Let’s accentuate the common values of the three monotheistic religions

22 05 2013

The culture of co-existence is a core value of Islam. In many past societies  that were ruled by Islamic laws,  we see many examples of this co-existence that left their mark on history: TheOttoman Empire is surely one of these. However the winds of Islamophobia instigated by the Western world and the enmity against the West experienced by the Islamic countries aim to drive these two great civilizations apart to the point of setting them against one another. Meanwhile the worldwide disaster that will arise from such hostility – which is being advocated by some circles – is not given due consideration.

This being the case, how can the culture of co-existence be fortified?

The best way to hinder the conflict between the West and the Islamic Civilization is to deepen the common concepts such as love, compassion, mercy, cooperation, tolerance and justice, and to bolster solidarity and all sorts of cooperation between these civilizations, for in point of fact, there really are no deep differences, cultural gaps or conflicting cultural values between Islamic civilization and the Western world  as is so often asserted. On the very contrary, there are many common values shared by the Judeo-Christian cultures that lay the basis of   Islamic civilization and the Western civilizations. The members of the three divine religions believe in the existence of Allah, in the resurrection after death, in paradise, hell and the angels. They believe that Allah created the universe from nothing and that He created everything in line with an explicit destiny. These common values are not limited to issues related with faith alone: The moral values of the People of the Book – that is to say the Christians and Jews as they are referred to in the Qur’an – and Muslims are in great harmony. In our day, when moral degeneration has rapidly gathered speed, the People of the Book and Muslims aim for a model of a human being who is just, chaste, self-sacrificing, honest, compassionate, merciful, humble, truthful, loving, forgiving and gracious. They believe that every individual in this world should avoid pretension and hypocrisy, should respond to  evil with goodness and to display all these virtues.

This being the case, what must be accomplished is to resolve the problems of the world by giving emphasis to these common values – which exceed   the differences – and work towards cooperation based on love, compassion and mercy. It does no good  to insist on settling  the accounts of the past and to dwell on previous conflicts in order to come with new desires for revanchism. This is the time to close the pages of the history books  and to unite our forces for a better future.

Ebru Altan

Building Bridges – Istanbul, Turkey



The Outlook of Islam on Christians and Jews

14 05 2013

In the Qur’an, Jews and Christians are called the “People of the Book”. This is because the members of these two religions abide by the Divine Books revealed by God. The outlook of Islam on the People of the Book is extremely just and compassionate.

Christian and Muslim beliefs have many aspects in common. Judaism too shares many beliefs with Islam. In the Qur’an, God relates that Muslims share the same faith with the People of the Book and that they say to them “We have faith in what has been sent down to us and what was sent down to you. Our God and your God are one and we submit to Him.” (Surat al-‘Ankabut, 46)

All true adherents of these three great religions:

– believe that God has created the entire universe out of nothing and that He dominates all that exists with His omnipotence.

– believe that God has created man and living things in a miraculous way and that man possesses a soul granted him by God.

– believe in resurrection, Heaven and Hell and angels, and that God has created our lives with a certain destiny.

– believe that besides the Prophets Jesus (as), Moses (as) or Muhammad (as), God sent many prophets including the Prophets Noah (as), Abraham (as), Isaac (as) and Joseph (as) throughout history, and they love all these prophets. In one verse, that Muslims make no distinction among prophets is related as follows:

The Messenger believes in what has been sent down to him by his Lord, and so do the believers. Each one believes in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers. We do not differentiate between any of His Messengers. They say, ‘We hear and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord! You are our journey’s end.’ (Surat al-Baqara, 285)

The beliefs of the People of the Book are in harmony with Muslims, not only in terms of faith-related issues, but also of moral values. Today, in a world where such immoralities as adultery, homosexuality, drug addiction and a model of egoism and self-seeking cruelty have grown widespread, the People of the Book – Christians, Jews – and Muslims share the same virtues: Honor, chastity, humility, self-sacrifice, honesty, compassion, mercy and unconditional love.

Burcu Cekmece

Building Bridges – Istanbul, Turkey


Nakba and Palestinian Failings

13 05 2013

Every year at this time, the Palestinians remember the “Nakba” or catastrophe and mourn their failings, while Israel celebrates its independence and success as regional and world power. No one can doubt the power and influence Israel and the world Zionism play in shaping domestic and international policies of major world capital such as Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, New Delhi, even Peking.

A power and influence that put the Palestinians and behind them the 380 million Arabs at a disadvantage, however that should not be an excuses for the failings and incompetence of Palestinian leadership past Hajj Amin Hussaini, Yasser Arafat and now Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mishal.

One can understand and appreciate the power Israel and its Fifth Column play within the United States of America with power and influence over every aspect of life emerging as clear and present danger to the domestic and international security of the country.

While Israel leadership always had a focused mission of total and unconditional commitment to the safety, security, existence and expansion of Israel by all means including blackmailing, false flags terrorists attacks and penetrating the inner circles of the highest level of national security of Western democracies, the Palestinian leadership past and present continued to be bogged down with its own self serving and perpetuation and have lost focus on Palestine, on the Rights of Return and Jerusalem long long time ago.

Too bad for the Palestinians under the continued Jewish Occupation and in the Diaspora. The Palestinian leadership certainly of the PLO have proved over time that it is incompetent to lead, unfit to manage, too corrupt to have any credibility and simply if not an agent of the Israeli Occupation at least manager of the Jewish Occupation, a criminal mafia at best.

While the British Mandate was meeting its mission of helping and facilitating the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine and was doing all it can through arrests, executions and suppressions of civil demonstration, the Palestinian leadership of the time was simply inept and hardly knew what was going on and with no vision or focused credible policies for resisting both the British Mandate and the emerging powerful Jewish terrorists groups.

No one can deny the sacrifice of the many who took up arms, who died and who were executed and imprisoned resisting both the Mandate, and the ever increasing Jewish Occupation, the Palestinians leadership like the present one was more concerned with perpetuating its powers and influence rather than meeting the challenge coming from Europe and the US. Simply the Palestinian leadership and the population of the time were no match to the Zionist leadership and the well educated and well trained Jewish immigrants with focused mission to set a Jewish state no matter what are the costs or consequences for the Palestinians.

The late Yasser Arafat was no match for Ben Gurion, not in vision or dedication to the cause, While the latter made good use of close inner circles of smart professional people to help him build a new state, securing financial, military, political and technical support for the new emerging state, Arafat on the other hand gathered around him a bunch of misfit, unfit, incompetent, corrupt, a mafia of self serving cadre of followers committed and loyal to his leadership and securing their private privileges that Arafat was master at dispensing using blackmail to make sure every one is in line and never challenge his leadership. The Palestine National Congress was nothing but a shameful body and a disgrace failing the Palestinians as the leadership of Arafat and his cronies.

That is why after so many years of same leadership, and with hundreds of thousands of dead and martyrs and tens of billions disappeared, wasted, looted and remain unaccounted for, Yasser Arafat and the PLO having failed at every thing (liberation and establishing a state) he and his failed corrupt and incompetent entourage came back to manage the Jewish Occupation as a way to save a failed leadership.

While Israeli leaders travel the world succeeding in suppressing complaint about continued expansion of Jewish settlements, expropriations of land for the Apartheid Wall and Jewish Roads only, and an ever expansions of so called security checkpoints, and constant violations of international law, Palestinian leadership is traveling the world earning traveling miles, enjoying the finest in hotel and dinning, without ever achieving any material change for the people under the Jewish Occupation, with a very speedy rate to disfranchise and ethnically cleansing Arab Palestinians from Jerusalem. Land swap, not the return of the refugees, not Jerusalem is the agenda for continued negotiations.

While the Israeli and Jewish leadership looks after its own around the world, discovering even inventing lost tribes, seeking and enticing such lost tribes to immigrate to Israel, the Palestinian leadership of Arafat and Abbas totally abandoned, gave up any credible efforts to look after and serve Diaspora Palestinians. As we have seen in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Kuwait, in Syria among other countries.

While the Jewish Agency was looking after Jewish communities around the world, the Palestine Liberation Organization as the claimed “representatives of the Palestinian people” overlooked even disregarded the needs of all Palestinians in the Diaspora, specially those under attacks in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The Jewish Agency working together with international Zionist organizations like the American Jewish Congress organized and sought and succeeded in total recovery of Jewish properties in Europe, the PLO did not bother to organize an alliance of international organizations to document or build a data base and filing the necessary legal challenges and proceedings to recover All Palestinian properties confiscated by the newly arriving Jewish immigrants. In fact it stands in the way of such efforts because it seeks compensations to go its own coffer to dispense with it as it chooses with majority of recovered funds ending up in private bank accounts.

Now that the Palestinian leadership claimed a one time success of having Palestine recognized as an observer state at the UN, it promised in exchange for sitting down with the Israelis to negotiate and give away what is left of Palestine, it will not file any international legal charges against Israel for its criminal actions of the wars on Gaza, the building of the Apartheid Wall, the continued confiscations and expansions of Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinians lands, the policies of administrative arrests without trial or evidence that saw more than 700,000 Palestinians guests of Israeli jails. I guess to the Palestinian leadership there is a price for its continued existence and that price is Palestine and its people. If the past is a guide to the future I doubt if Palestinians will ever take charge of their own destiny and throw this failed leadership out once and for all, and give themselves an even chance.

Islam: The Danger Within

5 05 2013

As if the war on Islam and Muslims declared by certain evil forces within the US and international Zionism is not enough, the so-called “ Takfiri/Jihadist” terrorists have also declared war on Islam and Muslims. Mohamed Imami Kashani, the Imam of the Friday Prayer Mosque in Tehran is correct when he recently labeled these “Takfiri/ Jihadists” as not Sunnis, not Shiites not even Muslims but true die hard Zionists.

The Reagan administration with intellectual and philosophical advocacy from NeoCons think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute and in fulfillment of its objective to wage overt and covert war on Communism and with the support (certainly generous financial payments) to Arab and Muslim governments began to recruits all the misfits, radicals and lost generation to fights its war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The “Mujahiddeen “ war in Afghanistan is and will remain the incubator of “Islamist’ terrorism and the radicalization of so many young Muslims who are now engaged in and are waging a war of terror against Muslims and Islam in countries like Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in India, Kashmir, Somalia, Iraq, and recently in Tunisia.

Assisting this international war on Islam are “radical” clergymen who are doing their best to emulate the Rabbis of Christ time and are doing their best to take over the “Temple’ and every thing in it and are working very hard for the “Talmudization” of Islam and trying to shape Islam and Islamic Civilization’s in their own image of ignorance, and intolerance. Promoting and sad to say “winning” the “sectarian wars” in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Syria.

They have been waging verbal and armed war in mosques all over the Muslim world anointing themselves as leaders of the “Ummah” when in fact they lack all the intellectual and reglious credentials to lead such “Ummah”, let alone a mosque.

Any one these days with a shaved head and a long beard can claim to be an “ Islamist leader” gathering around themselves unemployed failed misfits who have been left out and marginalized by society. These so called “Emir” truly think of themselves as “Prince’s of Believers” moving around in motorcades with armed guards, and processions fits for a Mafiosi’s and acting like criminal gang leaders of Los Angeles and Chicago.

If America ‘s war on Islam in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq has caused the direct death of hundreds of thousand, then the “Takfiri/Jihadist” war on Islam and Muslims has caused a number far exceed these modest figures. Always directing their acts of terror toward poor neighborhoods and innocent bystanders.

No one should discount the monstrous evil produced by the “madras’s” in Pakistan and in Afghanistan on the radicalization of young generations with no hope for decent life or future. If these young people have a stake in society, with good education, good jobs and good future for themselves and their families they will not go out and blow themselves not for Allah certainly not for Mohamed (PBUH), but will rebuild their societies not destroy it.

In this day and age, ignorant ill educated clergymen have anointed themselves as guardians of the faithful handing “fatwa’s” left and right determining who is a Muslim of good standing and who is not going dangerously further handing down “death” sentences against those who do no see them as the personification of pure Islam, with a “Sharia” that does not go beyond “sex and booze”.

These “Jihadists and Takfiri” leaders and groups are indeed the hidden armies of the likes of Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes, Pam Gellar and “false flag terrorism” who have made a career out of promoting and advocating “Islamophobia” and war on terror.

In Syria, the presence of Islamist recruits (Jabhat Al-Nusra) related to or associated with Alqaeda has undermined the Syrian people’s uprising and winning the war against the criminal regime of Bashar Assad.

All Arab criminal regimes past and present have supported US waging war on Communism and now these veterans of the Mujahideen war came back to undermine these regimes and to recruit, poor, unemployed, ignorant and illiterates to its ranks using drugs and smugglings with covert support from Western intelligence sources in support of its international war on terror (Islam).

The Takfiri /Jihadists never contributed to life but waged wars of death and destructions against innocent and poor people and never build a clinic, or a school, or social service centers, training centers for women, believing these services as undermining the purity of Islam and an emulation of decadent Western civilization.

If such people existed in early Islam I am sure Islam would have died in its infancy and would have never gone beyond Medina. May Allah save Islam, Muslims and the world from these evil, criminal and terrorists who are the biggest threats to Islam and Muslims? The great Islamic Civilization spanning the glob was not build by “Takfiri/Jihadists” but built by intellectuals, scientists, mathematicians, architects, artists, philosophers, religious scholars, not Shiites not Sunnis, but Muslims of all colors, race and nationalities. Islam was and is enriched by such diversity and cross-cultures.

Palestine; Fist full of dollars

2 05 2013

The meeting that took place in Nablus on Sunday the 4th of November 2012 between Palestinian Oligarchs and officials from the office of Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli investors and businessmen, mainly those heavily invested in Jewish Settlements, was not out of the blue. It set the pace for Secretary John Kerry of “economic initiative” in lieu of ending the Jewish Occupation.

Contrary to public claims, the Palestinian leadership past (Arafat) and present (Abbas) was never interested in liberation, let alone ending the Jewish Occupation. Oslo and subsequent actions since then can only confirm this. It is all about business and the windfall the continued Jewish Occupations brings to the Palestinian leadership, leaders and cadre of “Fasa’el” and of course to the Palestinian Oligarchs.

The Palestinian leadership never put in place a popular plan (civil disobedience and popular civil uprising) that will help bring about the end of the longest occupation in modern history. Rather the Palestinian leadership is working hard to perpetuate its existence even if more and more land is taken over for Jewish settlements and security areas.

While the likes of Dr. Mohmoud Ishtayeh, Fatah leader in Nablus denounce such meeting with the likes of Rami Levy, the owner of the largest supermarkets in Jewish Settlements, his boss Mahmoud Abbas dispatch his top economic aid to attend such meeting, a meeting that also saw the attendance of Amr Mousa of Egypt and Abdesalam Almajali the former Jordanian foreign minister and Robert Serry the UN coordinator.

The meeting that took place in the home of Palestinian billionaire Munib Almasri was dubbed” breaking the freeze”, with the idea of creating a” coalition of Arab and Israeli ‘Notables’ working together to move forward the Arab Peace process.

Last April 25, 2013 Secretary of State John Kerry announced such plans after receiving the green light from Bibi Netanyahu. The “economic initiatives” is to induce big international corporations to invest in projects in the “occupied territories” in infrastructures, high technology and transportation in addition to telecommunications.

Not so sure how this plan will work when Israel have over 550 different security check points almost every few kilometers where Palestinians are horded like Texas cattle’s as they are processed through metal revolving gates and where many women died while waiting to go to a clinic on the other side and where Palestinians have to wait hours if not days to pass through.

Israel not only hinder Palestinians access to their homes and farms it does not allow a G3 applications and signs pointing this issue went up during President Barack Obama brief visit to Ramallah.

When Arafat and the PLO leadership came back to Ramallah to manage the Jewish Occupation, Arafat unlike drunken Yeltsin, a sober Arafat gave the Palestinian Oligarchs the run on all key economies and went further by giving certain security officials a monopoly on certain energy sectors resulting in the milking of hundreds of millions of dollars from poor consumers. Arafat corrupted the entire economy of the Occupied Territories.

More troubling is the lack of any credible plans by the Palestinians leadership to disengage from the Israeli economy. Dr. Nabil Sha’ath who negotiated the Paris Agreement did not do such a good job perpetuating the overwhelming control of Israel of all economic aspects in the Occupied Territories.

Over the years and since Oslo and with a lack of both a political let alone economic plans, the Palestinian leadership and authority made the rich richer and the poor much much poorer.

The biggest beneficiary of the budget goes to the Palestinian Security forces (35%) much more than the combined budget for health, education, transportation and social services. Keep in mind that such security forces could not and dare not protect Palestinian villages from the daily attacks by armed Jewish settler terrorists. Who come as they wish vandalize mosques and churches, destroy farms, uproot century old olive trees and poisoning water well, all under the closed eyes of the Palestinian security forces established to protect the Occupation and the Ramallah regime.

Prior to the Second Intifada, Israel became the largest single employer of Palestinian labors and the Palestinian leadership was only too happy for being the largest and key labor suppliers of unskilled labor to Israel and never thought of an alternative plans.

The Palestinian leadership failed at every thing it set out to do. It failed at liberation, it failed at ending the occupation, failed at building governing institutions, failed at disengaging Palestinian economy from the Israeli economy, failed at ending the continued expansion of Jewish settlements, failed at bringing down the Apartheid Wall (though it had a court ruling), failed at creating a transparent and clean government with corruption, “connections and nepotism” and fleecing of citizens at the different key agency continue to be the rule.

The only beneficiaries of such “breaking the freeze” or “economic initiatives” are the Palestinian Oligarchs who already have chocking hold on key economies while hundreds of thousands of people remain below poverty lines and with hundreds of thousand remain hostage to the monthly salary and the monthly mortgage and consumers loans.

Not so sure what would be the economic benefits to the people when Coca-Cola commits to investing a billion dollars and who but the owners of the franchise are the beneficiaries.

Already the Arab League is behind such an “economic initiatives” and recently gave Israel added incentives allowing the trade off of prime Palestinian territories in exchange for toxic waste dump. With this present leadership there is no hope forever ending the Jewish Occupation.

The leadership, its allies in the business community and in the NGO networks are the prime beneficiaries of the continued Jewish Occupation and the “economic initiative” is an added reward to a Palestinian leadership that failed at every thing.

More troubling is the commitment made with the approval of the Palestinian leadership that “Palestine” will never file legal charges against Israel for past, present and future crimes.

Aborting the “Arab Spring”

13 04 2013

One thing for sure, the “secularist/nationalists” and the “salafi/islamist” in Egypt and in Tunisia all conspired willingly or unwillingly to abort the “Arab Spring” or what is left of it. Both are unfit to lead let alone govern.

I am sure the hundreds of thousands of young and old, rich and poor, ideologically free who went to the streets and took down the regimes of Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak and Muamar Qaddafi, little did they know their hard work is hijacked by “leaders” and “followers” that best can be described unfit to lead and unqualified to govern and take the countries forward, rebuilding nations people and infrastructures destroyed by decades of corruptions, police state and failing institutions.

These “secularist/nationalists” and “salafi/islamists”, and the likes of Daniel Pipes and that other pseudo intellectuals like the creep Bernard Henry Levy should know they did not bring about the Arab Spring, in fact they have nothing to do with it all.

The Arab Spring was born out of the people desire to be free, to have a quality, decent respectable life, free from fear of the knock on the door in the middle of the night, free from fear to go to jail sentenced by a judicial systems at best corrupt, unjust and at the pecking of the president, the ruling party and intelligence service. A decent house and a decent job, a future for their families and a place under the sun.

The thousands who died did not die waiting for creeps and veggie-intellectuals the likes of Bernard Levy or Daniel Pipes to bring about democracy and good governance to the Arab countries. Not Arabs, not Americans, not Europeans want or desire a democracy seeded in Zionist ideologies and corrupting financial and political systems that are destroying societies and nations from within. What an insult for the hundreds of millions of Arabs to have these two Zionists think they are the “intellect” behind the Arab Spring.

The thousands who died and went to jail did not wait for the “secularist/nationalists” whose failures, in fact whose support for dictatorial regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen brought about failing states and kelpto-dictatorship. While the Brothers went to jail, Egyptians so called “intellectuals” were heading almost all government institutions from radio and TV to national newspapers, national publications and were spreading the lies that kept Mubarak regime going for decades.

The thousands who died and the millions who took to the streets in defiance of the police and bullets did not go out so that “salafi/islamists” can go out and take the laws in their hands and determine who is a pious righteous citizen and form a nation in their own ugly dark vision.

The young and the brave Egyptians did not bring down the regime so that Egypt can be ruled by “fatwa’s” from many unfit, unlearned if not misfits who are sawing the seeds of anarchy and sectarianism. The young revolutionaries did not bring down regimes to have the state substitute one ‘secular corrupt police” with a “ religious virtue police” whose interests and understanding of the state and people does not go beyond “sex and booze”.

The biggest danger facing “Arab Spring” and citizens of states like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, certainly Syria is not American imperialism but Sunni Salafi terrorists whom in the case of Syria are the biggest danger and threat to the Syrian revolution and uprising and its chance of bring down Bashar and his criminal regime.

Al-Nusra and Alqaeda never contributed any good to the renaissance of the Arab or Muslim states and their agenda if any thing is questionable funded by certain evil forces from within the Muslim world Zionist related mafia, and from drug money generated in the opium fields of “Mujahideen and Taliban” and the cocaine trafficking in Sub-Sahara and separatists forces operating within Algeria, Mali and the Sahara.

Too bad for the citizens of these states, whether Arabs, Berber, Kurds, Muslims, Christians and Jews, religious and secular the “salafi” terrorists movements are the biggest threat to what we know today as Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq. These “salafi” terrorists are sowing the seeds of hate and ‘sectarian’ strife in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq and are committing terrorists and murderous acts whose victims are innocent people. And in Libya they are the one standing in the way or rebuilding the nation.

Not so sure if these ‘salafis” in Tunisia, or Egypt, or Iraq or Libya or Syria ever contributed money or efforts to building a school, a clinic, perhaps a bakery or social clinics let alone a factory to employ people or sport centers or rehabilitation clinic or vocational schools or a library or a science museum. The only thing they are capable of doing is killing and committing cold blood murders of innocent people and destroying nations with the hope of bringing about a retarded backward “jahylia/ ignorance” Islamic state

One has to always questions how do these “salafi terrorists” get their funding to buy arms and weapons to attack and kill and destroy and to travel the “jihad route”.

These “Islamist terrorists” with their acts and vengeance and their ugly dark vision of an “Islamist” state shares common interests with America’s imperialism and Israeli Zionism in their conspiracy to abort the Arab Spring.

Let all these Islamist Jihadist and terrorists go back to their home countries and let the Syrian people fight for their future. If America and Israel succeeded in one thing, they did succeed in nourishing and nurturing “Islamic terrorism” starting with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, the source of all evil and terrorism in the Muslim world. I am sure the Arab and Muslim world would be much better off if the Mujahideens and Taliban’s were defeated by the Soviets.

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