Hillary Clinton-The Israeli Candidate for US Presidency

26 12 2014

Posted by Sami Jamil Jadallah on December 9, 2014

“If Israel is the center of the universe for American politicians then Washington is the center of the universe for AIPAC and Israel.”

Hence the Israeli candidates for the race to the White House — and no one can qualify more than Hillary Clinton, where Israel, not America is the center of universe for Hillary Clinton.

So far, no national Democratic or Republican candidate can come close to Hillary Clinton as the leading Israeli candidate for the US presidency. This was made very clear last week during the speech she gave at Willard Hotel in Washington at the annual Haim Saban Forum of the Brooking Institute.

The annual Haim Saban Forum, is a public forum dedicated by the Israeli-American multi billionaire the “one issue candidate” (you guessed it), who every year gathers leading American and Israeli Zionist politicians to publicly outbid each other in their support for Israel making Israel, not America the center of the American Universe.

When one’s hears Hillary Clinton over the years, one should not have any doubt that she is the leading Israeli candidate for the White House, a war mongering and Wall Street prostitute.

Sheldon Adelson, left, and Haim Saban flank Israeli-America Council Chairman Shawn Evenhaim at the IAC conference in D.C. (Photo: Shahar Azran)

During this year conference, Hillary states “The relationship between the United States and Israel is solid, and will remain solid and will be part of our foreign policy and domestic concerns, our values, ideals, forever”.

Israel is never a major concern for Main Street America, the way it is a concern for ambitious politicians. But to speak of “values”, other than being an occupying police Apartheid state engaged in perpetual wars, I do not see any other “shared” values with an Apartheid state like Israel. The conference also heard from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and from Israel’s economic minister Naftali Bennet, who simply denied the existence of “occupied territories” and who calls for annexing the West Bank to Israel once and for all and was contemptuous of any peace efforts.

In the 2012 annual Haim Saban Forum, Hillary spoke of Haim Saban her mentor and sponsor for the US presidency, saying, “He certainly has always challenged me to make the most of America’s place in the world and specially our close relationship with Israel”. Once again, Israel was the ‘centrality” issue for Hillary Clinton.

Sheldon Adelson, left, and Haim Saban flank Israeli-America Council Chairman Shawn Evenhaim at the IAC conference in D.C. (Photo: Shahar Azran)

It is interesting to note that few weeks ago, Sheldon Edelson and Haim Saban met at the annual Israeli-American Conference in Washington DC, where both Zionist billionaires pledged to spend hundreds of millions each to support presidential candidates, Republican candidates (Edelson) and Democratic candidates (Saban), and of course for only those “Israel First” candidates pledging total loyalty to the Israelis. Both billionaires and their chosen candidates are not expected to represent the American people nor put “America First” to qualify for their financial support.

Speaking of the annual Israeli- American Conference, Chemi Shalev of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz commented, “because Israel deserves another event for supporters in Washington, no doubt”. These numerous and frequent Israeli-American conferences are one issue conferences. None of America’s other concerns such as poverty, broken down infrastructure, corruptions and collusion between Wall Street and Washington, the widening racial and political divide, a militarized police, perpetual state of emergency, torturing and rendering government, global warning, public transportation, housings, staggering national and student debt are ever discussed, it is Israel the center of the American Universe that is the focus.

It should be noted that Haim Saban poured millions of dollars a few days before the November 1984 election to defeat the late senator Charles Percy (R-Illinois) for his single statement as Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee “ the US must pursue an even handed policy in the Middle East”. This little statement was enough to cost Percy his senate seat.

Find Your Job at HireVeteran.comThomas Dine, then head of the AIPAC boasted “ All the Jews in America from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians — those who hold public position now, and those who aspire — got the message”. A sure message indeed that all American politicians from heads of sanitary departments in small town in Colorado to the president, members of Congress, presidential candidate know that “loyalty” to Israel is what gets them elected, the money that can buy the votes of stupid lazy ignorant voters who buy the lies and false ads, making American democracy the butt joke around the world.

Senator Ernst Hollings (D-South Carolina 1966-2005) best described the power and beholding of AIPAC when, as he was leaving the US Senate declared, “you can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here”.

Until such time as American voters wake up from their deep sleep and coma, rise and stand up for America, all presidential candidates and all candidates for Senate and House will always be Israeli candidates and never American candidates.

America at War; Home and Abroad.

9 09 2013

If you think America is a peace loving country, think twice.

Though the government (prosecution and defense) rested its case and the judge ruled on the evidence, the public jury remained unconvinced that the September 11, 2011 attack was not an inside job, a false flag Coup d’ Etate to justify America’s declaration of war on the world and on its own citizens.

I was so curious about America’s involvement in wars and to my surprise and after due diligent research (thanks to Wikipedia, CRS and Google), I discover that America for most of its history has been engaged in wars around the world and at home. (My next article will be about America and its wars against its citizens and taxpayers).

I do not mean to bore you but sit down and relax, perhaps grab a beer or cup of tea and coffee and with me let us go over the many wars the US been involved in. I simply could not believe it and I am sure you all will be surprised.

Without forgetting to mention the American Revolutionary War (1774-1783) and subsequently many little wars and then the Second War of Independence (1882-1885), America has been involved in wars all over the world.

America the newly founded democracy of Jackson, Monroe, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama could not find a war it did not like. So there was the First Barbary War (1801-1805), then the Second Barbary War of Algeria (1815) with the West Indies Anti- Piracy Operation (1817-1825) with Aegean Anti Piracy Operation (1825-1825), with a the far First Sumatran Expedition (1832) followed by the Second Sumatran Expedition (1838-18390.

Now in the Pacific the United States began to look for places to engage in wars and it found Fiji, Samoa and Tabiteau named as United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842), with the Battle of Ty-ho Bay (China) from (1855-1858), then First Fiji Expedition (1855), soon followed by the Second Fiji Expedition (1859). Remaining in the region with Second Opium War/Second China War (1856-1859) and the Formosa/Taiwan Expedition (1867) then the Korean Expedition or Shinmiyangyo (1871-1871) and the Second Samoan Civil War (1898-1899) after which Samoa became American and of course our involvement in the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1900).

With the onslaught of the Spanish American War (1890) the US took its worships and wars to the Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto- Rico as part of the war campaign, expanding its reach to the Far East to Guam and the Philippine as part of the Pacific Theater.

Closer to home and its back yard, the United States also got into war with Mexico (1846-48) gaining California, New Mexico and Arizona and the capture of Monterey in 1842, with the bombardment of San Juan de Notre or Bombardment of Greytown, Nicaragua in 1854 and the Paraguay Expedition (1859), the Occupation of Haiti (1915-1934), the Occupation of Dominican Republic (1916-1924) and once again the Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965-1966) the attempted invasion of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs ( 1961), the Invasion of Dominican Republic ( 1965-1966), and of course the Invasion of Grenada ( 1983) and Panama ( 1989)

The United States did not abandon its military presence in Central America with the Occupation of Nicaragua (1912-1933), the Occupation of Haiti (1915-1934), and the Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916-1924), not to forget the Mexican Revolution and the Pancho Villa Expedition (1914-1919).

The US simply loved to have its hands in all of the mess and civil wars in Central and Latin America and was always a key and central players in support of the military dictatorships and civil wars that costs hundreds of thousands of lives. The US was involved in Bolivia (1970-1982), in Brazil (1964-1985), in Chile (1973-1990), in Cuba (1933, 1952-1959), in Argentina (1976-1983), in Nicaragua (1961-1990), in El-Salvador (1979-1992) and of course in Guatemala.

No need here to go over the First or Second World War because the public knows these wars too well, and I wanted to shift the attention to the many wars America was and is engaged in at home.

We start first with the Civil War which raged from 1861-1865 killing over 600,000 some in mass slaughters with tens of thousands dead in one battle, with dead from same families on both sides of the war. Ken Burns of PBS perhaps has the best and most moving documentary on America’s Civil War.

The war campaign against the Indians was long and costly with millions of Indians killed, exiled or “transferred” to reservations that continue to day. While there are too many, these are some of the key wars engaged by America against the Indians. Among many minor expeditions these are among the major wars declared against the Indians; First Seminole War (1817-1818) then the Winnebago War or Le Fevre Indian War of 1827, with the Black Hawk War of 1832 and the Second Seminole War (1835-1842), the Cayse War (1847-1855), the Apache War (1851-1900), Puget Sound War (1855-1856), Rogue River Wars (1855-1856), Third Seminole War (1855-1858), Yakima War (1855-1958), Palute Indian War (1860), Red Cloud War against the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians ( 1866-1868), Comanche War against the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Comanche and Kiowa Indians ( 1867-1875) , Red River Hills War against Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Aropaho Indians ( 1876-1877), the Dakota War against the Sioux ( 1862), the Modoc War ( 1872-1873), the Nez Perce War ( 1877), the Bannock War ( 1878), the Cheyenne War ( 1878-1879), the Sheepeater Indian Schoshone War ( 1878), White River War ( 1879-1880), the Pine Ridge Campaign or Ghost Dance War against the Sioux Indians ( 1890-1891). Perhaps the most moving movie I ever saw was the Cheyenne Autumn with Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James Stewart, and Edward G. Robinson, the epic story of the Northern Cheyenne Exodus of 1878-1879.

As I said before, American could not find a country or area it did not like to engage in war. Beside World War I (1917-1918) and World War II (1941-1945), which saw, the US military engaged in war all over Far East from Japan to New Zealand, to the Philippine, to Burma, to France, Norway, Italy, Germany and North Africa.

The US got itself engaged in wars in the Far East, actually an extension of its wars and “expeditions” only to engage in full scale war in Korea (1950-1953) with the US maintaining large contingency of well armed and well equipment army, navy and air force, certainly with nuclear weapons.

Vietnam War, a war which most of us remember went on for many years (1953-1973) way before our official involvement in with Agent Orange and Napalm as weapons of choice and Pacification Program as legalized and sanctioned killing and of course the all infamous “body count” read to us by all three major television network at dinner time.

The more than one million Vietnamese dead, the 55,000 Americans dead, the hundreds of thousands Americans injured earned Dr. Kissinger the Noble Peace Prize. Our war spelled over to Laos and Cambodia and of course we all remember the Killing Fields of Cambodia where over 2 millions killed and murdered.

The Cold War saw the US involved in wars directly and indirectly with the US arming, training and funding the Taliban’s and Alqaeda (Mujahideens) against the Soviet Union sawing the seeds for War on Terror it nurtured in Afghanistan during the Soviet Union only to consume the US in relentless and losing wars costing tens of thousands of American lives, millions of lives overseas and more than $3 Trillions.

In the Middle East, America’s active involvement in the Mujahideen War came to haunt us with the US declaring War on Afghanistan a war duped Operation Enduring Freedom commencing on October 7, 2011 with no end in sight. It did not bring freedom to us, or the Afghanis, in fact it simply destroyed the country of what was left of it after years of the Soviet Union and years of the Taliban rule. One thing the US did not forget to do is keeping the Opium Fields open to fund both the Taliban’s (the terrorists) and its war machine fighting the terrorists.

With the US almost abandoning its wars in South East Asia, it turned to its most favored place, the Middle East. Not so sure is it for the love of the Arabs, but certainly it is for the love of Israel. The US and for the last two decades became fully engaged in wars in the Middle East to add to its brief wars in Lebanon in 1958 and 1982 during which the US took out the USS New Jersey out of mothballs to fire its 1,200 kg ammunition on coastal areas of Lebanon.

The US anxious to take revenge on the new Islamic Republic of Iran for its embassy hostage, unleashed its dog Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in what became known as the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) where over one million of Iraqis and Iranian died, with Saddam using US/ West European supplied chemical weapons against both Iran and the Kurds with estimated over $400 billions wasted on this war, money which could have been used to rebuild the entire infrastructure of the Middle East from Morocco all the way to Yemen.

As if one war is not for America’s dog Saddam he decided to invade Kuwait, a country that gave him tens of billions in support of his war on Iran. The US lead some 20 nations in what became known as Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991- 28 February 1991), war that ended in routing Saddam out of Kuwait, with America having well established basis though the Gulf and that estimates put the costs of war at some $700 Billions for both Iraq and the Gulf State.

As if two wars are not enough the US prompted by a bunch of evil lying Zionist Neocons convinced George Bush to invade Iraq on the pretext that Saddam is having Weapons of Mass Destruction. Of course America’s controlled Zionist media took the charge and marketed the war to both Congress and the American people, a war (2001-2011) that cost the US some $800 Billions, thousands of dead, tens of thousands of veterans injured and abandoned, million of Iraqis dead, millions of Iraqi refugees and Iraq that is fragmented, unsafe, almost a failed state, with sectarian violence killings hundreds if not thousands of innocent people every month. Iraq is anything but Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In addition the US was engaged in Somali War 1992-1994) and way before September 11th and the War on Terror the US also flexed its muscles attaching Sudan (1998) sending cruise missile to destroy a factory of “WMD” only for the US to end paying compensation to the owners since the factory was but pharmaceutical factory contrary to the “intelligent CIA” analysts sitting in Langley. Bill Clinton also fired few cruise missiles to attack some of the Taliban’s basis in Afghanistan in “ Operation of Infinite Reach”. Don’t you just love these names? Someone should give the Pulitzer Prize to those guys in the White House and in the Pentagon for coming up with such out of this world names.

Beside brief engagement in the Libyan Civil War of 2011, the US continues to be active in its drone wars against Alqaeda in Somalia and in Yemen. God only knows which Arab country the US will bomb next. Of course one must not forget the US Operation Noble Anvil against Yugoslavia and in support of Kosovo (1990). I guess this should do it for now. Thanks.

Bombing Assad, Why Not?

4 09 2013

I am not exonerating World and Zionist imperialism from the irreparable harms America, Israel, France, Spain and England inflicted on the Arab World during centuries of colonialism and waging wars, wars that did not stop and continues at this moment.

The question that must be raised is when world military intervention is necessary in local and regional conflicts? And does international law have any value when its use is “selective”? It is OK in Syria, Kosovo but not Occupied Palestine and against Israel? Or is there an international law ‘ala Carte” you select the menu and chose from a list of countries subject to international laws.

However, I am here in support of military attack on Bashar Assad and his regime and to indict Arab political and intellectual leadership for its shares in inflicting such harms and nation destruction, and the continued crimes it continues to inflict on Arab citizens. Assad, Saddam and Qaddafi are but few of many. Now after destruction of Iraq, Libya now it is the turn of Syria. None of this would or could have happened if there were no such family dictatorships.

The destruction of Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, were no accident. They are a result of long terms criminal regimes, military and party dictatorship, lacks of credible accountable leadership, lack of public representations and participation in issues of wars and peace. Bashar and his family made the decision to declare and wage war on Syria and its people and that is the extent of public participation. These criminal leadership takes the blames for putting their countries in harms way, and for allowing foreign interventions in countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq even Yemen.

Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad are not the only Arab and world leaders to wage wars on their own people and to use chemical weapons. America perhaps more than any other country takes the leads in producing and using “chemical weapons” and have put it to use in its many wars from the Philippines, to Vietnam, to Cambodia even against American citizens and cities in its on going experiment and waging wars.

Agent Orange and Napalms are vivid in the memory of many Veterans, especially Vietnamese and picture of the young girl in flame is an indictment of the US and it’s many wars. And people and presidents like Johnson, Nixon, and Bush are war criminals no different from Bashar, Ali Saleh, Qaddafi, Saddam or Bibi Netanyahu.

The West especially America, England and Germany supplied Saddam Hussein with the chemical weapons he used extensively against Iran with the US not only supplying the chemical weapons but supplying the intelligence delivered in person by the late King Hussein to Saddam Hussein, tens of thousands died. We also all remember Donald Rumsfeld was in Baghdad smiling and shaking hands with Saddam, only few days after the news broke of Saddam use of chemical weapons killing tens of thousands of Kurds in Halabja.

Of course no one in the West, or in the Arab countries and no Arab liberals and “nationalists” raised a finger or objection against Saddam use of chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds. Utter silence of Arabs and especially Arab intellectuals and so-called “nationalists” is disgusting and insulting.

Arab leaders and military regimes been killing Arabs in the hundreds of thousands if not millions, and there is silence. Bashar managed to kill over 100,000 and destroyed millions of homes and there is silence all over the Arab streets and among Arab intellectuals. I did not see the millions nor the thousands on the streets demanding an end to Bashar continued crimes, but I saw lots of petitions to save his ass.

Now that couple of thousands died from alleged use of chemical weapons, certain Western leaders are shocked by such mass murder but they allowed the killing to continue for over two years. Arab liberals and world liberals all of sudden woke up and discovered that Bashar is a model world leader, who loved his people to death and that the attack on Syria is a violation of international laws and see nothing wrong with the killings of hundreds of thousands of citizens and use of jets, missiles and tanks to kill people all of this is alright and not in violations of international law.

Liberals, Arab nationalists, anti-imperialist, anti-Zionists believe a criminal regime like Bashar Assad and his Ba’athist regime are guardian’s of Arab nationalism, resistance and steadfastness against Zionism and world imperialism and are all crying out to save Bashar and his regime. They see nothing wrong with the wars waged by the likes of Saddam, Ali Saleh, Qaddafi and Bashar against their own people.

I know I am the odd man out at Veterans Today who takes a different position on the planned attack on Syria. I not only see nothing wrong with it but I support it. Time to put Bashar and his criminal army and regime out of business. Obama, Cameron and Holland are not willing to topple the regime, they support only limited actions, and a slap on the wrest for his use of chemical weapons and allows him to continue until Syria is totally destroyed thus ensuring the safety and security of Israel in the North.

Now Zionism has achieved parts of its objectives. Jordan and Iraq are no longer a threat, Syria was never a threat and now totally destroyed, Egypt army is paid well for its peace with Israel. Now time to shift attention to Iran and Pakistan.

Of course and from what we saw in Iraq, American and Israeli intelligence are always suspect, politically motivated to serve a purpose. Washington and Tel-Aviv are not only hypocrites but are professional liars and world class criminals as well

In fact the entire Imperialism and Zionist West are hypocrites, selective in morality and select use of weapons. It was OK in Washington, New York and Tel-Aviv to cheer as Israel lit up the skies over Gaza with its use of phosphorus bombs destroying entire neighborhoods and killing over 1,500 including some 500 children. I guess Israel killings of Palestinians and their children are OK and not in violation of international laws.

One could not help but remembers as members of the American Jewish communities in the US joined their cousins in Israel as they stood and cheered their army destruction of Gaza. None of the so-called Western leaders raised an objection to Israel and its destruction of Gaza.

Bashar, his father and uncle before have been waging wars against the Syrian people for over 45 years. Killing tens of thousands in Hamah back in 82, jailing hundreds of thousands, exiling similar numbers, looting the country and now killing over 100,000 destroying the entire country with the use of air force, Scud missiles, rockets, with over 2 millions refugees, over 4 millions displaced inside Syria. The question did the use of chemical weapon in Damascus Goutta finally tipped the scale of western morality, when Bashar been on a killing spree for over two years? I guess it is Ok for Bashar to use Scud missiles and jets but not chemical weapons? Makes no sense to me.

Bashar and his army been a sitting duck as Israel over decades bombed Syria at will, committed assassinations within Syria at will, all the while the Assad regime, father and Son never fired a single shot, never dared to retaliate.

The empty threats and rhetoric we hear from Bashar and his side kicks Walid Al-Mualim and Faisal Miqdad remind us of (“Sahhaf” Saddam minister of misinformation) are empty rhetoric and will take the hit, duck and continue to wage war on Syria and its people.

Iran and the Iranian leadership liberals and conservatives are too smart to be drawn into a war over Bashar and his regime as inevitable losers. Iran must choose its own battle and not drawn into a war that is not life and death for Iran. Same for Hezbollah. It should not use its capabilities and waste it to defend Bashar and his regime.

True and true Alqaeda is alive and is doing very well in all failed states, no thanks to Bashar and the Syrian Free Army for allowing such criminal mercenaries to come in and no thanks to regional countries that fund and arms such criminals and misfits repeating same mistakes in Afghanistan.

Yes, time to bomb the hell out of Assad and his army and time for the Syrian people to go back to their country and if they are good enough, loyal enough, smart enough they can rebuild what Bashar and the civil war destroyed.

Many nations experienced civil wars and international wars before. With wise, credible committed leadership can rebuild. The US, Germany, Japan are only but few examples of the will of the people to rebuild nations after conflicts, wars and civil wars. Syrian will rebuild again. This is the price of silence.

Pro American Lobby in Israel

28 08 2013

A family friend, a South Asian international human rights lawyer raised a very interesting question the other day and asked if there is a pro Israeli lobby in the US, why there is no pro American lobby in Israel? A very good question indeed.

In the US, any one seeking a national political position whether as president, senator, house members, cabinet members or senior staff on the White House or Capital Hill, or diplomatic economic, and financial position certainly key financial advisors or Federal Reserve, all without exception must meet AIPAC litmus test of loyalty to Israel and its agenda. Single or dual citizenship is a one-way street in favor of Israel over America all the times.

The family friend was intrigued by the power AIPAC and Israel associated powerful think tanks hold over almost every thing political, economic or financial in America and asked why not an American lobby in Israel with the same powers and commitments to the US as AIPAC is toward Israel?

With hundreds of thousands of Americans in Israel, it is very difficult to even imagine if any one who would have the kind of loyalty to America to even think of organizing to represent pro America’s interests in Israel, in the same way that Americans Zionists and Israelis represent Israel’s interests in the US. Most are dual citizens; most volunteer to serve in the Israeli army, before they think of serving the American army, most join armed settlers groups and land thieves. America and its national interest is the last thing on their mind.

Just imagine if Bibi Netanyahu or members of his cabinet or security advisors who are members of the pro American lobby with declared loyalty to America First. Better yet imagine if members of Knesset as members of the American lobby.

Imagine members of Knesset simply signing blank letters or drafts bills presented by the pro American lobby when such letters or bills are contrary to Israel First or its national and security interests. They will never be able to come within one miles of Bibi or the Knesset or any political, defense or security positions.

Imagine if members of the pro American lobby in Israel, demand litmus test of loyalty to America from key political, defense and financial candidates similar to the demands made by members of Congress as they vote for confirmation of American officials who must meet loyalty test to Israel as recently was demanded by Susan Rice and Samantha Power, certainly Chuck Hagel. His service to America as a soldier, as a senator was not good enough for his colleagues in the senate who are at the pecking of AIPAC and who are Israel First.

Imagine if these US citizens in Israel decide to choose to join the US military instead of joining the Israeli army? Imagine what Israeli society would think of these people and whether they will be able to get jobs even as janitors in government buildings. Yet, we in America see nothing wrong with Israeli loyalists holding key political, national security and defense position. In fact if you are not an Israeli First you had no chance of ever holding a position of consequence in the US.

The idea of a pro American lobby in Israel is an intriguing question, but it will never happen because no one dares to stand up for America First, not in Israel certainly not in America. Beside Israel will never allow it to take place.

Missing; Arab Political Leadership

24 08 2013

Whether we like it not, whether we agree with it or not, the Arab World in the last 60 years had two leaders of consequence and world stature, the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud (1906-197) and the late Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970). The conflicts, the mayhem, the failings, the backwardness, the oppression, the exiles, we see everyday shows the Arab World is in desperate needs of true leadership. I always wondered if these two leaders lived long enough, cooperated long enough I am sure the Arab World would not be the same as it is now, broken and bleeding.

To the misfortune of Arabs and Arab nations, they have been ruled for decades by the military, by socialists, by nationalists, by secularists, by capitalists, by Ba’athists, by Islamists (Sudan), by lunatics, kleptomaniacs and narcissists and the result is what we see today.

Nations, rises and falls with leadership and history showed us leaders that made a difference in their nation history. Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaul, Jawaharlal Nehru, Konrad Adenauer, Nelson Mandela, David Ben-Gurion, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, Lee Kuan Yeu are among those who made a difference for the good in their own country and in building or rebuilding their nations.

On the other hand, many leaders also contributed to the failings of their countries the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mussolini. Nixon, Bush, Saddam Hussain, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muamar Qaddafi, Hafiz Assad, Ben Ali, Bahsar Assad, Nourdineen Malki, Omar Al-Bashir, Yasser Arafat, Hosni Mubarak are among the many who failed their own people and failed their countries. Driven by hate, partisan politics, dismissing the others and oppositions, and in the case of the Arab leaders, arrogance, stupidity, incompetency, criminal recklessness and corruption.

The Arab World not only suffers from oppressions, hunger, discontent, illiteracy, fear, death, destruction, sectarian conflicts, coupes and terrorisms, it suffers from anemic leadership that failed to rise up above its own narrow selfish interests, partisan and sectarian politics, family and feudal politics lacking a vision for the nation and no caring for the people. This is the case, we saw in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Jordan, in Sudan, in Palestine, and in Yemen among many. In the case of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia going beyond George Bush infamous statement “either you are with us or against us” demonizing the oppositions as “terrorists”. This behavior shows lack of political sophistications, loyalty to the country and people, inherent personal and public weakness to engage the opposition in a meaningful dialogue.

Political parties as we have seen in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Jordan, in Egypt, in Yemen, in Sudan among others are for the most part self serving their own interests mainly of leadership perpetuating the status quo that failed the people all these years.

What we see today in Tunisia, with the opposition parties mainly secular/liberal parties and labor unions shows at best this narrow selfish interests demanding all or nothing putting the Jasmine Revolution at risk, and refusing to consider what is good for the nation. Living in time pasts, having failed all these years to deliver any real and tangible benefits for their membership and nation. Certainly having failed to bring about the revolution. Now they want to have all the benefits of the revolution for themselves and not for the nation.

Lebanon is no different, notwithstanding semblance of civility of fine nightclubs, bonjour, merci, Louis Vuitton, it remains a feudal and sectarian society ruled by money, families and warlords. The Civil War that destroyed the country, left over 100,000 dead, and 30,000 missing, put the country in substantial debt with looting that left basic infrastructure unfinished, a scarred nation remains that remained divided along the few haves and the millions of have not, along sectarian lines and loyalty to families and world lords of times past, manifesting itself with deadlock partisan and sectarian politics ready to explode at any moment.

The scene is no different in many of the Arab nations, with political, civil society, labor, intellectual elites and leadership that is at best, partisan, ideologically driven, sectarians, narrow minded, without a vision for the future and for the most part on the payrolls of someone from within and from without.

It is hard to believe that nations like Iraq, and Tunis, even Egypt could not bring about political leadership that can put an end to the mayhem and killings like that in Iraq, deadlock politics in Tunisia and all or nothing military coup in Egypt. The people of Iraq did not benefit from ending Saddam’s criminal regime; it is now much worst and too corrupt. In Tunisia risking all that gained from a revolution they did not initiate but want to milk for their own partisan benefits. In Egypt the January revolution that ended 60 years of military and police state came to abrupt end because political parties and groups did not go beyond their own narrow interests and forgot what the revolution was all about, rebuilding the nation and giving the people the dignity and decent living they have been robbed off all these years.

Lack of such political and intellectual leadership is apparent everywhere. The Syrian Opposition more interested in offices, benefits and five stars hotels, failed to uniting politics with field commanders that allowed Bashar Assad and Salafi Jihadist to rob them and the Syrian people from a victory they deserve.

Sudan a failed state for many years due to incompetent corrupt partisan politics responsible for the war crimes in Darfur and the loss of South Sudan. In Yemen, there is absolute and urgent needs for all parties and political leadership to bring the nation together and making a difference in a country suffering from malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty. Interests of the nation and people should come before partisan politics.

Palestine and Iraq are no different, with political dictatorship that lost its legitimacy long time ago, leadership that puts its own selfish personal and financial interests ahead of any thing else. While Iraqi sectarian leadership (Sunnis and Shiites) failed to rise up to the occasion healing a nation destroyed by Saddam Hussein and George Bush and the daily mayhem of booby-trapped cars and suicide bombing could not bring itself to change a political system installed by American Zionist NeoCons.

In Palestine, both Hamas and Fatah leadership forgot about the continued occupation, the expansion of Jewish settlements are engaged in partisan politics that shamed all Palestinians and risked any future for a Palestinian state. Partisan politics that keeps Gaza under siege, keeping millions in large jail, keep thousands of political prisoners, nurture even promote political intolerance and hate.

I tried hard to think of those who in the Arab world that rose above partisan and sectarian politics and I simply could not fined any deserving leadership that can rise to the stature of the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud or the late Gamal Abdel Nasser. While both were on the opposite of the political and ideological difference, they came together at the end for the good of the Arab World. It was too short to make a difference. Nasser died of perhaps induced heart attack, while King Faisal was gunned down by evil American Zionist powers afraid of his commitment to the liberation of Jerusalem.

Simply there are no political parties or political and intellectual leadership worthy enough to make a difference, can rise to level much needed to give the Arab World the hope, bring peace, democracy and accountable government, give the people a reason to live and no reasons to die.

Ps. I mentioned David Ben-Gurion because he was instrumental in establishing and building Israel as military and political power, notwithstanding its legitimacy, land theft, expulsion of Palestinians, its racist’s policies and practice. Arafat was a narcissist fraud.

Egypt; Bullets not Ballots Rule

18 08 2013

Red lines are crossed when political groups or individuals take up arms as part of civil protests seeking political or economic change. Governments and regimes also cross red-line when they use deadly military forces to quell such protests and invite the populations to take up arms and engage in popular and armed uprising to topple the regime and change the nature of the state. We have seen this in Libya and in Syria. The sad tragic and deadly events in Egypt shows both the military and the Brotherhood are unfit to lead and govern.

In the January uprising, Mubarak regime and in a desperate attempts to thwart the popular uprising threatening the regime, both official media and ministry of interior engaged in lies and manufacturing the truth with many so called “credible” media such as Al-Ahram and Egyptian television including well known journalists took up the lies, with claims that Arab looking (Palestinians) are caught red handed in Tahrir Square with weapons, arms and communication gears, same claims now against the Brotherhood and of course with support from non Egyptian.

Egyptian television stations and well known journalists went so far in manufacture the truth airing interviews with a “journalist” claiming she was part of a large group trained by Israel and Qatar in the US to help overthrow the Mubarak regime. It came out later that this “journalist” was on the payroll of a major government media. In Egypt then and now and as always the truth is the first victim.

If the claims by the military regime that the Muslims Brothers engaged in violent uprisings and use of weapon then this undermine the claims by the Brotherhood that the demonstration and protests are “peaceful”. However from past experience it seems every one in Egypt is engaged in lies and manufacturing the truth. The number of fatality within police and military ranks does not fit the claims that the Brothers are engaged in well-organized armed insurrection and acts of terrorism.

Burning of churches, public buildings and destruction of private properties is a crime no matter how any one looks at whether committed by the Brotherhood or the military or its thugs. The burning of churches reminds up of the television claim by convicted former minister of interior Habib Al-Adly who falsely claimed that “armed foreigners i.e. Palestinians” were behind the burning of the Coptic Saints Church in Alexandria only to emerge later that ministry of interior thugs were the ones that fired bomb the church. Burning of churches and public buildings should disqualify the Brotherhoods from public office in the same way it should disqualify the military and ministry of interior from qualifying to rule the state. One has to question why burning of churches and headquarters or the Brotherhood were not a crime before the coup, but a crime after?

General Al-Sisis, the minister of defense and head of the Egyptian military seems to be in too much harry to join infamous generals the likes of Augusto Jose Pinochet (Chile) Rafael Vidola (Argentina) and Magalhaes Pinto (Brazil) among the many generals who aborted and snuffed democracy and the will of the people through ballot boxes. Military coup and bullets are no substitute for ballots.

General Al-Sisi and his generals are not about to let go of the absolute power the military have held over Egypt since Nasser came to power even it means burning down Egypt and every thing in it.

I could not help but see some similarities and contrasts between what is happening in Egypt and what happened in Chile. In Egypt General Al-Sisi and his generals could not and will never accept a civilian government in Egypt, let alone accept the idea that the military is under civilian rule and accountability. There is too much economic and personal stakes in such decision. The military in Egypt is a business, a big conglomerate, racketeering enterprise with substantial share of the economic life in Egypt with the defense of the country as a side by-product.

The Egyptian military were too anxious to precipitate the down fall of the Brotherhood and the democratically elected president and parliament and one year of Morsi rule was too much to take and military could not accept the interruption of the military rule that governed since 1953. The Egyptian liberals and secularist tolerated 60 years of a failed state, but could not tolerate the incompetence of the Brotherhood for a year?

In Chile, General Pinochet and his generals initially were not interested in governing but for the active instigation of the US and its CIA. The Chilean military were always and for many years accepted even promoted their professional not political role in the affairs of the state. Of course the military coupe made sure 48 years stretch of democratic rule comes to an abrupt end with the killing of the first “socialist” freely elected president in the history of Latin America. The United States with the conniving war criminal like of Henry Kissinger engaged fully in the toppling of the Allende regime supplying $10 million in the process and supplying the missiles that hit the presidential palace. In contrast the US invested more than $66 billions in the Egyptian military since Sadat –Begin Camp David. General Al-Sisi and his generals did not need any incitement to bring an end to the rule of the first Muslim Brothers elected to office making it would be the last. The Egyptian military did not need any incitement from any one to bring about the military coup.

According to the Rettig Report, in Chile, General Pinochet regime killed and murdered 3,065 citizens tortured 31,947 with 2,279 who simply disappeared. In addition to the 1,312 exiled. This happened over a period of time (1973-1998).

In contrast to Egypt the claims of more than 3000 killed in couple days break the records set by the Pinochet of Chile, and if one is to count the number of those were tortured by the military regime since Nasser days then Egypt breaks all the records set forth by Brazil, Argentina and Chile combined.

It is so ironic that Allende and Morsi both promoted the generals that toppled them. Allende and Morsi promoted Pinochet and Al-Sisis shortly before the military coup. While Chile returned to civilian rule and ballot based democracy, it is very unlikely that Egypt will ever see ballot based democracy.

While Chilean liberal and democrats struggled for years to bring about an end to the military regime and the re-introduction of civilian rules, Egyptian secularists and liberals are riding on top of military tanks to bring back military regime and end once and for all any chance a civilian democratically elected government and parliament.

In Egypt the chance of having true democratic government, with separate and independent branches, executive Legislative and judiciary seem unlike to ever take place. Too bad for Egyptians, for Arabs and for the world, the bloodbath in Rabiya Al-adawyia erased the euphoric spirit of Tahrir Square. Political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood as we have seen it so far is a total failure as an alternative to military regimes. In the same way military regimes could never be a valid and credible alternatives to elected governments. In Egypt bullets not ballots rule.

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