Syria; Losing the Revolution.

23 06 2013

Israel’s survival and security are always guaranteed by a very strong “offensive” army, unconditional military, economic and political support from the United States and Europe and more important from the presence of weak, corrupt, dictatorial Arab regimes and police states surrounding Israel. Assad’s Syria always provided that kind of security for Israel on its northern borders. So all of this talk about Syria’ being bastion of Arab nationalism and anti-Zionism is nothing but hogwash.

Bashar Assad knew this very well, when instead of seeking reasonable reforms that would transform Syria from a an Assad farm to a nation for all of its people decided instead to send tanks and planes to bomb and destroy Syria and the people’s uprising way before any one carried a gun.

Too bad for Syria and the Syrian people, the political opposition, a collections of a has been, want to be, washed out political and intellectual exiles, professors, rich Syrian exiles, failed to understand what is Assad Syria for Israel and Israel’s ally the US. It seems every one forgot that Assad Syria served as a “rendition” state, a torture contractor for America’s war on terror and never fired a single shot across the Golan Heights.

They made the fatal mistake of counting on America and its allies in the Arab Middle East to give the military support needed to topple Assad regime. They failed to understand that America will never ever support or sponsor “democracy” or true citizenship to Arabs, because democracy and free dynamic Arab citizenry will never accept to be “servants” of America’s imperialism and its unconditional support for criminal Apartheid Israel.

They also forgot that America refused to give to Saudi Arabia, its long time allies, the shoulder fired “stinger missiles” but gave it the Mujahideen.

How stupid of any one to think that the United States will allow any one to arm the Syrian military opposition with any weapon that may pose even the slightest military threat to an always-military superior Israel. Libya is too far to being a threat to Israel.

They failed to learn from Syrian recent history when Bashar’s father and uncle sent planes and tanks to level suppress the uprising in Hamah and level the city to the ground. Israel and the US will never allow strong vibrant a truly Arab democracy, or a military strong country to emerge anywhere on the borders of Israel, not in Jordan, not in Egypt, not in Lebanon, certainly not in Syria.

Equally troublesome is Syrian opposition failing to understand that Russia today is not Russian of drunken Yeltsin, but of Vladimir Putin, who believes and is committed to a Russia as world power, a powerful Russia that neither the US nor its allies in Western Europe can push around, and Syria is Russia’s high noon in Dodge City.

Now almost 3 years later and with over 100,000 dead and an almost totally destroyed Syria, Arab nationalists, anti-colonialists, liberals and Neocons, find themselves in the same bed with a dictatorial regime that rules Syria with an iron fist, killing tens of thousands, jailing hundreds of thousands without trial, looted the country, operating as a criminal enterprise, and falsely claiming the mantle of legitimacy and leadership to “Arab resistance and steadfastness” against imperialism, colonialism and Zionism.

The Syrian revolution was lost before it even began. It was lost because it relied on self serving Syrian hotchpotch self serving oppositions, not so different from the PLO minus Arafat, more interested in 5 stars hotels, hundreds of millions of dollars from generous donors. The Syrian revolution was lost by lack of well-coordinated military strategy and field operations. It began as an amateur revolution but miserably failed to transform itself into a well-coordinated military force. But of course it was no match for Bashar tanks, jets, scud missiles, the unwavering Russian military and political support, however and in all fairness it gave a good fight and proved Bashar’s Syrian Arab Army without Hezbollah is not even a fighting or winning force, with all of its tanks, jets and missiles.

The Syrian political opposition with so many “smart and intelligent” intellectuals failed to understand a simple political fact and reality. The United States will never, never allow the Syrian opposition to win, without first having a destroyed Syrian that will take generations to build and heal, as a favor to Israel.

But the most tragic and sad thing of all, the Syrian revolution was lost when the first Arab and Islamists “Takfiri Jihadists “ i.e Alnusra set foot on Syrian soil. Too bad Turkey with its presumed smart dynamic leadership failed to see the potential danger these criminal misfits, killers and murderers mercenaries would have on the Syrian uprising. These criminal Islamist mercenaries more than any other group not only killed, executed, committing horrific disgusting crimes, but they killed the Syrian uprising as well. Turkey may end up another Pakistan.

Turkey and Arab regimes that gave support to the Syrian uprising also failed to see and predict the potential danger these groups of Islamist criminals would have on the revolution, and more troublesome is the total failing of the Syrian political and military opposition failures to deal with these groups of criminal misfits, from day one. They should have stopped them at the borders and never allowed in. What a big stupid reckless mistake.

It seems that no one learned the lesson of Afghanistan, when Arab and Islamists mercenaries with suspect connections and sponsorship by the CIA joined forces with drug funded Mujahdieen that turned Afghanistan from a failing state to a failed state, where killing, murder and suicide bombings replaced building schools, clinics and roads.

Syria now, no thanks to any one, is not only destroyed but a country that no longer can claim to be “resistance and steadfastness” in face of Zionism. It is a country that can no longer give any credible support to Hezbollah that transformed itself from a truly Arab and Islamic resistance movement to a sectarian militia. Iran proved it is whether America likes it or not is a regional power to be reckoning with, and is a country that has the will power to stand by its allies in times of needs.

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