Sarah Palin Is The Tylenol That Will Cure America’s Ills. Thank You Dr. John McCain.

14 09 2008

After 8 Years of Republican George Bush, Americans Are Not Jumping with Joy.
True, Sarah Palin addition to John McCain ticket is energizing white middle aged conservative women who see their “missed” life in Sarah. It is not surprising that McCain having failed in his attacks on Barack Obama as lacking the experience to be Commander in Chief decided to drop all of that and pick Sarah Palin, few seconds away from the presidency to be his running mate and is now using Sarah to energize an other wise dud candidate.

When I see and hear Republicans talk of their great achievements after 8 years of George Bush/Dick Cheney I wonder why with so much achievement, America and Americans are jumping with joy? Why after 8 years of a failed presidency we could not think of one single thing that George Bush and his Republican Party achieved in these 8 years?

If we are to take George Bush’s War on Terror as the main theme of his presidency we can see he failed and failed miserably at it, with Osama Bin Laden still at large leading a larger and more lethal Al-Qaeda. We are failing in Afghanistan with the Al-Qaeda and Taliban’s with primitive weapons and primitive logistical support are creating big trouble for the coalition forces in Afghanistan. Hitting targets at will though we have the world best trained and best equipped fighting machines out there. 7 years later George Bush’s war on terror is going no where except it is draining our treasury dry and killing our best soldiers, not to mentions the tens of thousands of innocent Afghanis who died during these past 7 years. Afghanistan today is no safer for the Afghani people than it was 7 years ago.

In Iraq, forget about the surge, we are still fighting and dying for something we should not have done or been there in the first place. Saddam was our boy for many years, we assisted him, financed him, trained his army, supplied his army, arranged to have the Gulf Arabs give him hundreds of Billions and gave logistical and intelligence assets as he fought the newly declared Islamic Republic of Iran, a war that costs both Iran and Iraq millions of causalities and hundreds of billions of funding. Saddam was our “thug” in the Gulf in the same way we anointed the late Shah of Iran as our “thug”.

Over the last 7 years we spent hundreds of billions on home land security with most of the money going to consultants and companies with no real investments in the infrastructure that made us feel safer. Hundreds of Billions were wasted on the War on Iraq where we had no business to be there in the first place, except for over zealous Zionist NeoCons out to ruin this country and safe Israel. And hundreds of Billions have gone to consultants and to crooks.

Over the last 8 years we failed to tackle our falling apart infrastructure with thousands of bridges in grave danger. Tens of thousands of public schools falling apart because of lack of funds with no vision for the future to challenge India and China for well paying job that requires excellence in the basic, language skills, science and math education at the grade, middle and high school levels. This Republican Administration think creating jobs at McDonald, Dunken Donut, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart is real achievement. It is also an administration that helped Wall Street sharks and crooks take the country for ride and ruin is a great achievement. This is an administration that failed to address the needs of our cities, of our teachers, our policemen and our firemen putting them at risk in favors of lobbyist, crooks and greedy incompetent business executives and of course wealthy Americans who hardly pay any taxes, if they ever do.

8 years with George Bush at the helm of failing nations with some 40 millions without health insurance, with similar number of Americans working at minimum wage jobs. It seems that George Bush and John McCain are very happy where middle class and hard working America living from one pay check to another.

Ever since George Bush became a president America have been facing one problem after another, from floods, fires, hurricanes, collapsing markets with hundreds of billions of hard earned money going down the drain. George Bush is a jink for America and the world. John McCain presidency will not be much different. A man who is an insider in bed with so many lobbiests and who suggested privatizations of Social Security giving our money to the crooks of Wall of Street who on many occasions before and are now taking our nation to financial ruins. The only thing John McCain is offering America is Sarah Palin.

John McCain having failed to offer the nation plans and a vision for the future that is different from 8 years of George Bush, decide that having failed on the issues decided to have someone like Sarah Palin as his running mate, energizing the Republican Party. If the Republican Party does not have any thing to offer on the issues, it need not offer us Sarah Palin as the future of America.

There is something wrong with this country and the voters when they think that Sarah Palin is the savior of America. Too bad McCain have nothing to offer so it took someone off the shelf and is telling America that Sarah Palin is the cure that ails America and the world. How silly and how stupid for the Republican Party to think that? But then there are millions of fools who believe that Sarah Palin is the Tylenol that will cure America‘s Ills of health care, unemployment, jobs going overseas, failing infrastructures, social ills including teens pregnancies, failing economies and financial markets, national debt and two wars we are not winning. Like the good old doctor McCain is suggesting to America take a Sarah Palin pill and you will feel great in the morning.

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