Mahmoud Abbas at the UN, chapeau.

25 09 2011

This time around Mahmoud Abbas did it, contrary to the skeptics and I am none of them, who believed he would back out the last minute and that he would blink in a game of chicken with a shameful and shameless Obama and his White House. He did what he should have done long time ago back in 1988. He did it what the people of Palestine wanted and should have done long ago. At the UN he spoke so well, so much from the heart, so much truth, in contrast to Obama’s bankrupt and hypocritical speech and in contrast to Netanyahu’s condensing lies and make believe. Read the rest of this entry »

Israel; It is all “unilateral”!

20 06 2011

Do not know why every one from President Obama, to Dennis Ross, to Bibi Netanyahu to Nancy Pelosi, to Senator Lieberman to Ron Prosor to Glen Beck, to AIPAC, to Anti-Defamation League to Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organization, all are going out of whack for the upcoming September vote on a Palestinian State at the UN.  A vote that will not take place any way, since Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO leadership are looking for excuses and a way out of the predicament they put themselves in. Read the rest of this entry »

Mahmoud Abbas; Another U-Turn ?

13 06 2011

Mahmoud Abbas like his predecessor Arafat and the entire PLO leadership, never held accountable to any one or by any one, will for sure disregard all the advice and the momentum leading to September and announce a U-Turn at the UN in favor of sitting at the table with Bib Netanyahu. Read the rest of this entry »

Look whose talking about “Radical Islam”

2 02 2011

Of all the people who have the Chutzpa to talk about “Radical Islam” is non other than Benjamin Netanyahu the head of the most “Radical Jewish” government in Israel’s history.  The Israeli prime minister made this statement in a joint press conference with the German Chancellor “ our real concern is for a situation that could develop…and which has already developed in several countries including Iran….repressive regimes of radical Islam” who seconded his concern referring to Mubarak repressive and criminal regime in economic terms after her talk with Mubarak” we talked. about where there are deficits, for example in connection with human rights and press freedoms and electoral law… and employment for young people”. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres added, “ fanatic religious oligarch is not better than a lack of democracy”. Read the rest of this entry »

Congressman Eric Cantor; Israel his country of choice.

23 11 2010

Not so sure if the voters of Virginia 7th Congressional District knew when they voted Eric Cantor into Congress some 11th years ago, they will be electing him as the leader of the “American Knesset”.  For sure Congressman Eric Cantor chose to represent Tel-Aviv not Richmond, Virginia.  Putting Israel not America first is an insult to all the people of Richmond, insult to all Virginians and certainly an insult to all Americans.  Never did we have a member of Congress who put a foreign country ahead of his own.  Eric Cantor does not see America as his country of choice, he sees Israel as his country of choice. Eric Cantor is the incoming House Majority leader. Read the rest of this entry »

Ramallah and bribing Israel. Time to fire Saeb Erekat.

20 11 2010

Thanks to Mahmoud Abbas and his brilliant negotiating team, they helped Israel turn around the issue of settlements from a source of punishment to a source of rewards. Not so sure if President Mahmoud Abbas whose term expired some times ago, will ever realize that his way and the negotiating team he is relying on will bring nothing but one disaster after another. Read the rest of this entry »

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