The PKK’s Aim is a Communist State

28 06 2015


by Harun Yahya

The aim behind the separatist activities that have been taking place in Southeast Turkey for many years is not an ethnic movement, but one to impose a communist and atheistic ideology. The PKK, which has caused the loss of thousands of lives over the last 30 years, is a Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist communist organization whose aim is to establish a giant communist state in the region.

The organization wishes to establish a communist state in the region and believes that a bloody revolution is essential in order to achieve that objective. As required by its ideology, it martyrs our troops, shoots our police officers in the back, kidnaps teachers and bombs the Turkish public, making no allowances for women, children or the elderly.

The communist mentality that seeks to give the impression that there is a gulf between our Kurdish brothers and us by referring to the situation in the region as the ‘Kurdish problem,’ is in fact preparing the way for a communist, Stalinist and Leninist regime in the region.

The PKK’s aim is to use Kurdish nationalism TO CRUSH THE KURDS WITH A STALINIST IDEOLOGY.

It must not be forgotten that in the event a communist, Stalinist and Leninist regime were established in the region, may God forbid, the first people to be violated and crushed underfoot would be our Kurdish brothers.


People who say, “Autonomy is essential for there to be an end to terror” are unaware of this communist threat.

Yet it is essential to know the scale of the danger in order to be able to take precautions against it.


The PKK believes that life is the work of chance and that life and history follow a supposed evolutionary process. Its leader, Abdullah Öcalan, sets out this world view as follows:

Products increase with the discoveries of tools and fire, and species will develop more rapidly as these increase, and a division will occur with the PRIMATES. THE NATURAL LAWS OF EVOLUTION determine development. (Abdullah Öcalan, Defending a People, chapter: ‘Natural Society’)

The prevailing belief in the communist Darwinist Stalinist Leninist ideology adopted by the PKK is ruthlessness, pitilessness and unscrupulousness. These ideologies seek to turn societies into arenas where wild animals fight for survival. The reason for this is that Darwinism says that they are all animals and that they can survive only if they fight, just like animals.

The PKK’s struggle is continuing along just those lines.


“We have nothing to do with religion. Our people must break away from God and ideology. I broke away from God after a long struggle. I overcame God. And thus I became Abdullah Öcalan.”

The rest of the PKK share exactly the same view as the speaker of these words, Abdullah Öcalan. “Prayer itself in general terms is a PIECE OF THEATER. (Sumerian Priest State to Democratic Civilization, Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 354) These words of Öcalan’s show the organization’s view of religion and how that view is held within the organization.  (Surely Almighty God is beyond that.)


The aim of the PKK is to break Turkey up and tear it apart. The establishment of communist rule in the Southeast of Turkey through an autonomous Kurdish state is just the beginning. The organization’s ultimate aim is a communist global state.


The PKK claims that so-called ‘primitive humans’ had no concepts such as honor or family and that they were invented only later. They say that it is vitally important to the communist revolution for these to be destroyed.

The family is regarded as part of a feudal system. Ties to one’s family must be broken in order to focus on the communist struggle.

The concept of family is rejected as follows in the ideology adopted by the PKK:

“Any revolutionary element who marries, starts a family or is part of a family for any reason is in a state of great inconsistency.”

( tueruenuen-bir-parcas-olarak-aile-kurumu-ve-devrimci-hareketin-bu-kurum-karsndaki-tutumu-uezerine-&catid=31:say4&Itemid=5)


The PKK is a communist, Stalinist and Leninist organization led by Abdullah Öcalan, who says that “…THE ARMED STRUGGLE, POPULAR REVOLUTION AND THE ORGANIZATION ARE INTER-RELATED AND ESSENTIAL TO ONE ANOTHER…” (Abdullah Öcalan, Selected Writings, Vol. 1, p. 195). This communist organization follows Lenin’s methods, and terror is therefore essential to it. Therefore, giving in to some of the PPK’s demands will never put a stop to terror. On the contrary, the terror will just continue and grow.


“I represent 21st Century socialism as Lenin did in 1900,” says the leader of the separatist terror organization, Ocalan, who describes the ultimate aim of the PKK as “THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A COMMUNIST SOCIETY”:

“The criteria of socialism and communism apply in our environment. Under socialism, each is given according to his labor. That also applies within the party (the PKK). THIS WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY UNTIL THE BUILDING OF A COMMUNIST SOCIETY.” (Abdullah Öcalan, The liquidation of Liquidationism, p. 153)

As can be seen from these words, the PKK, whose aim is to establish a communist state in the Southeast of Turkey, will never abandon terror until that aim is achieved.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

Gaza; End The Siege Now And Forever.

25 06 2015

Freedom Flotillas are gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean this week on their way to break the illegal and criminal siege of Gaza. Brave hearts from all over the world are on board. Israel and its supporters are gathering with guns drawn to prevent another attempt to break the siege.

Israel, always, the angry, unhappy and psychological misfit nation it is, full of hate and contempt for the world and human values, is a country that never gives damn or due considerations to international law.

The siege and blockade of Gaza is not only criminal and brutal, it has no basis in international and humanitarian laws and is used by Israel as an excuse for collective punishment of Gaza, its people and leadership. This collective punishment finds sanctions and support from the US and, unfortunately, also in Western Europe.

Ramallah, unlike last time with vocal contempt of those risking their lives is mostly silent now, not sure if there is clandestine cooperation with Israel to undermine such attempt to break the siege like last time.

For Hamas, this is a much welcomed effort specially since its billion dollar tunnel business came to an abrupt end with the military take over in Egypt and the Egyptian decision to clear wide swath of land along the border with Gaza, evicting and displacing tens of thousands of Egyptian families in the Egyptian Rafah. Unfortunately, the Arabs on their own are unable lacking the will and force to end the siege.

This coincide with the announcement in Ramallah that reconstructions of destroyed homes will take place, and with Qatar already implementing its own plans to rebuild certain parts of Gaza. However most if not all construction materials coming from Israel, and for sure with double digits commissions for key figures in Ramallah.

If Israel issue is security, which it is not, making sure there are no arms or weapons smuggled into Gaza, one can understand that, and there are thousands of ways and arrangements that allows the “international community” to inspect goods and products and passengers destined to Gaza without risking Israel’s “security”.

Arrangements that I proposed in my earlier posting and website “” including the setting up of a staging area in Cyprus, under UN, US and NATO where all goods and shipments destined to Gaza undergoes thorough inspection in Cyprus with naval protected corridor between Gaza and Cyprus.

Similar staging area under UN auspices can be set up at Gaza Port beyond the reach of Hamas, militant group and the Palestinian Authority ensuring the safety and security of people and goods leaving Gaza and coming into Gaza. These arrangements should go well hand in hand with the post Mubarak/Morsi Egypt and the erratic schedule of opening and closing the Rafah crossing.

Let Egypt and Israel build a mile high wall around Gaza as long as Gazans have complete and unhindered access to the sea.

The excuses given by Israel and its supporters within the US are not only silly and stupid but makes no sense at all, justifying, bullying ,thuggrey and hijackings on the high seas, no different from the Somali Pirates in the Indian Ocean, and its shows the moral and political bankruptcy of Israel, its Zionist agenda and ideology and its sponsors in official Washington.

Of course one need to keep in mind the kind of stupid list that Israel uses to keep the siege of Gaza going. It banned pasta, ketchup, lentil, and hearing aids, chocolate items that are forbidden to the people of Gaza, since these items pose a risk to Israel’s security and no one in Washington dared to question such list.

Knowing how Tel-Aviv works, I will not be surprised if Israel through its dogs in Washington insists on making decisions as to what should enter or leave Gaza, leaving its lists of items posing security risk.

Frankly speaking, who needs Israel and its construction material? Gazans and Palestinian officials will be committing a crime by using any Israeli materials for the reconstruction of Gaza — if they do, they will be rewarding Israel for its crimes. No Israeli materials should be used in Gaza period. BDS is a must in this case.

Let Israel go to hell, and let Israel keep its borders crossing closed; and let the people of Gaza open their port and airport, and import and export everything they need and want through the Gaza port and airport. No need to reward Israeli suppliers with billions of supply contracts, giving them incentives to destroy Gaza one more time, knowing they will be rewarded with billions worth of supply contracts.

Let the UN and selected countries including EU and US open and operate both the Seaport and Airport of Gaza. Time to end this criminal and inhuman siege of the people of Gaza end now and forever.

What is Jihad According to Quran?

24 06 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.00.39 AM

by Harun Yahya

The word jihad comes from the Arabic word “jahd.” Its meanings are:

1) To work, to strive, to exhibit determination and persistence or self-sacrifice, and

2) To control one’s lower self.

On the basis of these definitions, waging jihad in Islam means to inform the other side, to teach people proper moral values and to turn them away from evil. In doing this, a Muslim must train his own lower self in the direction of moral virtue and train himself to be someone far removed from rage and hatred.

In other words, what a Muslim engaged in jihad must do is to train himself on the one hand, and strive to teach people truth and goodness on the other. He must be a role model with his own moral values in order to spread love, peace and affection and to turn people away from evil.

The word “jahd” is never employed in any other sense in the Qur’an. Those who perpetrate slaughter under the name of “jihad” saying “Our point of reference is the Qur’an” are either lying or misinformed.

In the eyes of the Qur’an, those who are now slaughtering people in the name of jihad, taking their own lives as suicide bombers or inciting war are committing a grave sin, yet the great majority of these people are not even aware that they are contravening the Qur’an. That is because they have been led astray in the name of religion. They have their own faith in which there is hatred instead of love, rage instead of affection, enmity instead of brotherhood, horror instead of beauty and ignorance instead of art, science and culture. It is frighteningly simple to put a gun in the hands of someone who believes in such a faith and it is all too easy to tell them “This community is your enemy so go and attack it.” It is quite easy to incite them and shockingly easy to build communities of rage.

There is one important point that needs to be remembered here; the great majority of radicals spread violence out of ignorance. They do not know the true faith. Most of them have likely never even read the Qur’an.

That is why it is no use to condemn, curse, threaten, imprison or exile someone who kills under the misapprehension he is waging jihad. His problem is that he has not been educated with the Qur’an and has not understood the law of God. Since that is the problem, we have to accept the fact that so long as false education persists, there will also be radicals who are ignorant of what they do. If one accepts that this is the problem, one can also grasp the fact that the only thing that those who spread violence and terror under the name of jihad need is true education.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and

A Ramadan When Muslims Don’t Fight Muslims…

18 06 2015



by Harun Yahya

I would like to start by saying ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ to all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. I pray to my Lord that, this holy month which encompasses the Night of Qadr, the night when the Quran, the guide to all of humanity was sent down, and which is ‘…better than a thousand months’ (Surat al-Qadr, 3),’ will bring peace, happiness and welfare to the entire Islamic world.

The holy month of Ramadan carries so many beauties and blessings, and it would be almost impossible to list them all here. In this sacred month, Muslims throughout the vast Islamic geography become united, put behind the resentments from the past and embrace the feelings of brotherhood, alliance, love, compassion and affection. The poor and the needy are taken care of through the iftar gatherings and the aid of charity organizations and benefactors, creating a blessed environment for all the parties involved.

The month of Ramadan has very positive effects on people’s souls. The crime rates drastically drop during this month in the Muslim world. Many avoid telling lies, committing sins and shun any activities that Allah wouldn’t approve of. They feel more empowered and inspired to think and act better. Fasting makes them ponder matters that they never gave a thought to before, and this creates a fear of God Allah and a longing for the Hereafter in their hearts. They get closer to religion and many of them continue to live a more devout and sincere life even after Ramadan ends. Therefore, Ramadan is a month of endless blessings and goodness.

However, the Islamic world has started this Ramadan amidst wars, conflicts and poverty. We started last Ramadan by praying that all the pains, suffering and wars that the innocent people of the Islamic world had to endure would end soon. This year, Muslims are facing even bigger difficulties. In the Middle East particularly, brothers have turned against brothers and Muslims are fighting Muslims. Innocent people are being killed for no reason, forced out of their homes and countries, our historical heritage is being destroyed and things escalate further with every passing day.

However our Lord said in the 4th verse of Surat as-Saff , “Allah loves those who strive in His Way in ranks like well-built walls”, and made it very clear that it is an obligation for Muslims to be united. Muslims are the guardians of each other, and as they are the friends of Allah, the helpers of Allah, they have the sublime moral values to bring peace and justice to the world. It is for this reason that Muslims need to love, embrace and help each other. It is important that Muslims foil the plot of Satan immediately to bring an atmosphere of unity and love to the Muslim world regardless of any ethnic, racial, sectarian or other differences. Our Lord said in the 103rd article of Surah Al ‘Imran , “Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate …” and ordered Muslims to be united, help, love and cooperate with each other and intellectually disperse the evil results of hostility.

Allah created destiny and He showed us the way of salvation. The only thing we need to do is follow His words, and bring love and compassion to the Islamic world. Allah commanded Muslims to set aside all their differences and love and help each other. We pray that this Ramadan will be a month when Muslims stop pointing guns at each other, and foil the plot of  Satan by extinguishing  the fires of hostility and strife and becoming more loving, compassionate, understanding and more reasonable towards each other.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and



Waste Less, Feed More

16 06 2015


by Harun Yahya

Had people not been selfish and greedy as they are now, our world would have been a very different place. The situation would have been different, if people loved one another and regarded mutual aid as a virtue. It would then seem utterly illogical to spend billions of dollars on football teams in one part of the world while children are starving in another.

There would be no question of them having gold-plated cars made for themselves while children, trapped in the fighting in Syria and Afghanistan, are picking crumbs of bread off the streets. There would be no inequality of income and no social injustice. Those who carelessly spend the money of the poor would disappear. But lovelessness leads to this frightful picture; and because of that people prefer waste to sharing.

Around 800 million people in the world are going hungry. Meanwhile, 1.5 billion are wrestling with obesity and 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year across the world. Total food production in sub-Saharan Africa is 230 million tons but that same quantity of food is thrown away every year in developed countries. According to a study by Stuttgart University in Germany, the Germans throw away 11 million tons of food a year. That means that a German throws away 235 euros’ worth of food every year. That is equivalent to the annual income of 1.5 billion people in the world.

The scale of the waste across the world is stunning. Around 30 percent of the food produced in the world is wasted without being consumed. In other words, one-third is thrown away without ever reaching the table. Approximately 40 percent of the food produced in the US is never eaten, while 100 million tons of food is never consumed in Europe every year. The economic value of the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year is $1 trillion.

The conclusion to be drawn from these horrifying figures is clear enough; according to World Bank reports, enough food is thrown away in developed countries to feed 15 times the number of people who starve to death in the world. In other words, the problem is not one of hunger or famine, but of lovelessness and carelessness. Children are not essentially dying from hunger, but are rather losing their lives as a result of this dreadful system.

An excellent story on the subject of waste emerged from France last week. Under a law passed by the French National Assembly, foodstuffs remaining in the hands of wholesalers will no longer be thrown away. It will also be illegal to make unsold food unfit for consumption. Foodstuffs that are not sold will either have to be given away or used as animal feed or fertilizers. Supermarkets with a floor space exceeding 400 square meters will have to sign agreements with charities over food donations.

France is a country where some 20-30 kg of foodstuffs are thrown away per capita. It is estimated that seven kilos of this is never even opened. In financial terms that waste corresponds to 12-20 billion euros. There is no need to point out how important this money would be to an African country wracked by poverty. The step taken by France is therefore an important policy that needs to be adopted by other countries. The fact that those who fail to comply will face imprisonment or heavy fines is also a significant deterrent.

There is also the question of Muslim countries that are quiet on this subject, even though Almighty Allah explicitly declares waste a sin in the verse, “Eat and drink, but do not be profligate. He does not love the profligate.” (Surah Al-A’raf, 31)

One would hope that the main steps for the prevention of waste would come from Muslim countries. One would hope that they would exhibit an exemplary sensitivity to the world, and that the poor in the world could thus be enriched. Sadly, however, a great many people in the world think only of themselves. The word for that is egoism.

Is it such precautions that are the main thing needed to prevent waste? Of course these will have an effect, since they also involve penalties. But a scourge such as waste can only be eradicated by people abandoning their selfishness and greed. There is only one way to achieve that — love. There is no way of teaching someone without love about affection, protectiveness, sharing and the happiness that derives therefrom. He will not be in the least bit interested in people dying from want or hunger in other countries or outside his own door. Therefore, those who wish to draw attention to the tragedy of this hunger going on before the eyes of the world must start by teaching people love.

Organizations and activists fighting hunger in the world must first introduce people to the beauty of affection, and then show them the way. There is no other way of getting people who are obsessed with their own preoccupations and disregard anything but their own existence to see the tragedy being played out.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and



ISIS/Daesh; Unanswered Questions !

14 06 2015

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Whether we like it or not Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the Head of General Security For the Emirates of Dubai is an exceptional if not controversial figure perhaps with courage that few officials dare say.

A friend of mine from Egypt shared with me recent article written by General Dhahi which I find not only interesting but thought provoking raising more question than it answer, casting serious doubts about the efforts to put an end to ISIS/Daesh.

General Dhahi recent article has every thing to do with ISIS or Daesh, from its sudden rise to power to its swift Blitzkrieg moving across great swath of land in Iraq and Syria, raising many questions and issues that so far defied credible answers.

According to Western intelligence (perhaps unintelligent sources) ISIS/Daesh is a rag tag army of mercenaries’ numbering between 20-30,000 recruits mainly from Arab countries in North Africa, the Arab Peninsula, England, Germany, Holland Belgium, France and far from the Maldives and Indonesia.

None of its member’s known to have graduated from top Western military academics let alone Russian or Chinese academies. Yet it was able within a short time to route and defeat professional armies and take over 1/3 of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS/Daesh does not have communication or intelligence satellites and does not have an air force and unmanned drones and does not have a navy and does not have air defense system as the Iron Dome or the Patriot.

Certainly, it does not have surface to air missiles and anti-aircraft missiles such as SAM, S-300 and Stinger. While Israel took couple of days to defeat the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the entire Western military might is unable to defeat ISIS in over a year.

ISIS/Daesh does not have intelligence services (or does it) to match the CIA, MI-6 or the Mossad. It does not have a budget of multi billions to conduct intelligence or spying operation reaching the inner offices of officials as Angela Merkel and François Holland. One has to wonder if America can spy on its allies in Europe how it was unable to detect the rise of ISI/Daesh and intercept its communication lines and prevent its rise?

Certainly it does not have the services of communication companies with spy wares that can access the inner operations of governments such as the hacking of Home Land Security database with access to over 4 million federal employees.

ISIS/Daesh does not have the benefits of think tanks such as Brookings, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Washington Institute for Middle Near East Policies, Strategic Studies institute and International Institute for Strategic Studies; certainly it does not have the benefits of Wolf Blitzer analysis.

ISIS/Daesh does not have the benefits of financial and economic advice of the World Bank or the IMF and does not have the support of armies of Wall Street financier to manage its money and cash flows.

Certainly it does not have the benefits of universities, medical and technical institutes with mathematics, science, biology, game theories, are far from its priorities. Its priorities are chopping heads, burning live prisoners and mass killings of those who do not scribe to its worldview of Caliphates.

Ironically, ISIS/Daesh has restrained so far from attacking any Western interests let alone Israeli interests, and has concentrated its efforts to unravel the “sovereign” states mapped out by Sykes-Picot agreement which drew the lines for most if not all present Middle East Arab states.

Gone the days of Al-Qaeda as the biggest strategic and international threat and welcome the days of ISIS/Daesh as the “international threat” for the 21st century.

President Barack Obama, the CIA and the Pentagon declared it would take years perhaps decades to end ISIS/Daesh as a threat, meaning the Arabs have to pay the price in cash and instability for years to come.

Question, how can thousands of aerial sorties by the combined air force of several countries using F-15s, F-16s and F-18s are unable to make a dent in ISIS/Daesh advancement and expansion? Is ISIS/Daesh that invisible hiding in tunnels and bunkers that defy bunker buster bombs.

The rise and perseverance of ISIS/Daesh and the failure of the West intelligence services to detect its rise and organization raises question as to who is responsible for the rise and funding of ISIS/Daesh?

Arab countries mainly the Gulf states and Iraq have been paying the high prices of wars and conflicts staring with Saddam war on Iran to the Gulf War I and II with trillions gone to fund wars. It seems every time the Gulf Arab States accumulate cash reserve there is another war to fund. Is there an invisible hand? For sure.

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