Bigots’ Futile Attempts to Discredit Art

18 03 2015

mexican painting

By Adnan Oktar

Bigots take it on themselves to banish everything and every one that represents beauty and aesthetics. To be able to do that, they didn’t hesitate to forge fake hadiths shamelessly attributed to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

Through these false hadiths the fanatics make painting and sculpture unlawful for Muslims. Indeed, according to some fabricated hadiths, painters are regarded as among those who will suffer the worst torment in the hereafter. According to this perverse perspective, these people have attributed divinity to themselves, may God forbid, by imitating His creations. Yet what possible connection could there be between a painter or sculpture producing a work of art and claims of divine status? If a painter or a sculptor does make such a perverse claim, that can only be because of weakness of mind or soul, not because of the art he produces. And that is a possibility that applies to all people and all members of professions.

The people who will receive the severest punishment from God will be the picture makers. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 72, Hadith 834)
Whoever makes a picture will be punished by God till he puts life in it, and he will never be able to put life in it. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 34, Hadith 428)
The most grievously tormented people on the Day of Resurrection would be the painters of pictures. (Sahih Muslim, Book 24, Hadith 5270)
The painter of these pictures will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and it will be said to them, “Make alive what you have created.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book 93, Hadith 646)
The angels do not enter a house where there are pictures.(Sahih Bukhari, Book 34, Hadith 318)
All the painters who make pictures would be in the fire of hell. The soul will be breathed in every picture prepared by him and it shall punish him in the hell. (Sahih Muslim, Book 24, Hadith 5272)

All the beauties in nature are works of art made by our Almighty Lord. We realize how glorious art can be by looking at these works of our Lord’s. In fact, almost every technology present in the world has been developed by imitating God’s creation. The existence of things created is a blessing for technology. For example, people imitate birds and some species of fly created by God when manufacturing airplanes. Since these planes were inspired by living things, they possess perfect flying abilities and maneuverability. This is an advantage because there are already perfectly functioning models in nature. This is a gift bestowed by God as a blessing on all engineers.

Despite all the scientific advances that make our lives easier and more comfortable, today’s world of technology is simply a copy of these works of art in nature. God has created the models in nature and the technological copies of them as blessings for us.

The reason for the way that fanatics target the art of sculpture in particular actually lies in a tradition inherited from the past. In the past, when idol-worship was widespread, some rulers took measures against making statuettes in order to prevent people from worshiping idols. These measures, intended to avert potential dangers in these societies in the past, were literally propagated as a commandment of the faith, even though there is no such prohibition in the Qur’an. That is one of the worst pieces of damage caused by some people who prefer their traditions to the Qur’an.

We do not deprive ourselves of fire or the Sun just because Magians worship fire and other people worship the Sun, or we don’t kill cows just because Hindus have sacred cows so it is a genuinely primitive way of thinking to ban all statues just because there are some pagans who worship idols. What is wrong is to deify objects and other entities, and people who do that are those who commit unlawful deeds, not the objects themselves.

The arts of painting and sculpture that the fanatics prohibit for Muslims are most definitely not unlawful according to the Qur’an, the Book that is the guide for all Muslims. God loves art and causes His servants to love it; He has created the whole universe with art. There are no verses in the Qur’an that make fine arts such as painting and sculpture unlawful. On the contrary, works of art are praised in the Qur’an.

Statues and works of art praised as examples of majesty in the palace of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) appear as follows in the Qur’an:

They made for him anything he wished: high arches and statues, huge dishes like cisterns, great built-in cooking vats. “Work, family of David, in thankfulness!” But very few of My servants are thankful. (Surah Saba’, 13)

The fanatics who ban these arts – despite these verses of the Qur’an – need to say what they think about the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), who had extraordinarily lovely statues in his palace.

These peddlers of superstition have wreaked great damage on Islamic societies. The Islamic world never managed to develop after the spread of such superstition about sculpture and painting. Societies that cannot develop art remain frozen, soulless and atrophied; they are closed to novelty. They gradually lose their creativity, ability to think practically and understanding of detail. Coldness and lack of taste are reflected in the places where they live and the way in which they behave toward one another. As a result of their turning their backs on art, monotony, coldness and lack of taste, devoid of grace, predominate in the dark world of the fanatics.

(Painting belongs to Jesús Enrique Helguera | Mexican Classical Painter)


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Netanyahu’s Win, and What it Means?

18 03 2015

A surprising clear sweep with 30 seats, Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud are now guaranteed the next premiership of Israel. Add to that the seats won by the religious rights and nationalist parties Bibi can now form his next government with a comfortable majority of 67 seats in the next Israeli Knesset. Welcome to Apartheid Israel of the Future.

Netanyahu promised on the last day of campaigning from Har Homah settlement, promising there will be NO Palestinian State during his watch drove and energize Israeli right winger voters including many of the Sephardic Jews to put Bibi on top. In any and all cases, the continued Israeli occupation, the sieges of Gaza were never an issue in this election. The question now is what does Bibi wins means to the different stakeholders.

The Palestinians:

– It is very clear to every one, perhaps not to the so-called Palestinian leadership sitting in Ramallah the pursuit of a two state solution is dead and will remain dead for the next 4 years. Keeping in mind that Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud party voted against Oslo. This is at a time when both the Palestinian leadership, the US and Europe all are asking Hamas to accept and recognize Israel and recognize Oslo.
– With the PLO/PA /Fatah commitment to continued security cooperation with the Israeli occupational authority, and with a Third Intifada unlikely during Mahmoud Abbas watch, Bibi with the “territories” quite and under joint control. Now can concentrate on domestic issues, issues such as cost of living, health, widening income gab between rich and poor.
– The PLO/PA/Fatah badly in need of continued funding to keep the operation going, Mahmoud Abbas will do his best now to convince the United States to pressure Israel to release frozen funds thus allowing the PA to continue to function and allowing Mahmoud Abbas to continue with his charade of pursuing a two state solution through political and diplomatic means.
– It is very unlikely that Mahmoud Abbas regime will ever bring formal charges against Israel before the International Criminal Court. The US through promises to release frozen funds to Abbas regime in Ramallah it is unlikely that Abbas will take the risk of loosing funding only to bring criminal charges without any guarantees that any Israelis will be arrested and charged.

– Gaza will remain under siege with no hope in the horizon. Promises made to rebuild Gaza will remain promises with only Qatar taking the initiative to build the first tranche of housing to the tune of one billion dollar. Fatah and Ramallah are quite upset that Qatar is freezing Ramallah out of the reconstruction business when in fact Ramallah and all the cronies were expecting to make a killing from the reconstruction of Gaza.
– Hamas has to rethink its position of not negotiating and agreeing to a 5 years truce that with the help of the US and EC can mean the chance of opening the Port of Gaza as an alternative to the often closed Rafah crossing and ending the illegal siege that lasted too long.
– For the Palestinians within the Green Line often referred to as Israeli Palestinians winning 14 seats in the next Knesset is a big and major win, making them the third party within the 120 member Knesset. For sure they will not be part of the next government but it is first step in the right direction. Now they have to work very hard to seek equality with their “Jewish” fellow citizens and must engage in a fight to end the Jewish Apartheid that exists within the “democratic” state of Israel.

The United States;
– A clear win for Bibi Netanyahu for sure will bolster the Republicans in both the House and Senate and for sure will empower an Israeli-First Congress to stand in the way of any diplomatic breakthrough with Iran, certainly it will put an end to any hope that President Obama will take new initiatives pushing for peace in the Middle East during the 18 months remaining in his office. Obama has to be very careful now with an Israeli Congress that will put a stop and abort whatever agenda he has for the remaining tenure.
– American should not be surprised if Bibi Netanyahu, not President Obama who will be invited to give the next State of the Union Message to the American Knesset.
– For sure Republicans specially freshman Republicans senators like Cotton, Ernst and all of the Israeli First crowd will make Obama’s last month in office hell. They will do their best to make sure Obama pays a heavy price for not inviting Netanyahu to the White House and not giving him the support he was seeking.
– Not sure how this will affect the ongoing and critical negotiations with Iran and whether Bibi with the support of the American Knesset will abort any agreement reached between the Group of 5+1. Though the agreement if it takes place is guaranteed by the UN, with the UN as the party authorized to lift the sanction imposed on Iran. We have to wait and see.
– Not sure if an America-First wake call will promote majority Americans certainly the lazy non voters to come out and vote for an America First Congress that will put Bibi and all of his cronies in our American Knesset out of business for ever. It is doable, all it takes a will power and commitment to America.

The European Jewish Community;
– Frankly speaking everyone and I am included must not refer to the Jews of Europe as a “community” since in fact they are full citizens with prominence in politics, in finance, in arts, in media and in the social scene. There is nothing that distinguishes this group of citizens from their next-door neighbors other than the fact they are “Jewish “ while the neighbors may be Catholics or Protestant and usually are not referred to as “community”. Time to put Anti-Semitism ( driven by Zionism and the Israeli Occupation) out of business and time to end the distinction given to European citizens who simply happens to be “Jewish”.
– Most likely we will see and in the next coming months and years an active campaign by Bibi and the Zionist organizations within Europe and with active support from the US Zionist based organizations we will see many false flags “terrorists” crime targeting “Jewish “ centers causing fear and panic pushing them to immigrate to Israel. Young Israel was very successful in its campaign to force “Arab Jews” to immigrate to Israel in the 50s when it engaged in organized and well planned “terrorists” activities directed toward synagogues, business, community centers, even if this means killing Jews in the process.
When Netanyahu declares Israel as the state for the “Jewish People” he means it and will make sure that he makes life hell for all Jews living outside of Israel. Time will tell whether “Jews” consider themselves citizens of Europe or citizens of their countries or subjects of the “Jewish State”, with loyalty to Israel.

– With the expected conclusions of the negotiations coming to an end this month, not sure if the remaining gab between Iran and the Group of 5+1 will come to a successful conclusion and what does that mean for both Iran and the US and whether a new win by Netanyahu will once again put the military option against Iran on the table. Within the American Knesset there is a strong support from Republicans and majority Democrats for an Israeli declared war on Iran paid for by the US in blood and money.
– Iran is not like the Arab countries, which Israel can whip in no time. Iran is a powerful country with powerful military and very solid support for its leadership specially if it comes to attack on Iran. For sure Iran will retaliate and will retaliate in way that causes maximum damage to the Jewish state if not permanently weakening such regional power.
– Israel will continue to play a major and key role in destabilizing the region as it has been doing for the last 60 years. Not clear if Arab capitals now will reopen their doors to the new Israeli government of Bibi Netanyahu thought for sure some will continue to coordinate security cooperation with Israel even purchasing hardware from Israel to bolster their “security”.


For the people of Israel no major changes will take place. They will continue to be an occupying power, the last in the world, will continue to treat Palestinians with Israeli citizenship as second class citizens and the Palestinians of the “territories” as unwelcome guests in the Land of Israel. And will continue to rob and steal Palestinian land and water at will. Will continue to engage in house demolitions, targeted assassinations, frequent war on Gaza, arbitrary arrests of Palestinians. On the home front, for sure there will be a change in domestic priorities meeting the demands of the electorate. Israel was and will always be an Apartheid State and the only hope forward is for the Palestinians to dump their so-called leadership and pursue the One State for all of its citizens. It is a long way to achieve equal citizenship but never an impossible dream.

The Arabs; Civil Rights not Civil Wars.

13 03 2015

By: Sami Jamil Jadallah

Over the last several decades the Arabs and the Arab World (more than Arabs; it is Amazighs, Kurds, Armenians, Circassians among others. The Arab World is Muslims, Christians and Jews) have experienced constants conflicts and wars. Wars from within and wars with other countries, mainly Israel and Iran.

Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco all have experienced armed conflicts at one time or another with hundreds of billions if not trillions going to fund these wars, some a matter of choice others imposed.

After millions killed, tens of millions made refugees or in exile, trillions wasted in the sands, do we see any results or any benefits or change? Nothing learned from wars, nothing learned from failures.

Over the last 4 years the Arab Spring countries, perhaps with the exception of Tunisia, are in constant conflicts even civil wars making things even worst than before the uprising. Wars declared by the ruling dictatorial regimes against their own people for wanting freedom and democracy. Wars declared by those who claim to have defeated dictatorship only to impose their own brand of dictatorship. The Deep State is alive and well.

The people, whether in Yemen, Syria Iraq, Libya or Sudan are not asking for heaven on earth, but only asking for a decent life. A life of respect and dignity guaranteed by a constitution and institutional government and not at the discretion, dispensing favors/Ekramiat, a ruler deems himself God representative on earth.

The people are asking for nothing more than a decent respectable life, free from wants, a decent housing, decent health care, affordable public transportation, decent “intelligent” and “stupid” bureaucracy that does not humiliate citizens every day force them into corruption. A police that serve them and protect and not abuse, harm even kills them.

They are not asking for the ideal democracy of Switzerland or Sweden, but the basic right to vote in free elections, to elect their own representative free and at will, with term limits for leadership and not life tenure only to pass on to their heirs.

Nothing of the sort. They are asking for transparency and accountability in government, equality of opportunity and limits on looting, graphs and corruptions. I know it is too difficult to teach old dogs new tricks when, for years, politicians, government officials and bureaucrats, been looting treasury and citizens at will, where nepotism opened the doors of the bureaucracy wide open.

The people are not asking government officials to ride bicycles to their work to take the metro. But only asking that ministers or high government officials have one government car, not fleet of cars for the baby sister or wives or mother in laws or mistresses or servant. One driver and not a dozens of servants assigned to clean house, do the dishes, cook, do the laundry. Soldiers should never be house servants.

They are asking for decent public schools, quality schools where poor kids can have the same quality educations as the rich kids. Where brains not connections and nepotism open the doors to seats in universities and colleges and to future life.

Really when you think about it, Arab public demands are modest indeed. Transparency and public accountability, limits on the abuse of government and violations of civil and human rights, where thieves, those looting public funds or public organizations, retirement funds, public agencies, or those who took hundreds of millions if not billions in commissions whether from defense contractors or from public projects or agencies are not only held accountable but made to pay back the money they looted.

They are only saying, enough is enough. Public officials should satisfy themselves with their government salaries and benefits and do not make private arrangement to take over public lands on the cheap only to sell it and make millions as it happens all over the Arab World.

The people are simply tired of a one party state, where the party becomes the state, owning every thing even the body and sole of people. They are simply tired of the police state, a state that police the people but never police its self, its bureaucracy or its officials. Tired of a “parliament” that is an insult to the intelligence of people. Made up of rich illiterates or business people who looted the banks and country and who bought their seats in the open bazaar. One has to question is there one parliament that is truly representative of the people?

Tired of having an illiterate stupid official with an (IQ of -1) representing “mokhabarat” or intelligence services comes to the home uninvited and takes away citizens, who may never come back.

They are asking for a representative government. A government of the people by the people and for the people. Not a parliament chosen by the head of state convenes at the wish of the president and only to fulfill his wishes of having his son anointed as the next president. A parliament that has nothing to say about going to wars. A Parliament that can impeach a sitting president for serious crimes, misfeasance and malfeasance, not suspended indefinitely by heads of state. .

The people are simply tired of ‘referendum” on “constitutions” they could never understand, let alone having read in detail. Tired of having to vote in “ referendum” giving the sitting president another life tenure winning 99.999% of the vote. Saddam set the record on October 16, 2002 when all 11,445,638 registered Iraqi voters voted “yes” for Saddam. Perhaps Republican can use some Iraqi experience in getting these numbers in the next election.

The people are simply tired of having “Israel” as the permanent excuses for perpetual, failings, for corruption, for incompetence for dictatorship in the name of “steadfastness”. Tired of using Israel as an excuse for having a police and “intelligence state” where dissidents, in “monkey” trials lasting less of an hour, either jailed for life or taken to the gallows. Tired of having Israel as an excuse for perpetuating a reign of terror and oppression. Poor Arabs bought this ‘bazaar” language for too long.

Is it too much to ask? Is there a need for civil war, destroying country and people declared by government against its own people? Is there a need for people to take up arms to achieve these modest demands and rights? Why should people and country, pay the price because of one man?

The PKK Is a Communist Mafia Organization

11 03 2015


The 2015 elections will be an important turning point for Turkey, one of the most powerful democracies of the Middle East. Turkey is a country with the ideal of establishing the Islamic Union, a country to which the Islamic world looks up to and from which those who have been wronged await help. Therefore, this election is also important for neighboring countries, especially for Syria and Iraq, and for the region. Undoubtedly, the U.S. and the EU will also be watching carefully.

One of the most important attributes of modern states of law is that elections are fair and democratic. In other words, voters must be able to reflect their free will at the ballot box, free of any element of pressure. If the free will of the voters is encumbered, then it is impossible to speak of democracy or fair elections.

Turkey is one of the rare Middle Eastern countries in which a climate of free and fair elections prevails, even if democracy has been interrupted by coups from time to time in the past. In that respect, it instills confidence in the whole region. However, problems experienced in ensuring public order in the Southeast, particularly recently, are giving rise to severe doubts on how sound the elections in the region will be.

In a climate in which people from difficult political parties are attacked, threatened with death or killed, roads are blocked, protection money is collected, people are kidnapped up to the mountains, civilians’ homes are raked by gunfire, schools are burned, work machinery is set on fire and so-called public order and law enforcement units mete out punishments, the people will obviously vote as told to by those pressuring them, not according to their own free will. The PKK puts enormous pressure on the public’s free will through arms, threats and intimidation methods. Under such conditions, people will vote not as they wish, but for whomsoever the PKK dictates them to. There can be no question of fair and democratic elections under such circumstances; such an election will not be a valid one. It is therefore essential to ensure that public order is established urgently, before the elections take place, and that citizens are properly protected and that the PKK pressure on the public is lifted.

The PKK Is a Communist Mafia Organization That Haunts the People of the Region

The events of 6-8 October that took place all across Turkey revealed one very important fact: The problem of maintaining public order, which had for long occupied an important place in reports from the region, became a severe problem that needs to be handled urgently. The PKK gained substantial control over the region and enforced a Stalinist system of pressure on its people. The PKK does not permit those who oppose the PKK’s ideology and who do not think like it the right to life in the region. The PKK, whose first acts were to kill those Kurds who might represent a rival force to it, and who ruthlessly murders its own allies, is putting enormous pressure on Kurds in the region today and imposing its own communist ideology and lifestyle on them.

It has set up so-called local defense units, judicial units and tax authorities, and thus turned racketeering, blocking roads and holding kangaroo courts and handing out punishments into routine procedures. The PKK, one of the most ferocious mafia-like organizations in the Middle East, has become a scourge on the people of the region.

Actions that totally disregard public order, such as burning machinery, attacking dam construction sites, blocking roads, kidnapping workers, village heads, gendarmes and other civil servants, seizing young people from their families and forcing them up into the mountains, burning down schools, breaking up Qur’an-study courses, private educational institutions and student accommodations, making it impossible for other party offices and organizations to work, engaging in racketeering and performing identity checks have all become parts of ordinary, daily life.

What is even more terrifying is the violence inflicted on former village guards, people opposed to the PKK, those who vote for parties other than the one backed by the PKK, or those who refuse to pay protection money or refuse to send their children up into the mountains. Such people’s homes are attacked and are burned with women and children still inside them, armed attacks take place in broad daylight and they are even tied to electricity pylons and slaughtered in the most barbaric manner. In addition to all those atrocities, other acts of terror such as harassing fire aimed at the police and gendarmes and the laying of land mines are also continuing.

The main purpose of all this savagery is to send the people of the region the message that states; “You can live on these lands only if you do what we want. What we say, goes.” Indeed, large numbers of people are known to have abandoned their homes and lands because of the intimidation carried out by the PKK and to have migrated elsewhere.

The Office of the Commander in Chief, the General Commandership of Gendarmerie and the General Directorate of Security listed the organization’s acts of violence in the first five months of 2014 alone as follows:

– Terrorists carried out 10 attacks on military personnel, and 28 acts of harassment occurred.

– Five acts have been carried out with land mines and handmade explosives.

– Acts of sabotage and road blocking occurred in 13 places. Banks and workplaces were looted 6 times.

– 18 kidnappings took place.

– One petty officer and one specialist sergeant were martyred.

– Three petty officers, twenty-two specialist privates and five regular privates were kidnapped. One police officer was martyred and two village guards were kidnapped.

-399 illegal demonstrations were held, and 40 acts of forcing shops to close their shutters took place. Together with various other acts, the total number of acts carried out has reached 1,190.

– Since the beginning of the Peace Process, some 2,500 people aged under 18 have been kidnapped, 70% of which are under the age of 15 and the rest are in the 15-18 age range.[1] (A detailed list of these acts is provided enclosed)

The intensity of these actions and PKK intimidation over the local people has been stepped up still further since the second half of 2014. The Peace Process initiated by our government for the furtherance of democracy has been used by the PKK and its supporters in the region as a very different propaganda tool. On the one hand, propaganda has been carried out to give the message that states ‘from now on we will be in charge,’ while on the other hand the organization carried out activities expanding its authority over the region. The violence in question is one component of that activity. Indeed, the KCK recently made a statement saying, “Our duty is to show who can and cannot live in [so-called] Kurdistan.”[2]

One of the most terrible examples that present the vision the PKK has in mind took place on 6-8 October, 2014. Young people whom they had indoctrinated for years to kill and die, and to whom they had given Marxist-Leninist and Stalin education, committed murders and vandalism everywhere they went. The picture that emerged was a tragic one. In this uprising, in which young people who did not share their views were thrown through glass windows, had their heads crushed with rocks or were run over by cars, turmoil developed in 35 cities; forty people lost their lives and two members of the security forces were martyred. Two hundred twenty-one civilians and 139 members of the security forces were injured. A total of 1,113 buildings, including 212 school buildings, 67 security buildings, 25 district governorship buildings, 29 political party buildings and 780 other buildings including many sheltered housing for children, Red Crescent blood centers and municipal buildings were damaged or destroyed. Private vehicles, municipal vehicles, ambulances and police vehicles were burned during these acts of violence, and a total of 1,177 vehicles were made inoperable.

PKK intimidation, particularly against religious people in the region, has continued at the same level of severity after the 6-8 October uprising. Horrifying incidents occurred in Cizre recently, such as the burning of a home containing a pregnant woman and her child. There are reports in the press regarding many citizens having to shave their beards off in order to avoid the violence carried out by the PPK.

Protecting Citizens against All Forms of Violence is the Fundamental Duty of the State

Turkey is a great and powerful state. One of the foundations of that strength is the ultimate attention it pays to democracy and its compassion. The fact that separatist terror organizations such as the PKK misunderstand these basic characteristics of the state and fall into the error of regarding themselves as very strong must not deceive anyone. Our state can carry out the measures required to reinstate public order in a maximum of 48 hours at most when it sees fit.

It is very important for this compassionate strength of the state to be felt in every inch of the country. The security of our citizens must be ensured, and they must be free to travel everywhere in the country in peace and safety.

Before the local elections, members of other parties engaging in electoral activities in the region have been attacked and party buildings have been damaged frequently. The AKP candidate for mayor of Van, Osman Nuri Gülaçar, could only escape the attacks carried out against him by fleeing inside a shop; similarly, the AKP Deputy for Van, Gülşen Orhan, was attacked with stones. Many parties are unable to engage in electoral activities in the region at all, and civil society organizations are unable to carry out cultural activities such as holding conferences and symposia or handing out books.

All these matters need to be put right before the general election. If the elections are held under these conditions, if the intimidation at gunpoint is not lifted from the public, then the electoral results from the Southeast will not be valid, because they will not reflect the free will of the people in the region. People living under the shadow of guns will have to vote perforce, unwillingly, for whomever the PKK dictates them to. These votes will not be halal, and the elections held under such circumstances will not be a fair and democratic one.

We kindly request our state and our government to take all necessary measures on this subject, to ensure public order so that all citizens can feel safe and to lift the PKK pressure on the people of the region.

Annex: The following are just a few of the actions perpetrated by the PKK between March and June, 2014:

– On 26/03/2014, three police officers were injured, one seriously, in a Molotov cocktail attack on a police vehicle in Şırnak/Silopi

– On 04/04/2014, a construction site near the district of Van/Başkale was raided by a group headed by the PKK militant responsible for the region, and the site manager was kidnapped.

– On 05/04/2014, a tent was erected by the members of the BDP and the militants of the organization in order to obstruct the construction of a police station in Hakkari’s Mesken Mountain.

– On 06/04/2014, one soldier was injured during harassing fire from a group of 10-12 PKK members in northern Iraq against the Şemdinli/Derecik Mamraş Tepe Base area

– On 06/04/2014, three villagers, one of which was a village guard, were kidnapped as they were heading out to pasture in the village of Çevrimli in the Güçlükonak province of Şırnak

– On 07/04/2014, two trucks were set on fire on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl road. A civilian oil survey company in Mardin/Kısmetli village was raided by the PKK, and a fuel tanker was set on fire.

– On 14/04/2014, members of the PKK carrying heavy weapons that are thought to be DOÇKA and Bixi, opened fire on troops engaged in reconnaissance and surveillance missions regarding the building of a police station on Kale Hill in Hakkari/Şemdinli.

– On 14/04/2014, security units were attacked when people inside the tent erected on Hakkari’s Mesken Mountain wanted to climb the peak and issue a press statement but were prevented from doing so.

– On 23/04/2014, the commando unit on Hakkari’s Kale Hill was exposed to harassing fire.

– On 27/04/2014, two people living in the Iğdır’s Karakoyunlu district, Bulakbaşı village, were beaten for not voting for the BDP, threatened with death and forced to leave Mount Ağrı.

– On 27/04/2014, the municipal committee in the Saray district of Van was forced to resign.

– On 28/04/2014, harassing fire was opened towards the Hakkari/Şemdinli-Kale Tepe base.

– On 28/04/2014, Two specialist sergeants were kidnapped during a roadblock carried out as part of a tent protest in the Lice district of Diyarbakır-Bingöl road.

– On 03/05/2014, The Şemdinli/Kalmış Tepe base came under fire with Doçka.

– On 13/05/2014, a military unit in the Mesken Mountain region of Hakkari came under fire and one soldier was injured.

– On 14/05/2014, nine laborers working on road construction at the Şırnak/Görmeç village military base region were kidnapped.

– On 16/05/2014, two soldiers were injured with fire opened on a military unit responsible for establishing security during the construction of a police station in Sütlüce village of Tunceli.

– On 18/05/2014, two people living in the Kıyıköy district of Diyarbakır/Lice were attacked with guns

– On 19/05/2014, a civilian truck carrying equipment for the building of a police station in Van/Çatak was burned.

– On 24/05/2014, the Diyarbakır-Bingöl road was blocked and ditches were dug

– On 27/05/2014, fire was opened on a military unit in Ağrı/Doğubayazıt.

– On 27/05/2014, a soldier was kidnapped between Lice and Hani districts of Diyarbakır.

– On 28/05/2014, a village guard was shot in the head and killed in Dargeçit district of Mardin.

– On 28/05/2014, the chairman of the Hür Dava Party (HÜDA-PAR) for the Dicle district of Diyarbakır was kidnapped.

– On 30/05/2014, members of the Patriotic Democratic Youth Movement (YDG-H), the youth wing of the PKK, opened fire and blocked a road in Izmir.

– On 30/05/2014, a road was blocked in Diyarbakır.

– On 30/05/2014, a road was blocked in Muş/Varto.

– On 31/05/2014, security forces opening a road blocked with gutters to traffic in Diyarbakır-Bingöl was attacked with improvised explosive devices.

– On 01/06/2014, a vehicle was burned in Nazımize district of Tunceli.

– On 02/06/2014, workers on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway were kidnapped and placed in a tent erected in the region to make them nearly be killed with the bullets fired by the troops.

– On 02/06/2014, other alternative roads to the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway were blocked and linking roads were demolished.

– On 03/06/2014, a base station in the center of Bitlis was put out of commission.

– On 04/06/2014, an armed attack was carried out aiming at security units in Hakkari/Şemdinli.

– On 04/06/2014, a tent was set up and roads were blocked in Bingöl/Karlıova.

– On 04/06/2014, acts of road blocking and identity checks were carried out in Tunceli/Nazımiye.

– On 04/06/2014, security units came under harassing fire in Diyarbakır/Hani.

– On 05/06/2014, security units came under harassing fire in Diyarbakır/Lice.

– On 05/06/2014, security units were attacked with explosives and fireworks during the closure of the Diyarbakır-Bingöl high road with gutters.

– On 05/06/2014, security units came under fire as they attempted to open the Diyarbakır-Bingöl high road to traffic and three soldiers were injured.

– On 05/06/2014, a vehicle was burned in Diyarbakır/Dicle.

– On 06/06/2014, the Van/Çatak highroad was blocked and identity checks were carried out

– On 06/06/2014, a vehicle was torched in Van/Çatak.

– On 07/06/2014, security units came under harassing fire in Tunceli/Ovacık.

– On 07/06/2014, an armed attack and an assault with improvised explosive devices was carried out against security units in Diyarbakır/Lice.

– On 07/06/2014, a vehicle was burned in Bingöl/Kiğı.

– On 08/06/2014, workers were kidnapped from a construction site of a company in Kars/Kağızman.

– On 08/06/2014, a vehicle was torched in Hakkari/Şemdinli.

– On 09/06/2014, an attack with improvised explosive devices was carried out against security units in Diyarbakır/Hani.

– On 09/06/2014, an armed attack was made on security units in Diyarbakır/Lice.

– On 09/06/2014, an armed attack was staged on security units in Şırnak/Uludere.


[1] Saygı Öztürk,


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Shrinking Freedom Amounts to Vulnerable Societies

7 03 2015



by Adnan Oktar

Seven weeks after the Charlie Hebdo attack, the magazine returned to the newsstands with its first regular issue. In terms of questioning the universal terms of “free expression” and “freedom of thought”, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Charlie Hebdo event was a major milestone.
In the wake of the attack, discussions on freedom of expression have revived and dissenting vantage points have come into focus like no other time. People from all walks of life have started to reconsider what the ideal borders of it must be. The terrorist acts solidly illustrate the importance of freedom of expression and other freedoms, for the peaceful co-existence of minorities, people of various ethnicities, religions and races that make up the Western societies of today heavily rely on them.
In this process, news executives are no doubt the ones who most mull over these ideas. Considering the enormous power the media has in shaping people’s minds, there is a large responsibility on their shoulders and it is basically their conscience and moral uprightness that determines the course they take. What is covered or skipped, accentuated or downplayed greatly determines the way people perceive and interpret the events that relate to their very lives. In this respect, the way news is conveyed to the public is what decides the level of commotion created or the peace secured in communities.
No sense of curbing freedoms can remotely justify anything good or beneficial for individuals or societies as a whole. When it comes to human rights and liberties, the fundamental principle must be to expand the borders of freedoms and not to shrink them. The actual situation and data, however, reveal the very opposite.
Freedom House, an NGO that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights, reported a general decline in political and civil rights around the world last year. The group said that democratic ideals were now under the greatest threat in 25 years   and the most severe losses in freedom were a result of terrorism. Indeed, especially in the European countries, there are obvious signs of shrinking freedoms, with Muslim minorities particularly bearing the brunt.
For instance, the Austrian parliament recently passed controversial reforms to the country’s century-old law on Islam. The legislation bans the foreign funding of Islamic organisations and imams with the purpose of combating the growing influence of radical Islam in the country. In a country where the law made Islam an official religion back in 1912, the ban on foreign funding puts Muslim groups in a relatively unfair situation, for the Christian and Jewish faiths are still permitted to receive foreign funding.
Another example is France. The trauma caused by the terror acts in this country has dramatically changed the face of the French cities. In the aftermath of  the deadly attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the signs of diminishing freedoms have become  apparent. One week after the attack, some British journalists witnessed first hand a trio of heavily armed police rushing and dragging two men of North-African origin at a bar just off the Champs Élysées. The black men were pushed against a car and handcuffed by more police officers simply on the complaint of the bartender. The bartender said he called the police simply because the man said “something unpleasant.”
No doubt such paranoid attitudes greatly work to challenge citizen’s freedoms at the basic level and the general well-being of societies. The welfare of a country can only be assured by doing away with such things as privileged groups in terms of freedoms. In Western societies, every individual, no matter from which roots they may be, must enjoy the status of a first-class citizen, be treated as a first-class citizen and actually feel as a first-class citizen.
We must remember that peace in a country is based on how individuals actually feel about their own safety. Fostering a sense of self-worth in every individual by granting them more rights and freedoms amounts to fear-free societies which is most assuredly what our world needs most today.
Adnan Oktar’s piece on Malaysian Insider:

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Understanding Turkey’s Stance

2 03 2015


by Adnan Oktar

Last Sunday, the global media reported that Turkish tanks had rolled into Syria to carry out an operation to evacuate the tomb of Suleyman Shah from the only Turkish territory in the war-torn Syria.

The region where the historical tomb was located — approximately 37 km from the Turkish border — is recognized as a Turkish territory under the Treat of Ankara in 1921, which was later confirmed under the Treaty of Lausanne. Until last year the area remained under the control of the Free Syrian Army but the self-prescribed Islamic State (IS) had recently entered the area thus threatening the Turkish troops guarding the historical site. Of course, the safety of its troops and historical site was of prime importance to Ankara. Secondly, a routine change of guard had also become a problem due to the ongoing unrest.

The operation has set off a frenzy of debate. Should the action be regarded as heroism, or necessity?

The overall manner in which the operation was successfully carried out is indeed heroic but it should not be considered a mere show of strength. It was necessary to ensure the protection of Turkish troops and historical relics. The action was taken in the territory belonging to Turkey due to the escalating unrest in that area. It was not an unnecessary exercise, as some circles wish to portray it. Their criticism of Ankara is unfounded and not very convincing due to the following reasons:

Had the historical site and Turkish soldiers been harmed in the event of an IS attack, these same elements would have thrashed Ankara for its failure to protect its people and interests. Interestingly, these elements are simply criticizing the government without suggesting any alternative that could have been adopted. Thus, making it all the more clear that the operation was the only viable option.

The small patch of Turkish territory inside Syria has become vulnerable. There is no dearth of elements trying to draw Turkey into an armed conflict with the IS. An attack on the tomb would have ended in Turkey getting embroiled in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

The road to the region is in a Kurdish area and under the control of the PYD/YPG. As I have stated here before, the PYD is an extension of the PKK, which has been at war with Turkey for the last 30 years, and is therefore Turkey’s worst enemy in Syria. It would be no surprise that the greatest provocation aimed at forcing Turkey into fighting IS came from the PYD. Ever since Kobane, the PYD has been trying to force Turkey to join in against the IS, and has the backing of almost the entire world.

Evacuation of the tomb was, therefore, the most suitable action instead of being dragged into an unwanted war in Syria to play into the hands of the PYD.

In the wake of the operation, certain quarters are posing one question: “What next?”

One of the threats to Turkey has been lifted, so will Turkey now take an active part in the coalition against IS and allow its air base at Incirlik to be used? No. Turkey will not take part in the war, and IS will not attack Turkey in any way. This question was raised as the Turkish Consulate staff who were taken hostage by IS in Mosul were being freed, but Turkey never supported the coalition in that sense. Indeed, the policy adopted toward IS by the coalition forces has to a large extent failed, and will continue to fail. That fact was admitted by US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey last October, and the failure of the aerial attacks and that success cannot be achieved with such a strategy was openly expressed.

As I have reiterated many times, violence is the main incitement to war. A policy of education aimed both at IS and at the people of the region is essential for a solution. Washington is now aware of this. A statement from the White House last week announced President Obama’s desire to play the leading role in assembling an international coalition to fight an ideological war against the IS. Reference to this point, on which I have concentrated so much, from the US is welcome, and Turkey will always back that strategy.

Will relations with the PYD/YPG thaw and lead to an agreement? No, they will not. As government officials have frequently and explicitly stated, no permission was obtained from the PYD to allow the road to be used during the evacuation of the tomb of Suleyman Shah, and no development in the region will result in cooperation with the YPG. As presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin explicitly puts it, “The YPG is a terror organization.”

Will relations with the Syrian government change? Of course, there can be a change in policy regarding Syria to find a solution in the country. But the best thing will be to establish an alliance by way of Russia, rather than directly involving Assad. If Turkey is able to act as an intermediary in resolving the Syrian problem, then of course making changes to its Syrian policy will be the right thing to do.

Calling for war may have produced results in many places. However, Turkey is the heir to an empire that lasted 600 years, an experienced and highly rational country. It considers the requirements of Islam and seeks solutions for peace, not war. It will therefore never be a tool in acts of provocation, will never bow its head to incitement and will never take part in a war that leads to the deaths of the innocent. This is the conclusion that the opposition in Turkey and the coalition forces should both draw in the wake of the Suleyman Shah operation.

Adnan Oktar’s piece on Arab News:

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

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