Turkey Will Not Be Defeated by Terror

17 01 2017

Adnan Oktar (3)

by Harun Yahya

On December 31, 2016, the main agenda of Turkey was the excitement of welcoming the New Year. Millions took to social media to express their feelings and wish for a new year that will be more peaceful than 2016.

However, the New Year started with terror. Within the first minutes of the New Year’s second hour, news had already begun to spread that there had been an armed attack in a popular nightclub of Istanbul. It shortly became clear that right in the middle of Istanbul, an armed assailant carrying a machine gun had entered into the club and slaughtered 39 people and injured another 65 in a shooting spree that lasted only seven minutes.

Turks are no strangers to terror and the recent surge in terror attacks did not come as a surprise to them. The conflict in Syria had been feeding the terror groups and its repercussions across the border in Turkey were not entirely unexpected. It is quite well known that an atmosphere of war and conflict offers a suitable breeding ground for terror groups to help them recruit and find arms with relevant ease. The more conflicts and civil wars there are in the world, the more terror attacks and groups there will be. Violence always begets violence.

Curbing the tension in the conflict zones will be an effective way of preventing the deep states and mafia from supporting the terror groups. This should be done, before anything else, for the peoples of the affected countries. The recent ceasefire in Syria and the expected peace talks will hopefully achieve this result.

One practical and effective way of ending terrorism is not to give what the terrorists want. Every terrorist act is performed with the purpose of spreading fear and despair, by destroying the happiness, joy, solidarity and unity of the people they target. Terrorists and their supporters believe that societies consist of weak and timid people. They know that by perpetrating and staging shocking incidents, they can essentially paralyze and gain leverage over the targeted people.

Any display of despair, weakness or sorrow will be giving the terrorists exactly what they want. However, societies that refuse to submit no matter how ugly, terrifying or alarming the terror attacks might be, are strong nations that can overcome violence using their will and strength. Such nations clearly show that they will not be bullied into submission or allow plots to be hatched against their countries.

There is no doubt, Turkey is going through difficult days, but Turkey will definitely not give the terrorists what they want. It is now clear to everyone that terrorists will not achieve the atmosphere of despair they desire in Turkey. They wish to create mutinous and wild societies, but contrary to their expectations, the increasing terror attacks united the Turkish people. Social media is no longer the hub of fear and grief, but rather the center of messages of solidarity.

Terror incidents can’t manage to be anything other than cowardly attempts if the societies refuse to yield to their plots. It must be remembered that the solidarity of people is always the most powerful weapon against terrorism. Protecting the joy and happiness, carrying on with daily life as usual will devastate the plans of the terrorists. Therefore, it is imperative for the societies targeted by terrorism to shun any fear, separation and grief. On the contrary, they should make it clear that they are only getting stronger. This is a very successful way of countering terrorism collectively.

The recent coordinated terror attacks in Turkey by terror groups with opposing ideologies is only part of a specially devised plan to intimidate the Turkish people. The deep states and supporters of these terror groups, seek to use these attacks to force Turkey to accept their political plans. However, the decisive attitude and solidarity of the Turkish people made their plans backfire. Terror can never be successful when confronted by faith, national consciousness and commitment of the people.

It would be a grave mistake to view terrorists and terror groups as independent structures capable of making decisions. They cannot operate unless they are provided with logistic and ideological support. It should also be remembered that it is their ideologies that keep the terrorists together. Deep powers bring terror groups around certain ideas. Therefore, targeting their ideas will bring a conclusive end to their schemes, no matter how invincible their hidden supporters might seem.

It must be well remembered that all the ideologies that give rise to violence are ill-founded ideas and can easily be disproved through science. For this reason, there are two aspects of countering terrorism. One is done on a social level, and the other on an ideological level. As the social counter-action weakens terrorism, ideological action will completely destroy its foundations.

After terrorism is defeated this way, the puppet-masters should be exposed. Leaders and societies should not be sidetracked by phony perpetrators and criminals used in the process, but should go on to reveal the true actors and decision makers hiding behind the scenes. Exposing covert powers will destroy the biggest foundation of terror. However, one thing should be kept in mind: as we continue this struggle, our real duty is always maintaining and strengthening our union of love. God created this universe for love. As the alliance of the good triumphs, the plans of those that desire hatred and violence will be foiled.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Winning Over the Millennials

14 01 2017


by Harun Yahya

Although they are not currently at the forefront, today’s young generation is expected to shoulder responsibilities in all areas in the near future. They make up a substantial part of world society. In fact, in terms of numbers, they rank first in the populations of some countries. With almost 80 million members, the largest living generation in the history of the United States, is, to use their popular name, “the millennials”.

Neil Howe and William Strauss, the authors of Millennials Rising: The Next Generation — published in 2000 and regarded among the most important sources on this subject — are also regarded as the namers of this generation. Howe and Strauss define this social group as those born between 1982 and 2004.

One of the most significant common characteristics of the millennials is that, from the moment they were born, they grew up with the Internet, computers, smartphones and all sorts of advanced technology.

This modern technological environment plays a crucial defining role in their social and psychological development, as well as their personality structures.

According to various sources, some of the striking common characteristics of the majority of the millennials are:

THEY are obsessed with communicating with people; so much so that 83 per cent of the millennials sleep with their phones. They check their smartphones at least once an hour. They send and receive an average of 88 messages per day. Yet, they don’t like actual talking as much.

FIFTY-FIVE per cent of them have posted at least one selfie or more on the social media. They virtually live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They have the highest number of Facebook friends compared with other generations. A famous figure following them on Twitter, or their posts getting likes on Facebook, is a great deal for them.

THEY easily and quickly adapt to computer programmes, operation systems, new technological gadgets and systems. Compared with other generations, they are more adept in computer-based environments.

TO be up-to-date in every respect and to seize the moment are their biggest goals. Having the latest version of everything, being the first to hear about everything, being the first to spread news, starting a new trend and being the first to come up with sensational things others will imitate are their greatest passion.

As is seen, in terms of technical aptitude, intelligence and the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies, the millennials are well ahead of other generations. However, it is hard to say the same about their personalities, behavioural traits and moral values.

In fact, some experts label the millennial youth as the worst generation ever in regard to their personality traits. Indeed, the majority of this generation consists of overly conceited, selfish, self-justified, bad-tempered, aggressive, irresponsible individuals who are unconcerned with the thoughts of others, who always feel entitled to many rights, but do little to earn them, and despite all this, think themselves to be very important.

Time magazine defines the millennials, featured on the cover of its May 2013 issue, as “The Me, Me, Me Generation”. The same article in the magazine written by Joel Stein notes that the sense of narcissism among American high school students showed a 58 per cent increase in 2009 compared with the 1980s.

The majority of millennial youth are quite weak and inexperienced in their social interactions. Most of them do not even consider physically meeting the people they communicate with for hours on the Internet and virtual platforms and developing normal social relations with them.

For a millennial, privacy usually boils down to a setting on social media options as to who can see the posts they share online.

According to a poll by Clark University in 2012, this generation’s development is stunted and slow. Compared with other generations, they are much more sensitive and fragile, and more vulnerable in the face of pressure and criticism: For this reason, they are also called “the snowflake generation”.

They can react with extreme emotions to even the slightest provocative behaviour, statement or image, have a crying fit and sometimes go into hysterics. They are highly prone to depression and even suicide.

In order to prevent them from being offended, some schools and academic institutions have introduced concepts such as “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”.

Pew Forum’s 2014 study, “The Religious Landscape” revealed that, compared with other generations, the millennials are less religious.

Of course, what we have talked about insofar covers only a certain, albeit large, section of the millennials. Of course, it is also true that in this generation, there are countless sensible, conscious, solid, level-headed, coherent, mature, principled, well-behaved, pious and conscientious people who do not possess the negative characteristics listed above.

However, what is important is to be able to bring the entire millennial generation to the level of superior personality and quality.

Only utilising the technical abilities of millennials in various sectors and leaving them in their current state in terms of morality, personality and conscience would be a huge betrayal to them, to ourselves and to the entire world. That is because neglecting this generation, which will soon take over many leading positions, will become everyone’s problem tomorrow.

This issue should not be seen merely as a subject of sociological or psychological study, but one that should be more widely addressed as a vital and urgent matter that concerns the future of the entire world.

In order to ensure this generation’s development in terms of faith and morality with utmost urgency, different educational policies should be formulated that will appeal to them, arouse their attention and inspire them.

In this sense, to win over the millennials, a vital task falls on the governments, educational institutions, think tanks, media outlets, religious leaders, opinion leaders and all responsible people.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Attention: British Shiism

4 01 2017


by Harun Yahya

In his interview with the Al-Akhbar newspaper on September 30th, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, drew attention to  British Shiism. Nasrallah stated that the structure he defined as “British Shiism” is fuelling the denominational wars in the Middle East and accused those who insult the Muslim Sunni community over various UK-based television channels of seeking to incite sectarian conflict. Following is one of the most remarkable assessments Nasrallah made in his interview:

“These individuals, who resort to religious and sectarian discourse, are the spies of [the British] espionage agencies and they aim to destroy religious sects. And those who support them are accomplices to this conspiracy.”

Similarly, in 2013 and recently, the religious leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued an official statement saying, “Provoking the feelings of other Islamic sects in name of Shia is in fact British Shiism… It is the work of the British Shiism to insult the sanctity of the Muslim Sunni community.”

The movement called  British Shiism is led by so-called Shiite religious leaders, Mujtaba Shirazi and Yasser al-Habbib, who reside in England.

As if the fact that these individuals regarding non-Shiites as “idolaters” is not enough, on top of that, they routinely use the media to insult  preeminent figures such as Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hazrat Omar (ra), Hazrat Osman (ra) and Hazrat Aisha (ra) who are held in high esteem by Muslims. In his statement, Ali Khamenei also indicated that individuals such as Shirazi and al-Habbib are at the disposal of the British Intelligence agency MI6, and they are employed to instigate sectarian wars. In January 2015, the Iranian government  closed down the offices of 17 so-called Shiite TV channels broadcasting over satellite on the grounds of inciting dissent between  Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Additionally, in June 4, 2016, a sermon was given again in Iran preaching “the need for struggling against British Shiism”.

The movement defined as British Shiism is known to be led by Ayatollah Shirazi. The religious leader of the Iraqi Shiite community, Ayatollah al-Sistani, who issued a statement regarding “the need for protecting the Sunnis in Iraq” against Shirazi’s fatwa “Killing Sunnis is a Religious Duty”, was declared an ‘unbeliever’ by Shirazi and his followers.

Likewise, regarding  British Shiism, the Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly Chairman, Ayatollah Shabistari said, “Today, the enemy seeks to spawn an anti-Sunni /Shiite fascism within the Islamic world. By introducing irreligious customs and superstitions, British Shiism is paving the way for the enemy to slaughter Muslims.”

The global powers seeking to rule over the Islamic World inflame sectarian differences.

While in the past, the true religions were sources of love, peace, brotherhood, unity and solidarity in the Middle East, at this point today, these sectarian differences have become the primary cause of wars, conflicts, enmity and separatism in these lands. When we look at Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, in short, when we look at all regions that are beset with turmoil, we discover that the Sunni-Shiite conflict is the root cause of all the problems.

Today, the threat the Middle East is faced with is neither the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), nor the energy-oriented plans of the global powers. Sectarian wars pose the greatest danger to these lands. Sectarianism is a factor that allows the Western countries to carry out provocative activities in the region with the greatest of ease; it is also the most effective weapon wielded by these countries to divide the Islamic world into small and weak factions. It is again these sectarian differences that nurture ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other radical organizations.

Of course, there are various sectarian differences among Islamic countries. Although these differences have been present for centuries and the sectarian tension in the Middle East has been constantly escalating particularly since 1979. So much so that the tension and dissent caused by sectarian differences manifest in the region as conflicts and wars that are still raging with an unprecedented violence.

Almost every day, the news report the violence inflicted by a group on another group of a different sect: A bus carrying civilians being fired upon by automatic rifles in Pakistan, suicide attacks being carried out in Beirut, or a suicide bomber exploding himself inside a mosque in Kuwait or Iraq killing many innocent civilians with him, a marketplace being bombed with barrel bombs or people suffering brutal tortures in Syria: In Bahrain, in Yemen, scores of innocent children, women, elderly, civilians  are losing their lives almost every day due to sectarian conflicts. A greater part of the millions of refugees that have fled from bombs, war and oppression now live in poverty and misery for the same reason.

One of the primary underlying reasons behind this sad spectacle is this; certain Western countries wish to see an Islamic World that is weak and divided. They believe that politically, socially and economically unstable Muslim countries are better suited to their interests.  In order to achieve their goals, they take advantage of sectarian differences; they incite sectarian discrimination, they promote loveless and aggressive societies that harbor enmity towards each other and are distanced from the Qur’an and the true values of Islam; they pit Muslims against Muslims, brothers against brothers.

Having fallen for this ploy, certain Muslim politicians, religious and opinion leaders thus wittingly or unwittingly serve the insidious plans of the Western states by adopting a bitter and hateful discourse towards Muslims who are members of different denominations, sects and groups.

What should be most urgently done is for all Muslims to abandon the sect-oriented approach as soon as possible and cast aside their sectarian differences. Regardless of their sect, Muslims believe in the same God, the same religion, the same Book, the same prophet, turn towards the same Qibla, and share a common culture and values. In short, we have ample motives not for dissent and conflict, but for unity and solidarity. In the Qur’an, God forbids believers from turning against and causing divisions and dissent among each other: Acting in defiance of this divine commandment will entail nothing but trouble. Only through unity and solidarity, and a sincere intention of brotherhood and compassion among the entire Muslim community under the guidance of the Qur’an, can our brothers in the Middle East overcome the sufferings and hardships they are enduring and lead the serene, stable, peaceful and prosperous lives they long for.

In that case, let me repeat our call we have been making for many years be it in my books, in my speeches or in my articles to all Muslims around the world: Let us completely and immediately cast our sectarian differences aside, let us all unite!


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Ambassador Andrey Karlov is Now the Undying Symbol of Turkish-Russian Friendship

27 12 2016


by Harun Yahya

Turkey and Russia have been working tirelessly to normalize relations that had been on hold for seven months. The top officials started to pay reciprocal visits and they ratified several energy, trade and military agreements accordingly. It is no doubt that new negotiations in many respects are being carried out at official levels. Just recently, these two countries and their ally Iran embarked on a noble mission to save civilians trapped in Aleppo, a scene of intense clashes. Shockingly, the night before the crucial meeting in Moscow of the Foreign Ministers of these three countries, the beloved Andrey Karlov, Russian Ambassador to Ankara was shot and lost his life after an atrocious attack.

Ambassador Karlov was attending an art exhibition to promote a cultural event and to both strengthen and beautify the relationship between the two countries. He was addressing the audience, hoping to further develop ties between the two nations when he was heinously assassinated. The attacker was disguised as Karlov’s bodyguard and was standing right behind him during the speech. Ambassador Karlov was honorable and esteemed person, full of love.  He performed his speech at the art gallery as a favor to his host country. The murderer was killed by Turkish Special Forces who surrounded the building. Three other people were wounded in the time of this chilling attack.

I convey my deepest condolence to the Ambassador’s family and his loved ones; also to the Russian state and the nation. God’s mercy encompasses everything. He was a good man, trustworthy, endearing, cheerful, and affectionate; he was considered a very dear person in Turkey and he left this world with very good memories. Russians are respectful, well-behaved, courageous and good-natured people. Turkish people love Russians and vice versa and they will never let such plots prevent our deep-rooted connection.

It was very encouraging to hear similar statements from the officials of both countries. The officials from Turkey were in close connection and coordinating with the Russian officials right from the beginning of this incident. They formed a team from both governments to follow the investigation. Both President Putin and President Erdogan denounced this terrorist act stating that it was a mere provocation to sabotage Russia-Turkey relation, which was improving with rapidly. . All the messages had a common theme, that neither country would ever allow such a wicked attack to derail or destroy their relations. This strong alliance is especially important because Ambassador Karlov who had been in charge to carry out this duty in Ankara for three years, played a very significant role in normalizing the relations. He strived with heart and soul to bring together the two nations and created solid steps in terms of culture, economy and energy.

Despite this barbaric attack, the meeting in Moscow, attended by Mr Lavrov, Mr Cavusoglu and Mr Zarif concerning the conflict in Aleppo had a positive outcome. They all agreed to a joint statement about the political process in Syria. During the press conference held after the historical meeting, Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Russia, Turkey and Iran are the most effective forces to resolve the Syrian crisis and that they all believe that the solution lies solely on diplomacy, not on military means. The parties concurred that sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Syria is very crucial to the peace process. As a consequence of collective actions of these three countries, the civilians in the eastern districts of Aleppo have been evacuated and the process will be completed within one day or two at the latest. These are certainly very promising developments and a good response to the provocateurs that tried to block ties between these important allies.

The Turkish government simultaneously coordinated an official funeral ceremony for the late Ambassador Karlov at Ankara Esenboga Airport. Many of the foreign ambassadors to Turkey along with the government officials attended the ceremony where Mrs Karlov was present. Ambassador’s body was carried to the plane by Turkish soldiers and taken to his homeland Moscow following the ceremony. During the ceremony, the Vice Prime Minister Tugrul Turkes made very important remarks and said: “The ones that carried out this attack and the ones that instigated it, did not actually kill Ambassador Karlov. On the contrary, they made sure that he now has a glorious page in history. Ambasador Andrey Karlov is now the undying symbol of Turkish-Russian friendship.”

Lately, both Turkey and Russia have been on the agenda of the British deep state.   The British deep state continues to use terrorist groups to try and fragment Turkey.  It also tried to sabotage its recent close relationship with Russia and Iran to bring a solution to Syria. First, the Besiktas football stadium attack left 44 martyred and more than 150 injured and only a few days later the Kayseri bus attack martyring many soldiers. This last painful incident was a continuation of the plot against Turkey. However, Turkey will not give what the terror wants and will do the opposite with the help of its ally Russia and Iran. The plotters will regret their actions if we show unity and strength in cooperation with Russia. The government officials should increase their reciprocal visits and connections in every way possible.

Russia-Turkey relation is very crucial and we should improve our friendship, love and brotherhood whenever we get an opportunity. Apparently, this relationship does not meet the approval nor the benefit of some of the circles controlled by the British deep state. Thus they hatch plots whenever and wherever they can. Turkey and Russia should continue to take very important solid steps to reinforce the ties such as signing very large agreements in terms of military, air defense, energy, trade and economy. Both countries’ economy will prosper in a very short time and this alliance will be a deterrent force to push back any plots formulated against this unity. They tried to break Turkey and Russia apart last year through their plots but everyone learned a lesson and “No, Turkey and Russia will not fall into this trap this time.”


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

False Flag Operations

22 12 2016


by Harun Yahya

Peace entails willpower, patience and effort. Although living together in comfort and harmony requires no effort and is beautiful, throughout history, many generations have considered war, murder and massacres surprisingly easy. Instead of showing the determination to preserve peace, love and friendship, they escalated even the smallest disagreements into wars where the blood of hundreds of thousands were shed and sometimes, they laid the groundwork for conflicts through tricks and deceptions even in the absence of any disagreement.

Aside from their conventional powers, all military forces, intelligence agencies or terrorist groups employ techniques of deception as a strategy. What is aimed at here is to withhold information such as the forces at hand, objectives, and strategies from the adversary and conceal the truth from the public eye. Another goal is to earn the consent of the belligerent’s own supporters, citizens or the world public. Sometimes, this aim is also exploited to provoke communities or governments and manipulate them towards a certain end.

These types of operations are called ‘false flag, counter-guerrilla, dirty war or black propaganda.’ The reason they are called “False Flags” is that in naval warfare, the captains of ships would sometimes hoist the flag of their adversary to be able to approach their ships without being noticed. In this case, seeing the approaching ship’s flag, the crew of the other ship would think it to be friendly but when the approaching ship came within the firing range, it would be too late. Today, this method of deception has become the general term that is used for illegal, shady operations. The entity globally infamous for conducting such operations is the British Deep State. We can summarize three false flag operations carried out by British Deep State in the recent history as follows:

The 1953 Iranian Coup D’etat: In the 1950s, the majority of Iran’s oil revenues were going to Britain and the people of Iran could not benefit from their own resources. Britain, fearful of Iran’s plans to nationalize its oil industry, came up with the idea for a coup in 1952 and pressed the United States to mount a joint operation to remove the prime minister. MI6 handpicked General Fazlollah Zahedi to succeed Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and covertly funneled $5 million to General Zahedi’s regime two days after the coup prevailed. Meanwhile, some Iranian collaborators working for MI6 staged bombings. Their intention was to turn the country’s Muslim community against Mossadegh. [1]

The 1957 Syrian Coup D’état: In August 1957, the British Deep State orchestrated terrorist organizations and a number of false flag operations to topple the Syrian government. Accordingly, fake unrest would be organized on the Syrian border, and this would be used as a justification for the invasion of the Western parts of the country and senior government officials would be assassinated. The Syrian government would be held responsible for conducting acts of sabotage and violence against the neighboring countries, and the British Deep State would demonstrate its psychological and operational talents to escalate the tension. In other words, the British Deep State would fuel civil rebellions, attempt to free the imprisoned political criminals, and stir up various groups within Syria against the government. [2]

The 2005 London Bombings: In July 7th, 2005, bombings were staged in a bus stop and an underground subway line in London. Following the attack, which was also dubbed ‘Britain’s 9/11′, the British government made various amendments to the anti-terrorism laws, restrictions were imposed on human rights, and the persecution particularly towards Muslim citizens saw a dramatic increase. Evidence surfaced in the following years which proved that the four Muslim suicide bombers accused by the government had nothing to do with the incident and the operations were carried out under the control of the deep state. [3]

There are many false flag operations conducted by various countries around the world that have now been exposed. We can list some of these as follows: Nazis setting the German Reichstag building on fire in 1933 and putting the blame on the Communist opposition; the Japanese exploding a bomb at a railway station in 1931 and laying the blame on the Chinese, thus trying to justify the occupation of Manchuria; Operation Gladio carrying out several assassinations in Italy and some other European countries and laying the blame on the opposition are a few of the many examples before us.

As we understand here, there are deep powers in the world who “organize and regulate evil” for the sake of achieving their purposes. In order to reach their goals, these powers conduct operations during which innocent civilians are killed, and try to gain the approval of the people on the local and global media by making it look like these operations have been carried out by others. Sometimes the intention is to eliminate or disgrace a government or a government official conflicting with the interests of the deep structure, while at other times it is to incite hatred in the people against an ethnic group or a non-governmental organization. These operations are frequently seen to be conducted against ethnic or religious groups. Usually, they use terrorists with fake Muslim IDs, in an attempt to portray Muslims as terrorists. The aim here is to incite hatred against Muslims in the country where the attack is carried out and governments are forced to impose various practices that will restrict Muslims’ rights and put pressure on them.

Therefore, it is of great importance for both people and governments to be really careful and meticulous so that such false flag operations do not reach their goals. It is of vital importance to monitor all incidents down to the smallest detail, to keep an eye out for any details that might go unnoticed in the background, and not to take an incident at face value, but to evaluate it in the light of all the uncovered evidence. In this way, it will be possible to eliminate any potential injustice towards an ethnic group, a religious group or a country, and above all, it will be possible to prevent the deep structure that has organized and regulated the said misdeed from achieving its goal.

[1] http://www.nytimes.com/library/world/mideast/041600iran-cia-index.html

[2] https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2003/sep/27/uk.syria1?cat=politics&type=article; http://www.euronews.com/2013/08/28/false-flag-operations-a-history-of-controversial-military-decisions; http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/07/57-years-ago-u-s-britain-approved-use-islamic-extremists-topple-syrian-government.html

[3] http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-77-london-bombings-and-mi5s-stepford-four-operation-how-the-2005-london-bombings-turned-every-muslim-into-a-terror-suspect/5341948; http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/uk/coincidence%2Bof%2Bbomb%2Bexercises/109010.html


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

During the Time of Abdul Hamid Darwinism and Materialism Spread to Every Corner of the Ottoman Empire

14 12 2016

by Harun Yahya

During this period the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic World were Fragmented

The Ottoman westernization movement which started with the Tanzimat Reform era was abused by some circles and used for one-sided propaganda of materialism and Darwinism. Positive demands such as modernization, scientific and artistic development were simply transformed into almost irreligious propaganda in certain fields, which initiated the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.

Under the primitive scientific conditions of an era when the cell was assumed to be a water-filled bubble and pens were not even yet in  common use , Darwin’s evolution theory was perceived as a scientific concept. Supporting science and the West was equated as being Darwinist and materialistic, and most of the time Darwinism was deliberately popularized to detract  society from religious ethics. Positivist, Darwinist, materialistic and irreligious philosophies which were first introduced to the Ottomans with the translations done in Abdulmecid period were starting to gradually gain ground. Starting with  Abdülaziz Han’s reign, a religious man, this one sided propaganda was halted. Abdülaziz Han realized what kind of a disaster Darwinism was and prevented its spread. He removed bureaucrats and government officials who carried out Darwinist and materialistic propaganda from their posts, and prevented the one-sided propagation of irreligious philosophies.

Abdülaziz Han’s  astute attitude caused great discomfort to some circles and after a short while Abdülaziz Han was dethroned and martyrized as a result of a coup attempt. The Darwinist propaganda Abdülaziz Han stopped during his reign reached its peak during the Abdülhamid period, when many Darwinist materialist texts, books and journals were published throughout the empire, particularly in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Istanbul, and even more perilous  was that Darwinism was included in the curriculum in many places. Darwinist materialist government officials that were removed from their posts in Abdülaziz Han’s period were restored to vital positions such as the Ministry Of Education, the Government Printing Office and the Grand Viziership. Darwinist people were appointed as administrators for educational institutions, notably Istanbul University. At the same time, Darwinist books and journals were   being printed – with the financial support of England at the time – throughout the Arabic world, especially in Egypt, and al-Azhar University virtually became the stronghold for Darwinist propaganda. Thereby, the British Deep State of the time took the first step in initiating their grand plan which is still in effect today. A training program to raise Darwinist Muslims who are removed from the Qur’an and didn’t possess the goal of  Islamic Unity was therefore started, which they believe would be able to collapse the Islamic world from inside.

When we carefully examine the Abdülhamid period, we can see that the main reason behind the process which caused Ottoman Empire to collapse and eventually led to the Treaty of Sevres was  Darwinist materialist propaganda. In this period,  irreligious propaganda was carried out by the state itself, and the Ottoman Empire was forced into a material and moral collapse. Now let’s examine how this process started and developed.

The Spread of Darwinism and Materialism across the Ottoman Empire
During Abdulhamit Period

munif pasa
Münif Pasha

1- Among the Ottoman intelligentsia, Münif Paşa was the leading person who popularized the evolution theory. Abdülhamid appointed Münif Pasha as the Minister of Education in 1879.

2- The so-called journal of science, Mecmua-yı Fünun, that Münif Pasha published was comprised of articles about evolution. Abdülaziz Han, who didn’t allow this journal to conduct Darwinist propaganda, was dethroned and martyred, which was disguised as a suicide after a coup attempt by Mithat Pasha, who was an Anglophile.

3- Mehmet Kamil Pasha the Cypriot, who served as the Minister of Education and Grand Vizier during Abdülhamid’s reign, was known to be an English sympathizer. His nickname was “English Kâmil”.

ingiliz kamil_pasa
 English Kamil Pasha

4- In 1880, during Abdülhamid’s reign, by the order of Münif Pasha, Egyptian evolutionist doctor Bishara Zalzal’s Darwinist book called “Enlightenment of the Mind” was reproduced and taught in the schools as a textbook. Bishara Zalzal dedicated this book to Abdülhamid and English colonial governor Lord Cromer. The book was also financed by English Lord Cromer.  Besides, Al Beyan journal which was published by Bishara Zalzal was regularly promoting Darwinism.

5- England’s colonial governor of Egypt Lord Cromer was a Freemason. He supported all evolutionist scholars in Egypt, notably the materialistic Muhabbed Abduh, and he changed the whole intellectual structure of Egypt under the guise of so-called enlightenment and modernization. It was also Lord Cromer who transformed the Al-Azher University into a base of Darwinism. He was the financial supporter of the Darwinist materialist books and journals that were spreading throughout the Arabic world from Egypt. He enabled evolutionist materialist Muhammed Abduh to become the chief mufti of Egypt in 1899. Muhammed Abduh was a Freemason and he is known as an Islamic reformist. For the British deep state, Islamic reform means constructing a conception of Islam which complies with their own Darwinist philosophy, a conception of Islam that is far removed from the real Islam and the Qur’an.  In the Ottoman Empire, during Abdülhamid’s reign, England printed and distributed evolutionist books throughout the Arabic world, particularly in Egypt, and Abdülhamid’s administration spread these books, journals and text to the entire Islamic world.

el Beyan_dergisi
Al Beyan journal

lord cromer
Lord Cromer
Muhammed Abduh
Muhammed Abduh

6- Dar al-Funun (today’s Istanbul University) was founded by Abdülhamid and a special professorship was established for teaching natural sciences. This professorship started to teach evolution. Dar ul-Funun Library, which was also founded by Abdülhamit, became the center of Darwinist materialist movement.

hoca tahsin_efendi
Hodja Tahsin Effendi

Hodja Tahsin Effendi, the rector of Dar ul-Funun, who was appointed by Abdülhamid, is known for explaining the creation of the universe, human beings and other living creatures with the evolution, and his endeavors to spread evolution. He is also known as “Monsieur Tahsin” or “Gavur (infidel) Tahsin” due to his adoption of materialistic philosophy. He is a close friend of the evolutionist Minister of Education Münif Pasha of the Abdülhamit period. Tahsin Effendi brought Jamalalldin Afghani who was an al-Azher graduate and evolutionist to Istanbul to promote evolution. Afghani is one of the important advocates of Hussain Al-Jisr’s evolutionist book. Hodja Tahsin trained numerous students, and later he was removed from duty because he was distorting his students’ beliefs. However, the materialist students he trained went to many remote villages of the Ottoman Empire as teachers. In this way, Darwinism spread rapidly across the Ottoman Empire.

risalei hamidiyye

7- Hamidiye epistle was written by  Hussain Al Jisr during Abdülhamid’s reign. This book claimed that “Darwin’s theory was not in conflict with the existence of God; that evolutionary theory can be interpreted in accordance with Islam and thus some verses can be interpreted as mutashâbih (metaphorical or allegorical meanings of the expressions of the Qur’an).” Twenty thousand copies of it was published and distributed. Al Jisr’s book, which was not in compliance with the Qur’an and science, pioneered in the delusion of linking Islam to Darwinism throughout the Islamic world. Ironically, Al Jisr, who was claiming that  living beings were not created by God, was appointed as the Palace Hodja by the Caliph Abdühamit and he was awarded with the Sultan prize. Al Jisr was also educated in al Azher. This epistle, which advocated Darwinism, and thus denied the existence of God, was translated into Turkish, Urdu and other languages, and distributed across the Ottoman Empire. It gained recognition from the so-called Islamic scholars from Syria, Turkey and Egypt, and caused great damage.

8- At the Natural History Professorship at Dar ul-Funun, evolutionist Ahmet Mithat’s essays were also taught as textbooks. Ahmet Mithat is recognized as the first Ottoman representative of evolutionary theory and social Darwinism.  Almost all of these essays were about the theory of evolution. Some of the titles are presented: “Adam and the Orangutan”, “The Feelings of Animals”, “What Would Happen If Humans Lived in Isolation”. Therefore, the Darwinist education system which is still in effect today, was gradually overtaking the Ottoman Empire.

ahmet mithat_1ahmet mithat_2
Ahmet Mithat

In his book, “What Would Happen If Humans Lived in Isolation”, evolutionist Ahmet Mithat claimed that humans possessed a so-called bestial past, that they attained their current level by evolving in time and that if a baby were to live among animals, he would adopt animal-like characteristics.

Another essay of Ahmet Mithat, “Humans’ Emergence In the World” which was also taught in schools, started with the following sentence, “Because humans are some kind of animal, we are naturally curious about how they came into existence on this new world.” It was entirely about Darwinist superstitions.

Ahmet Mithat’s another essay titled “Vengeance”, which was also taught in schools, was claiming that violence was a part of humans’ nature, meaning that it was about Social Darwinism:

“Vengeance is some kind of fairness and the violence of justice… Therefore, how can we think that these bad behaviors can harm us while they reside in our very nature?

“All these deviant ideas that contradict the Qur’an caused the new generation to become mentally devastated and spiritually collapse.

9- Ahmet Mithat Efendi, who was the first person to bring forward Darwin’s evolution theory in Ottoman period, said that “humans are so-called monkeys.” Due to his evolutionist writings, his publications were prohibited by Sultan Abdülaziz Han and he was sent to Rhodes. Ruler of the Rulers Abdülaziz Han issued the following order for Ahmet Mithat’s writings: “From now on, no printing house will ever print anything about Mithat Efendi’s monkeys.”


saffet pasa
Saffet Pasha
hoca tahsin
Hodja Tahsin

10- After Abdülhamid came into power, he called Ahmet Mithat Efendi back to Istanbul and made him found Tercüman-ı Hakikat gazette. The Tercüman-ı Hakikat gazette was published until 1921. The Ottoman Empire’s famous Darwinist writers such as Ahmet Cevdet and Ahmet Rasim were regularly publishing evolutionist articles.Also, Abdülhamit appointed Ahmet Mithat as the manager of Matbaayi Amire (Government Printing Office).

tabip hayrullah
Tabip Hayrullah Effendi (left)

11- Ahmet Mithat, a well-known evolutionist, was a close friend of one of the Ministers of Education of the period, Mehmed Esad Safvet Pasha. Upon Abdülhamit’s order, Saffet Pasha appointed evolutionist Hodja Tahsin Effendi as the rector of Istanbul University. He is one of the people who completely overhauled the Ottoman education system and brought it in line with the so-called European standards (in other words he integrated Darwinism into the education system). He is one of the founders of Galatasaray High School. In that period, Galatasaray High School had become one of the centers of Darwinian education. Meanwhile Saffet Pasha was one of the architects of the coup staged against Abdülaziz in 1876. Besides, Saffet Pasha is the grandfather of Sedat Simavi, the founder of Hurriyet gazette.

12- During Abdülhamit’s reign, Tabip Hayrullah Effendi’s essay “İnsanın Satıhı Arzda Sureti İntişarı” (The Creation and Rise of Man) was one of the most commonly taught evolutionist writings in schools. In the essay it was stated that, in addition to the narrative of human history which starts with Hazrat Adam, there also should be a so-called scientific explanation, that is, the evolution.

13- Abdullah Cevdet was educated in a medical school during Abdülhamit’s reign and he was one of the prominent Darwinist-materialists of the period. During his studies at the medical school, he became acquinted with materialistic biology and turned into an atheist. Abdullah Cevdet, who was promoting Darwinism and atheism in his essays and books, was appointed to Vienna embassy by Abdülhamid. Many historians consider Abdullah Cevdet as an opponent of Abdülhamid. However Abdullah Cevdet was one of the informers of Abdülhamid. He settled in Vienne by the money given to him by Abdülhamid. Oddly enough, he was also one of the leading figures of the 1908 coup attempt, which dethroned Abdülhamid.

At the same time Abdullah Cevdet was a Social Darwinist. According to Abdullah Cevdet’s fallacies, in order for a society to develop and become civilized it is enough to have a group of people insociety whose skull sizes are greater than the average. According to him, social superiority is also to be determined by the skull size ratio of the societies.

Abdullah Cevdet said, “We should bring men from Europe and America for breeding to reform our race (meaning Turkish people).” (We exonerate our people.)

Abdullah Cevdet was a member of the İngiliz Muhipler Cemiyeti (Friends of the English Society) which advocated the mandate government. This society was founded by Anglophiles during the invasion of Istanbul with the mission of making people accept the British invasion.

During the British invasion of Istanbul, they reported the patriots who were initiating the movement for independence, and had themarrested.

abdullah cevdet_1abdullah cevdet_2
Abdullah Cevdet
abdullah cevdet_funun_ve_felsefe

Abdullah Cevdet, who believed that Kurds should be seperated from the Ottoman Empire, is accepted as one of the mentors of an autonomous Southeast. The British Deep State gave him the mission of fragmenting the Ottoman Empire and spreading seeds of seperation between Turks and Kurds.

besir fuad
Beshir Fuad

One of the many evolutionist publications of Abdullah Cevdet is the book titled “Science and Philosophy” in which Ahmet Cevdet tried to associate the ideas of Islamic scholars with the materialistic philosophers.

Şerif Mardin said; “An examination into the ideas of Abdullah Cevdet reveals how the Western Darwinist thought influenced our intelligentsia.”

14- Beşir Fuad, who was among the first Turkish materialists, published his works during Abdülhamit’s reign. Between the years 1883-1887, Beşhir Fuad wrote 14 books and more than 200 essays. He introduced Darwinist, positivist, materialist Western scholars and writers to the Ottoman intellectuals. Beşir Fuad was particularly influenced by the evolutionist ideas of Claude Bernard and Büchner. Beşir Fuad committed suicide at 35 and penned his feelings while dying. He said that the reason behind this act was to acquire and leave behind scientific data, even a little, about the feelings felt during the moment of death. However, this act created a tremendous impression on the Ottoman society and press who were until then not acquainted with the concept of suicide, and unleashed a flood of suicides in Istanbul.

The Darwinism’s Imposition into Arabic World by the British Deep State
During Abdülhamit’s Reign

lord cromer(1)
Lord Cromer

1- Until the year 1876, in which Abdülhamid came to power, no publication, essay or book on the theory of evolution or Darwin was written in the Arabic world. Starting with Abdülhamid’s reign, the Arabic world  was exposed to Darwinist propaganda as well.

2- Darwin’s theory was first mentioned in Arabic in three essays published in a monthly journal called al-Mukhtataf.  This journal was founded in Beirut by Yakup Sarruf and Faris Nimr in 1876.

In the first issue of the journal, there were three essays on the origin of men that were written by Rizkullah al-Barberi. These essays promoted Lamarck’s non-scientific opinions and praised Darwin.

Three more essays were published in the second issue of the journal. These essays which were on anthropology from an evolutionist viewpoint were authored by evolutionist Doctor Bishara Zalzal and they were about anthropology.

3- After the British Deep State invaded Egypt in 1881, al-Azhar University became the center for Muslim evolutionists. The first Arabic book about evolution was written in 1882.

4- The British High Commissioner Lord Cromer who governed Egypt during Abdülhamit’s reign, between the years 1876-1907, was a fervent Darwinist. Being a Darwinist, Cromer firmly believed in the superiority of the Western race. He advocated that Islamic world and Egyptian society were inferior races, that they had a lower intellect and they should be governed by the superior Anglo-Saxon race. According to Cromer’s deviant Darwinist beliefs, Eastern societies had to be oppressed and disciplined by the West.

5- In 1879, evolutionist Bishara Zalzal published a 368 page book in Alexandria. This evolutionist book, “Enlightenment of the Mind”, was written both in prose and verse and dedicated to Abdülhamit.  In the book, there was a portrait of Lord Cromer, under which he was called “a typical example of an Anglo-Saxon” followed by 2 lines of praise. Both the title of the book and Cromer’s portrait revealed Zalzal’s great admiration for English.

6- Darwinist Lord Cromer supposedly renovated the al-Azhar University and appointed evolutionist Muhammed Abduh, who is the founder of the so-called Islamic modernism, as the head mufti of Egypt. This renovation and modernization is nothing more than the imposition of Darwinism to crumple Muslims from inside. Along with his mentor Cemaleddin Afghani, Muhammed Abduh is one of the Muslim evolutionists. Darwinism spread to the Arabic world, even to India and Pakistan, from this place.

muhammed abduh
Muhammed Abduh
celaleddin afgani
Jamaladdin Afghani
hoca tahsin
Hodjca Tahsin Effendi

7- Evolutionist Jamaladdin Afghani defended the fallacy that God created living beings through evolution. Jamaladdin Afghani came to Istanbul during Abdülhamid’s reign, and collaborated with the evolutionist rector of Istanbul University Hodja Tahsin Efendi, who was appointed by Abdülhamit. Evolutionist Afghani was assigned as the member of Encümen-i Daniş, which is considered as the beginning of Ergenekon organization, and of the Great Education Council, which determined the Ottoman’s education policies.

celaleddin afgani
Jamaleddin Afghani

8- Jamaladdin Afghani was an advocate of Social Darwinism. He explained that, the only way for the nations in the Islamic world to improve is by fighting with each other. Many warmongering radical organizations are established upon these ideas, and the spiral of violence in the Islamic world that still persists today is based upon Afgani’s Darwinist ideas.

9- So-called Arabic enlightenment movement that developed as the Nahdaa Movement in the Arabic world is also influenced by the evolutionist world view. The founder of the Nahdaa movement, which started in the Egypt under English influence, Rifa al Tahtawi is an evolutionist. Nahdaa movement was  turned into a Darwinist movement which incited radical Arabic nationalism. Afghani and Muhammed Abduh were the pioneers of this movement.

rifa el_tahtavi
Rifa el Tahtawi
lord cromer(1)
Lord Cromer
munif pasa
Münif Pasha

10- By the order of Münif Pasha, who was appointed as the Minister of Education by Abdülhamid, Darwinist Egyptian Doctor Bishara Zalzal’s book “Enlightenment of the Mind” was reproduced and taught as a textbook in schools. The book widely covered Lamarck’s evolutionist explanations, which were debunked later, and Darwinism.

risalei hamidiyye

11-Lebanese writer Husain al-Jisr is one of the early defenders of the theory of evolution. He was also educated in Al-Azhar during Lord Cromer period. He defends the fallacy that evolution does not conflict with the Qur’an and the Qur’an explains the evolutionary creation. The printing of the Hamidiye epistle, where he defends this fallacy, was financed by Lord Cromer. Abdülhamit printed 20,000 copies of this book and distributed them. Al Jisr dedicated this book to Lord Cromer and Abdülhamit.

12- During Abdülhamid’s reign, so-called scientific evolutionist journals increased in numbers in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. The three most important of these were the following:

Al-Muktataf (1876-1952)

Al-Hilal (1892-1930)

Al-Mashrik (1898-1930)

These Darwinist journals’ devastating effect was not limited to the Arabic world. It widely spread to the Indian peninsula and Ottoman Empire through long lasting intellectual, social, political and economical relations. For example, al-Muktataf became a well- known journal in the Indian peninsula. The Arabic translations of the Darwinist writings published in the Arabic journals released in Lebanon and Egypt were later translated into Urdu and Turkish.

13- Evolutionist Arabs popularized Social Darwinism. As a result, a racist conception of Arab nationalism was adopted by Arabs. In this way, the fragmentation of the Islamic world, and the goal to set Muslims against each other was accomplished.

14- The socialist Ba’athist mentality, which later caused huge amounts of blood to be shed in the Arabic world, also started to take shape during this period.

15- The Imposition of Darwinism into India by England: Indian Muslim Sayyid Ahmad Han was also spreading the theory of evolution among Indian and Pakistani Muslims. Sayyid Ahmad Han, who was influenced by Muhammed Abduh, was also an Anglophile. He was knighted by the English monarchy and was awarded the “Sir” title. Sayyid Han stated the following: “We are bound and committed to the British government. We are not committed to the caliph of Islam. We would rather be committed to the English administrators of our own country than to a caliph who is far away.” Allame Ikbal and Muhammed Ali Jinnah, two of the founders of Pakistan, were followers of Ahmad Han. Aligah University founded by Sayyid Ahmad Han, virtually became the center of Darwinism. Many Indian and Pakistani politicians graduated from this school.

seyyid ahmed_han_2seyyid ahmed_han
Sayyid Ahmad Han

Some of the Evolutionist Books and Journals From the Abdülhamit Period

1- Hodja Tahsin Efendi,  Tarih-i Takwin Yahud Hilqat – (The History of Existence or Creation), first edition 1893

hoca tahsin_tarihi_tekvin_yahud_hilkat
maarif dergisi_18922- Maârif journal, a journal of science and literature that included evolutionist writings, 1892

3- Servet-i Fünun Journal, known for its materialist and Darwinist writings, 1892 

servet i_funun_dergisi

4- İçtihad Mecmuası, an evolutionist philosophical journal published in Istanbul and Cairo, 1904

ictihat mecmuasi
bahce dergisi_selanik5- The article explaining Darwin’s life in Bahçe journal published in Thessaloniki, 1909
evrimci iktisat_dergisi6- Evolutionist journal of economy, Ulum-u İktisâdiye ve İçtimâiye Journal, 1908

Dutch historian Raynhart Dozi’s book titled Tarih-i İslamiyet, which aimed to explain Islam through materialism and used disrespectful implications towards Islam and Our Prophet, translated by Abdullah Cevdet, 1908Ulum-ı İktisadiyye ve İctimaiyye journal (1908-1911) included many materialist writers’ writings such as Sâti al-Husri, Bedii Nuri, Asaf Nef’i, Dr. Edhem, Faik Nüzhet. Darwinist propaganda was the essential principle of the journal.

raynhart dozi_tarih_i_Islamiyet
el muktataf8- Al Mukhtataf, one of the the most famous Arabic-language evolutionist journals during Abdülhamid’s reign.  Al Muktataf was the first journal to explain Darwin’s theory in Arabic. It was printed in Cairo and Beirut, and distributed throughout the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Iran and Yemen, and even in India.

9- Evolutionist journal ed-Diya, which was first published in Cairo Egypt in 1906

ed diya_dergisi
et tabib10- Evolutionist journal At Tabib, published in Lebanon

11- Husein Al Jisr’s book Hamidiye Epistle, which explained the fallacy that the Qur’an contained evolution. 20,000 copies of this book was printed and distributed by Abdülhamit. 

risalei hamidiyye

12- Al Bayan journal, which was released by Doctor Bishara Zalzal, was regularly conducting evolution propaganda.

el beyan_dergisi

13- Semseddin Sami’s Darwinist book titled “Human Once More”, 1886

yine insan_1886

14- Al Irfan journal, which included evolutionist writings published in Beirut

el irfan_dergisi



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