Islam Supports Freedom of Belief

18 08 2013

In matters of belief, Islam offers people complete freedom, and in the very clearest language. That has been so ever since Islam was first revealed, and forms the basis of today’s Islamic morality. When a Muslim meets someone whom he wants to have faith, he only has the liability to communicate Islam and to explain the existence of God, to state that the Qur’an is the book of His revelation, that the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is His messenger, to explain the existence of the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment and the beauties of the Islamic morality. However, such liability is only restricted to communicating the religion. In one verse in Surat an-Nahl, God informs us that our Prophet (saas) also is only a messenger: Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair admonition, and argue with them in the kindest way. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His way. And He knows best who are guided. (Surat an-Nahl, 125)

Another verse states, “… It is the truth from your Lord; so let whoever wishes believe and whoever wishes do not believe…” (Surat al-Kahf, 29) and our Lord addresses our Prophet (saas) as, “Perhaps you will destroy yourself with grief because they will not become believers.” (Surat ash-Shu’ara’, 3). In Surah Qaf God issues our Prophet (saas) this reminder:

We know best what they say. You are not a dictator over them. So remind, with the Qur’an, whoever fears My Threat. (Surah Qaf, 45)

For example, one person may immediately come to believe in the face of a believer’s preaching, while another mocks and attacks it. One person may use his conscience and decide to live in the way that is pleasing to God, while the other may join the deniers and respond to fine words with ugly ones. But that denial will never inspire despair or sorrow in the person issuing the call. In Surah Yusuf God says:

But most people, for all your eagerness, are not believers. You do not ask them for any wage for it. It is only a reminder to all beings. (Surah Yusuf, 103-104)

What’s important is that no matter what reaction he meets with, the person who abides by the Qur’an keeps on displaying the kind of morality that is pleasing to God, refuses to make any concessions on it, and puts his trust in God. God has told us that His religion is to be explained “in the kindest way” as revealed in the Qur’an: “Argue with the People of the Book only in the kindest way–except in the case of those of them who do wrong–saying, “We believe in what has been sent down to us and what was sent down to you. Our God and your God are One and we submit to Him.” (Surat al-‘Ankabut, 46)

We must not forget that all events, great or small, happen in the framework of the destiny created by God. And it is God who bestows salvation on someone who is invited to believe. For that reason, believers are never troubled by deniers’ behavior. There are many instances of this in the Qur’an. In the verse “Perhaps you may destroy yourself with grief, chasing after them, if they do not believe in these words” (Surat al-Kahf, 6), God tells the Prophet (saas) not to be troubled if the people he calls on to believe in the Qur’an fail to do so. In another verse we are told “You cannot guide those you would like to but God guides those He wills. He has best knowledge of the guided.” (Surat al-Qasas, 56) Therefore, one’s invitation, fine words and all the details one set out will only have any effect in the event that God so wills it. (Harun Yahya, Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism –

God has given mankind both reason and a conscience. His messengers and the Divine books revealed to them have shown the true path, and people are responsible for their own choices. Islamic morality can be lived only by a sincere decision to do so–by surrendering oneself to God and listening to one’s conscience, which always commands one to do what is right. It is a total violation of Islamic morality to force anyone to believe, because what matters is an individual’s surrendering himself to God with all his heart and believing sincerely. If a system were to force people into a religion and worship, people would appear to be religious because of their fear of the system. From a religious perspective only religiosity lived for God and based on free and conscious choice is acceptable. God says the following to our Prophet (saas) in the Surat al-Ghashiyya:

So remind them! You are only a reminder. You are not in control of them. But as for anyone who turns away and is unbeliever, God will punish him with the Greatest Punishment. Certainly it is to Us they will return. Then their Reckoning is Our concern. (Surat al-Ghashiyya: 21-26)

It also needs to be emphasized that Islam leaves people free to make their own choices regarding religion and commands them to respect other religions. Even if someone believes in a superstitious faith, as the Qur’an describes it, still he can live in peace and security in Muslim lands and freely perform his own religious obligations. In verses God commanded our Prophet (saas) to tell those who denied Him:

“I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. Nor will I worship what you worship, nor will you worship what I worship. You have your religion, and I have my religion.” (Surah Qaf, 2-6)

Under the morality of Islam, everyone is free to carry out his religious obligations in accord with his own particular belief. Nobody can prevent any others from performing their particular religious duties, nor can he oblige them to worship in the manner he desires. That violates the morality of Islam, and is unacceptable to God. In the Islamic history a model of society emerges in which everyone is free to worship and perform the obligations attendant upon his particular chosen beliefs. In the Qur’an God describes monasteries, churches, synagogues, and the places of worship of the Peoples of the Book as all under God’s protection:

… If God had not driven some people back by means of others, [then] monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques, where God’s name is mentioned much, would have been pulled down and destroyed. God will certainly help those who help Him–God is All-Strong, Almighty. (Surat al-Hajj, 40)

Our Prophet’s (saas) life is full of such examples. When Christians came to see him, he left his own mosque for them to use and pray in it. That kind of compassion was maintained during the times of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs who succeeded the Prophet (saas). After Damascus was captured, a church that had been turned into a mosque was divided into two, so that Christians might worship in one half and Muslims in the other. (You can obtain detailed information on the subject from the web site, which is based on the works of Harun Yahya.)

Burcu Cekmece


Building Bridges – Istanbul, Turkey

Christian Brotherhood of America

3 08 2013

Not withstanding the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution which declares that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion and prohibits the establishment of a national religion, the Christian Brotherhood of America is in every establishment: the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, Home Land Security, CIA, among many of the different departments of the US government.

Although the Constitution does not support the establishment of faith-based parties, faith runs deep in the American political party system.

Republicans, due to their alliances with Evangelicals (Christians and Zionists), are deemed the party of political Christianity.

Though Thomas Jefferson was quite concerned, and rightly so, of leaving the door open to faith in public life, his clause was intended to “ erect a wall of separation between church and state.”

Political Christianity, or what I would refer to as the state of Christian Brotherhood in America, permeates in countless policy debates. This includes restrictions on abortion (even in cases of rape and incest), stem cell research and use, same-sex marriage, welfare and welfare reform, access to birth control, and even foreign aid to Africa. There are attempts to censor media that is deemed to promote “anti-family values,” and members of Congress who are “scored” on how much they enforce a traditional vision of family life.

Though members of Congress and state legislatures are forbidden to cross the line of separation between church and state, no legislation or Constitution can forbid legislators from voting with their “value system” or introducing legislation that stems from their value systems. It is only natural and expected.

Ronald Reagan and later George W. Bush were the first to recognize the power of the Christian Brotherhood when they made the Moral Majority (coined by Jewish Paul Weyrich) of the late Jerry Faldwell a corner stone of their political agenda. Later on, George W. Bush set up the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership back in January 2001 with President Bush defining it as “Compassionate Conservatism, with more than $2.2 billion in awards to social services associated with religion.”

President Barack Obama kept the faith with such policies though renaming the office to “The White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives” back in February 2009, with membership ranging from Church of God in Christ, the National Council of Churches, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, African Methodists Episcopal Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism.

The backbone of the Christian Brotherhood is in organizations such as the Southern Baptists Convention, Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition of America, National Association of Evangelicals, United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Although U.S. tax laws prohibit churches from endorsing candidates, they are allowed to influence legislation through lobbies, the media, and an army of campaigners in support of certain political candidates. Religious institutions such as religious orders, churches, mosques and synagogues, which in some cases are large enough to be owners of billions of millions of dollars worth of real estate properties and financial assets, are given tax breaks.

That kind of financial power does make a difference in politics in America. This has most clearly been seen in cross-country efforts to restrict access to abortion and to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Unfortunately, a number of these same groups conduct fear-mongering, Islamaphobic campaigns that promote the idea that Muslims in the U.S. are here to impose Sharia Law, as if Sharia Law is an imminent danger to the U.S. and Christian way of life. Since November 2010, two-dozen states have considered legislation to ban the implementation of Sharia law, including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Given that predominantly Muslim countries are rejecting the imposition of Sharia Law, it seems ridiculous to believe that Sharia Law is ever going to be imposed on Oklahomans.

These groups fail to recognize the irony that they are waging anti-Islam campaigns while at the same time, actively trying to pass legislation at both the State and Federal levels to impose their faith on everyone else.

The motivations behind such campaigns is not for the love of America or leading a Christian life, it is to use a fear of Islam in the U.S. as a way to promote Israel. “Scholars” like David Yerushalmi, who enjoys wide support from Republicans, are able to hold conferences in the U.S. Capitol Building on reports titled “Sharia: The Threat to America.” Major political figures with the Republic Party such as Newt Gingrich, have called Sharia Law a “mortal threat,” and called for it to be banned across America.

We all should remember the U.S. war on Iraq, with Evangelical chaplains having found to pump troops up with hate speech, leading U.S. troops in Samara, Iraq to drive around town with a Bradley Fighting Vehicle with “Jesus Killed Mohamed” emblazed all over it.

The US military top brass ignored members of the military framing what the U.S. was doing in Iraq and across the Middle East as a war on Islamic, or a modern-day version of the Crusades. Colonel Gary Hensley, division chaplain of the 101st Airborne and chief chaplain for all of Afghanistan, surrounded himself with Biblical posters translated into Pashto and Dar during a sermon at Bagram Air Force Base’s main chapel.

The Evangelical Christians Brotherhood targeted the military in order to set up a spear head from which they can “convert” the US government and the rest of the world, with organizations within the military such as Officers Christians Fellowship counting on 15,000 members and presence in 80% of US military installations, with Evangelicals reminding members that God comes before country.

With guys like Lt. Col. Mathew A. Dooley staff instructors at the Joint Forces Staff College concluding “ Using the lessons of Hiroshima: to wipe out whole cities at once targeting the civilian populations whenever necessary in a total war against Muslims”.

There is spiritual and political collusion between Evangelicals and other organizations that are promoting, advocating and sponsoring “Islamophobia” with an agenda to empower Israel and its choke on America. Generous funding in the tens of millions donated from individuals and businesses involved in gambling, prostitutions, pimping, money launderings, Bingo Games and usury. While there are too many to mention here, I leave you with some few to ponder.

• Frank Gaffney- Center for Security Policy
• David Yerushalmi- Society of Americans for National Existence.
• Daniel Pipes- Middle East Forum
• Robert Spencer- Jihad Watch and Stop Islmaization of America
• Steve Emerson- Investigative Project on Terrorism

The anti-Islam campaigns have bled into campaigns against anyone who does not subscribe to conservative Christian values, with a number of bills this year being introduced or passed to restrict access to abortion or same-sex marriage. The breakdown of the line of separation between Church and State is the biggest threat to America.

The Error of Radicalism

31 07 2013

Radicalism means supporting sudden revolutionary destructive changes in any sphere and applying a strict uncompromising policy in order to achieve them. Radicals are characterized by their desire for revolutionary change and the stern, sometimes aggressive attitude they adopt. In this, as in every sphere of life, the guide for the Muslim is the Qur’an. When we look at radicalism in the light of the Qur’an, we see that it has nothing to do with the way in which God commands the believers to behave. When God describes a believer in the Qur’an, He depicts him as a loving, soft-spoken person, shunning conflicts and arguments, approaching even the most hostile people with warmth and friendship.

An example to guide us in this matter is the command given by God to Moses (as) and Aaron (as) to go to Pharaoh and speak gently to him:

Go to Pharaoh; he has overstepped the bounds. But speak to him with gentle words so that hopefully he will pay heed or show some fear. (Surah Ta Ha, 43-44)

Pharaoh was one of the most cruel and rebellious unbelievers of his time. He was a despot who denied God and worshipped idols; moreover, he subjected believers (the Israelites of the time) to terrible cruelties and murder. But God commanded His prophets to go to such a hostile man and speak to him gently. You will notice that the way shown by God was the way of friendly dialogue, not the way of conflict with sharp words, angry slogans and agitated protests.

There are a few other examples to show Muslims how to behave in the dialogue between the Prophet Jethro (as) and the deniers. This dialogue is related in the Qur’an in this way:

And to Madyan their brother Jethro. He said, “My people, worship God! You have no deity apart from Him. Do not give short measure and short weight. I see you prospering and I fear for you the punishment of an all-encompassing Day.

My people! Give full measure and full weight with justice; do not diminish people’s goods; and do not go about the earth, corrupting it.

What endures with God is better for you if you are believers. I am not set over you as your keeper.”

They said, “Jethro, do your prayers instruct you that we should abandon what our fathers worshipped or stop doing whatever we want to with our wealth? Yet you are such a lenient, normal person!”

He said, “My people! What do you think? If I do possess a Clear Sign from my Lord and He has given me His good provision, I do not want to oppose you in what way I am forbidding you. I only want to put things right as far as I can. My success is with God alone. I have put my trust in Him and I turn to Him.” (Surah Hud, 84-88)

When we examine what he says, we see that the Prophet Jethro (as) invited the people to believe in God and to adopt high moral principals and he did this with friendliness and humility. We can explain some of the reasons behind of the things said in these verses:

* When the Prophet Jethro (as) says “I am not set over you as your keeper.” to the people, he does not want to dominate them; his only intention is to inform them of the truth that God has revealed.

* “You are clearly the forbearing, the rightly-guided”: These words of the deniers to the Prophet Jethro (as) show his warm, gentle and courteous character and that this was particularly appreciated by the deniers.

* “My people! What do you think?” This expression used by the Prophet Jethro (as) shows that he calls on the deniers to use their intelligence and conscience. In other words, he does not use insistent pressure, but questions their ideas from an opposing stance and invites them to consider and come to a conclusion based on their own free conscience.

* “I do not want to oppose you in what way I am forbidding you”. The Prophet Jethro’s (as) prohibition here is not actually a prohibition. He explains that some acts are sinful and invites the people to abandon them. Moreover, when the Prophet Jethro (as) says “I do not want to oppose you”, it is not his purpose to dispute with the people; he does not want to make them uncomfortable and incite a quarrel; he wants only to invite them to faith and the practice of high moral principles.

An obvious characteristic of radicalism is its anger. This disposition can be clearly seen in the speeches, writings and demonstrations of radicals. However, anger is not an attribute of Muslims. When God describes believers in the Qur’an, He describes, “those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon other people – God loves the good-doers” (Surah Al ’Imran, 134)

There is no situation in which a Muslim displays anger. The only thing a Muslim wants from other people is that they believe in God and live according to moral principles, but this is possible only by the grace of God. No matter what we do, no matter how much we try to explain the truth to people, human hearts are in God’s hands. God reminds Muslims of this very important fact in this verse, “… Do those who believe not know that if God had wanted to He could have guided all mankind? …” (Surat ar-Rad, 31)

Muslims are responsible only for explaining their religion, they apply no pressure or coercion on anyone and are enjoined to speak gently to even the most tyrannical deniers. Such persons cannot be radicals, because radicalism stands for the opposite of those qualities we have enumerated. Indeed, radicalism is an unIslamic current of thought and a political stance that came into the Islamic world from outside. When we examine social phenomena described in terms of radicalism, it will be seen that these are basically a collection of methods and pronouncements used by communists in the past, or an expression of the “fanatical rage” that has no place in true Islam. (Surat al-Fath, 26)

All Muslims must totally reject an angry, unbending argumentative attitude which goes against the very nature of the Qur’an and in its place adopt a friendly, gentle, calm and compassionate one. Muslims must set an example to the world and be admired for their maturity, compassion, moderation, modesty and peacefulness. Muslims must live Islam in the best possible way and be its representatives to the world, not only in these things, but also by their achievements in the fields of science, culture, art, aesthetics and social order and others.

Burcu Cekmece


Building Bridges – Istanbul, Turkey

Detroit vs Nagasaki

28 07 2013

Detroit bankruptcy simply disappeared from the media radar screens, more interested in Kim Kardashian and Kayne West and their baby than a city of 700,000. When we speak of Detroit, we must speak of Nagakasaki, of Hiroshima, of Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Coventry, Cologne and other Japanese and European cities destroyed by the allies during WWII, and wonder why their cities are thriving and our are dying?

What happened in Detroit is an insulting indictment of political Washington, state and local governments, urban planners, industrialists, business and banking, community leaders and here I mean Blacks at the national and local levels. Such things do not happen just for the hell of it. It is absolute failure at all levels. What happened to Detroit is wake up call for all cities and towns to look to Europe for solutions to America’s decaying cities and not to American urban planners.

It is hard to believe that the city that brought Europe to its knees during WWII is now a run down abandoned city. It is more disgusting to think of the role played by the automotive executives and their crooked allies on Wall Street to bring down Detroit, its people and all the hundreds of thousands of autoworkers and their families who made Detroit the Motor Town of the world.

Detroit brought us such great cars as the Corvettes, the Mustangs, Pontiac GTO, Camaro, TransAm and the gold old Cady. The American bailout of the automotive industry was nothing more than redistribution of wealth shifting the benefits of bailout from pensioners with billions vested, to executives and stockholders who in the first place should be held responsible for bad incompetent management. Pensioners and taxpayers should never bail out stockholders who entrusted their money to reckless incompetent management. Stockholders risk their investment not pensioners and tax payers.

With the arrival of Roger B. Smith as GM CEO in the 1980, and later Rick Wagoner, the corporate decisions on production, quality and financial management shifted from the production floors and executive suites to Wall Streets and firms like Goldman Sachs and its ambitious young ruthless “ security analysts” were making or breaking companies by their quarterly reports. Detroit executives spent more time courting Wall Streets than they did managing the shops making sure there are quality products rolling off the floor.

Detroit for the most of the 80’s and 90’s even part of the 70’s with some few exception did not produce quality cars to compete with the emerging Japanese auto industry and keeping pace with the energetic and high quality engineering coming out of Stuttgart and Wolfsburg.

Wall Street did not stop at controlling corporate decisions through quarterly reports it began to loot what is there to loot. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Goldman Sachs Capital Five Miles Capital purchased GMAC for $8 billions worth tens of billions in cash. In 2006 Cerberus Capital Management (Steve Feinberg) bought 51% of GMAC for $14 billions over 3 years period. Could you imagine that someone who could not spell potatoes former VP Dan Quale in 1999 became chairman of the company Global Investment Division.

GM was not the only automotive company to experience such mighty fall. Ford hired George Nassar as its chief executive and he wasted $5 billions of hard earned money on his new schemes of setting up Ford owns dealership forgetting that dealerships and its owners have powerful allies in state capitals and he was out. What saved Ford is its focus on its automobiles, unlike GM and Chrysler. Of course we all remember Mr. Iacocca the man who brought us the Ford Mustang when at Ford and later saved Chrysler.

However the Black leadership and community should take ownership of what happened to Detroit. Of course there is deep rooted racism in America that federal and state legislations could never address or get rid of, however there is serious issues and problems within the Black community. I know this statement and opinion will make many angry but it has to be said. What happened to Detroit is a wake up call for all Blacks.

Couple of weeks ago, Aljazeera English anchor Don Harris aired a special report on his own city of Baltimore addressing issues facing young Black kids. While the issues are multi-dimension, so far the Black national and local leadership simply did not take the lead to solve the problems facing the Black community once and for all. They made it, they moved out, leaving millions behinds in need of a leadership committed to make a difference not fill its bank accounts.

Don Harris main focus was on education and I do agree that education must be the central focus point in taking the first step in solving chronic long-term issues facing the Black community. No one can convince me that issues facing Blacks are insolvable. Time to end slavery now.

Through educations the Jewish and Asian community moved from an immigrant community with almost nothing to thriving community with many of its children top graduate of the best schools in America in fields such a medicine, science and technology, engineering, law among others. The Hispanic, Arab and Muslim communities followed suites learning from the experience of the Jewish and Asian community that education is the corner stone of success and stable community. I simply do not understand why the Black community has to be at the bottom all these years?

So far, the Black community did not take the call of education as the surest way to fix what ails such community, from single motherhood, to drugs, alcohol, unemployment, violence and murder, prisons to dependence on welfare.

Consider these shocking statistics. Black women more likely to be single moms, stay on welfare longer (7 years) than White (4 years) and Hispanic. 38% of the Black on welfare though Blacks represent 12-13% of US populations, they make up 40.1 % of the prison population with young Black men having a 29% chance of going to jail at one time or another. According to US Justice Department 2003 statistics 193,000 college age men where in prison compared to 533,000 in college and with one fifth of Black college age men in their 30’s have prison records.
In terms of education, the statistics are even more disturbing. Blacks represent 2% of the total 4% of US engineering graduate with very few going for science, math and engineering degrees with 89 Blacks out of 5,048 receiving their PhD degrees in the sciences and technology.

Though racisms in the judicial system, in the work place is an issue that could never be overlooked, the Black national and local leadership should step forward and take responsibility for their own community rather than leaving it the failing welfare system and single moms on welfare to take and address these issues and take care of kids heading to jails or the morgues.

For the most part once these Blacks make it in life whether in sport, in media, show business, they move out to affluent White neighborhoods with little contacts with the inner cities unless they are looking for votes. It is time for these successful Blacks to come back to the “hood” and take charge and make a difference and provide the leadership badly needed.

The ambition of young Black is to make it big in show business, become successful rappers, or join national sport team. Very few dreams of becoming engineers, mathematicians, scientist and technology executives. That takes hard work, long hours of studies and a house and neighborhood that supports education. For the most part Black schools are run down just like the neighborhood. I could never understand why education is not a right guaranteed by state and federal governments? And why funding is not from general taxes instead from local property taxes with poor neighborhood with little tax base ill afford good schools and good teachers thus perpetuating poverty, unemployment, crimes and jail time.

It is time for the Black leadership to take its rightful place and help solve the Black issues once and for all. Black people like all citizens deserve to take their place in the sun and in the work place and make “Welfare Queen” a thing of the past.

Every one who was and is in power in Detroit all conspired to loot Detroit and its key industries and divisions. Do not know why many of the federal programs directed toward poor Blacks are badly run, mismanaged even looted.

Detroit is not the first certainly will not be the last city to file bankruptcy. Other counties and cities preceded Detroit such as Boise County, Stockton, Mammoth Lake, San Bernardino, Jefferson County, Decatur, Harrisburg and Colonial Fall. Cities like corporations do not file for bankruptcy because of great and successful management. There are also major socio-economic issues that contribute to and are key to the cancer that afflicts major American cities.

I should know. I immigrated to Gary, Indiana an Mid-Western industrial town that saw some great times and now run down infected with crimes, unemployment, drugs, murder and loss of industrial and tax base due to flight of people from the city.

When I arrived in Gary back in 1962, it was a thriving city with vibrant down town with major stores such a Sears, JC Penny, Goldblats, cinemas, and beautiful homes close to mansions on the West Side, with excellent schools such as Horace Mann High (my high school). I graduated from high school went to DC to work for National Airlines and then was drafted into the US Army. Horace Mann within couple of years went from a top ranking schools in the state to a high school that graduate students at 9th grade reading level. My brothers had to take remedial course upon graduation.

When I was honorably discharged I returned to Gary and all that changed. Richard Hatcher was elected as one of the first Black mayors together with Carl Stokes of Cleveland and within couple of years, most of the Whites fled the city and one block after another became run down. When my parents decided to retire to Palestine to take care of my ill grandmother, we had a tough time selling the house and we sold it at a great loss. My brothers and sisters we all left not only Gary but also the state. Drugs and murder became the landmark instead of steel productions. Gary never recovered and never found solutions for its decay. Gary’s casino did not help revive the city and nor will the $440 million Detroit hockey stadium revive a dying city.

When we talk of Detroit we must also talk of the Back community, people and leadership and their contribution to the failing of Detroit. As if looting the automotive industry by executives and Wall Street was not enough, Black leadership also helped itself to looting the city and some of its key departments and institutions. What a shame!

In closing I have to share this very interesting experience. Few years back my wife and I were invited to a Christmas party held by Black executive and his wife. The executive was a former high-ranking official in the Bush I, administration and upon leaving the administration set up a company to manage Medicaid to poor Blacks and those on welfare.

The parry was held in a multi-million dollar home, with butlers almost equal to guests costing perhaps a hundred thousands, thanks to the many poor Blacks who made such party possible.

Ps. Back in the mid 90’s I secured a US patent to record and track maintenance and service of “machines” on a smart card. I put up a million dollars of my own money and raised anther $1.5 millions. My invention and application (AutoSmartCard) made the front page of “Automotive News” The AutoSmartCard allowed car owners to keep track of all of the warranty service and other service on the car on the smart card with easy access at home (internet application) and also in dealership and garages. Hired top automotive executives to run the company with the hope to sell the idea to the industry. None of the major car manufactures were interested in empowering the consumer to have easy access to their service records. Within few years I had no choice but to shut down the company and write off the loss. Neither car dealers nor the industry was interested in empowering the consumer to take charge of the service records of their cars, saving thousands of unwarranted repairs.

Helen Thomas in Memoriam.

28 07 2013

I wrote this essay back in 2011 immediately after Helen Thomas left the AP as senior White House correspondence and after the entire Washington jumped on the bandwagon to destroy an illustrious career of a very brave woman, who dared to ask difficult questions of presidents. Farewell Ms. Thomas, you are the bravest of them all… there are NO brave souls in corrupt, coward Washington. Rest in Peace, God Bless.

President Obama who participated in throwing Helen Thomas to AIPAC dogs and wolves has this to say:

“Michelle and I were saddened to learn of the passing of Helen Thomas. Helen was a true pioneer, opening doors and breaking down barriers for generations of women in journalism. She covered every White House since President Kennedy’s, and during that time she never failed to keep presidents – myself included – on their toes. What made Helen the “Dean of the White House Press Corps” was not just the length of her tenure, but her fierce belief that our democracy works best when we ask tough questions and hold our leaders to account. Our thoughts are with Helen’s family, her friends, and the colleagues who respected her so deeply.”

One has to compare the statements made by Helen Thomas and Henry Kissinger about Jews and Israel to see the hypocrisy and double standards that afflict official Washington, the media and public affairs in general in the US. Kissinger did not see any problem of Soviet Jews going to the gas chambers. Helen Thomas only asked why not the Jews of Israel go back to Poland and Germany where they came from. Kissinger was afforded the forum of the Washington Post to apologize for his statement while Helen Thomas was thrown to the wolves and under the train with every body from Obama on down doing their best to “delete” her outstanding contributions to professional journalism. Of course the answer to this hypocrisy is that one is an “Arab”, the other is a “Jew”, simple.
Shortly after meeting with Golda Meir at the White House in 73, Kissinger is quoted as saying to President Nixon “ The immigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy, and if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern, may be a humanitarian concern”. The statement of course came out to the public after Helen Thomas made her comments to a rabid Rabbi who was pestering her and asking her opinion of Israel. This is exactly the conversation that took place between the Rabbi and Helen Thomas on June 7, 2010, (Wikipedia).

“Nesenoff: Any comments on Israel? We’re asking everybody today, any comments on Israel?
Thomas: Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.
Nesenoff: Oooh. Any better comments on Israel?
Thomas: Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not German, it’s not Poland …
Nesenoff: So where should they go, what should they do?
Thomas: They go home.
Nesenoff: Where’s the home?
Thomas: Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else[55]
Nesenoff: So you’re saying the Jews go back to Poland and Germany?
Thomas: And America and everywhere else. Why push people out of there who have lived there for centuries? See?
—May 27, 2010, [50]

Of course there was never a reference to the gas chamber, no indifference to sending the Soviet Jews the Gas Chambers, as suggested by Henry Kissinger, only calling for immigrating European Jews to go back to their countries of origin in Germany and Poland.

Kissinger offered his apologies in a Washington Post opinion page on December 26, 2010 widely republished around the world even in the Arab press and in the Israeli press. Kissinger argued his statement was taken out of context and offered this apology” Reference to gas chambers have no place in political discourse and I am sorry I made that remarks 37 years ago”. On the other hand Thomas made the following apology “ I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.”

Of course in a bloodthirsty media and politics, no one wanted to hear the apologies from Helen. Every one was out for her blood from President Obama to his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, to Arie Fleischer, to Lanny Davis, to Mike Huchabee, to Victor Davis Hanson to Kevin Smith of the Society of Professional Journalists. All of them found Helen Thomas comments to the pestering Rabbi as “ offensive” and “inexcusable”. No one dared to say the same thing to Henry Kissinger statements, which it seems that every one from President Obama on down found his words not worthy of comments or they all agree to his statement. Henry Kissinger did not mind if the Jews go the gas chamber and no one raised hell about it. Every one find Helen Thomas calls for the return of the Jews to Europe offensive and worthy of every drop of her blood.

It seems every one is jumping on Helen Thomas from Kevin Smith of the Society of Professional Journalist who is seeking and calling for “reconsider” the name of Helen Thomas for Life Time Achievement at their January 8, 2010 meeting. Even a group of Holocaust survivors who are by the way silent about Henry Kissinger statements about sending the Jews to the gas chambers were critical of the Arab American National Museum of Dearborn, Michigan for its plans to put out a “statue” of Helen Thomas. Even Wayne State, no doubt under pressure from American Jewish organizations and threats of cutting off private and public funding discontinued the Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in Media Award.

The ironic thing is that no one in Washington or any where in the country is calling for stripping Henry Kissinger of his Noble Peace Prize he received in 1973 for his part and contribution to the death and murder of over a million Vietnamese and Cambodians and no one is calling for striping him of the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed by the late Gerald Ford.

Henry Kissinger the “Jew” is offered every opportunity to explain his statement and offer an apology and that is the end of his indifference to sending the Soviet Jews to the gas chamber, while Helen Thomas the “Arab” is thrown to the wolfs with every one including President Obama is doing their best to “delete” her long contribution to professional journalism, her first as Dean of the White House Press Corps, the first woman officer the National Press Club, the first female member of the Gridiron Club.

With actions like these it makes one wonder if there is separate treatment of “Arabs” from that of “Jews”. Perhaps every one is telling us something we already know. When it comes to Israel, be careful, no one has the right to dare to speak. Welcome to America.

Egypt, Not So Great

13 07 2013

With little due respect, the past year and post June 30th shows there is nothing great about Egypt, not its military, not its police, not its Brothers, not its media, not its judiciary, not its intellectuals, not the Coptic Church, not the Al-Azhar, not secularists, not the nationalist, not civil societies, not its young, certainly not its political and economic leadership. All are not great certainly they all are losers.

No matter what others may define it, what happened in Cairo couple of weeks ago, is a military coupe with the ugly face of religion, secularism, and Arab nationalism all over it? It is the coupe that killed the infant Egyptian democracy, and proved that the January 25 Tahrir Square uprising never was complete revolution and did not end military dictatorship in Egypt, and proved it is this Holy Cow that is milking all Egyptians.

Now I can see the many in Egypt who are angry with Morsi and the Brotherhood for failing to deliver miracle that can only happens in religious stories in the Bible, The Holy Quran and the Torah. Morsi in one year failed to fix the damage done by the military dictatorship rule for over 60 years.

In his one year in office, the incompetent failed miserable Morsi could not fix Egypt soaring national debt, could not fix the high birth rate, could not fix the unprecedented high unemployment, could not fix the long bread and gas lines that are the trade mark of Egypt, could not deliver a chicken at the table for each Egyptian family, could not fix the trains that never ran on time, could not fix the almost non existing infrastructure, did not end the corruption, did not recover tens of billions of unpaid taxes, did not recover millions of acres given away by the old regime for dirt cheap, could not end the rampant abuse by the police, could not fix the judiciary, could not fix the media, he could not fix any thing.

Poor Morsi, he is but an engineer and a Brother. May be the Egyptian thought they elected a miracle Jesus or a Moses, Oh yes, he could not snuff out Mubarak entrenched state institutions and the dozen or so family that rule the country and looted it for decades.

And for all the 30 millions (claimed) that went to the streets demanding his lynching and that of the Brothers he was an absolute failure. I guess it is Ok for Mubarak and his Oligarchs and the military to loot the country for 30 years and failed to fix all of these chronic problems having30 years to do it. All of a sudden the millions who slept through Mubarak regime woke up venting their revenge not against Mubarak and the military but against Morsi and the Brothers.

Ok, the Brothers failed to see and understand that the Egyptian who elected Morsi for president and voted for the Constitution did not vote for “Islam is the Solution” they voted for Morsi and the Constitutions, because they wanted a government by the people, for the people and not a government for the few by the few.

Morsi and his Brothers simply were not ready and unfit to govern a failed country like Egypt. They failed to understand that running a country like Egypt with endless chronic problems is unlike running the Brothers, with total obedience to the “Morshid”. Running Egypt requires seasoned politicians not a disciplined Brothers, and required balancing different and competing interest, managing different and competing ideologies, with governing institutions that remained loyal to Mubarak. Morsi and the Brothers failed to build an alliance with all those who made January 25th a landmark in the 7,000 years history that is Egypt They simply did not get it and for that they deserve to be losers.

Morsi could not fix a corrupt; incompetent politicized judicial system we saw in Mubarak tenure. Hundreds of thousands jailed on flimsy charges with sentences that made no sense at all. Morsi could not fix a corrupt judicial system that collaborated with the ministry of interior that presided over the torture of hundreds of thousands under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. He failed to fix a judicial system that overlooked the looting of the nation by the few and prosecutors who simply and deliberately lost cases because it was “politically correct”. The judiciary is big time loser.

It is hard to imagine that over a 1000 people killed by police and thugs (Baltagya) in the January uprising, as we saw on television, and prosecutors and police did not have enough evidence to make credible prosecution and seek justice for the victims and their families. We saw thugs riding camels and horses charge demonstrators yet neither prosecutors nor police could and chose and founded it necessary to dig deep and see who is behind all of this. Not Mubarak not Morsi will ever receive a fair trial in Egypt, never.

Over 26 people killed in Maspero (October 9, 2012) as military vehicles charged demonstrators and yet no prosecutions and no charges were ever brought against the military. No prosecutor dares to file charges against the military. Justice denied for all the victims and their families.

In the last few weeks, we saw dozens of Brothers headquarters charged by thugs, burned and looted as the police stood by making no efforts to stop the arson, looting and killing. Ah well I guess the good old Egyptian police is at its best. The police was and will always be so unprofessional in every way and they too are losers.

Now the military. Morsi and his Brothers and the majority of those who drafted the now abrogated constitution did not do the military or the people of Egypt a favor when they granted the military “special status”. This “great” Egyptian army is the only army in the world that drafts and set aside its own budget beyond the control of the parliament or the president. It can put civilians on trial in military tribunal without any oversight from any civilian institutions, not the president, not the parliament, certainly not the judiciary.

The abrogated constitution granted the military the right to keep its business enterprises (30% of the Egyptian economy) that feeds and fatten the bellies and bank accounts of its officers and commanders while the soldiers are malnutrition living on tea and paper bread and are as shabby as ever.

The Morsi and the Egyptian people deserve what they got, because none of the political leaders, left, right and the middle had the courage and the will power to clips its wings and put the military in the barracks once and for all.

Morsi and the Brothers got what they deserve. They had their chance and they blew it. As it stands, the military proved once again, it could and will always interfere in the politics of Egypt, remove presidents, dissolve parliament, and dismiss judges as it chose. They are calling the shots. This military that never won a war, is a loser.

Then there is the Egyptian media. A media which I never had faith in from the days of “Arab Voice” and Ahmad Said. A media that lost all credibility’s way back during Nasser days. How can there be a credible independent media if the president of the country is the one that appoints editors of major national newspapers?

The Egyptian media, whether print, television or radio is a “coin operated” media just like a jukebox in an American diner. You insert the coin and you chose the song and dance. And this is the Egyptian media.

Hard to believe television presenters, talk show hosts behaving as a “cabaret performers” short of striptease, in bad taste, not different from the trashy television shows and films aired on Egyptian television. Thanks to Turkish dramas there is much less Egyptian trash on Arab televisions these days. The media is another loser.

Now there is the ugly face of religion as we saw on the forum decorating Al-Sisi announcement of his military coupe and revocation of a fledging democracy, first ever in Egypt 7,000 year’s history. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Pope have no place in this forum. They should be where they belong in the mosque and in the cathedral, not side by side by self-serving military officer. Both the mosque and the church are losers. And by the way they were never instruments of positive change or reforms. Always at command and will of the ruler. Both never subscribed to “liberation theology” justifying misery, hunger, humiliation and abuse by the state as God’s will, and they too are losers.

Finally all the “secularists” and “Arab nationalists” who always sided with military dictators in Syria, in Yemen, in Libya, in Iraq, and yes in Egypt, and always paid lib service to freedom and democracy, to human and civil rights. With the exception of the few, they were silent as hundreds of thousands were jailed, tortured and executed by dictatorial regimes all over the Arab world. Any way they never had any credibility in the streets or among the Arab masses and they too are losers.

One would think that this alliance of “secularists and nationalists” would be the first to oppose the military coup. No they were the first to jump on top of tanks as the military “delete” the first ever-free election in Egypt. Hypocrisy at its best. But then and I dare say there are no genuine true Arab intellectuals with advocates of democracy and of the people, with a vision for the future. They too are “coin operated”.

What is so surprising even disgusting is the silence of Arabs and Muslims as the Egyptian military and police open fires on early morning worshipers near the Presidential Guard compound killing 53 persons in cold blood.

This is in contrast to the uproar all over the Muslim and Arab world when the American-Israeli settler Rabbi Baruch Goldstein opened fire (February 25, 1994) on Muslim worships performing the early Morning Prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron killing 29 and wounding 125. I guess it is Ok when Arab/Muslim army kills worshipers but it is not Ok when a Jew kills Muslim worshipers. Please some one explains this to me.

Now the anti-Morsi secularists and nationalists are calling Morsi supporters “terrorists”. I guess they all need to hire Pam Geller, Daniel Pipe and Steve Emerson and Bibi Netanyahu to be their leaders. Shame all the shame on all of them.

Too bad for Egypt, to bad for the Arabs, for Muslims, for democracy, for freedom and the future, the Egyptian Revolution that inspired hundreds of millions around the world, came to an abrupt end by military tanks. One more reason to say there is nothing great about Egypt.

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