Palestinian leadership; between Saddam, Assad and Mubarak.

14 04 2011

The views I express here may offend some, but I will say it any way. I was one of the millions in Iraq and around the Arab world who were very happy and celebrated the capture of Saddam Hussein on 14 December 2003 and was even happier when he was hanged on 30 December 2006. The only regret I have is that it took a foreign invasion and for the wrong reasons to bring down Saddam and his regime. One has to wonder what kind of Iraq we will have today if the people of Iraq did what the people of Tunisia and Egypt did? And if the Iraqi Army did what the Egyptian and Tunisian armies did when they took the side of the people, avoiding all the humiliations, the shame it brought upon itself, when it chose to side with a failed leader who failed the army before failing the people. Just imagine the millions of lives that could have been saved, the hundred of billions wasted on a war that not only destroyed Iraq but failed to rebuild it and failed to usher in a new democratic, transparent and accountable government, turning Iraq into a failed state like it was under Saddam. The news of the forced resignation of Hosni Mubarak was music to my ear and his arrest on 13 April 2011 was even happier news. I must admit, I do look forward to the day he will be hanged in “Tahrir Square” for the all the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people and for the crimes he committed against the Palestinian people specially those of Gaza.

I think the Palestinian leadership of Ramallah, Gaza and Damascus should learn a lesson from all of this. Too bad Arafat died before he had the same fate of Saddam and the same fate waiting Hosni Mubarak.  Arafat crimes against the Palestinian people in Jordan, in Kuwait, in Lebanon, in Gaza, in the West Bank are no less than the crimes committed by Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein. The tens of thousands of civilians who died in vain due to his reckless and irresponsible leadership and his shifting alliance with a criminal Hafez Assad. The thousand who died in vain abandoned in Tel-Zaater, in Sabra and Shatilla and the victims of the “Camps War” without the benefits of a hearing, inquiry or investigation by the so called Palestine National Congress. The hundreds of thousands of Palestinians exiled from Kuwait, made to face another “Nakba” losing their homes, businesses, and jobs as a direct result of his alliance with his buddy Saddam. No need here to talk of Oslo or the tens of billions looted by him and his associates. Arafat was as corrupt and criminal as Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein if not more since the money he looted are donated money for the cause of liberation not to end up in private accounts of Arafat and those around him.

It seems the Ramallah leadership did not learn the lessons well, when it aliened itself 100% with Hosni Mubarak and against the people of Palestine. Mubarak never served the interests of Egypt but was a servant of the Israeli interests. The Ramallah leadership did irreparable harm to the Palestinian people, specially those in Gaza when it handed a “veto” power to Mubarak over Palestinian affairs, from voiding the election in which Hamas won, to Mubarak role in the siege of Gaza, to his role in allowing Fatah thugs to bringing in tens of thousands of small arms, mini tanks and tens of millions of US dollars contributed by the US for the very specific purpose of allowing Dahlan and his thugs to take over Gaza in a military coup and initiating a civil war.  Also no need to mention Mubarak closing the Rafah Crossing to sick and wounded during the Israeli war on Gaza and his decision to build his “iron wall” around Gaza as partner of Israel.

The Ramallah leadership knowing Mubarak was only a servant of Israel, simply handed over all the decision to him and his lackey, Omar Suleiman from aborting the election, to aborting the Mecca Accord, to drafting the Palestinian Reconciliation Plan that divided the Palestinians rather than uniting them. Yes, Ramallah leadership was a willing partner in the crimes of Mubarak against the people of Palestine. And of course no need to talk about looting the Palestinian treasury all these years, no different from Mubarak.

Khalid Mishal and Hamas leadership were no better than Ramallah leadership when it came to representing the best interests of the Palestinian people. It allowed reckless armature field commanders to put the people of Gaza at great risk with their useless rockets and contrary to the claims of protecting the people against Israeli aggression they endangered the people and failed to live up to their promise of defeating Israel.  No need to talk of the scores targeted by Israel as a result of collaboration by Hamas informers. Hamas leadership committed a ‘treasonable offense” when it too handed over a “veto” power over Palestinian affairs to Tehran and Damascus similar to PLO handing over a “veto” to Mubarak.

Yes, perhaps it is time for the Palestinian people under Occupation and in the Diaspora to bring an end to this useless, failed, unfit if not criminal leadership in Ramallah, in Gaza and in Damascus, and yes, why not having a “Tahrir Square” in Ramallah and Gaza? Never understood why the Palestinian leadership from the days of Arafat until now always entrusted the fait of the cause and people to the likes of Saddam, Assad and Mubarak?

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