Salam Fayyad “state building” is not an ethnic joke!

15 02 2011

Mahmoud Abbas whose tenure as elected president of the Palestinian Authority expired over two years ago, and who has no legal or constitutional legitimacy accepted and then re-commissioned Salam Fayyad to form a new government. Of course the government of Salam Fayadh never received the legitimacy it needed since it did not receive the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), which the PLO and Fatah leadership rendered inoperative after Hamas won and Fatah was badly routed in the election. With the support of Egypt’s Mubarak/Suleiman, Israel, the US and of course Fatah, the PLC came to a halt and for all practical purpose ceased to exist through the concerted efforts of the PLO Executive Committee and Fatah.

Salam Fayyad, America and Israel most favorite person was appointed to run the government and implement series of changes to insure higher degree of security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel and of course to ensure that Fatah and the crooks of Fatah do not have a run on the treasury.  To some extent he succeeded in ensuring the donor’s money goes toward managing the Jewish Occupation for and on behalf of Israel and to an extend keep Fatah as the ‘state party” of the PLO functioning with officers and cadres on the payroll in support of the Jewish Occupation under Oslo.

Salam Fayyad tells us that he is doing all he can to build “Palestinian Institutions” for the magic date in September when the PLO and Mahmoud Abbas announce the free and independent City/State of Ramallah and the associated cities and towns forming the Palestinian Authority.

This of course raises the question what in the hell was the Palestinians leadership of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai has been doing all these years, since Arafat took over the leadership of the PLO. Every one knows hundreds of thousands died for Arafat failed and fraudulent revolution and every one knows tens of billions remained unaccounted for, looted by the leadership and its cronies within Fatah and the PLO.  And of course we have been told by the leadership that the PLO built institutions over the years, and one has to wonder what kind of institutions was the leadership working on for all these years if not the same institutions Salam Fayyad is working on now. If Salam Fayyad is building “state” institutions now, then the PLO leadership has been lying all these years.

The institutions the Palestinian leadership was working on are nothing but “dakakeen” small types of shops that have nothing to do with a future state in service of the ruling party and leadership. However to say the PLO built “institutions” is far fetched and part of the imagination and hallucination of leadership that not only lived a lie but gave the people dreams that turned out to nightmares.

When Arafat came back to run as an agent of the Jewish Occupation, the PLO and Fatah did not even have a plan to manage traffic on “Manara Square” let alone manage and run a state. The PLO never worked on building institution for health, education, transportation, employment and labor, housing, infrastructure, nothing whatsoever. Even when the Three Musketeers of Arafat, Abbas and Qurai went to Oslo to negotiate they did not have a “legal or negotiating team” to given them advice. This tragic and criminal recklessness on the part of the leadership promoted the UK to fund and sponsor the “Negotiation Support Unit” disbanded by Abbas few days ago. The PLO and Fatah were never ready to run any thing that resembles a state. The PLO  “institutions” specially the Palestine National Council (PNC) was no different from Mubarak National Democratic Party for the benefits of all those who never questioned Arafat and the leadership and betrayed the millions of Palestinians.

Only after Arafat came back with a military order from the Israeli governor general of Judea and Samaria did Arafat and the PLO think of building state institutions. Millions if not hundreds of millions worth of contracts were giving to Arafat cronies and PLO army of crooks to organize the different ministries. One has to only see the function of these so-called “ministries” to see why Salam Fayad is working on re-inventing a functional government. The guys from Tunis simply had no clue about building state institutions let alone run a functional government. This is in contrast to David Ben Gurion who had a functional government and a functional army the minute Israel was announced as independent state. This of course shows the incompetence and ineptness of a leadership that is simply total failure and should be thrown out like their buddy Hosni Mubarak.  No need here to list all of the failures and corruption of the PLO as an organization and as a leadership. Good luck to Salam Faydh in his efforts to build his city/state of Ramallah. 

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