Palestine Papers; Chutzpa out of Ramallah

31 01 2011

Any one watching Saeb Erekat interview with Ahmed Mansour on Aljazeera program” Without Borders” saw a different Saeb, not the pompous arrogant know it all condescending Saeb but a very scared, agitated on defensive verging on mental breakdown for the lies and reckless incompetency are coming out. It is true of Yaser Abed-Rabboo the rabid guard dog of the Ramallah leadership. Instead of directing their responses to the issues at hand they resorted to character assassinations of Qatar, its leadership and Aljazeera.  The entire Palestinian leadership has lots of “Chutzpa” to even dare to make excuses after others, committing lies after lies even face the people.

In the interview, Saeb tells us the leadership is building a nation with “one gun”. But his “one gun” is directed toward the people in protections of the Jewish Occupation and its marauding thugs. The one “gun state” Saeb is talking about is nothing but a racketeering mafia in service of the Jewish Occupation and the Palestinian leadership.

Saeb tells us the leadership has nothing to hide, it kept Arab leaders the likes of Bin Ali, Hosni Mubarak and Amr Musa informed. Frankly who gives a damn if Mubarak or Bin Ali or Amr Musa are kept informed when the people are lied to, kept uniformed and in the dark.

Do not know why Abbas chose to travel the world wasting hundreds of millions on private jets, royal suites, VIP service, expensive shopping for his entourage seeking advice when the best advice he can get is from his own people, those who are in the refugee camps like Jalzoun, Alama’ari, Jabalia. No need to spend nights in Royal Suites when he needs to spend the nights on dirt floors like millions of his people. No need for private jets that takes him far away when a short walk can put him in touch with the millions who had to endure humiliating checkpoints for years. No need to spend days with Hosni Mubarak when he can meet with those who are expelled from their homes in East Jerusalem or those whose homes were demolished.  Do not understand why Abbas prefers to travel to Paris, London and New York and Sharm El-Sheik when he can travel few miles from his fortress and meet with his people who lost their homes and farms to the Apartheid Wall or the “Jewish Roads Only” and those whose farms and trees where burned and destroyed by his Israeli partners marauding thugs.

Saeb tells us the leadership is working hard building “state institutions” when the only institution (Palestine Legislative Council) elected by the people for the people is shut down, ignored and marginalized on the order of Israel, Egypt, and the US, in favor of “fist full of dollars” that keeps the Palestinian Authority going and in service of the Occupation.

Arafat spent years and tens of billions telling the people he is building institutions for the future Palestinian state, the only thing the people saw is nothing more than a bunch of thugs “zo’ran” leading his security forces and bunch of thieves leading his government.

While Saeb and his boss were meeting (unofficially for 18 years) over dinners, cocktail and wine “informally” discussing “Palestinian Thawabit” Israel was making its own “thawabit” creating “facts on the ground” expanding settlements, building the Apartheid Wall, stealing Palestinian natural resources, expanding its grip on the lives, movements and freedoms of the people through an expanding security checkpoints, targeted assassinations, demolitions of houses and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem. And confiscations of land and properties for “Jewish Only Roads” and giving full support to the army of Jewish terrorists in the Occupied Territories.

In the many years of “negotiations” Saeb and his bosses failed to deliver one tangible benefit for the people, but working hard and diligently giving the land away, East Jerusalem, Sheik Jarrah, and the refugees as if Palestine and its people are a “Waqf” for Abbas, Saeb, Qurai and Abed Rabou.

The Palestinian leadership failed to stop one exile from East Jerusalem, failed to stop one house demolition, failed to remove one single security checkpoint, failed to stop one attack on Palestinians, their farms and livestock by Jewish settlers and thugs.  We know what the leadership achieved for itself but we do not know what it achieved for the people.  Oslo not only cancelled and rendered “null and void”the applicability of international laws to Palestine, it gave Israel a “veto” over every thing, yet Ramallah leadership have the audacity, mendacity and chutzpa to talk and defend itself. The PLO and PA and the entire leadership have no legitimacy whatsoever, not that they had any before, and it is time for the leadership to pack it bags and go before it is too late.

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