for the few by the few.

Morsi and his Brothers simply were not ready and unfit to govern a failed country like Egypt. They failed to understand that running a country like Egypt with endless chronic problems is unlike running the Brothers, with total obedience to the “Morshid”. Running Egypt requires seasoned politicians not a disciplined Brothers, and required balancing different and competing interest, managing different and competing ideologies, with governing institutions that remained loyal to Mubarak. Morsi and the Brothers failed to build an alliance with all those who made January 25th a landmark in the 7,000 years history that is Egypt They simply did not get it and for that they deserve to be losers.

Morsi could not fix a corrupt; incompetent politicized judicial system we saw in Mubarak tenure. Hundreds of thousands jailed on flimsy charges with sentences that made no sense at all. Morsi could not fix a corrupt judicial system that collaborated with the ministry of interior that presided over the torture of hundreds of thousands under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. He failed to fix a judicial system that overlooked the looting of the nation by the few and prosecutors who simply and deliberately lost cases because it was “politically correct”. The judiciary is big time loser.

It is hard to imagine that over a 1000 people killed by police and thugs (Baltagya) in the January uprising, as we saw on television, and prosecutors and police did not have enough evidence to make credible prosecution and seek justice for the victims and their families. We saw thugs riding camels and horses charge demonstrators yet neither prosecutors nor police could and chose and founded it necessary to dig deep and see who is behind all of this. Not Mubarak not Morsi will ever receive a fair trial in Egypt, never.

Over 26 people killed in Maspero (October 9, 2012) as military vehicles charged demonstrators and yet no prosecutions and no charges were ever brought against the military. No prosecutor dares to file charges against the military. Justice denied for all the victims and their families.

In the last few weeks, we saw dozens of Brothers headquarters charged by thugs, burned and looted as the police stood by making no efforts to stop the arson, looting and killing. Ah well I guess the good old Egyptian police is at its best. The police was and will always be so unprofessional in every way and they too are losers.

Now the military. Morsi and his Brothers and the majority of those who drafted the now abrogated constitution did not do the military or the people of Egypt a favor when they granted the military “special status”. This “great” Egyptian army is the only army in the world that drafts and set aside its own budget beyond the control of the parliament or the president. It can put civilians on trial in military tribunal without any oversight from any civilian institutions, not the president, not the parliament, certainly not the judiciary.

The abrogated constitution granted the military the right to keep its business enterprises (30% of the Egyptian economy) that feeds and fatten the bellies and bank accounts of its officers and commanders while the soldiers are malnutrition living on tea and paper bread and are as shabby as ever.

The Morsi and the Egyptian people deserve what they got, because none of the political leaders, left, right and the middle had the courage and the will power to clips its wings and put the military in the barracks once and for all.

Morsi and the Brothers got what they deserve. They had their chance and they blew it. As it stands, the military proved once again, it could and will always interfere in the politics of Egypt, remove presidents, dissolve parliament, and dismiss judges as it chose. They are calling the shots. This military that never won a war, is a loser.

Then there is the Egyptian media. A media which I never had faith in from the days of “Arab Voice” and Ahmad Said. A media that lost all credibility’s way back during Nasser days. How can there be a credible independent media if the president of the country is the one that appoints editors of major national newspapers?

The Egyptian media, whether print, television or radio is a “coin operated” media just like a jukebox in an American diner. You insert the coin and you chose the song and dance. And this is the Egyptian media.

Hard to believe television presenters, talk show hosts behaving as a “cabaret performers” short of striptease, in bad taste, not different from the trashy television shows and films aired on Egyptian television. Thanks to Turkish dramas there is much less Egyptian trash on Arab televisions these days. The media is another loser.

Now there is the ugly face of religion as we saw on the forum decorating Al-Sisi announcement of his military coupe and revocation of a fledging democracy, first ever in Egypt 7,000 year’s history. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Pope have no place in this forum. They should be where they belong in the mosque and in the cathedral, not side by side by self-serving military officer. Both the mosque and the church are losers. And by the way they were never instruments of positive change or reforms. Always at command and will of the ruler. Both never subscribed to “liberation theology” justifying misery, hunger, humiliation and abuse by the state as God’s will, and they too are losers.

Finally all the “secularists” and “Arab nationalists” who always sided with military dictators in Syria, in Yemen, in Libya, in Iraq, and yes in Egypt, and always paid lib service to freedom and democracy, to human and civil rights. With the exception of the few, they were silent as hundreds of thousands were jailed, tortured and executed by dictatorial regimes all over the Arab world. Any way they never had any credibility in the streets or among the Arab masses and they too are losers.

One would think that this alliance of “secularists and nationalists” would be the first to oppose the military coup. No they were the first to jump on top of tanks as the military “delete” the first ever-free election in Egypt. Hypocrisy at its best. But then and I dare say there are no genuine true Arab intellectuals with advocates of democracy and of the people, with a vision for the future. They too are “coin operated”.

What is so surprising even disgusting is the silence of Arabs and Muslims as the Egyptian military and police open fires on early morning worshipers near the Presidential Guard compound killing 53 persons in cold blood.

This is in contrast to the uproar all over the Muslim and Arab world when the American-Israeli settler Rabbi Baruch Goldstein opened fire (February 25, 1994) on Muslim worships performing the early Morning Prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron killing 29 and wounding 125. I guess it is Ok when Arab/Muslim army kills worshipers but it is not Ok when a Jew kills Muslim worshipers. Please some one explains this to me.

Now the anti-Morsi secularists and nationalists are calling Morsi supporters “terrorists”. I guess they all need to hire Pam Geller, Daniel Pipe and Steve Emerson and Bibi Netanyahu to be their leaders. Shame all the shame on all of them.

Too bad for Egypt, to bad for the Arabs, for Muslims, for democracy, for freedom and the future, the Egyptian Revolution that inspired hundreds of millions around the world, came to an abrupt end by military tanks. One more reason to say there is nothing great about Egypt.

Egypt Unfit to Lead

3 07 2013

Any one who thinks Egypt is ready to lead the Arab world has to think twice. The coming hours will show once again that Egypt political leadership whether Muslim Brothers or “secular nationalists” are unfit to lead and manage a country in transition.

The late Gamal Abdul Nasser was the closet thing to come to an Arab leader. He was charismatic, mesmerizing in his speeches, uniting Arabs from the Atlantic to the Gulf with his vision of Pan Arabism. A vision and practice that proved a total disaster.

Despite Nasser’s rhetoric of promoting revolutionary changes in the Arab world and the transformation of the country’s rural society, he failed to address the urgent needs of the Egyptian people for freedom and liberty and true comprehensive political reforms that empower the people and not only the “effendi” and military officers. Instead, he transformed Egypt from a corrupt monarchy with ruling elites to a military dictatorship and police state. Nasser rule brought an end to intellectual discussions and debates on liberal democracies and visions of a new state. And that debate never took off again during Sadat or Mubarak regimes.

Nasser failure to transform the political, economic and social systems in Egypt into a working model for other Arab countries to follow paved the way for other Arab dictatorships to take hold across the Arab world. Although Nasser rhetoric certainly contributed to the toppling of longstanding regimes in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and even Syria, the new leaders that replaced them also transformed these countries into military dictatorships and police states.

Nasser institutionalized the role of the military and empowerment of the one party state (Arab Socialist Union). Nasser, much like his successors, never allowed for the emergence of political and intellectual diversity in Egypt for fear that such leadership may form a danger and a challenge to their leadership. Nasser was reliant on a group of military officers who were ill trained and unqualified to manage the significant problems of failing transportation, housing, health services, food production and distribution, standards of living, and poverty challenges that Egypt was facing and continue to face some 60 years later.

Nasser did initiate the industrialization of Egypt, a process started with Mohammed Ali (1769-1849) the Albanian who ruled and started the dynasty Nasser ended. Mohammed Ali was truly the father of modern day Egypt. Nasser’s political, industrial, even agrarian policies followed the Soviet model, which failed to uplift and improve the quality of life for citizen. The failure of these policies can still be seen today.

For example, Nasser’s rural reforms earned him the good will of millions of Egyptians who were “chattels” on the land. He ended “”Iqta,” the leasing of large tracks of land to the political and economic elite at the expense of Egypt’s rural poor, in place since the Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517). Despite promises of greater prosperity for the country’s rural poor, his rural and agricultural reforms were ill conceived and badly implemented, resulting in the inability of rural farmers to sustain their needs from the small farms they gained under such land reforms. Rural Egypt became landscape of his regime’s failures in agrarian reforms.

Having failed to transform Egypt to a modern viable democracy marked by free elections, the establishment of diverse political parties, free assembly, free speech and independent judiciary, Nasser gave way for Anwar Sadat to become an absolute ruler. Sadat jailed thousands, and enabled the country’s elite to loot the country under his open policy of “Infitah” or “open door economic policy” that improvished millions of professionals and the middle class that had their hopes lifted from Nasser egalitarian educational reform.

Hosni Mubarak continued the trend of widening the income gap in Egypt and allowed his wife and sons to organize the looting of the country. Millions of Egyptians were impoverished, while the small elite became richer. Political reforms were stalled, and the rigging of elections was the standard and an accepted part of the political landscape. An independent judiciary was nowhere to be seen, corruption was everywhere, and the jailing and arresting of the opposition – mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood – became standard in Mubarak’s Egypt.

After 30 years of oppressive rule and years of mass disenfranchisement by successive Egyptian regimes, a revolution of anger and resentment fueled the people’s courage to face the Mubarak regime’s brutal oppression on the streets.

Contrary to the many revolutions (Russia, France, US, Czechoslovakia among others) that were lead by intellectuals and free thinkers, The Egyptian Uprising was lead by young energetic committed people and mostly secularist Egyptians who wanted a fair share in the country’s political life, free from oppression and corruption. Neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the present Salvation Front leadership (exception Ayman Nour) was present in the front lines facing Mubarak police and thugs.

Only when it became clear Mubarak regime had no chance did the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and the leaders of Salvation Front join the revolution. The thousands who died in the protests did not die for the Brotherhood or for Amr Musa or Hamdeen Sbahi. They died for Egypt.

The result of the police state institutionalized by Nasser is what we see today. Egypt never had credible political leadership with a vision for the future; a future based on social justice, fair, just and independent judicial system, equal opportunities for a quality life, free from the degrading poverty majority of Egyptians endured for centuries.

The Egyptian elites remain, with even the country’s intellectual and artistic elites lacking any connection to the millions of Egyptians living in absolute poverty and daily humiliation standing before breadline’s vegetable and meat stands. They enjoyed their private clubs, shopping sprees in Milan and Paris, being driven around Cairo in limousines, Mercedes Bens and MBWs, with a lack of awareness of the tens of millions who had to endure assault, robbery and crowded buses. They have to wait in the breadlines to get a few loafs of “paper bread.” Egypt has not changed much since Nasser further entrenched the hold that the country’s elite had on resources and political power.

Dr. Morsi and his Brothers failed to understand that his election has nothing to do with an “Islamic State” or a “Sharia.” It has every thing to do with addressing the urgent need for social justice, delivery of food to the table, improvement in public service, collection of garbage, and the delivery of health services. Morsi election’s has nothing to do with “Halal or Haram,” and it certainly had nothing to do with “Heaven and Hell” or with the “Believers and Infidels.” It was about a demand for the basic needs of the people oppressed for decades to be met.

Rather than build partnership and consensus, particularly among the young who borne the costs of the revolution, Dr. Morsi relied on his Brothers to divide the nation into believers and non-believers. And this is where he failed miserably. Rather than rely on the streets and the millions who voted for him, most of who were not Brothers, Dr. Morsi remained hostage to the “Murshid” and the powerful few within the Brothers. Dr. Morsi’s failing is what may cost him the presidency.

The Muslim Brotherhood failed to come up with a workable vision of the kind of state they want. Leaders of the Salvation Front failed to take a stand on the former regime and exonerated many of the same people who were responsible for the death and injury of thousands of Egyptians under the previous regime. The Salvation Front failure to distance itself, if not demand judicial justice for those who were killed and those who fleeced the country shows that the Salvation Front has no moral let alone political standing to lead the country. The failings of the Brothers in Egypt, will make it so difficult for them to rebuild any credibility to rule anywhere in the Arab world.

The issues facing the Arab world, especially the Arab Spring countries, are not ideological in nature. They are political issues that have to do with rights of citizenship, bread, jobs, health care, decent education, vocational training, equal opportunities, delivery of basic services such as clean water, electricity and treatment of sewage and above all, freedom from arbitrary arrests and kangaroo courts.

It is a shame that the same Egypt that gave the Arab world great intellectual giants such as Taha Hussain, Abbas Mahmoud al-Aggad, Ahmed Lutfi al-Sayyid, Ahmed Amin, Salama Musa, Taufiq al-Hakim and Ali Abdallah Raziq has failed to realize its potential. The Egypt of the 21st century is no different from the Egypt of 20th or the 19th century. It is a shame for Egypt that the Brothers proved to be unfit to rule and the liberal “secularists” too cowardly to speak out and argue their case of an open democracy, with separation of religion from the state.

In the popular revolution that toppled Mubarak’s regime, Egyptian intellectuals and thinkers and artists were almost nowhere to be seen, with the exception of few the likes of Alaa al Aswany, Nawal el Sadawi. No one tried to give such a revolution a vision or trade mark that could transform it from a popular uprising to institutional building. No matter what happens next in Egypt, it is simply unfit to lead the Arab world.

Aborting the “Arab Spring”

13 04 2013

One thing for sure, the “secularist/nationalists” and the “salafi/islamist” in Egypt and in Tunisia all conspired willingly or unwillingly to abort the “Arab Spring” or what is left of it. Both are unfit to lead let alone govern.

I am sure the hundreds of thousands of young and old, rich and poor, ideologically free who went to the streets and took down the regimes of Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak and Muamar Qaddafi, little did they know their hard work is hijacked by “leaders” and “followers” that best can be described unfit to lead and unqualified to govern and take the countries forward, rebuilding nations people and infrastructures destroyed by decades of corruptions, police state and failing institutions.

These “secularist/nationalists” and “salafi/islamists”, and the likes of Daniel Pipes and that other pseudo intellectuals like the creep Bernard Henry Levy should know they did not bring about the Arab Spring, in fact they have nothing to do with it all.

The Arab Spring was born out of the people desire to be free, to have a quality, decent respectable life, free from fear of the knock on the door in the middle of the night, free from fear to go to jail sentenced by a judicial systems at best corrupt, unjust and at the pecking of the president, the ruling party and intelligence service. A decent house and a decent job, a future for their families and a place under the sun.

The thousands who died did not die waiting for creeps and veggie-intellectuals the likes of Bernard Levy or Daniel Pipes to bring about democracy and good governance to the Arab countries. Not Arabs, not Americans, not Europeans want or desire a democracy seeded in Zionist ideologies and corrupting financial and political systems that are destroying societies and nations from within. What an insult for the hundreds of millions of Arabs to have these two Zionists think they are the “intellect” behind the Arab Spring.

The thousands who died and went to jail did not wait for the “secularist/nationalists” whose failures, in fact whose support for dictatorial regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen brought about failing states and kelpto-dictatorship. While the Brothers went to jail, Egyptians so called “intellectuals” were heading almost all government institutions from radio and TV to national newspapers, national publications and were spreading the lies that kept Mubarak regime going for decades.

The thousands who died and the millions who took to the streets in defiance of the police and bullets did not go out so that “salafi/islamists” can go out and take the laws in their hands and determine who is a pious righteous citizen and form a nation in their own ugly dark vision.

The young and the brave Egyptians did not bring down the regime so that Egypt can be ruled by “fatwa’s” from many unfit, unlearned if not misfits who are sawing the seeds of anarchy and sectarianism. The young revolutionaries did not bring down regimes to have the state substitute one ‘secular corrupt police” with a “ religious virtue police” whose interests and understanding of the state and people does not go beyond “sex and booze”.

The biggest danger facing “Arab Spring” and citizens of states like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, certainly Syria is not American imperialism but Sunni Salafi terrorists whom in the case of Syria are the biggest danger and threat to the Syrian revolution and uprising and its chance of bring down Bashar and his criminal regime.

Al-Nusra and Alqaeda never contributed any good to the renaissance of the Arab or Muslim states and their agenda if any thing is questionable funded by certain evil forces from within the Muslim world Zionist related mafia, and from drug money generated in the opium fields of “Mujahideen and Taliban” and the cocaine trafficking in Sub-Sahara and separatists forces operating within Algeria, Mali and the Sahara.

Too bad for the citizens of these states, whether Arabs, Berber, Kurds, Muslims, Christians and Jews, religious and secular the “salafi” terrorists movements are the biggest threat to what we know today as Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq. These “salafi” terrorists are sowing the seeds of hate and ‘sectarian’ strife in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq and are committing terrorists and murderous acts whose victims are innocent people. And in Libya they are the one standing in the way or rebuilding the nation.

Not so sure if these ‘salafis” in Tunisia, or Egypt, or Iraq or Libya or Syria ever contributed money or efforts to building a school, a clinic, perhaps a bakery or social clinics let alone a factory to employ people or sport centers or rehabilitation clinic or vocational schools or a library or a science museum. The only thing they are capable of doing is killing and committing cold blood murders of innocent people and destroying nations with the hope of bringing about a retarded backward “jahylia/ ignorance” Islamic state

One has to always questions how do these “salafi terrorists” get their funding to buy arms and weapons to attack and kill and destroy and to travel the “jihad route”.

These “Islamist terrorists” with their acts and vengeance and their ugly dark vision of an “Islamist” state shares common interests with America’s imperialism and Israeli Zionism in their conspiracy to abort the Arab Spring.

Let all these Islamist Jihadist and terrorists go back to their home countries and let the Syrian people fight for their future. If America and Israel succeeded in one thing, they did succeed in nourishing and nurturing “Islamic terrorism” starting with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, the source of all evil and terrorism in the Muslim world. I am sure the Arab and Muslim world would be much better off if the Mujahideens and Taliban’s were defeated by the Soviets.

Arab Democracy; Now or Never.

3 02 2013

It seems the tens of millions the United States injected in Egypt to promote democracy went down the drain, with most of the beneficiaries of such funding are now undermining the first free presidential election in over 7,000 years. Unless Arabs; left and right, Islamists and Secularists, nationalists and independents accept the principals of “democracy” of one person one vote, free and transparent elections, citizens not government funded parties, accountability and transparency, there is no hope for democracy in the Arab world.

If the world and the Arabs think the “Arabs” are ready for democracy they better have a second look and a second thought. What is happening in Egypt now is nothing short of deliberate undermining of the fledging and infant democracy in Egypt with the opposition (National Salvation Front) and the trio of (Hamdeen Sabahi, Amr Moussa, Mohamed ElBaradei) determined to drive President Morsi out of office and bring a quick end to democracy in Egypt.

Of course President Morsi and the Muslims Brothers also share the blame for the anarchy and the collapsing of the Egyptian state having failed to understand the priorities of the Egyptian people and the priorities of those who faced Mubarak’s bullets to bring down his dictatorship. The priorities are not of rebuilding state institutions but addressing the pressing needs of a failing economy, poverty, hungers, broken down if existing infrastructures, high unemployment, personal dignity, civil and human rights abuses standards at police stations, security agencies and the courts. A new constitution was the last thing on the mind of Egyptians and this is where Morsi lacking political acumen and smarts failed and failed miserably.

The opposition, “sore losers” taking advantage of Morsi failings, lack of political experience and shortcomings not only are determine to make his presidency short one, but are active in enticing and promoting violence and anarchy in the streets of Cairo and other cities to make up for what they lack in wide popular support. Together with Mubarak “fuloul” they are working hard to have a second revolution to replace and undermine the first revolution.

President Morsi and the Muslim Brothers ignoring the “pulse” of the Egyptian streets for jobs and dignity and recognizing the “State” institutions are for the most part untouched and unaffected by the “revolutions” wrongly were determined to remaking the “state institutions” in their own image, a task that will take decades and not months or years and once again, it was not the priorities of the revolution. The fear of the Brothers complete take over of “state institutions” even if not the objective is a serious threats that Egyptians are not willing to substitute one party state with another one even if this party is the Muslim Brothers.

However Egypt is not the first country to experience undermining of a fledgling democracy and free elections. The Palestinians leadership of the PLO and Fatah were the first ones to undermine and abrogate free elections, the first and perhaps the last free elections in the Arab world.

In 2006 the Palestinians under Israeli Occupation went to the poles in the first ever-free election held in the Arab world, an election that all international observers testified to its transparency. Hamas won that election defeating long time decadent and corrupt Fatah and the PLO.

The Palestinian established leadership of the PLO and Fatah did not accept the result of the elections and decided to conspire with Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the US to undermine such transparent election, actions that lead to the bloody routing of Fatah out of Gaza and the take over of Gaza by Hamas and a division that had dire consequences if not criminal consequences for the leadership starting with the Israeli siege of Gaza and subsequent Israeli attacks on Gaza and the murders of thousands of people and the repeated destruction of Gaza.

However Palestine and Egypt are but few examples of the failings of Arab democracy. In Iraq the American invasions and the end of Saddam dictatorship did not bring democracy to Iraq but brought anarchy and sectarianism. Many thanks goes to the American legal experts who helped draft the Iraqi constitution that, rather than bring about transparent and accountable democracy and government established and entrenched evil “ sectarianism” as we see today with Almalki’s government and the start of the disintegration of the Iraqi state as we know it thus achieving the objective of the American Zionist Neocons behind the war.

Tunisia and Libya are not doing any better. In Tunisia the post revolution government so far failed to address pressing issues that lead to the uprising with priorities to economic and regional development, employments and improvements of the daily lives of people. The “Salafis” who were not in the front lines of the revolutions are now bent on transforming the civil state to a “theocratic state” in their own image and the “secularists” thus far failing to have a vision of the new state one that can accommodate “Islamists” and “secularists” or make a dent in the failing Tunisian economy and regional development.

Libya continues to suffer from armed “anarchy” with national government under constant threats from armed militias that having fought Qadafi dictatorship are now pushing to establish their own anarchist’s dictatorship. Very few in Libya are willing to put aside their weapon and spend badly needed time and talents to rebuilding state institutions, a process that needs the good will and support of all Libyans.

The recent elections in Jordan were nothing but a rerun and repeat of past elections with no real and material changes that truly and practically addresses key failings of the state, specially corruption, failing and inefficient state institutions and keeping Jordan as an international welfare state.

Perhaps Hilary Clinton is right when she stated “lack of experience” of emerging political leaders as a shortcoming. However perhaps Lt. Col. James Lacey is more accurate in describing the status in the Arab world with his prediction of the collapse of “Arab Civilizations”. This prediction came in his published article “ The Impending Collapse of Arab Civilization” in the Naval Institute: Proceedings. Concluding that it is the Arabs that are failing not Islam as predicted by Bernard Lewis and Samuel P. Huntington.

It is so ironic that the Arab world with so much natural resources, many internationally renowned thinkers and intellectuals is unable to bring about a civil change in dictatorial governments rather than bloody revolutions and uprisings. It is also unable to bring about real and material reforms in existing governments that are badly in need of reforms before the streets goes bloody.

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