Salam, Peace, Shalom

25 12 2012

Salam, Peace, Shalom
To all people of good well
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year
May the new year brings freedom and liberty to all those under Israeli Occupation, may all those in exiles returns homes, may all the needy finds support and help, may sick find health.
May the unemployed find employment, may the killings and murder ends in Syria, in Yemen, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in the USA, in Palestine, in Libya, in Sudan and Nigeria, in Mali
May America becomes free again, free from the Lobby, from the NRA, from Wall Street that looted America, may the people of the United States retires members of Congress once and for all and elect truly representative of the people.
May Palestine and Israel find peace in a One State Solution, a State for all of its people?
Peace, Shalom, Salam
Happy New Year

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