Pakistan have been manufacturing terrorists for a long time. President Musharaf decrees could not change the production lines of the Madrasa.

13 07 2007

Clashes at the Lal Masjid or Red Mosque in IslamabadThe tragic events at the Red Mosque in Pakistan and the killing of some hundreds of students should remind all of us that Pakistan was and is the main source of radicalism and Islamic fundamentalists and the source of Islamic terrorism.

The British created Pakistan as a favor to one of their favorite Ali Jinah the “secular Muslim” who enjoyed “scotched on the rocks” and enjoyed the company of beautiful British women and who was the least qualified to run and lead a new Muslim nation.

Britain remains solely responsible for years of conflicts between India and Pakistan and remains responsible the millions of people who died as a direct result of the British decision to divide the Indian subcontinent into two separate states, secular India and Muslim Pakistan.

While democracy and economy flourished in India despite all odds, Pakistan was and remains for the most part a military dictatorship run and operated by generals even at a time when Pakistan has a nominal civilian rule. The military always remained in charge and remains the source of Islamic radicalism and Islamic terrorism.

Of course the Pakistani military has some help from outside, in fact had a great deal of help from non other than the CIA. The relationship goes back to the early fifties and became a real partnership in the last days of President Carter and the early days of President Reagan.

The main trigger was the take over in Afghanistan a pro-Soviet government and of course with the cold war as a real war; the American covert intervention in Afghanistan preceded the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in January 80 just in time for President Reagan to take the helm in Washington and the birth of modern and radical Jihad.

The Soviet invasion was the golden age of the cooperation between the American CIA and the Pakistani military and Inter-Services Intelligence Agency. To fight the Soviet, both the CIA and Pakistan sponsored the Mujahideens as a formidable Muslim Jihadist force. The CIA pumped billions of dollars in recruiting radical Muslims from around the Arab and Muslim world with the help and active support of intelligence and security organizations within these countries and for sure with generous payments to these security agencies. Some online reports even goes further and claim that Pakistani Director of Military Operations Brigadier Mian Mohamed Afzal was formally on the payroll of the CIA. This close cooperation remained the core policies of the government of General Zia ul-Haq, Banazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and certainly General Musharaf.

Pakistan with very generous financial support from the CIA and many counties in the Middle East went on an ambitious campaign of establishing “Muslim Madrasas” similar to the Jewish Yeshivas where radical Islam was taught and practiced providing fertile ground for recruiting fighters to join the Mujahideens. The CIA, Arab and Muslim countries not only provided recruits for the war against the Soviet, but also provided weapons and modern weapons (Stinger missiles) denied to Washington’s closest allies.

It seems that the only ones who could not see what was happening and who could not predict the future and the danger of radical Islam are the not so smart senior leadership at the White House and the CIA. One has to wonder how could a murderer and criminal who threw acid water against women in Kabul University could become a prime minister. This is exactly what happens when Gulbuddin Hykmatyar, the opium dealer was the darling of Washington and Pakistan. Of course not to mention Talibans and Osama.

President Musharaf will have a tough time taking control of the many radical “madrasas” that graduate terrorists and Muslim radicals posing a greater danger to the entire Muslim world and pose a greater danger to countries such as the US and the UK. It is not that easy to erase 40 years of radical teachings and promoting jihadist ideology where killing and murder becomes an easy way to heaven and the virgins in waiting.

Pakistan and the world are paying the price for Pakistan’s ill-advised policies of promoting and sponsoring radical Islam and sponsoring and promoting “madrasas”. The only graduate of these schools are terrorists, certainly not teachers and scientist or even physicians. These schools have been manufacturing killers for many years. A presidential decree could not change the production lines of these schools. There are hundereds of thousands of Maulana Abdulaziz and Abdulrasheed Ghazi.

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One response to “Pakistan have been manufacturing terrorists for a long time. President Musharaf decrees could not change the production lines of the Madrasa.”

4 06 2008
jack (18:37:52) :

well long time since i have seen such comments .. it is peolple like you who have always failed to understand the dynamics of things… mr ghazi might be a mulla but he was educated in the most secular uunversity and the best on in the country as well. mohd atta the 9-11 hijacker was educated in germany. in a unversity that tought ship building. lets bomb germany as well? these madras produce only foot soldiers (psycos) most of the time. but also produce normal human beings. most people are not here for the love of the religion its for bread that is served here free!!!!!!!!!! they would not have been there if it was not for the cia that showed them the way . that trained them and equiped them. these all are americas children. it whould at least own them!!!!!!!!!!!
i did find your comments about jinnah typical soviet or nazi styleed bullshit ..!!!!!!!! . he was tremed by his most severe crictcs as man of uncorruptable charactar… grow up ypu can do better .

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