America First; Why Not?

14 04 2011

As I look at and watch what is happening in Washington these days, I have to wonder whether we are living in America as envisioned by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Mason and Benjamin Franklin and the founding fathers who laid the corner stones for the emerging democracy or we are living in a country on a course of self destruct from within. Read the rest of this entry »

Is President Obama enemy of the Jews?

4 12 2009

Even before he was elected president, Barack Obama faced a relentless and vicious attacks of main stream American Jewish organizations and leadership with claims of being Muslim in secrete, of lacking the born American credential among many other claims, including being anti-Israel even though as a senator he was one of the ardent supporter of Israel and always voted in favor of Israel on all bills drafted by AIPAC and passed by the US Senate. I think it is necessary here to inform the readers that the Jewish community and leadership of Chicago were the early sponsors and mentors for then local politician Obama, with Penny Pritzker of the “Hyatt Hotels” as key supporters together with Joan Harris-Leading the well known Chicago philanthropists, Lestor Crown of the Jewish Federation, David Axelrod who managed Obamas win of the White House to the president’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli member of the Jewish terrorist group “Irgun”, in addition to key support from Hollywood moguls the likes of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffery Katzenberg, and non withstanding the testimony of Alon Pinkas of the Jerusalem Post “ Obama voting record on issues pertaining to Israel is impeccable” to be seconded by Haaretz US correspondent Shmuel Rosner “ Obama supports Israel, period”. Read the rest of this entry »

What the Germans Knew, what the Jews know?

15 11 2009

He flew to New York City to offer an apology, offer a gesture of small financial contribution. She received him in here bosh multi million dollar New York apartment on the Upper East Side. She did not accept his “apology”, did not accept the lifetime saving of the deceased, she kept the small “tea can”, he agreed to donate the saving of 8,000 German Marks to a Jewish charity that promote reading and literacy. Read the rest of this entry »

The Washington ” Eunuchs”

9 10 2009

In the 1987 Academy Award winning movie “ The Last Emperor” by the brilliant director Bernando Bertolucci, in one of the scenes, the chief custodians of the Emperor Household was seen collecting his “private” parts as he leaves the Emperor household for the last time. Read the rest of this entry »

To American Jews in denial, Read this.

27 03 2009

 Too bad for Israel, for the Palestinians certainly for the United States American Jews for the most part continue to be in the state of denial, simply could not bring themselves to understand and believe that Israel always waged war and always stood against peace. They need to understand their part and responsibility for so much suffering, so much deaths and so much lies.  They and they alone keep this conflict going.  Perhaps they need to take a second look next time someone ask them to donate money for AIPAC or write a congressman or a senator or send a letter to the editor. Read the rest of this entry »

Washington DC, a Jewish and Israeli Occupied Territory.

8 01 2009

Few minutes ago, the US Senate in its first order of business decided to vote on “total and unconditional support” for the Israeli Jewish crimes and massacres committed by the Jewish Army against the innocent people of Gaza. It is not the US and its people that are the priority for the new Senate but Israel and the unconditional support for the war crimes committed by the Jewish state. Read the rest of this entry »

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