Waste Less, Feed More

16 06 2015


by Harun Yahya

Had people not been selfish and greedy as they are now, our world would have been a very different place. The situation would have been different, if people loved one another and regarded mutual aid as a virtue. It would then seem utterly illogical to spend billions of dollars on football teams in one part of the world while children are starving in another.

There would be no question of them having gold-plated cars made for themselves while children, trapped in the fighting in Syria and Afghanistan, are picking crumbs of bread off the streets. There would be no inequality of income and no social injustice. Those who carelessly spend the money of the poor would disappear. But lovelessness leads to this frightful picture; and because of that people prefer waste to sharing.

Around 800 million people in the world are going hungry. Meanwhile, 1.5 billion are wrestling with obesity and 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year across the world. Total food production in sub-Saharan Africa is 230 million tons but that same quantity of food is thrown away every year in developed countries. According to a study by Stuttgart University in Germany, the Germans throw away 11 million tons of food a year. That means that a German throws away 235 euros’ worth of food every year. That is equivalent to the annual income of 1.5 billion people in the world.

The scale of the waste across the world is stunning. Around 30 percent of the food produced in the world is wasted without being consumed. In other words, one-third is thrown away without ever reaching the table. Approximately 40 percent of the food produced in the US is never eaten, while 100 million tons of food is never consumed in Europe every year. The economic value of the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year is $1 trillion.

The conclusion to be drawn from these horrifying figures is clear enough; according to World Bank reports, enough food is thrown away in developed countries to feed 15 times the number of people who starve to death in the world. In other words, the problem is not one of hunger or famine, but of lovelessness and carelessness. Children are not essentially dying from hunger, but are rather losing their lives as a result of this dreadful system.

An excellent story on the subject of waste emerged from France last week. Under a law passed by the French National Assembly, foodstuffs remaining in the hands of wholesalers will no longer be thrown away. It will also be illegal to make unsold food unfit for consumption. Foodstuffs that are not sold will either have to be given away or used as animal feed or fertilizers. Supermarkets with a floor space exceeding 400 square meters will have to sign agreements with charities over food donations.

France is a country where some 20-30 kg of foodstuffs are thrown away per capita. It is estimated that seven kilos of this is never even opened. In financial terms that waste corresponds to 12-20 billion euros. There is no need to point out how important this money would be to an African country wracked by poverty. The step taken by France is therefore an important policy that needs to be adopted by other countries. The fact that those who fail to comply will face imprisonment or heavy fines is also a significant deterrent.

There is also the question of Muslim countries that are quiet on this subject, even though Almighty Allah explicitly declares waste a sin in the verse, “Eat and drink, but do not be profligate. He does not love the profligate.” (Surah Al-A’raf, 31)

One would hope that the main steps for the prevention of waste would come from Muslim countries. One would hope that they would exhibit an exemplary sensitivity to the world, and that the poor in the world could thus be enriched. Sadly, however, a great many people in the world think only of themselves. The word for that is egoism.

Is it such precautions that are the main thing needed to prevent waste? Of course these will have an effect, since they also involve penalties. But a scourge such as waste can only be eradicated by people abandoning their selfishness and greed. There is only one way to achieve that — love. There is no way of teaching someone without love about affection, protectiveness, sharing and the happiness that derives therefrom. He will not be in the least bit interested in people dying from want or hunger in other countries or outside his own door. Therefore, those who wish to draw attention to the tragedy of this hunger going on before the eyes of the world must start by teaching people love.

Organizations and activists fighting hunger in the world must first introduce people to the beauty of affection, and then show them the way. There is no other way of getting people who are obsessed with their own preoccupations and disregard anything but their own existence to see the tragedy being played out.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com



ISIS/Daesh; Unanswered Questions !

14 06 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Whether we like it or not Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the Head of General Security For the Emirates of Dubai is an exceptional if not controversial figure perhaps with courage that few officials dare say.

A friend of mine from Egypt shared with me recent article written by General Dhahi which I find not only interesting but thought provoking raising more question than it answer, casting serious doubts about the efforts to put an end to ISIS/Daesh.

General Dhahi recent article has every thing to do with ISIS or Daesh, from its sudden rise to power to its swift Blitzkrieg moving across great swath of land in Iraq and Syria, raising many questions and issues that so far defied credible answers.

According to Western intelligence (perhaps unintelligent sources) ISIS/Daesh is a rag tag army of mercenaries’ numbering between 20-30,000 recruits mainly from Arab countries in North Africa, the Arab Peninsula, England, Germany, Holland Belgium, France and far from the Maldives and Indonesia.

None of its member’s known to have graduated from top Western military academics let alone Russian or Chinese academies. Yet it was able within a short time to route and defeat professional armies and take over 1/3 of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS/Daesh does not have communication or intelligence satellites and does not have an air force and unmanned drones and does not have a navy and does not have air defense system as the Iron Dome or the Patriot.

Certainly, it does not have surface to air missiles and anti-aircraft missiles such as SAM, S-300 and Stinger. While Israel took couple of days to defeat the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the entire Western military might is unable to defeat ISIS in over a year.

ISIS/Daesh does not have intelligence services (or does it) to match the CIA, MI-6 or the Mossad. It does not have a budget of multi billions to conduct intelligence or spying operation reaching the inner offices of officials as Angela Merkel and François Holland. One has to wonder if America can spy on its allies in Europe how it was unable to detect the rise of ISI/Daesh and intercept its communication lines and prevent its rise?

Certainly it does not have the services of communication companies with spy wares that can access the inner operations of governments such as the hacking of Home Land Security database with access to over 4 million federal employees.

ISIS/Daesh does not have the benefits of think tanks such as Brookings, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Washington Institute for Middle Near East Policies, Strategic Studies institute and International Institute for Strategic Studies; certainly it does not have the benefits of Wolf Blitzer analysis.

ISIS/Daesh does not have the benefits of financial and economic advice of the World Bank or the IMF and does not have the support of armies of Wall Street financier to manage its money and cash flows.

Certainly it does not have the benefits of universities, medical and technical institutes with mathematics, science, biology, game theories, are far from its priorities. Its priorities are chopping heads, burning live prisoners and mass killings of those who do not scribe to its worldview of Caliphates.

Ironically, ISIS/Daesh has restrained so far from attacking any Western interests let alone Israeli interests, and has concentrated its efforts to unravel the “sovereign” states mapped out by Sykes-Picot agreement which drew the lines for most if not all present Middle East Arab states.

Gone the days of Al-Qaeda as the biggest strategic and international threat and welcome the days of ISIS/Daesh as the “international threat” for the 21st century.

President Barack Obama, the CIA and the Pentagon declared it would take years perhaps decades to end ISIS/Daesh as a threat, meaning the Arabs have to pay the price in cash and instability for years to come.

Question, how can thousands of aerial sorties by the combined air force of several countries using F-15s, F-16s and F-18s are unable to make a dent in ISIS/Daesh advancement and expansion? Is ISIS/Daesh that invisible hiding in tunnels and bunkers that defy bunker buster bombs.

The rise and perseverance of ISIS/Daesh and the failure of the West intelligence services to detect its rise and organization raises question as to who is responsible for the rise and funding of ISIS/Daesh?

Arab countries mainly the Gulf states and Iraq have been paying the high prices of wars and conflicts staring with Saddam war on Iran to the Gulf War I and II with trillions gone to fund wars. It seems every time the Gulf Arab States accumulate cash reserve there is another war to fund. Is there an invisible hand? For sure.

Presidential System is a Threat to Turkey

6 06 2015


by Adnan Oktar

This weekend, Turkey will be going to the polls for the general elections. Actually this election not only concerns Turkey, but also the Middle East, which has turned into a bedlam, and Western countries.

With the involvement of international powers, an intense war is going on in Iraq and Syria, Turkey’s southern border neighbors. Turkey is hosting about 2.5 million refugees fleeing the war in Syria. Constant conflicts are taking place near the Turkish border regions. Regional energy transmission lines and trade routes have all become unusable.

In the wake of the disintegration of Iraq and Syria, it is being discussed that many new states will be founded in the region. In this respect very dark scenarios have proposed that these newly drawn borders will also involve Turkish lands as well.

Communist, separatist terror organization the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), which has been active in Turkey for almost 40 years, has presence in Iran, Iraq and Syria as well. The PKK’s dreams about establishing an independent, Stalinist Kurdistan by taking lands from Turkey are being brought to the agenda once again in the tumultuous Middle East geography and they receive the support of many deep state organizations.

Consequently the picture resulting from this election will not only affect Turkish politics but will also be reflected in the Middle East politics.

Another factor that renders this election important for Turkey is the fact that a change in the government system is being considered after the elections. The request to switch to a presidential system instead of the parliamentary model that is in force since the foundation of the Republic of Turkey is frequently being voiced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It has not yet gained a clear, solid footing in the statements of the governing Justice and Development (AK) Party, a party that he helped establish from the very foundation. The AK Party has declared this new model during the elections with very weak support internally and with virtually no reference to switch to the presidential system especially in the meetings held by the governing AK Party. The main reason for that is the apprehension amongst the general public.

The AK party is concerned that the switch to a presidential system might reflect negatively at the polls. The fact is that the surveys conducted reveal that 70 percent of Turks are against the presidential system and this unavoidably caused the governing party to hesitate advocating this new model.

The presidential system will bring about a federalist system, and this is the main reason as to why the system does not gain acceptance in Turkey.

It is true that federation is an administration style used by many countries but for Turkey, it is a major risk. That is because Turkey has been struggling for decades against the communist organization PKK, which is in pursuit to try and establish a communist state by separating the Southeastern region.

During this struggle, more than 40,000 Turkish citizens, including security forces who strive against giving autonomy to the separatists, have been martyred.

The PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan also wants to bring a federalist presidential system based on the US model. He openly states that he will support a federative presidential system.

By taking advantage of the presidential system, PKK, through its tradition of intimidation and pressure, will be able to ensure that PKK sympathizer governors are elected, and a so-called PKK constitution becomes prevalent in the region. It then becomes obvious that it will give way to the separatist terror organization gaining sovereignty.

We witness that autonomous/federative regions in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus and the result is that they constantly separate from their states. The federal system introduced by the presidential system will impair the unitary structure in Turkey and give rise to different federal regions’ demands for independence.

In Turkey when the unitary system collapses, it will be easy for federations to conduct a referendum to be divided with the new rights they will obtain through national legislation.

The Turkish people are united and will never renounce the struggle for the “One Nation” ideal after all these decades. No one is willing to give away one shred of Turkish land marked by the blood of martyrs to the separatist terrorist organization. Thus it is not possible for a federalist system to be accepted or implemented in Turkey.

Turkish nation has a very important goal and ideal of protecting all the oppressed all over the world, particularly its own neighbors. Another of its ideal is to gather the Islamic countries in a unity reminiscent of the EU model to institute democracy, tranquility and peace.

It is evident that there is the need for a strong Turkey to realize these goals.

Above all else, Turkey should protect its unitary structure, strengthen its own brotherly bonds and unity and should not be separated.

A communist state that is planned to be established in the key geography of the Middle East would spread terror not only in Turkey but in the whole region and later, to the whole world. The imperialist powers that insensibly support the PKK will eventually become helpless in the face of this grave trouble.

To avoid this nightmare, the gravity of the threat should be recognized, the cost of disintegrating Turkey should be envisaged and all that might give way to that disaster should be strictly avoided.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

The Arab Peace Corps; Why Now?

6 06 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah


It is no brainer for any one with little understanding of international politics to see the Arab world is in deep deep trouble, with many countries in state of civil wars such as Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Sudan.

With thousands of mercenaries joining Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Jab hat Al-Nusra, coming from Europe, the US, the Arab Peninsula even far from the Maldives and Indonesia. The are joining “”Islamists” militia, to kill and get killed, to destroy and never build, the New Arab Foundation wants to change all of that.


The Issue
The Arab and Muslim worlds are experiencing turmoil and conflicts they’ve not witnessed since colonial times and their nation states are threatened from within and without.

With the rise of military dictatorship in the 50’s, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan the birthplace of the “jihadist” movement, the First and Second Gulf War, together, these events forming a watershed in the Arab and Muslim world with trillions in fortunes and livelihoods been diverted from society building to regional, “religious” and “sectarian” war mongering and nation’s destruction. Promoted and well funded by international powers.

Military and “nationalistic” “secular” dictatorship and “jihadist” ideology, combined with corruption, looting of states, people’s assets and wealth, nepotism, lack of transparency and accountability, lack of fairness and equal opportunities, lack of mentoring, inept abusive humiliating bureaucracy, all are responsible for the failure of many Arab and Muslim states. This investment in wars and conflict has resulted in dire, unintended consequences. Much like Mary Shelly’s fictional monster Frankenstein, “jihadists” and “secular” dictatorships are now injuring and threatening the very states and institutions that created and nurtured them. The world is now witnessing the negative, self-perpetuating spiral of the monster. This is most recently evidenced in ease with which organizations like ISIS and al-Shabaab acquire sophisticated weapons and thousands of recruits from Europe, the US and the Middle East, putting the entire Arab if not Muslim worlds at risk.

Global statistics for people 15 to 35 years of age reveal as much as 50% of the world’s population may be classified as “youth”, including Arab, Muslim and Western countries. Large numbers of which live in poverty, often extreme, and consider themselves marginalized in their communities as well as in national and world affairs. Studies have shown that hopelessness and despair, rather than religious beliefs or commitment; provide the fodder for their recruitment to “jihad”.

The Opportunity
Our vision is to break the negative, self-reinforcing spiral of vulnerable youth, being mobilized by “religious actors” or “terrorists”, fighting what they are told is the cause of their suffering (i.e., secular, sectarian opponents and “infidels”), and as a result are often killed in the fight, which is used to reinvigorate the negative spiral. We break this otherwise indestructible force by redirecting the very energy that fuels it (the power of youth) into a positive, self-reinforcing contribution to the greater good.

Our efforts positively self-reinforce through each person’s achievement of a sense of belonging to the greater community and an increased sense of self-worth.

We intend to provide opportunities for talented and motivated young people to channel their energies and enthusiasm into life-changing community service. We believe there are many youths, college graduates with professional skills from the “Arab World” and outside like North America, Europe and Australia who would be interested in and willing to give a year or two of their lives to helping build better futures for their communities in the “Arab World”. This service will not only make a positive difference in those communities, but will also provide the youth themselves with valuable skills and life experience.

The New Arab Foundation through its first initiative the Arab Peace Corps plans and intends to change all that. Challenging young minds and talents to contribute to life and not death, to contribute to building not destroying; contribute to the future to outshine the past.

We know from successful models and similar programs like the US Peace Corps that young college graduates and other skilled professionals always rise up to the challenge of doing good and are willing to take time out for couple years not only to serve but learn and venture as well. An experience that makes them better citizens and better employees back home in countries of their citizenship and residency.

The Arab Peace Corps will also offer graduate students in the master and PhD programs an opportunity to study and serve contributing valuable experience and know how, making them outstanding candidates for employers and will seek future and preferential employments for veterans of the Arab Peace Corps with government and private sector.

From the work on conflict analysis and resolution, we know that individuals and groups of people are mobilized into action by key actors, or opinion leaders, with access to things such as charismatic personalities, moral authority, and financial and human resources.

The Arab Peace Corps will also seek out and provide the much needed supports and skill training for the “at-risk groups” in Europe, in countries like France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and in the Middle East and North Africa, generally youth and often those who are poor, otherwise marginalize, by focusing first on development of key actors/opinion leaders who will engage with each other to promote community service and become role models and mentors for other youth in troubled communities, who otherwise are easy prey to recruiters of “terrorist groups” giving them opportunities to work with the Arab Peace Corps volunteers.

We will recruit volunteers (Arabs, Amazighs, Kurds, Armenians and others) from within the Arab World and from around the world, with our selection reflecting the rich diversity and mosaic of the Arab world.

Our philosophy aligns with the motto of the New Arab Foundation: the Arab world is more than Arabs. We will recruit college graduates with degrees in education, health care, nutrition, agriculture, environmental protection, engineering and business, community building, conflict resolution, peace building and, put them together in teams with a senior mentor/leader and match their skills with a particular project or community.

The teams receive a month of training together, which includes skill building in teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership, planning, community organization and development.

The selected volunteers will be deploy for the subsequent 22 months for a total commitment of two years from selection, to training, to deployment to end of service. We will provide room and board and a small living stipend. In addition, all those who complete the full term will be given partial and or full scholarship for graduate study. We will start with one training center in a country still to be selected (and largely dependent on major donors).

Our long-term goal is to have teams active in countries across North Africa and in the Middle East with targeted communities in Europe, with marginalized and alienated youth.

We will learn from and draw on the long experience of the US Peace Corps, UNPD as well as the more recent history of the European Peace Corps. But approach and specific activities will be grounded in Arab culture and values, including political and religious norms of service and improving the common good. The main office will be in the US at the office of New Arab Foundation in Washington DC, with two regional offices, for training, orientation and deployment assistance.

One regional office will be in North Africa, possibly Morocco or Tunisia to serve North African countries and the other in Jordan, perhaps Lebanon to serve Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

We will also secure commitments from key players in the public and private sectors to give preferential treatments in hiring policies to veterans of the Arab Peace Corps as added incentives to recruit top and well-qualified candidates.

The Next Phase
Over the next few months, our team of volunteers will working hard to realize this most important projects by seeking funding for the initial phase of the project and once that is complete we will proceed to the next phase which included funding for recruitment setting up the two regional offices (one in North Africa and the other in the Middle East), and the third phase is seeking long term funding for actual deployment.

Hundreds of billions if not trillions were wasted on wars and conflicts, let us hope that governments, businesses and private individuals rise up to the occasion and contribute the needed funds can make the difference in the lives of many. Time to invest in human development and the future, time to invest in life not death, time to invest in the future not search for the past. Time to help the New Arab Foundation to set up a $100 million trust fund for the Arab Peace Corps.

Islam Condemns All Acts of Terror and Violence, and So It Does With The Boston Attack

3 06 2015

by Adnan Oktar

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.06.12 PM

The horrible terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in the USA is condemned by all true Muslims. We must first state that Islam prohibits all violence and assaults. The Qur’an, the essential reference point of Islam, contains several statements on the subject.

This terrorist act, in which three people lost their lives and hundreds were injured, was a savage act of misguided foolishness designed to set the Western and Islamic worlds against one another. Such ruthless acts have been used many times in different countries to try and give the West the impression that Islam is a faith that regards violence and terror as legitimate. The September 11 attacks, again carried out in the USA, were certainly the worst of these assaults. Immediately after those attacks, numerous people – including certain politicians and religious figures – issued statements saying that Islam is a religion that supports terror; some even encouraged a religious war against the Muslim world. So it is safe to say that those acts were to some extent successful. Today we are again hearing statements from various bigots, extremists and some media organizations in the USA encouraging violence against Muslims and their isolation from society. We hope that the American people will be on their guard against such incitement and will recognize them as crude acts of provocation and demagoguery.

The Qur’an contains many passages encouraging love and affection. The following words from verse 159 of Surah Al ‘Imran, “…It is a mercy from God that you were gentle with them…” makes it abundantly clear that Islam is based on treating people with kindness.

Whoever claims to be a Muslim and says that the faith advocates acts of terror or violence is either an agent provocateur claiming to be a Muslim, or someone who is wholly ignorant of the faith. Someone who says such things out of ignorance will mend his ways if told what the Qur’an truly says. People can only be properly informed about Islam if no credence is attached to provocation. If everyone knows that Islam views violence and hatred as unacceptable there will be no more issues for provocateurs or extremists to rage about.

There are people trying to incite hostility toward Islam in the Christian and Jewish world, and there are also people trying to incite hostility toward Christianity and Judaism in the Islamic world. These people are bigoted fanatics who issue provocative statements based not on the Qur’an, but on hadiths they fabricate themselves. This is a very serious and a very real problem in the Islamic world, and we cannot simply dismiss it. All true Muslims are deeply uneasy at such people being regarded as members of the Islamic world and representatives of the faith because these people have nothing to do with the values espoused by Islam. They have deprived themselves of fine feelings such as love, affection and compassion. They are filled with hatred and rage, not only for members of other faiths, but also for most Muslims from different sects. They may hate someone they have never met solely because he belongs to a different group. This is a perverse and unacceptable perspective for Muslims.

Causing members of different faiths and/or ethnicities to fall out and inciting conflict among them has been a technique successfully employed by those wishing to spread war throughout the course of history. Yet this world is wide and fertile enough for everyone to live in happiness and peace and well-being. There is no real reason for conflict or resorting to violence. All the supposed reasons for war and conflict are hollow ruses.

It is much, much easier to live in peace and love than in conflict and war. For example, it is unacceptable for either Palestinians or Israelis to have to live behind walls in fear of bombs, rockets and other weapons. This plight of these two peoples, one descended from the Prophet Ishmael and the other from the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon them both), is a disgrace on all mankind.

Our hope is that people with radical views will ultimately fade away within the moderate, loving and respectful views held by rational people – historically, radical movements inevitably burn out or destroy themselves – but for that to happen it is absolutely essential for sensible people in the Islamic, Christian and Judaic worlds to act as one in a spirit of solidarity. An alliance of good people is essential. Otherwise, neither terror nor acts of violence can ever be entirely overcome.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

Bigots Disrespect Women by Saying that They Inhibit a Faithful Life

29 05 2015

beautiful woman in evening dress wearing diamond earrings

by Adnan Oktar

Almighty God places great importance in the protection and loving of women. In the Holy Quran, He compares them to flowers and commands everyone to prioritize, respect, protect and love women. He makes it very clear that genders are equal and any discrimination will not be accepted.

However, as in every other aspect of life, bigots attempted to discredit women with respect to a faithful life and claimed through fabricated hadiths that women could inhibit one’s practice of religion.

Were there no women, God would be worshiped properly. (Suyuti, Sahih Bukhari, Ibn-i Adiyy, Abu Khatim, Ibn-i Jawzi, Muhammed Nasuriddin and Ibn-i Hibban all accept this hadith.) (Silsilat al-Ahadisuzzaif: 74, Tenzihusharia: 1/62, Al-Leali: 2/59)

Were it not for women, all men would go to paradise. (Ibn-i Arrak and As-Saqafi do not accept the hadith. [Jamiussaghir: 2/113])

Let us first of all recall one very important point; the misogynistic mindset described in the false hadiths appears absolutely nowhere in the Qur’an.

Moving on to the content of the fabricated hadiths above, it is not women or other blessings of this world that prevent people who are weak in, or devoid of faith, from living by religious moral values, but their own weakness of conscience, mind and will. God has created this world as a test. In the same way that people are tested throughout their lives with troubles, difficulties, diseases and weaknesses, so they are also tested by blessings and good things. Women are one of the blessings and jewels of this world. Like every blessing, however, how that blessing is evaluated depends on the moral values of the person possessing that blessing. God reveals in the Qur’an that the blessings of this world are created as a test:

To mankind the love of worldly appetites is painted in glowing colors: women and children, and heaped-up mounds of gold and silver, and horses with fine markings, and livestock and fertile farmland. All that is merely the enjoyment of the life of this world.The best homecoming is in the Presence of God. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 14)

Like women, children, gold, silver, splendid animals, farmland and wealth are all blessings of this world and provided for people to enjoy. However, a person who has faith will also be aware that all these blessings really belong to God, that all the blessings found in this world are transitory, and that the most and finest forms of all blessings are to be found in paradise. None of these blessings therefore turn such people away from God or prevent them striving on His path. If a person falls into heedlessness on account of any of these blessings and no longer seeks God’s approval in all things, then this is something stemming from his own weakness of faith; it is not the fault of the blessings, but of the person himself. It is therefore the person himself who will have to face the consequences, so long as he does not correct himself. It will do no good to a person trying to blame someone else in the hereafter.

Therefore, a man who seeks to hold women responsible, on the basis of these false hadiths, for all his own errors, sins and evil deeds, is merely deceiving himself. According to the Qur’an, faith means that a person must serve God properly, no matter what the conditions or circumstances. Nobody will be able to use the idea that, “I was unable to worship properly because of women” as an excuse in the hereafter. As we are told in a verse, “… man will be clear proof against himself in spite of any excuses he might offer” (Surat al-Qiyama, 14-15)

In other words, no matter what excuses a person may come up with, he is still perfectly aware of the truth. Some people who blame women for their own lapses on the basis of these false hadiths are of course perfectly well aware that they are being hypocritical and making up the whole idea up. Ignoring the fact in this world will change nothing in the Presence of God, where “… Every self will be paid in full for what it earned. They will not be wronged.” (Surah Al ’Imran, 25)


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com

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