Remembering Sabra and Shatila

17 09 2010

I remember very well the day the news broke out of the massacre in Sabra and Shatilla… I was in Riyadh awaiting the birth of my first child Jamil. I also remember very well the statement of Yasser Arafat calling on Palestinian women to produce more children so they can die for his reckless leadership and I asked my self how he dare ask us to give his corrupt, reckless and inept revolution our children so they can meet the same fate of those in Sabra and Shatilla.

When Arafat left Beirut he simply walked away, turned his back on all those who gave everything they have including their lives and the lives of their children to a reckless, incompetent and collaborative leader like the late Yasser Arafat.

It is so ironic that of all countries or organizations involved with or have any thing to do with the massacre, only Israel mustered the courage to open a formal investigation into the massacre resulting in the dismissal of Ariel Sharon as the defense minister and the architect together with the late Alexander Haig (former US Secretary of State) of the War on Lebanon. It is also so ironic that only in Israel where hundreds of thousands of protestors went to the streets in anger over the massacre.

Not a single Arab capital saw the number of protestors as that of Tel-Aviv. It is also ironic that not the PLO, not Fatah, not Syria certainly not Lebanon or the US or the UN ever opens a formal investigation or board of inquiry into the massacre. Arafat and the PLO did not have the courage, certainly were cowards abandoning people behind and entrusting them to the US, a country that was part of the War on Lebanon and the leadership was so incompetent so inept, so fraudulent that it never mustered the courage to demand a UN investigation into the massacre and never held the US accountable for the crime committed under its own eyes.

It seems that Oslo was in the making the day Arafat and the PLO left Lebanon. Of course we need to keep in mind, while Israel dismissed a cabinet member found accountable, albeit (with no direct responsibility) while Syria and Lebanon appointed the man responsible for the massacre as a minister. True the Palestinian leadership has no sense of shame and the Arabs especially revolutionary and nationalist have no sense of shame either. We need to keep in the mind that the Palestinian PNC which supposedly represents the people never demanded from the leadership a formal inquiry and never mustered the courage to open one on its own.

This is the kind of Palestinian leadership we have utterly corrupt, incompetent, useless, self serving certainly collaborative and does not deserve to represent the people. Of course no one ever talks of the massacre in Tel-Zaater where 5,000 were killed and murdered and over 15,000 were forced to flee. No one talks of the “Harb El-Mokhaimant/ Wars of the Camps) were Palestinians were reduced to eating cats and dogs to survive. All the while the leadership was enjoying itself in 5 stars hotels, the benefits of the best brothels East Europe can offer and the best cocktail parties Arab and European capitals can offer. The message was very clear; let the stupid fools die for the cause while the leadership reaps the benefits of their deaths.

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